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privoxy-3.0.0-8 RPM for armv4l

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Name: privoxy Distribution: NetWinder ARM Linux
Version: 3.0.0 Vendor:
Release: 8 Build date: Sat Jul 19 09:52:56 2003
Group: System Environment/Daemons Build host: node9
Size: 1484829 Source RPM: privoxy-3.0.0-8.src.rpm
Packager: NetWinder Autobuild <>
Summary: Privoxy - privacy enhancing proxy
Privoxy is a web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for
protecting privacy, filtering web page content, managing cookies,
controlling access, and removing ads, banners, pop-ups and other
obnoxious Internet junk. Privoxy has a very flexible configuration and
can be customized to suit individual needs and tastes. Privoxy has application
for both stand-alone systems and multi-user networks.

Privoxy is based on the Internet Junkbuster.






* Wed Feb 12 2003 Karsten Hopp <> 3.0.0-8
  - fix sig_child handling (#84103)
* Wed Jan 22 2003 Tim Powers <>
  - rebuilt
* Sat Dec 21 2002 Karsten Hopp <>
  - /sbin/nologin as shell (#80174)
* Tue Dec 17 2002 Bill Nottingham <> 3.0.0-5
  - don't run by default
* Wed Dec 04 2002 Karsten Hopp <>
  - better service description (#77716)
* Tue Nov 19 2002 Tim Powers <>
  - rebuild on all arches
* Thu Aug 29 2002 Karsten Hopp <>
  - 3.0.0 final, only docu updates
* Tue Aug 27 2002 Karsten Hopp <>
  - 3.0.0rc1  (good timing, they don't even know our schedule)
   - docu/templates and filter updates.
* Mon Aug 26 2002 Hal Burgiss <>
  - Bump version for 3.0.0 :)
* Sat Aug 24 2002 Karsten Hopp <>
  - docu and filter updates
* Sun Aug 11 2002 Karsten Hopp <>
  - Update to next release candidate 2.9.20
* Fri Aug 09 2002 Karsten Hopp <>
  - Update to next release candidate
* Wed Aug 07 2002 Karsten Hopp <>
  - 2.9.18
  - autoconf check for pcre.h in subdir
* Wed Aug 07 2002 Hal Burgiss <>
  - Reset version for 2.9.20.
* Wed Jul 31 2002 Hal Burgiss <>
  - Reset version for 2.9.18.
* Sun Jul 28 2002 Karsten Hopp <>
  - this is a release-candidate for privoxy-3.0
* Sun Jul 28 2002 Hal Burgiss <>
  - Reset version and release for 2.9.16.
* Sat Jul 13 2002 Karsten Hopp <>
  - don't use ghost files for rcX.d/*, using chkconfig is the 
    correct way to do this job (#68619)
* Sat Jul 06 2002 Rodrigo Barbosa <>
  + privoxy-2.9.15-8
  - Changing delete order for groups and users (users should be first)
* Thu Jul 04 2002 Rodrigo Barbosa <>
  + privoxy-2.9.15-7
  - Changing sed expression that removed CR from the end of the lines. This
    new one removes any control caracter, and should work with older versions
    of sed
* Wed Jul 03 2002 Rodrigo Barbosa <>
  + privoxy-2.9.15-6
  - Fixing defattr values. File and directory modes where swapped
* Wed Jul 03 2002 Rodrigo Barbosa <>
  + privoxy-2.9.15-5
  - Bumping Release number (which should be changed every time the specfile
* Wed Jul 03 2002 Hal Burgiss <>
  + privoxy-2.9.15-4
  - Fix typo in templates creation.
