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RPM of Distribution my-distro / centos64

postgres-xl92-9.2-34.1.x86_64 Postgres-XL client programs and libraries SourceForge
postgres-xl92-contrib-9.2-34.1.x86_64 Contributed source and binaries distributed with Postgres-XL SourceForge
postgres-xl92-debuginfo-9.2-34.1.x86_64 Debug information for package postgres-xl92 SourceForge
postgres-xl92-devel-9.2-34.1.x86_64 Postgres-XL development header files and libraries SourceForge
postgres-xl92-docs-9.2-34.1.x86_64 Extra documentation for Postgres-XL SourceForge
postgres-xl92-gtm-9.2-34.1.x86_64 Global Transaction Manager for Postgres-XL SourceForge
postgres-xl92-libs-9.2-34.1.x86_64 The shared libraries required for any Postgres-XL clients SourceForge
postgres-xl92-plperl-9.2-34.1.x86_64 The Perl procedural language for Postgres-XL SourceForge
postgres-xl92-plpython-9.2-34.1.x86_64 The Python procedural language for Postgres-XL SourceForge
postgres-xl92-pltcl-9.2-34.1.x86_64 The Tcl procedural language for Postgres-XL SourceForge
postgres-xl92-server-9.2-34.1.x86_64 The programs needed to create and run a Postgres-XL server SourceForge

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