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kernel-desktop586-devel-latest- RPM for i586

From Mandriva 2008.1 updates for i586

Name: kernel-desktop586-devel-latest Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: Vendor: Mandriva
Release: 3mnb1 Build date: Mon Aug 24 23:24:56 2009
Group: Development/Kernel Build host:
Size: 0 Source RPM: kernel-
Packager: Mandriva Security Team <>
Summary: Virtual rpm for latest kernel-desktop586-devel
This package is a virtual rpm that aims to make sure you always have the
latest kernel-desktop586-devel installed...

For instructions for update, see:






* Tue Aug 25 2009 Bogdano Arendartchuk <>
  o Bogdano Arendartchuk <>
      - Added fix for CVE-2009-2692
* Wed Oct 29 2008 Bogdano Arendartchuk <>
  o Pascal Terjan <>
      - Fix sound on NEC Versa S9100
    o Thomas Backlund <>
      - add PATA and AHCI support for Intel ICH10
    o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Added controllable support for keyring quotas from kernel 2.6.26
        (mdv bug #35343).
      - sound/hda-intel: added patch from alsa to fix no sound problem
        after resume from suspend with realtek codecs in auto model.
      - apply_patches: fix integrity check of 3rdparty.series/series files
        regarding unlisted patch files.
      - Removed already applied CVE-2008-1669 and CVE-2008-1375 patches on
        current stable.
      - Really apply "hda-codec - Fix race condition in generic bound
        volume/swtich controls" patch previously added from Alsa HG
      - Add Hercules EC-900 mini-notebook to ich_laptop short cable list
        for both ata_piix and piix.
      - ALSA: Fix ALC662 DAC mixer mutes also for auto config model.
      - Added acpi fix for no AC status notification problem some laptops.
        Closes: #39048
      - Backport 'x86-64: Fix "bytes left to copy" return value for
        copy_from_user()' change from later kernels. Fixes corruption
        issue with cyrus-imapd (only affects x86_64) pointed out at
      - Backport fixes/new hw support for r8169 from mainline linux kernel
        (2.6.24-2.6.27) plus Mandriva 2009.0 kernel.
      - Updated uvcvideo to r262 (to get many fixes since last update).
    o Bogdano Arendartchuk <>
      - CVE-2008-3526_sctp_auth_key_int_overflow.patch               (#43276)
      - CVE-2008-3525_wan_sbni_check_capabilities.patch              (#43749)
      - CVE-2008-4445-sctp_check_ident_on_array_bounds.patch         (#44653)
* Sat Jul 26 2008 Bogdano Arendartchuk <>
  o Thomas Backlund <>
      - add support for reading UDF 2.50 formatted cd, dvd and bluray disks
      - update Tomoyolinux to 1.6.3 (needed for TL release, confirmed by Koushi)
    o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Fix my email address in the changelog (it is lcapitulino@ and not
    o Shinji Makino <>
      - Added to Intel Atom chip set patches.
        added to pci-add-poulsbo_pci_ids.patch
      - Changed to kernel configuration.
        change to i386.config,x86_64.config was enable I2C_POULSBO.
        change to powerpc.config,ppc.config,sparc64.config was disable I2C_POULSBO.
      - unionfs: fix OOPS in unionfs_unlink()
        added to fs-unionfs-unlink-no-iput-lower-inode.patch
    o Pascal Terjan <>
      - Update to (CVE-2008-1375, CVE-2008-1675, CVE-2008-1669)
      - Drop patch for CVE-2008-1675
      - Build SCx200_ACB
      - Disable CONFIG_FIRMARE_EDID it slows down boot a lot on some machines
      - Fix sound on Arima W651DI (#41385)
    o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Backport some rtc updates/fixes from kernel 2.6.25, to
        address #36522, #40135
      - Added fix for bug #41361 ("SIGTRAP signal with KDevelop + 2.6.24
    o Bogdano Arendartchuk <>
      - CVE-2008-2136_ipv6_sit_missing_kfree.patch                   (#41157)
      - CVE-2008-2148_vfs_fix_permission_check_sys_utimensat.patch   (#40826)
      - CVE-2008-2358_dccp_feat_change.patch                         (#41497)
      - CVE-2008-2750_l2tp_fix_recvmsg.patch                         (#41604)
      - CVE-2008-1615_x86_64_fix_iret_exception.patch                (#40680)
      - CVE-2008-2826_sctp_fix_addr_num_overflow.patch               (#41817)
* Sat Jun 07 2008 Bogdano Arendartchuk <>
  o Bogdano Arendartchuk <>
       - CVE-2008-1673_asn1_sanitize.patch (#41275)
* Tue May 27 2008 Luiz Capitulino <>
  o Pascal Terjan <>
      - iwlwifi: Initialize rf_kill status
      - asus_acpi: Fix brightness handling on EeePc
      - Alsa (snd-hda-intel) : Set correct model for TOSHIBA Satellite Pro A200
        and A210
      - drop ipt_time patch, xt_time was now included
      - fix a crash in uvcvideo on X300 (upstream r199)
      - usbvision: YUV to RGB conversions were to BGR (#40051)
    o Olivier Blin <>
      - make kernel-<flavour>-devel-latest provide kernel-devel-latest (#36524)
    o Thomas Backlund <>
      - change TomoyoLinux boot message about ccs-init to be more userfriendly.
    o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Removed 3rd-uvc-limit-max-iso-packets.patch, I found one type of
        webcam that doesn't like it, so just revert.
      - Updated uvcvideo to r205, and removed already applied
      - Updated unionfs to version 2.3.3 (redid also apparmor patch for
        unionfs as was required by this update).
      - Removed sound-sigmatel_audio_fix_macbook_v2.patch (it's broken,
        does nothing, where is pin cfg assigment for model it adds?).
      - Included following r8169 fixes from Linus tree:
        "r8169: fix past rtl_chip_info array size for unknown chipsets"
        "r8169: fix oops in r8169_get_mac_version"
        They were tested by Adam Pigg and fixed an oops with his machine.
    o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Update to
        * Drop capabilities-remove-cap-task-kill.patch (already merged upstream)
    o Bogdano Arendartchuk <>
      - CVE-2008-1675_tehuti_check_register_size.patch (#41066)
* Sat Apr 26 2008 Bogdano Arendartchuk <>
  - CVE-2008-1375_dnotify_close_race.patch       (#40133)
  - CVE-2008-1669_protect_fcntl_close_race.patch (#40586)
* Thu Mar 27 2008 Luiz Capitulino <>
  o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Alsa (snd-hda-intel) bug fixes/additions/cleanups:
        * Added support model for Clevo M720R from upstream alsa
          (by Jiang zhe).
        * Cleanups after DAC assignment order in ALC883.
        * Support mic automute in Clevo M720R, and map Clevo M720SR to use
          the same model (they are identical). Also choose a more generic
          model name ("clevo-m720").
        * Add optimized ALC267 model for Quanta IL1.
      - Fix spec License tag as per current license policy (GPL -> GPLv2),
        reported by Gustavo De Nardin (spuk).
      - ACPI: limit Clevo M720SR to C2 processor idle state (machine
        freezes with C3).
    o Pascal Terjan <>
     - Alsa (snd-hda-intel) : Set correct model for Sony Vaio VGN FZ18M
     - Rewrite patch for Asus ACPI keys (still #23741).
