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RPM of Group Graphical desktop/KDE

dnfdrake-3.6.22-1 A frontend for DNF linux/noarch
dnfdraketray-2.0.9-1 Icon tray for dnfdrake linux/noarch
flatdrake-1.1.1-4 FlatDrake is a frontend for FlatPak linux/noarch
fotowall-1.0-1 Wallpaper generator linux/aarch64
frescobaldi-3.3.0-1 A LilyPond sheet music editor linux/noarch
ginkgo-0.32-14 Navigator for Nepomuk, the KDE semantic toolkit linux/noarch
gpsbabel-gui-1.5.4-1 Qt GUI interface for GPSBabel linux/aarch64
heimdall-frontend-1.4.2-4 Qt based frontend for heimdall linux/aarch64
kaffeine-2.0.18-1 Media Player for Plasma 5 linux/aarch64
kchmviewer-7.7-1 KDE chm viewer linux/aarch64
kcmsystemd-1.1.0-2 Systemd control module for KDE linux/aarch64
kde-rootactions-servicemenu-2.9.1-1 Root actions for Dolphin context menu linux/noarch
kdeadmin4-4.14.3-3 K Desktop Environment - Administrative Tools linux/noarch
kdegames4-4.14.3-3 KDE - Games linux/noarch
kdenetwork4-4.14.3-3 K Desktop Environment - Network Applications linux/noarch
kdesdk4-4.14.3-3 K Desktop Environment - Software Development Kit linux/noarch
kdetoys4-4.14.3-3 K Desktop Environment - Toys and Amusements linux/noarch
kgraphviewer-2.4.3-1 A GraphViz dot graph viewer for Plasma 5 linux/aarch64
kxstitch-2.2.0-1 Program to create cross stitch patterns linux/aarch64
massif-visualizer-0.7.0-1 Tool for visualizing massif data linux/aarch64
plasma-applet-qalculate-0.9.0-1 Qalculate! applet for plasma desktop linux/aarch64
plasma-applet-timekeeper-0.5.1-2 Plasma applet that provides clock and calendar via steampunk interface linux/noarch
rsibreak-0.12-1 Assists in the Recovery and Prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury linux/aarch64
sereno-violetto-2.0-2 Sereno-violetto Plasma 5 Aurorae theme linux/noarch

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