* Thu Jun 27 2002 Rodrigo Barbosa <>
  + privoxy-2.9.15-4
  - Fixing issues created by specfile sync between branches
    - Correcting the release number (WARNING)
    - Reintroducing text file conversion (dos -> unix)
    - Reconverting hardcoded directories to macros
    - Refixing ownership of privoxy files (now using multiple defattr
* Fri Jun 21 2002 Karsten Hopp <>
  - fix several .spec file issues to shut up rpmlint
    - non-standard-dir-perm /var/log/privoxy 0744
    - invalid-vendor Privoxy.Org (This is ok for binaries compiled by privoxy
      members, but not for packages from Red Hat)
    - non-standard-group Networking/Utilities
    - logrotate and init scripts should be noreplace
* Tue May 28 2002 Hal Burgiss <>
  + privoxy-2.9.15-1
  - Index.html is now privoxy-index.html for doc usage.
* Sun May 26 2002 Hal Burgiss <>
  + privoxy-2.9.15-1
  - Add html man page so index.html does not 404.
* Sat May 25 2002 Hal Burgiss <>
  + privoxy-2.9.15-1
  - Add another template and alphabetize these for easier tracking.
  - Add doc/images directory.
* Thu May 16 2002 Hal Burgiss <>
  + privoxy-2.9.15-1
  - Add templates/edit-actions-list-button
* Sat May 04 2002 Rodrigo Barbosa <>
  + privoxy-2.9.15-1
  - Version bump
  - Adding noreplace for %{privoxyconf}/config
  - Included a method to verify if the versions declared on the specfile and match. Interrupt the build if they don't.
* Sat Apr 27 2002 Rodrigo Barbosa <>
  + privoxy-2.9.14-3
  - Changing Vendor to Privoxy.Org
* Wed Apr 24 2002 Hal Burgiss <>
  + privoxy-2.9.14-2
  - Adjust for new *actions files.
* Tue Apr 23 2002 Rodrigo Barbosa <>
  + privoxy-2.9.14-2
  - Removed the redhat hack that prevented the user and group from
    being dealocated. That was a misundestanding of my part regarding
    redhat policy.
* Tue Apr 23 2002 Rodrigo Barbosa <>
  + privoxy-2.9.14-2
  - Using macros to define uid and gid values
  - Bumping release
* Tue Apr 23 2002 Rodrigo Barbosa <>
  + privoxy-2.9.14-1
  - Changes to fixate the uid and gid values as (both) 73. This is a 
    value we hope to standarize for all distributions. RedHat already
    uses it, and Conectiva should start as soon as I find where the heck
    I left my cluebat :-)
  - Only remove the user and group on uninstall if this is not redhat, once
    redhat likes to have the values allocated even if the package is not 
* Wed Apr 17 2002 Hal Burgiss <>
  + privoxy-2.9.13-6
  - Add --disable-dynamic-pcre to configure.
* Thu Apr 11 2002 Rodrigo Barbosa <>
  + privoxy-2.9.13-5
  - Relisting template files on the %files section
* Wed Apr 10 2002 Hal Burgiss <>
  + privoxy-2.9.13-4
  - Removed 'make dok'. Docs are all maintained in CVS (and tarball) now.
* Tue Apr 09 2002 Hal Burgiss <>
  + privoxy-2.9.13-4
  - Add templates/cgi-style.css, faq.txt, p_web.css, LICENSE
  - Remove templates/blocked-compact.
  - Add more docbook stuff to Builderquires.
* Thu Mar 28 2002 Sarantis Paskalis <>
  + privoxy-2.9.13-3
  - Include correct documentation file.
* Tue Mar 26 2002 Hal Burgiss <>
  + privoxy-2.9.13-3
  - Fix typo in Description.
* Tue Mar 26 2002 Rodrigo Barbosa <>
  + privoxy-2.9.13-3
  - Added commentary asking to update the release value on the configure
* Mon Mar 25 2002 Hal Burgiss <>
  + privoxy-2.9.13-3
  - Added the missing edit-actions-for-url-filter to templates.