     - Don't break ACPI support when the child of a video bus device is not a
       video device (kernel bug #9761)
    o Luiz Capitulino <>
     - Disable MSI on i386. MSI seems to be still problematic and some
       machines are not booting because of it, so it's better to stay safe
       for now and just disable it again
     - Update to
       * rediff capabilities-remove-cap-task-kill.patch
     - Update unionfs to 2.3.1
       * dropped fs-unionfs-2.2-apparmor-2.1.patch and addded a rediffed
         version named fs-unionfs-2.3-apparmor-2.1.patch
* Thu Mar 20 2008 Luiz Capitulino <>
  o Pascal Terjan <>
      - Generate input events for ACPI hotkeys in asus-laptop and autoload it
        instead of asus_acpi (#23741).
    o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Include bttv.h and bttvp.h headers in kernel-devel, required by
        dkms-lirc-gpio (#39004, patch by Anssi Hannula <>).
      - Alsa (snd-hda-intel) bug fixes:
        * Fix DAC assignment order in ALC883.
        * Choose correct ALC883 codec model for MSI 945GCM5 V2 (MSI-7267).
    o Shinji Makino <>
      - added video-char-union-bootsplash-unicon.patch (#37928).
    o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Fix apparmor OOPS because of FUSE accessing ia_file
        unconditionally (#38688)
* Fri Mar 14 2008 Luiz Capitulino <>
  o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Add back cpufreq tables for Centrino Dothan in speedstep-centrino
      - Update fs-fat-allow-utime.patch with a new default initialization,
        which allows all users to use utime() on files if the directory
        is writable
    o Pascal Terjan <>
      - Fix asus_acpi patch, latest commit broke keys handling
    o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Alsa (snd-hda-intel) bug fixes:
        * Fixed mute switches of ALC662 mixers (generic models).
        * Choose correct ALC662 codec model for Asus P5GC-MX.
    o Thomas Backlund <>
      - Fix kernel-source symlinks if the kernel is installed after the
        source and no matching -devel- rpm is installed (#38862)
      - add support for WM5/6 devices (#30128)
* Mon Mar 10 2008 Luiz Capitulino <>
  o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Drop tomoyo linux patches from patches-purgatory/, they have been
        merged already
      - Introduce svn-tag-kernel script
      - Add BadRAM
      - Disable BadRAM on x86_64, it doesn't compile if CONFIG_DISCONTIGMEM
        is enabled
      - bluetooth: fix OOPS in l2cap_conn_del()
      - bluetooth: fix eSCO connection (#37272)
      - fat: allow utime() (#26819)
    o Pascal Terjan <>
      - Suggest restarting the system after installing a new kernel
      - Fix sound on NEC S970
      - Update the asus_acpi patch for EeePc :
        * Have the mute and volume keys generate input events
        * Use the [AP] (fn+f6) key to enable/disable the webcam
        * Don't handle wireless switching, we didn't do anything anyway
      - Add a new id for rt2500usb (#38512)
      - Add a device link in /sys/class/video4linux/video*/ else hal don't see
        them (and device does not get the needed acl) 
    o Shinji Makino <>
      - added usb-storage-unusual_devs-add-id.patch 
    o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Added some x86 cpufreq updates from Linux 2.6.25-rcX:
        * CPUFREQ: Powernow-k8: Update to support the latest Turion
        * CPUFREQ: Support Model D parts and newer in e_powersaver;
        * CPUFREQ: Add missing printk levels to e_powersaver.
      - Added patch to e_powersaver to limit processor voltage/multiplier
        status printed to syslog (avoid flood of messages when we have
        ondemand governor and many P-state changes for example).
      - Backport/add intel igd, sis 662/671, ati rv380 drm/agp support and
        sis-agp suspend support from 2.6.25-rcX.
* Mon Mar 03 2008 Luiz Capitulino <>
  o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Drop the following patches: block-scsi_ioctl-GPCMD_SEND_KEY.patch,
        input-export-module_device_tables.patch and
        char-export-module_device_tables.patch from patches-purgatory/.
        According to Shinji Makino this Turbo Linux patch is not needed anymore
      - Remove cap_task_kill() to fix kill() semantic bug (#37328)
      - Enable CONFIG_PCI_MSI on i386: MSI had to be disable in 2.6.22 because
        of a bug which caused PCI to stop working on some machines. It seems
        it's safe to enable again now.
    o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Drop char-intel-agp-revert-revert-fix-stolen-mem-range-on-G33.patch
        x11-driver-video-intel reverted the change that required this, as
        reported by Colin Guthrie.
      - Added fix from alsa hg tree (5846):
        "hda-codec - Don't create vmaster if no slaves found"
        This should address problems with mixers without any slave control
        defined for models in codecs with vmaster control being used, and
        will fix mandriva bug #37984
      - hda-intel - Fix Oops with ATI HDMI devices, fix from alsa hg
        change 5873
      - Added patch from Alan Stern to fix reported USB-Persist+suspend
        issues (one of the problems found while testing on Intel
      - Updated to
      - Disable control group support and fair group cpu scheduler for
        default configs.
      - scripts/create_configs:
        * enable cgroup/fair group scheduler options for server kernel
        * remove SWAP_PREFETCH and ADAPTIVE_READAHEAD config option uses
          (we don't have them anymore).
      - Added patch from Andrey Borzenkov that add aliases to toshiba_acpi.
        With this module autoloading is possible for devices which aliases
        are added (suggested by Olivier Blin).
    o Pascal "Pixel" Rigaux <>
      - use formnb1    - rename %mdvrel into 3
      - get rid of usagemdv2008.1    - replace (old) versioned buildrequires with plain buildrequires
      - mnb is now mnb
    o Shinji Makino <>
      - added tomoyolinux-build.patch, tomoyolinux-support.patch and 
      - change to kernel configuration.
        added to i386.config,x86_64.config was enable tomoyolinux.
        added to powerpc.config,ppc.config,sparc64.config was disable tomoyolinux.
