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bind-8.2.2_P3-1 RPM for armv4l

From Netwinder.Org / netwinder / RPMS / dm / 3.1-15

Name: bind Distribution: NetWinder ARM Linux
Version: 8.2.2_P3 Vendor: REBEL.COM
Release: 1 Build date: Wed Jan 19 21:51:44 2000
Group: System Environment/Daemons Build host:
Size: 5086756 Source RPM: bind-8.2.2_P3-1.src.rpm
Packager: Andrew E. Mileski <>
Summary: A DNS (Domain Name System) server.
BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) is an implementation of the DNS
(Domain Name System) protocols. BIND includes a DNS server (named),
which resolves host names to IP addresses, and a resolver library
(routines for applications to use when interfacing with DNS).  A DNS
server allows clients to name resources or objects and share the
information with other network machines.  The named DNS server can be
used on workstations as a caching name server, but is generally only
needed on one machine for an entire network.  Note that the
configuration files for making BIND act as a simple caching nameserver
are included in the caching-nameserver package.

Install the bind package if you need a DNS server for your network.  If
you want bind to act a caching name server, you will also need to install
the caching-nameserver package.






* Wed Nov 10 1999 Bill Nottingham <>
  - update to 8.2.2-P3
* Wed Oct 13 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - add patch to stop a cache only server from complaining about lame servers
    on every request.
* Sat Sep 25 1999 Preston Brown <>
  - use real stop and start in named.init for restart, not ndc restart, it has
    problems when named has changed during a package update... (# 4890)
* Sat Sep 11 1999 Bill Nottingham <>
  - chkconfig --del in %preun, not %postun
* Tue Aug 17 1999 Bill Nottingham <>
  - initscript munging
* Tue Jul 27 1999 Bill Nottingham <>
  - fix installed chkconfig links to match init file
* Sun Jul 04 1999 Jeff Johnson <>
  - conflict with new (in man-1.24) man pages (#3876,#3877).
* Wed Jun 30 1999 Bill Nottingham <>
  - fix named.logrotate (wrong %SOURCE)
* Sat Jun 26 1999 Jeff Johnson <>
  - update to 8.2.1.
  - add named.logrotate (#3571).
  - hack around egcs-1.1.2 -m486 bug (#3413, #3485).
  - vet file list.
* Sat Jun 19 1999 Bill Nottingham <>
  - don't run by default
* Mon May 31 1999 Jeff Johnson <>
  - nslookup fixes (#2463).
  - missing files (#3152).
* Sun May 02 1999 Stepan Kasal <>
  - nslookup patched:
    to count numRecords properly
    to fix subsequent calls to ls -d
    to parse "view" and "finger" commands properly
    the view hack updated for bind-8 (using sed)
* Thu Apr 01 1999 Bill Nottingham <>
  - add ISC patch
  - add quick hack to make host not crash
  - add more docs
* Fri Mar 26 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - add probing information in the init file to keep linuxconf happy
  - dont strip libbind
* Sun Mar 21 1999 Cristian Gafton <> 
  - auto rebuild in the new build environment (release 3)
* Wed Mar 17 1999 Preston Brown <>
  - removed 'done' output at named shutdown.
* Tue Mar 16 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
  - version 8.2
* Wed Dec 30 1998 Cristian Gafton <>
  - patch to use the __FDS_BITS macro
  - build for glibc 2.1
* Thu Sep 24 1998 Jeff Johnson <>
  - change named.restart to /usr/sbin/ndc restart
* Sun Sep 20 1998 Jeff Johnson <>
  - install man pages correctly.
  - change K10named to K45named.
* Thu Aug 13 1998 Jeff Johnson <>
  - don't start if /etc/named.conf doesn't exist.
* Sun Aug 09 1998 Jeff Johnson <>
  - autmagically create /etc/named.conf from /etc/named.boot in %post
  - remove echo in %post
* Thu Jun 11 1998 Jeff Johnson <>
  - merge in 5.1 mods
* Mon Apr 13 1998 Manuel J. Galan <>
  - Several essential modifications to build and install correctly.
  - Modified 'ndc' to avoid deprecated use of '-'
* Mon Dec 22 1997 Scott Lampert <>
  - Used buildroot
  - patched bin/named/ns_udp.c to use <libelf/nlist.h> for include
    on Redhat 5.0 instead of <nlist.h>



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