* Mon Mar 25 2002 Rodrigo Barbosa <>
  + privoxy-2.9.13-2
  - Fixing Release number
* Sun Mar 24 2002 Hal Burgiss <>
  + privoxy-2.9.13-2
  - Added faq to docs.
* Sun Mar 24 2002 Rodrigo Barbosa <>
  + privoxy-2.9.13-2
  - Fixed the init files entries. Now we use %ghost
  - improved username (and groupname) handling on the %pre section. By improved
    I mean: we do it by brute force now. Much easier to maintain. Yeah, you
    got it right. No more Mr. Nice Guy.
  - Removed the userdel call on %post. No need, once it's complety handled on
    the %pre section
* Sun Mar 24 2002 Hal Burgiss <>
  + junkbusterng-2.9.13-1
    Added autoheader. Added autoconf to buildrequires.
* Sun Mar 24 2002 Hal Burgiss <>
  + junkbusterng-2.9.13-1
  - Fixed build problems re: name conflicts with man page and logrotate.
  - Commented out rc?d/* configs for time being, which are causing a build 
  - failure. /etc/junkbuster is now /etc/privoxy. Stefan did other name 
  - changes. Fixed typo ';' should be ':' causing 'rpm -e' to fail.
* Fri Mar 22 2002 Rodrigo Barbosa <>
  + junkbusterng-2.9.13-1
  - References to the expression ijb where changed where possible
  - New package name: junkbusterng (all in lower case, acording to
    the LSB recomendation)
  - Version changed to: 2.9.13
  - Release: 1
  - Added: junkbuster to obsoletes and conflicts (Not sure this is
    right. If it obsoletes, why conflict ? Have to check it later)
  - Summary changed: Stefan, please check and aprove it
  - Changes description to use the new name
  - Sed string was NOT changed. Have to wait to the manpage to
    change first
  - Keeping the user junkbuster for now. It will require some aditional
    changes on the script (scheduled for the next specfile release)
  - Added post entry to move the old logfile to the new log directory
  - Removing "chkconfig --add" entry (not good to have it automaticaly
    added to the startup list).
  - Added preun section to stop the service with the old name, as well
    as remove it from the startup list
  - Removed the chkconfig --del entry from the conditional block on
    the preun scriptlet (now handled on the %files section)
* Thu Mar 21 2002 Hal Burgiss <>
  - added ijb_docs.css to docs.
* Mon Mar 11 2002 Hal Burgiss <>
  + junkbuster-2.9.11-8 
  - Take out --enable-no-gifs, breaks some browsers.
* Sun Mar 10 2002 Hal Burgiss <>
  + junkbuster-2.9.11-8 
  - Add --enable-no-gifs to configure.
* Fri Mar 08 2002 Rodrigo Barbosa <>
  + junkbuster-2.9.11-7
  - Added BuildRequires to libtool.
* Wed Mar 06 2002 Rodrigo Barbosa <>
  + junkbuster-2.9.11-6
  - Changed the routined that handle the junkbust and junkbuster users on
    %pre and %post to work in a smoother manner
  - %files now uses hardcoded usernames, to avoid problems with package
    name changes in the future
* Tue Mar 05 2002 Rodrigo Barbosa <>
  + junkbuster-2.9.11-5
  - Added "make redhat-dok" to the build process
  - Added docbook-utils to BuildRequires
* Tue Mar 05 2002 Rodrigo Barbosa <>
  + junkbuster-2.9.11-4
  - Changing man section in the manpage from 1 to 8
  - We now require packages, not files, to avoid issues with apt
* Mon Mar 04 2002 Rodrigo Barbosa <>
  + junkbuster-2.9.11-3
  - Fixing permissions of the init script
* Mon Mar 04 2002 Rodrigo Barbosa <>
  + junkbuster-2.9.11-2
  - General specfile fixup, using the best recomended practices, including:
  	- Adding -q to %setup
  	- Using macros whereever possible
  	- Not using wildchars on %files section
  	- Doubling the percentage char on changelog and comments, to
  	  avoid rpm expanding them
* Sun Mar 03 2002 Hal Burgiss <>
  - /bin/false for shell causes init script to fail. Reverting.