    o Pascal Terjan <>
      - added NF_MATCH_TIME support
      - use rpmbuild instead of rpm in our Makefile
    o Thomas Backlund <>
      - enable PANTHERLORD_FF and ZEROPLUS_FF (#38213)
      - update ndiswrapper to 1.52
      - add Prism2 support back (#38155)
      - update acer_acpi to 0.11.1
      - update wacom tablet to 0.7.9-8 (#37073)
        * bugfixes, adds support for Wacom Cintiq 20WSX
      - add usb hid quirk for Multilaser USB-PS/2 keyboard adapter (#36870)
      - add fixes and addons from Alsa HG tree:
        * hda-codec fix ALC880 F1734 model
        * hda-codec fix automute of AD1981HD hp model
        * hda-codec fix wrong capture source selection for ALC883 codec
        * hda-codec fix ALC882 capture source selection
        * hda-codec clean up capture source selection of Realtek codecs
        * hda-codec implement auto mic jack-sensing for Samsung laptops with AD1986A
        * hda-codec more auto configuration fixups
        * hda-codec fix auto configuration of realtek codecs
        * hda-codec add IEC958 default PCM switch
        * hda-codec add more names to vendor list
        * hda-codec fix breakage of resume in auto-config of realtek codecs
        * hda-intel add ATI RV7xx HDMI audio support
        * hda-codec fix amp-in values for pin widgets
        * hda-codec fix missing capsrc_nids for ALC262
        * hda-codec add support for AD1883, AD1884A, AD198A, q984B
        * hda-codec add model=mobile for AD1884A
        * intel8x0 add support for 8 channel sound
        * hda-codec fix master volume on HP dv8000
        * bt87X fix freeing of shared interrupt
        * hda-codec fix ALC662 recording
        * hda-codec fix ALC268 capture source
        * hda-codec fix STAC927x power management
        * hda-codec fix STAC927x invalid association value
        * hda add PCI_QUIRKS for laptops with 92HDxxxx codecs
        * hda STAC927x support analog mic
        * seq_oss_synth remove invalid bug()
        * hda-codec add missing descriptions for STAC codec models
        * hda-codec adapt eeepc p701 mixer for virtual master control
        * usb-audio add workaround for broken E-Mu frequency feedback
        * usb-audio sort quirks list
        * sb8 fix sb 1,0 capture DMA programming
        * hda-codec fix AD1988 capture elements
        * hda-codec add Fujitsu Lifebook E8410 to quirk table
        * hda-codec fix initial DAC numbers of 92HD71bxx codecs
        * oxygen add owner field
        * hda-codec add docking station mic input for Thinkpad X61
        * hda-codec fix names of realtek codecs to adapt master controls
        * intel8x0 add quirk for Compaq Deskpro EN
        * hda-sigmatel disable power management on fixed ports
        * hda-sigmatel add verbs for 92hd73xxx laptops
        * hda-codec fix array over-range access with stac92hd71bxx codec
* Thu Feb 21 2008 Luiz Capitulino <>
  o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Drop pci-pciaddress-64bit-fix.patch from patches-purgatory/. According to
        Shinji Makino this Turbo Linux patch is not needed anymore
      - Update unionfs to 2.2.4
      - Introduce HECI v3.2.0.24 driver (to support Intel's AMT)
    o Shinji Makino <>
      - fix diff flie video-char-enable-unicon.patch
      - delete patches x86-apm-smp-power_off.patch
      - add patches x86-default_poweroff_up_machines.patch
    o Thomas Backlund <>
      - add compal-laptop driver (#37860)
      - disable CONFIG_USB_OHCI_HCD_SSB so ssb wont get loaded even if it
        is blacklisted (reported by AdamW on kernel-discuss)
      - update Wacom tablet support (#37073)
        * adds support for: Bamboo1, BambooFun and Cintiq 12WX
* Mon Feb 18 2008 Luiz Capitulino <>
  o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Special release due to compilation problems in the previous one
* Fri Feb 15 2008 Luiz Capitulino <>
  o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - scripts/create_quilt_tree: add a hack to support mainline patches
      - scripts/create_quilt_tree: report errors when creating the tree
      - Fix apparmor boottime flag handling
      - Actually move patches into patches-purgatory directory. The following
        patches: block-cciss-ioctlret.patch, block-scsi_ioctl-GPCMD_SEND_KEY.patch,
        pci-pciaddress-64bit-fix.patch, usb-storage-unusual_devs.patch,
        char-export-module_device_tables.patch, input-export-module_device_tables.patch
        were deleted instead of being moved into the purgatory dir. Add them back in
        the expected location
      - Update drbd to v8.0.11
      - Drop input-alps-pad-fix.patch according to Shinji Makino this TL
        patch is not needed anymore
* Mon Feb 11 2008 Luiz Capitulino <>
  o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Introduces PATCHES/Documentation directory
      - Introduces kernel-build-svn-checkout.txt, managing-patches.txt,
        patch-format.txt, README documents
      - Introduces create_quilt_tree script
      - Move tomoyo patches into patches-purgatory
   o Thomas Backlund <>
      - update alsa to 1.0.16 final
      - add selected fixes from alsa HG tree:
        * sound-soc-fix-duplicate-rj-master-test.patch
        * sound-hda-intel-Fix-PCM-device-number-assignment.patch
        * sound-hda-codec-Add-ID-for-HDMI-codec-on-Jetway-J9F2.patch
        * sound-ice1712-Fix-hoontech-MIDI-input.patch
        * sound-hda-STAC927x-power-down-inactive-DACs.patch
        * sound-hda-intel-use-SG-buffers.patch
        * sound-hda-intel-support-64bit-buffer-allocation.patch
        * sound-ice1712-add-support-for-Delta1010E.patch
        * sound-ice1712-all-support-for-Delta-66E.patch
        * sound-hda-intel-Fix-compile-error-with-CONFIG_SND_DEBUG_DETECT.patch
        * sound-hda-codec-correct-HDMI-transmitter-names.patch
        * sound-hda-codec-remove-duplicate-controls-in-alc268-test-mixer.patch
      - disable inclusion of s390 file in sysctl_check as we dont ship arch/s390 
        files in our kernel-source (#37388)
      - update to 
        * CVE-2008-0007, CVE-2008-0009/10, CVE-2008-0600
      - drop mm-zerolen-iov-fix.patch (merged upstream)
   o Pascal Terjan <>
      - Add patch by Nick Piggin fixing pan going unkillable (#37050)
   o Shinji Makino <>
      - Initial Turbo Linux patch merge
   o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Added updated AppArmor patches for 2.6.24 (thanks to John Johansen
        at Suse for them).
* Tue Jan 29 2008 Luiz Capitulino <> 2.6.24-1mdv2008.1
  o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Update to 2.6.24
      - Dropped kernel-sched-cpu_share-tunable-crash-fix.patch (already in 2.6.24)
      - Dropped net-sis190-sis968.patch (already in 2.6.24)
      - Update unionfs to 2.2.2
      - Remove badram patch from patches-broken (there's no up to date version
        for 2.6.24, we can add it later if needed)
      - Enable all CONFIG_TASKSTATS options for i386 and x86_64
      - Enable TIPC network protocol for i386
      - Enable PREEMPT_BKL for -desktop kernels (i386 and x86_64)
      - Fix unionfs OOPS when umounting root partition when there's a nfs volume
        in the branch
    o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Updated nozomi driver patch with version added recently to Linus
        tree (pre 2.6.25, commit 20fd1e3bea554620d489f3542496639c1babe0b3,
      - Updated uvcvideo to svn r173 (and removed already applied
* Wed Jan 23 2008 Luiz Capitulino <> 2.6.24-0.rc8.2mdv2008.1
  o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Added fix for isochronous transfer bug in ehci-hcd, adding patch
        I experienced the same issue but when using uvcvideo with a Syntek
        webcam (174f:5212), after some time the streaming fails with
        -EL2NSYNC. The patch there fixed the problem.
    - Updated uvcvideo to r166.
    - Replaced previously added sync quirk for Syntek webcam with a better
      version, that avoids losing sync of frames by using reported EOF
      marker. For more details see:
      (final patch by Laurent Pinchart)
    o Pascal Terjan <>
      - Added Intel(R) 82575 Gigabit Ethernet driver (igb)
    o Thomas Backlund <>
      - update to 2.6.24-rc8-git5
      - update alsa to 1.0.16rc1
      - drop sound-Fix-5.1-sound-in-Dell-6stack-ALC888-HDA.patch (merged upstream)
      - add sched cpu_share tunable crash fix (Mingo, LKML)
    o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Fix ipt_IFWLOG user-space header (#37082)
      - Fix apparmor disable flag (apparmor doesn't work yet though #36004)
* Thu Jan 17 2008 Luiz Capitulino <> 2.6.24-0.rc8.1mdv2008.1
  o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Update to 2.6.24-rc8-git1
    o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Modified kernel configs:
        * i386.config: enabled USB_EHCI_ROOT_HUB_TT (y) and
                       USB_ISP116X_HCD (m).
