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libstdc++-2.10.0-1nw5 RPM for armv4l

From Netwinder.Org / netwinder / RPMS / dm / 3.1-15

Name: libstdc++ Distribution: NetWinder ARM Linux
Version: 2.10.0 Vendor: REBEL.COM
Release: 1nw5 Build date: Thu Jan 20 06:30:04 2000
Group: System Environment/Libraries Build host:
Size: 4276838 Source RPM: gcc-2.95.1-1nw5.src.rpm
Packager: Andrew E. Mileski <>
Summary: GNU Compiler Collection - The C++ Library
The GNU Compiler Collection, is a free software project that intends to
further the development of GNU compilers using an open development

This package contains the GNU C++ runtime libraries.






* Wed Sep 22 1999 Scott Bambrough <>
  - Added to compatibility tarball
    - Added to compatibility tarball
    - Added the above files to package libstdc++.
    - Changed release to 1nw6, release 1nw5 never released
* Tue Sep 21 1999 Scott Bambrough <>
  - Fixed patch to get Java double values correct for ARM.
    - Changed release to 1nw5, release 1nw4 never released
* Mon Sep 20 1999 Scott Bambrough <>
  - Added patch to generate gcj/array.h rather than java-array.h
    - Modified spec file to remove Obsoletes clauses for packages
      in this RPM.
    - Changed release to 1nw4, release 1nw3 never released
* Sun Sep 19 1999 Scott Bambrough <>
  - Added patch to get Java double values correct for ARM.
    - Added patch to add FUNCTION_PROFILER to linux-elf.h in an
      attempt to get profiling working again.
    - Added patch to to fix selective3 failure in linker testsuite
    - Modified spec file to add armv4l soft-float multilib pieces
    - Added %dir /usr/lib/soft-float to all packages file lists
    - Added %dir /usr/lib/gcc-lib/armv4l-unknown-linux-gnu/*/soft-float
      to all packages file lists
    - Changed release to 1nw3
* Fri Sep 03 1999 Scott Bambrough <>
  - Added patch to add NO_IMPLICIT_EXTERN_C to linux-elf.h.  This 
      will allow KDE to build correctly.  The compiler will no longer
      assume headers in the /usr/include path require an implicit
      extern "C" around the header during C++ compiles.
    - Added patch to prevent volatile range tests from being optimized 
      away.  This should prevent the probe code from getting optimized
      away in the ARM Linux kernel.
    - Changed release to 1nw2.
* Fri Aug 20 1999 Scott Bambrough <>
  - Updated to gcc-2.95.1
* Thu Aug 12 1999 Scott Bambrough <>
  - Added ARM patch from Phil Blundell.
    - changed release
* Thu Aug 05 1999 H.J. Lu <>
  - Add some patches.
    - Add compatibility changes.
* Sat Jul 17 1999 Franz Sirl <>
  - overhauled the RH-6.0 spec (done by Cristian Gafton <>)
      to fit gcc-2.95



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