* Wed Jan 09 2002 Hal Burgiss <>
  - Removed UID 73. Included user-manual and developer-manual in docs.
    Include other actions files. Default shell is now /bin/false.
    Userdel user=junkbust. ChangeLog was not zipped. Removed 
    RPM_OPT_FLAGS kludge.
* Fri Dec 28 2001 Thomas Steudten <>
  - add paranoia check for 'rm -rf %{buildroot}'
  - add gzip to 'BuildRequires'
* Sat Dec 01 2001 Hal Burgiss <>
  - actionsfile is now ijb.action.
* Tue Nov 06 2001 Thomas Steudten <>
  - Compress manpage
  - Add more documents for installation
  - Add version string to name and source
* Thu Oct 25 2001 Hal Burigss <>
  - Back to user 'junkbuster' and fix configure macro.
* Thu Oct 11 2001 Hal Burigss <>
  - More changes for user 'junkbust'. Init script had 'junkbuster'.
* Mon Sep 24 2001 Hal Burgiss <>
  - Change of $RPM_OPT_FLAGS handling. Added new HTML doc files.
  - Changed owner of /etc/junkbuster to shut up PAM/xauth log noise.
* Fri Sep 14 2001 Hal Burgiss <>
  - Added $RPM_OPT_FLAGS support, renaming of old logfile, and 
  - made sure no default shell exists for user junkbust.
* Mon Jun 04 2001 Stefan Waldherr <>
  - rework of RPM
* Tue Sep 26 2000 Stefan Waldherr <>
  - CLF Logging patch by
  - Hal DeVore <> fix akamaitech in blocklist
* Mon Sep 18 2000 Stefan Waldherr <>
  - Steve Kemp's javascript popup patch.
  - Markus Breitenbach supplied
    numerous fixes and enhancements for Steve's patch.
  - (Adam Lock) in the windows version:
    - Taskbar activity spinner always spins even when logging is
    turned off (which is the default) - people who don't
    like the spinner can turn it off from a menu option.
    - Taskbar popup menu has a options submenu - people can now
    open the settings files for cookies, blockers etc.
    without opening the JB window.
    - Logging functionality works again
    - Buffer overflow is fixed - new code uses a bigger buffer
    and snprintf so it shouldn't overflow anymore.
  - Fixed userid swa, group learning problem while installing.
    root must build RPM.
  - Added patch by Benjamin Low <> that prevents JB to
    core dump when there is no log file.
  - Tweaked SuSE startup with the help of and
  - Fixed man page to include imagefile and popupfile.
  - Sanity check for the statistics function added.
  - "Patrick D'Cruze" <>: It seems Microsoft
   are transitioning Hotmail from FreeBSD/Apache to Windows 2000/IIS.
   With IIS/5, it appears to omit the trailing \r\n from http header
   only messages.  eg, when I visit, IIS/5
   responds with a HTTP 302 redirect header.  However, this header
   message is missing the trailing \r\n.  IIS/5 then closes the
   connection.  Junkbuster, unfortunately, discards the header becomes
   it thinks it is incomplete - and it is.  MS have transmitted an
   incomplete header!
  - Added bug reports and patch submission forms in the docs.
* Mon Mar 20 2000 Stefan Waldherr <>
  Andrew <> extended the JB:
         Display of statistics of the total number of requests and the number
         of requests filtered by junkbuster, also the percentage of requests
         filtered. Suppression of the listing of files on the proxy-args page.
         All stuff optional and configurable.
* Mon Sep 13 1999 Stefan Waldherr <>
  Jan Willamowius ( fixed a bug in the 
         code which prevented the JB from handling URLs of the form Fixed.