        * x86_64.config: likewise, and also enabled
                         CONFIG_USB_SL811_HCD (m) and
                         CONFIG_USB_SL811_CS (m).
   o Thomas Backlund <>
      - make 32bit kernels conflict arch(x86_64) so they cant be installed
        by mistake (#32631)
* Mon Jan 14 2008 Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <> 2.6.24-0.rc7.2mdv2008.1
  o Thomas Backlund <>
      - add support for Dell i8k on x86_64 (#32447)
      - disable XEN Guest support on all but server kernels as it breaks 
        AGP support (#36458)
    o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - 3rdparty addition: AuthenTec AES2501 Fingerprint Sensor Driver for
        Linux. Added in tree build support and oops on module removal fix
        when device isn't available:
      - Added patch from Claudio S. Matsuoka that fix 5.1 sound in Dell
        6stack ALC888 HDA, currently used in Dell Inspiron 530
    o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Update to 2.6.24-rc7-git5
* Mon Jan 07 2008 Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <> 2.6.24-0.rc7.1mdv2008.1
  o Thomas Backlund <>
      - change url to Mandriva wiki
      - fix build,source symlinks to -source tree to be created only if no
        matching -devel tree is installed, and to be removed only if they
        point at the -source tree
      - move defcofigs to the correct location for i386 and x86_64, prefix 
        them the same way as upstream, and drop defconfig-maximum
      - use make clean on -devel & source tree to not ship unneeded files
      - more spec cleanups
      - update to 2.6.24-rc7
    o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Updated alsa to latest hg/git tree, mostly because of bug fixes
        and hda-intel updates, so we can test it early. Reverted some
        commits though so we can still use userspace lib/utils from alsa
        1.0.15, if some revert is missing it's a bug.
      - Enabled SND_HDA_POWER_SAVE (Aggressive power-saving feature of
        snd-hda-intel), and keep the default Kconfig choice of automatic
        power-save mode (disabled = 0).
* Fri Jan 04 2008 Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <> 2.6.24-0.rc6-3mdv2008.1
  o Pascal Terjan <>
      - Add mactel patches (#35420)
      - Add support for EeePc in asus_acpi
    o Thomas Backlund <>
      - update unionfs to 2.2
      - update source2 to apply cleanly
      - update alsa krpovides
    o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Updated to 2.6.24-rc6-git10, rediffed irq-debug-shared.patch
      - Update unionfs again, now to version 2.2.1
      - Added back apparmor for 2.6.24 from Suse (with minor patch changes
        in hunks that touch reiserfs code, as it didn't apply by default
        because our reiserfs differs. Also needed to fix build when
        cgroups is enabled).
      - Brought back and redid patch to fix build of unionfs with
* Fri Dec 28 2007 Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <> 2.6.24-0.rc6-2mdv2008.1
  o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Updated uvcvideo to svn r158
      - Add new sync quirk to uvcvideo and use it (needed by Syntek
        174f:5212 webcam), from Claudio S. Matsuoka <>
      - Prevent uvcvideo to alloc too much memory in usb_buffer_alloc,
        lowering UVC_MAX_ISO_PACKETS. In machines with not much memory +
        webcam that uses isoc transfers, several calls to it can cause
        memory fragmentation or requesting too much memory resulting in an
        Page Allocation Failure (OOM). UVC_MAX_ISO_PACKETS is arbitrary, see
      - Updated to 2.6.24-rc6-git5
      - Build genrtc as module now that Mandriva's udev is now creating
        automatically the /dev/rtc symlink pointing to /dev/rtc0, making
        possible using /dev/rtc from one of the modules from new modular
        rtc framework (Reported/pointed by Dick Gevers and Andrey
        Borzenkov on cooker ML).
* Tue Dec 25 2007 Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <> 2.6.24-0.rc6-1mdv2008.1
  o Pascal Terjan <>
      - Switch atl2 to 2.0.3, which is the branch aiming at upstream merge
    o Thomas Backlund <>
      - update to 2.6.24-rc6-git2
      - add support for upstream -git tarballs
      - update ndiswrapper to 1.51
      - update drbd to 8.0.8
      - update acer_acpi to 0.10
      - prefix 3rdparty tarballs with 3rd- to match the new patch naming scheme
      - update defconfigs
* Wed Dec 12 2007 Luiz Capitulino <> 2.6.24-0.rc5-2mdv2008.1
  o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Removed already applied upstream alsa quirk for Dell XPS M1330.
      - scripts/apply_patches: usage message fixes.
* Wed Dec 12 2007 Luiz Capitulino <> 2.6.24-0.rc5-1mdv2008.1
  o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Updated uvcvideo to r149, and removed already applied 
    o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Upgrade to 2.6.24-rc5-git2
      - V4L: fix videobuf_read_start() breakage
      - Upgrade unionfs to 2.1.11
* Wed Dec 05 2007 Luiz Capitulino <> 2.6.24-0.rc4-2mdv2008.1
  o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Update to 2.6.24-rc4-git2 (#35822)
      - Kill patches-to-drop directory: that directory exists for a long time
        and its patches seems to not be useful
      - New patch naming scheme: now patches have the following format:
        subsystem-description.patch. A detailed documentation will be provided
      - Better names for netfilter patches
      - Reorganize series file
    o Pascal Terjan <>
      - Fix TI PCIxx12 card readers (#35887)
* Tue Dec 04 2007 Luiz Capitulino <> 2.6.24-0.rc4-1mdv2008.1
  o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Update to 2.6.24-rc4
      - Update acpi_fix_double_video_proc_entries.patch to latest kernel
      - Merge ipt_psd patches into netfilter-psd-mdv.patch
      - Merge ipt_IFWLOG patches into netfilter-IFWLOG-mdv.patch
      - Update ipt_IFWLOG to v1.1
* Tue Nov 27 2007 Luiz Capitulino <> 2.6.24-0.rc3-2mdv2008.1
  o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Update to 2.6.24-rc3-git1
    o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Added quirk for uvcvideo, needed by the webcam found on Clevo
        M540SR (ALi 5606).
      - Enabled XEN guest, suggested by Olivier Blin
      - Updated ndiswrapper to version 1.50rc3.
      - More netfilter api fixes for ipt_set and ipt_psd for 2.6.23 and
      - Fix return type of write file_operations callback functions in
    o Thomas Backlund <>
      - fix -devel rpm breakage due to i386/x86_64 merge into x86
      - add /drivers/lguest/lg.h to -devel rpms
    o Pascal Terjan <>
      - Blacklist in usbmouse/usbkbd devices set to IGNORE in hid quirks
        (fixes Wacom)
* Thu Nov 22 2007 Luiz Capitulino <> 2.6.24-0.rc3-1mdv2008.1
  o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Update to 2.6.24-rc3
      - Fix ipt_psd netfilter API usage
      - Kill PATCHES/doc directory
      - Move AppArmor patches to patches-broken directory, the -rc updates
        broke it
    o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Enabled CONFIG_DEBUG_BUGVERBOSE option on configs where it was
        disabled, it's useful despite some more ram usage, see
        (Suggested by Olivier Blin).
      - Updated to 2.6.24-rc2-git3.
      - scripts/create_configs: updates for i386/x86_64 arch unification;
        kernel-2.6.spec: likewise.
      - package Makefile: deal with kpatch field inside spec, to create
        the patches tarball with the correct name when it's used.
      - Updated acer_acpi to 0.10_rc4, and added needed build
        fixes/updates for 2.6.24-rc2:
      - Removed ipw3945, now use the iwl3945 in upstream kernel, if
        required in the case iwl doesn't work well for some devices we
        can readd it.
      - Updated squashfs to version 3.3, dropped already applied/obsolete
        squashfs-add-missing-include, squashfs-inode-fix,
        squashfs-2.6.23-buildfix patches.
      - Updated 3rdparty_merge patch for 2.6.24-rc2.
      - Updated unionfs to version 2.1.9, builds with new kernel and
        also has a fix for a self deadlock issue reported here:
      - Drop BadRAM patch until we fix it or a new version for 2.6.24 is
      - Made needed fixes for misc build/code issues required now on
        2.6.24-rc2 for extra patches/3rdparty additions:
        * ndiswrapper: ndiswrapper-proc_net-namespace.patch
        * acx: acx-remove-set_module_owner.patch
        * acerhk: acerhk-extra-cflags.patch
        * drbd: drbd-8.0.6-linux-2.6.24-fixes.patch
        * ppscsi: ppscsi-sg-helper-update.patch
        * netfilter_IFWLOG: netfilter_IFWLOG_2.6.24.patch
        * uss725: uss725-sg-helper-update.patch
          the uss725-sg-helper-update.patch makes
          uss725_revert_sg-address_removal.patch unecessary, so it was
        * atl2: atl2-linux-2.6.24.patch
      - Updated mach64 drm support for 2.6.24-rc2.
      - Updated uvc to r141 svn snapshot.
      - Updated apparmor patches to build again with 2.6.24-rc2, but I'm
        not sure if it still works, need more testing and probably more
        changes. I had to revert too some upstream changes that make LSM a
        static interface, it would be good to check the changes more in
        detail and migrate more apparmor bits, seems it can't be a module
      - Dropped ralink legacy drivers, keep now only the mac80211 ones
        integrated in linus kernel, if in the future we see we still need
        them we can readd.
      - Drop already applied patches:
      - Rediffed patches:
* Wed Oct 31 2007 Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
  o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Parallelize xargs invocations for smp machines on rpm build.
      - apply_patches:
        * remove trailings spaces, fix tabs vs. spaces;
        * introduce a different scheme to process patches: really use
          series file now, taking the patches in their order. With this we
          can drop the confusing prefixes that anyone knows for sure their
          meaning in all cases. Also use 3rdparty.series file to add third
          party additions, in the same way as series, this way we can
          document/comment third party additions inside it. It's separated
          from series file so we can use quilt for the patches;
        * fix usage output;
        * make sure no patches are forgotten in patches directory, if a
          patch or 3rdparty addition isn't listed in
          3rdparty.series/series exit with error;
        * remove reference for Juan Quintela's now invalid email address
          (reported by Thierry Vignaud).
      - Updated to version
      - Added updated BadRam patch for 2.6.23.
      - Updated ndiswrapper to version 1.49.
      - Updated unionfs to 2.1.7; redid fix-unionfs-build-with-AppArmor
        patch because of it, and removed already applied
        unionfs-2.1.3-do-not-update-mtime-if-no-upper-branch patch.
      - Added updated version of nozomi patch from gregkh git repository.
      - Updated tc1100-wmi module patch for 2.6.23, and made fix for acpi
        subsystem updates (tc1100-wmi-2.6.23-fixes patch). Also removed
        uneeded tc1100-wmi-depends-ACPI_INTERPRETER patch.
      - Updated mach64 drm module for 2.6.23.
      - Added updated apparmor patches that apply on 2.6.23 from
      - Redid patches:
      - Added squashfs fix for 2.6.23 from kernel-tmb.
      - Added Revert-Revert-intel_agp-fix-stolen-mem-range-on-G patch, we
        don't need the upstream revert commit because our
        x11-driver-video-intel already has a patch for that change on
      - Added ipset 2.6.23 fixes from kernel-tmb (ipset-2.6.23-buildfix,
        ipset_2.6.23-buildfix2 patches).
      - Fix atl2 module building on 2.6.23 (atl2-linux-2.6.23 patch).
      - Drop already applied changes from ueagle-atm-patches-eagle-iv-support
        patch (and the diff is now from upstream linus git tree).
      - create_configs: update for NOHIGHMEM case, probably there is a bug
        in Kconfig selection now that asks for X86_PAE.
      - Remove already applied patches:
      - Removed hrtimer patches, already applied or not relevant anymore.
      - Removed custom kvm, use the one from 2.6.23.
      - Remove swap prefetch patches, as they don't apply and aren't
        maintained anymore, also dropped on mm (see thread on lkml).
      - Moved marvell-ide to patches-to-drop. Because of many ide
        subsystem changes it doesn't apply anymore, and we have already
        pata_marvell so for now it's not critical. We can fix it later if
      - Removed some mac80211 wireless drivers that were pushed from old
        wireless-dev tree. We will update later to 2.6.24 that have them,
        and if some driver is still missing we just readd them later.
      - Removed CFS v22 patch, 2.6.23 already have CFS, not with all
        changes but we will update later to 2.6.24 that has all features
        from v22 patch.
      - Removed e1000_7.6.5 patch, we need to check later after update to
        2.6.24 if stock e1000/e1000e is sufficient or if we need to add
        back the driver from intel.
      - Switch from SLAB to SLUB on all kernel configs, SLUB is the
        default since 2.6.23.
      - Drop prefixes for all remaining patches that still used them, now
        that we don't need this anymore. Also fix placement of some
        patches inside series file.
* Tue Oct 16 2007 Luiz Capitulino <>
  o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Updated uvcvideo module to svn-r133 (#34772).
      - Added upstream alsa patch to fix sound issues on Fujitsu-Siemens
        C1410 (#34555).
      - Change laptop flavour to use CONFIG_HZ = 300. Turns out that HZ = 100
        is too low for interactivity, and on laptops it seems it's not worth
        the extra economy of energy (for example, with HZ = 100 there are too
        many audio skips in some applications/games). Reported by Andreas
        Hasenack, and Acked by Luiz Capitulino. We could choose HZ = 250, but
        300 is a bit better in interactivity/less latency and not much a
        difference anyway. And note that accordingly to Len Brown et al paper here:
        CONFIG_HZ has a small impact on power consumption on idle workloads,
        so we could even start to think of selecting a HZ = 1000 value for
        laptops where interactivity/less latency is also important (when
        CONFIG_NO_HZ is also available on x86_64 we can switch).
* Tue Oct 16 2007 Luiz Capitulino <>
  o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Alsa: fix sound issues on Dell XPS M1210 and M1330 models. The
        oops on M1210 should not happen anymore with upstream alsa hg
        commit 5442 from Takashi Iwai.
      - Fixed mach64 drm support: the existing patch had its build
        disabled because of a bug, and also was broken. Replaced the patch
        with fixed ones (#34473).
      - Updated CFS to version 22.
      - Added Attansic/Atheros(R) L2 Fast Ethernet Adapter driver
      - Added patch from Emmanuel Andry that adds support for OXCB950
        Cardbus 16950 UART (#33821).