* Tue Aug 03 1999 Stefan Waldherr <>
  Blank images are no longer cached, thanks to a hint from Markus 
          Breitenbach <>. The user 
          agent is NO longer set by the Junkbuster. Sadly, many sites depend 
          on the correct browser version nowadays. Incorporated many 
  	suggestions from Jan "Yenya" Kasprzak <> for the
          spec file. Fixed logging problem and since runlevel 2 does not 
          use networking, I replaced /etc/rc.d/rc2.d/S84junkbuster with
          /etc/rc.d/rc2.d/K09junkbuster thanks to Shaw Walker 
          <>. You should now be able to build this RPM as 
          a non-root user (
* Sun Jan 31 1999 Stefan Waldherr <>
  %{_localstatedir}/log/junkbuster set to nobody. Added /etc/junkbuster/imagelist
  	to allow more sophisticated matching of blocked images. Logrotate
  	logfile. Added files for auto-updating the blocklist et al.
* Wed Dec 16 1998 Stefan Waldherr <>
  Configure blank version via config file. No separate blank
  	version anymore. Added Roland's <>
  	patch to show a logo instead of a blank area. Added a suggestion
  	from Alex <>: %{_localstatedir}/lock/subsys/junkbuster.
  	More regexps in the blocklist. Prepared the forwardfile for
  	squid. Extended image regexp with help from gabriel 
* Thu Nov 19 1998 Stefan Waldherr <>
  All RPMs now identify themselves in the show-proxy-args page.
  	Released Windoze version. Run junkbuster as nobody instead of
* Fri Oct 30 1998 Stefan Waldherr <>
  Newest version. First release (hence the little version number
  	mixture -- 2.0.2-0 instead of 2.0-7). This version tightens 
  	security over 2.0.1; some multi-user sites will need to change 
  	the listen-address in the configuration file. The blank version of
          the Internet Junkbuster has a more sophisticated way of replacing
  	images. All RPMs identify themselves in the show-proxy-args page.
* Thu Sep 24 1998 Stefan Waldherr <>
  Modified the blocking feature, so that only GIFs and JPEGs are
  	blocked and replaced but not HTML pages. Thanks to 
  	"Gerd Flender" <> for this nice
  	idea. Added numerous stuff to the blocklist. Keep patches in
          seperate files and no longer in diffs (easier to maintain).
* Wed Jun 17 1998 Stefan Waldherr <>
  Moved config files to /etc/junkbuster directory, moved man page,
  	added BuildRoot directive (Thanks to Alexey Nogin <>)
          Made new version junkbuster-raw (which is only a stripped version of 
          the junkuster rpm, i.e. without my blocklist, etc.)
* Wed Jun 17 1998 (2.0-1)
  Uhm, not that much. Just a new junkbuster version that
  	fixes a couple of bugs ... and of course a bigger 
  	blocklist with the unique Now-less-ads-than-ever(SM)
  	Oh, one thing: I changed the default user agent to Linux -- no 
  	need anymore to support Apple.
* Wed Jun 17 1998 (2.0-0)
  Now-less-ads-than-ever (SM)
  	compiled with gcc instead of cc
  	compiled with -O3, thus it should be a little faster
  	show-proxy-args now works
  	/etc/junkbuster.init wasn't necessary
* Wed Jun 17 1998 (1.4)
  some more config files were put into /etc
  	The junkbuster-blank rpm returns a 1x1 pixel image, that gets 
  	displayed by Netscape instead of the blocked image.
  	Read for
  	further info.
* Wed Jun 17 1998 (1.3)
  The program has been moved to /usr/sbin (from /usr/local/bin)
  	Init- and stopscripts (/etc/rc.d/rc*) have been added so
  	that the junkbuster starts automatically during bootup.
  	The /etc/blocklist file is much more sophisticated. Theoretically
  	one should e.g. browse all major US and German newspapers without
  	seeing one annoying ad.
  	junkbuster.init was modified. It now starts junkbuster with an
  	additional "-r @" flag.



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