      - Add ipg module from netdev tree (IC Plus IP1000 Gigabit Ethernet
      - Added upstream alsa bugfix: hda-codec - Fix input_mux numbers for
        vaio stac92xx.
    o Thomas Backlund <>
      - update to
      - readd netfilter ipset, psd & ifwlog support
        (fixes kernel part of: #26376, #29800, #29982, #31402, #32399, #33069)
      - update kernel-laptop descriptions and summary (#33518)
      - disable mrproper target on -devel rpms to stop 3rdparty installers from 
        wiping out needed files and thereby breaking builds (#34672, #34669) 
        (based on an initial patch by Danny used in kernel-multimedia series)
      - add support for ENE CB712/4 card readers (#30172)
* Thu Sep 27 2007 Luiz Capitulino <>
  o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Revert DU21_remove_anydata_e100a_from_option.patch: just removing the ID
        doesn't fix the real problem and break working devices (see #31631 for more
    o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - bcm43xx: fix log flooding with ifplugd when firmware is not
        available (#33969)
      - Add quirk to disable ISOC transfers for device
        "ID 1131:1001 Integrated System Solution Corp. KY-BT100 Bluetooth
        Adapter" (#30638)
      - Add upstream fix "libata: clean up horkage handling". Probably
        needed to really fix #32076, and we must apply it anyway after
        adding BROKEN_HPA horkage support patch
      - x86_64 config:
        * enable p4-clockmod module support, reported by Per Ųyvind Karlsen;
        * enable abit uguru sensors module.
* Tue Sep 25 2007 Luiz Capitulino <>
  o Thomas Backlund <>
      - update drbd to 8.0.6 (#33105)
      - disable the AnyData cdma id from option module as it does not work (#31631)
      - fix AppArmor return-code and rejected_mask (from John Johansen @ suse)
      - have only full kernel-source provide /usr/src/linux symlink
    o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - PCI: Fix boot-time hang on G31/G33 PC (#31632 thanks to Pacho Ramos)
      - Enable drbd compilation on kernel-server
    o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Updated to, security fix only release (CVE-2007-4573).
      - Upstream bugfixes/new ids from 2.6.23-rcX:
        * intel-agp: Fix i830 mask variable that changed with G33 support;
        * pci: fix unterminated pci_device_id lists;
        * i386: Use global flag to disable broken local apic timer on AMD
          CPUs. This seems to fix a real issue here, without this patch
          a turion laptop gets apic/interrupt errors and misc kernel
        * pata_marvell: Add more identifiers;
        * libata: Update the blacklist with a few more devices;
        * ahci: add ATI SB800 PCI IDs;
        * myri10ge: Add support for PCI device id 9.
      - Alsa updates: add missing support for ASUS A7J and nvidia MCP79 to
        hda_intel driver (from alsa repository, reported by Thierry Vignaud).
      - Included ipw3945 in kernel: as reported by many users works better
        than current iwl3945 we use, and we can keep both with current
        mandriva ldetect/module-init-tools (preferred aliases). As talked
        with Olivier Blin seems the better approach right now.
      - Fixed /usr/src/linux symlink check when removing kernel-source
        package, as reported by Andrey Borzenkov on kernel-discuss ML.
      - Enable build of kernel-doc package, reported by Pacho Ramos on
        Cooker ML.
    o Olivier Blin <>
      - enable Conexant 2388x (bt878 successor) support on x86_64
* Thu Sep 20 2007 Luiz Capitulino <>
  o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - create_configs (config_x86_highmem): implement support for highmem
        64GB setting (closes #33585). Also it's needed to set
        I2O_EXT_ADAPTEC_DMA64 when using it.
      - Added back wireless acx driver (#31539). Thanks to Adam Pigg and
        Adam Williamson for pointers and help.
      - Updated alsa subsystem again, with more bugfixes and new hardware
        support, matches closely alsa 1.0.15rc2 (#33489). Also added some
        more updates after it from hg repository:
        * add support for Asus M2A-VM HDMI and Abit IP35-PRO;
        * sc6000 minor fixes;
        * Dell laptop updates.
      - Upstream bugfixes/enhancements (already in 2.6.23-rcX):
        * ATA device blacklist additions (drives with NCQ/DMA issues);
        * Bugfix for DMA mode on VT6421 PATA port;
        * PATA support for VIA VX800;
        * 945/965GME and G33 intel-agp fixes;
        * Fix broken pata_via cable detection;
        * pata_sis timing fixes;
        * pata_it821x: fix lost interrupt with atapi devices;
        * ata_piix: add sata support for Intel Tolapai;
        * more pata_hpt{37x|3x2n} clock fixes;
        * sata_mv: add pci ids for Hightpoint RocketRaid 1740 and 1742;
        * pata_cs5520: fix probe bug regression introduced in 2.6.22;
        * usb storage: updates/additions to unusual_devs.h;
        * USB: fix support for Dell Wireless Broadband (aka WWAN);
        * forcedeth: add mcp73 support;
        * forcedeth: don't rely on bios to get MAC address order, this
          fixes problems with broken bioses on some Asus boards (like M2N)
          and possibly others;
        * VIA P4M900 support for via-agp;
        * drm/via: Fix dmablit when blit queue is full
        * usb device additions (new id/support): Samsung X180 China
          cellphone, cdc subset support for Mavell vendor/product ID,
          HUAWEI E220 HSDPA modem, ACER S10 palm device (visor), Dell
          HSDPA 5520;
        * fmvj18x_cs, pcnet_cs: new ids of lan&multifunction cards (NEC
          PK-UG-J001, Panasonic CF-VML201 Panasonic TO-PDL9610,
        * sisusbvga: add product ID for Targus ACP50US;
        * run k8t_sound_hostbridge quirk only when needed;
        * unhide SMBus on Compaq Deskpro EP 401963-001 motherboard;
        * ftdi_sio: support new product based on the FTDI 232R USB/Serial;
        * ata_piix: fix pio/mwdma programming;
        * jmicron: PIO fixes (thanks to Thierry Vignaud for pointing
          this), can fix #33043.
      - Fix warning when deregistering acpi dock module (#32337). Added
        patches already upstream, thanks to Danny Tholen for tracking one
        of the commits.
    o Thomas Backlund <>
      - Really fix /usr/src/linux symlinking on devel rpms (#33559)
      - update unionfs to 2.1.3
    o Olivier Blin <>
      - unionfs: do not update mtime if there is no upper branch for the inode 
        (fix bug with live systems)
    o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - kernel-server: defaults number of uarts to 32 (#24924)
* Fri Sep 07 2007 Luiz Capitulino <>
  o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Fixed bug in CE02_acpi-dsdt-initrd-v0.8.4-2.6.21.patch: don't load
        initrd twice, as this causes unpredicted behavior
      - Added some fixes for iwlwifi and b43, from wireless-dev
      - Added patch for kvm that fixes solaris guests (upstream
        bug #1773613)
      - Add two more ids for some zd1211rw wireless devices, commits from
        wireless-dev tree
      - Added bugfixes and Eagle IV support to ueagle-atm, as reported by
        Olivier Blin on kernel-discuss ML.
    o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - libata: implement BROKEN_HPA horkage and apply it to affected drives
      - pata_hpt37x: Fix 2.6.22 clock PLL regression (thanks to Pacho Ramos)
      - USB: add unusual_devs for Nikon devices D50, D80 and D100
        (thanks to Pacho Ramos)
      - USB: Adding support for HTC Smartphones to ipaq (thanks to Pacho Ramos)
      - Fix prefix on FS4 and FS5 (should be FS04 and FS05 respectively), also
        some minor changes in the series file
      - hda-intel: fix codec detection (thanks to Danny Tholen)
    o Thomas Backlund <>
      - fix AppArmor syslog logging (AppArmor svn rev 961)
      - readd linux prefix to kernel source/devel tree in /usr/src (#33239)
      - readd /usr/src/linux symlink pointing at latest installed 
        source/devel rpm (#33239)
* Wed Sep 05 2007 Luiz Capitulino <>
  o Thomas Backlund <>
      - add obsoletes/provides to the -latest virtual rpms to allow automatic
        updating to the new kernel-flavours (Big thanks to Anssi for the help):
        * kernel-desktop586-latest obsoletes/provides kernel-legacy-latest
        * kernel-desktop-latest obsoletes/provides kernel-latest
        * kernel-server-latest obsoletes/provides kernel-enterprise-latest
        * kernel-desktop-devel-latest obsoletes/provides kernel-source-stripped-latest
      - update to
      - update AppArmor to 2.1.0 prerelease (SuSe 10_3 branch, commit 942)
      - redo unionfs AppArmor vfs buildfix (initial patch for 2.1 by 
        John Johansen <>
      - enable USB_SUSPEND only on laptop kernels, as it causes to much
        regressions for normal users, but is a tradeoff for laptop users (#33089)
    o Pixel <>
      - Call installkernel without -L since we are the main kernel
    o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - ext3/4 orphan list debug support and corruption fix (#32527)
      - drop lguest: current version is buggy, and it would take sometime to
        get it in good shape (missing user-space support too)
    o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Disabled ath5k module, doesn't work now for release, conflicts
        with madwifi.
* Fri Aug 31 2007 Luiz Capitulino <>
  o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Updated to version, drop already applied
        ahci_SB700_support patch
      - Updated alsa to latest 2.6.23 code, dropped already applied
      - Added back legacy ralink drivers (the ones softmac based)
      - Fixup RTC selection in i386/x86_64/alpha configs:
        * Disabled CONFIG_RTC to allow rtc_cmos to be used. Enable generic
          rtc emulation (plus RTC_UIE emulation) in its place
        * Don't enable CONFIG_RTC_INTF_PROC because it conflicts with
          /proc/driver/rtc already provided by CONFIG_GEN_RTC
        * Enable RTC UIE emulation on dev interface for new rtc framework
      - Drop bcm43xx-pci-neuter patch, bcm43xx allowed to all supported
        devices again as module selection will be ldetect's task
      - Removed disable-zd1211rw-mac80211 patch, just disable
        zd1211rw-mac80211 in config instead (zd1211rw more uptodate, no
        need to keep it enabled)
      - Updated wireless subsystem to latest wireless-dev
      - Updated kvm to version 36
    o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - USB: add the ZTE ZXDSL 852 device ID for cxacru (#32707)
    o Thomas Backlund <>
      - update CFS scheduler to v 20.5
      - update lguest patch for new CFS scheduler
      - drop add-above-background-function patch, merged in CFS
      - update unionfs to 2.1.2
      - update acer_acpi to 0.7
      - use defconfig-desktop as default configs/arch.config, and simplify
        create_configs script accordingly
      - drop xen, xbox and boot support from create_configs as the
        kernel spec does not support them either anymore
      - add virtual kernel rpm for the installer to automatically
        install the default kernel-desktop rpm
      - fix #29744, #29074 in a cleaner way by disabling the sourcing of 
      - update kernel descriptions and summarys
      - make kernel-doc name unversioned
      - spec cleanups and typo fixes
      - drop alpha, ia64 support
* Sat Aug 25 2007 Luiz Capitulino <>
  o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - More wireless updates, fixes/changes for b43 module and ssb from
      - Don't allow bcm43xx and b43 coexist for same devices, limit the
        set of devices supported to only one module (patch from fedora)
      - Disable zd1211rw-mac80211 module, use only zd1211rw (to avoid the
        same case like b43 x bcm43xx, and zd1211rw probably is more
      - Update ACPI battery and ec with changes that will come in 2.6.23,
        battery update fixes battery reading status deadlock on some
        notebooks when the machine is turned on without ac cable
    o Thomas Backlund <>
      - change to kernel-tmb spec and naming and versioning
      - adapt scripts and Makefile to the new naming scheme
* Fri Aug 17 2007 Luiz Capitulino <> 2.6.22-6mdv2008.0
  o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Updated wireless subsystem to the current state of upstream Linus
        git and wireless-dev, also this obsoletes some previous added
      - Added external ssb support for b44
      - Added patch for
        (don't restore reserved memory after hibernation, otherwise some
         ACPI status changes while suspending to disk couldn't be updated)
    o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - HID: fix autocentering of PID devices (Anssi Hannula <>)
      - Really use CFQ as the default I/O scheduler (trem <>)
    o Thomas Backlund <>
      - add patch AB03: update to
      - add patch DN03: fix Realtek id due to upstream nVidia PHY renaming.
      - add patch DS02: fix amd sb700 and add sb800 smbus support (#32568)
* Sat Aug 11 2007 Luiz Capitulino <> 2.6.22-5mdv2008.0
  o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Updated iwlwifi to the latest git snapshot
    o Thomas Backlund <>
      - add patch AB02:
      - drop patches CE07, DI11, HR01, SR01: merged upstream
      - rediff patch SA03 to work with
    o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Use CFQ as the default I/O scheduler
* Thu Aug 09 2007 Luiz Capitulino <> 2.6.22-4mdv2008.0
  o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - e1000: Update to 7.6.5 (#32324)
    o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Provide pci_ids.h to user space, needed by ldetect, reported by
        Thierry Vignaud
      - Fix issue of some r8169 boards not activating link, using patch
        posted on netdev ML by Francois Romieu (r8169_link_down_fix patch)
      - Disabled CONFIG_DEBUG_SHIRQ on arches where it was enabled, as
        this can cause problems with some modules, like r8169 (see
      - update_configs: fix usage typo
    o Thomas Backlund <>
      - disable DEBUG_SLAB, as it's bad for performance, especially
        under heavier loads
      - add patch AI01: picopower irq router support
      - add patch AI02: Toshiba Equium A60 needs pci=assign-busses (#18989)
      - fix kernel-source-stripped symlinks generation when the -stripped rpm 
        is installed before the kernel (#32236)
      - add patch CE07: fix acpi dock unload oops (#32337)
* Wed Aug 01 2007 Luiz Capitulino <> 2.6.22-3mdv2008.0
  o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - x86_64: Enable saa7134 drivers (#16206)
      - SMBus: Support for AMD/ATI SB700 chipset (#31450)
      - AHCI: IDs for ATI SB700 (#31884)
    o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Fix for 'make prepare' not working anymore on
        kernel-source-stripped after addition of lguest patch (#31958)
      - Added upstream patch "Add a PCI ID for santa rosa's PATA
* Sat Jul 21 2007 Luiz Capitulino <> 2.6.22-2mdv2008.0
  o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Usb-audio: another Logitech camera/microphone ID match
        (patch from Daniel Drake <>)
      - hda-codec: Add quirk for Asus P5LD2
        (path from Claudio Matsuoka <>)
    o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Added SR01_serial_reg-header.patch, to export serial_reg.h to user
        space, needed at least for xosview
      - Added "cherry-picked" upstream hrtimers fixes from
* Tue Jul 17 2007 Luiz Capitulino <> 2.6.22-1mdv2008.0
  o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - 2.6.22 rebase
      - lguest
      - CFS process scheduler
      - Lots of 5.1 sound fixes from Claudio Matsuoka (
    o Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
      - Added patch with upstream fixes for eeprom 93cx6
      - Rediffed bootsplash patch, while we don't have a definition about
        dropping it or not
      - Added latest patch additions with descriptions (if available, many
        from kernel-tmb) to series file
    o Thomas Backlund <>
      - set PHYSICAL_START=0x200000 on x86_64
      - use readlink instead of ls and awk in scripts, as ls broken in
        current coreutils (#31906), this also makes the scripts nicer
      - add patch AB17: fix lguest build on x86_64
      - add patch AB18: CFS update to v20 (from -rt tree)
      - rediff patch CD02: Mandriva console logo
      - add patch DI10: Wacom Bamboo Tablet support (#31831)
      - update patch MC17: update ndiswrapper to 1.47
      - add patch MC18: fix ndiswrapper Kconfig and Makefile
      - add patches MC21, MC22: squashfs buildfixes from kernel-tmb
      - update patch MC49: unionfs 2.0
      - add patch MC50: fix unionfs build with AppArmor
      - update patch MC54: acer_acpi to v0.6
      - add patches MC60, MC61: drbd v8.0.4
      - add patches MC70-MC74: updated wireless drivers using the new dscape stack
        * ADMtek ADM8211, Broadcom BCM43xx, Iwlwifi, Prism64 PCI, USB
        * Ralink rt2400, rt2500, rt2500 usb, rt61, rt73
        * Realtek 8187 USB, ZyDAS ZD1211/ZD1211B USB
      - drop patch NA01: old drbd version
      - add patches MS01-MS07: Swap Prefetch
      - add patches SA01-SA44: Novell AppArmor 2.0.2 build 755
      - update defconfigs
* Sat Jul 07 2007 Luiz Capitulino <> 2.6.21-4mdv2008.0
  o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Makes kernel-source usable again for dkms packages
        (patches from Olivier Blin <>)
* Thu Jul 05 2007 Luiz Capitulino <> 2.6.21-3mdv2008.0
  o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - CFS process scheduler v18
      - Fix kernel-stripped package (from Thomas Backlund <>)
      - First round of dropped patches, moved 26 into the 'patches-to-drop' queue
      - Rediffed several patches that doesn't apply cleanly
      - Enabled CONFIG_SECURITY and friends
      - Disabled CONFIG_IRQBALANCE (looks like it drops battery life #31725)
      - Alsa HDA codec fixes: 5.1 output on LG LW20 and HP Spartan quirk
        (from Claudio Matsuoka <>)
      - Alsa usbaudio quirk for Roland Juno-G
        (from Claudio Matsuoka <>)
* Fri Jun 29 2007 Luiz Capitulino <> 2.6.21-2mdv2008.0
  o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - (see the patch file for more info)
      - Drop XEN
      - Drop RSBAC
      - Fix drbd provides (we're providing api = 86 now)
      - kernel-source fixes (some bits from Thomas Backlund <>)
      - Drakxtool conflict (patch from Thierry Vignaud <>)
* Thu Jun 21 2007 Arnaud Patard <> 2.6.21-1mdv2008.0
  o Arnaud Patard <>
      - 2.6.21 upgrade
    o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Minor build fix
      - Disable XEN build
* Wed Mar 28 2007 Luiz Capitulino <> 2.6.17-14uc1mdv2007.0
  o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - PCI: pcieport-driver: remove invalid warning message
    o Arnaud Patard <>
      - Fix error path in usbcore
      - Don't build KVM on Xen kernels
* Fri Mar 23 2007 Luiz Capitulino <> 2.6.17-13mdv2007.0
  o Gwenole Beauchesne <>
      - Improve keyboard handling on Apple MacBooks
    o Arnaud Patard <>
      - Add -latest patch
      - Workaround a possible binutils bug in smp alternatives
    o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - MCP61: Add forcedeth support
      - Fix potential deadlock in driver core, this issue seems to cause USB
        hangs at boot time (#24683 Thanks to Danny
      - Security fix:
        * ZZ23_CVE-2007-1592_ipv6_fl_socklist_inadvertently_shared_fix.patch
* Wed Mar 14 2007 Luiz Capitulino <> 2.6.17-12mdv2007.0
  o Arnaud Patard <>
      - Suspend to disk speed improvements
      - Add nmi watchdog support for core2
      - Add atl1 driver
      - Update KVM (rev 4486 + selective changes)
      - Add acer_acpi
      - Update asus_acpi
      - Fix suspend on r8169, i8259A
      - Fix suspend when using ondemand governor
      - Add ide acpi support
      - Add suspend/resume support for sata_nv chipsets.
    o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Rename ZZ65 patch to ZZ17 and ZZ99 patch to ZZ18 (just to make my
        scripts' life easier)
      - USB: Let USB-Serial option driver handle anydata devices (#29066)
      - USB: Add PlayStation 2 Trance Vibrator driver
      - Fix bogus delay loop in video/aty/mach64_ct.c (thanks to
        Per Ųyvind Karlsen)
      - Add MCP61 support (#29398 thanks to Pacho Ramos
      - USB: fix floppy drive SAMSUNG SFD-321U/EP detected 8 times bug
        (thanks to Ednilson Miura <>)
      - Security fixes:
        * ZZ14_CVE-2007-0958_unreadable_binaries_pt_interp_fix.patch   (#28757)
        * ZZ15_CVE-2007-0772_nfs_free_wrong_pointer_fix.patch          (#28863)
        * ZZ16_CVE-2006-6056_hfs_null_pointer_fix.patch                (#28690)
        * ZZ19_CVE-2007-0005_cm4040_cs_buffer_overflow_fix.patch       (#28634)
        * ZZ20_CVE-2007-1217_capi_debug_buffer_overflow_fix.patch      (#29067)
        * ZZ21_CVE-2007-1388_ipv6_sockglue_null_ptr_fix.patch          (#29400)
        * ZZ22_CVE-2007-1000_ipv6_getsockopt_sticky_null_ptr_fix.patch (#29401)
* Tue Feb 13 2007 Luiz Capitulino <> 2.6.17-11mdv2007.0
  o Arnaud Patard <>
      - Fix SiS sata support for chips on 966/968 bridges
      - Add support for SiS968 bridges to the sis190 bridge
      - Add support for showing blocked tasks through sysrq
      - Add nozomi driver
      - Add UVC driver
      - Fix JMicron cable detection
      - Fix issues in squashfs by updating to 3.2 (#27008)
    o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - x86_64: Add /proc/config.gz support (CONFIG_IKCONFIG)
      - x86_64: Add stack overflow support. Disabled by default, but it's
        something good to have at hand
      - x86_64: Enable kexec
      - USB: rndis_host: fix crash while probing a Nokia S60 mobile
      - rt2570 should report itself as "rt2570" instead of "rtusb" (#24461)
      - atiixp.c: sb600 ide only has one channel (#28505 - thanks to
        Wolke <>)
      - PCI: ATI sb600 sata quirk (#28363 - thanks to Wolke <>)
      - read_zero_pagealigned() locking fix (thanks to Hugh Dickins
      - Fix umask when noACL kernel meets extN tuned for ACLs
        (thanks to Hugh Dickins <>)
      - PowerPC: Make current preempt-safe (thanks to Hugh Dickins
      - Security fixes:
        * ZZ12_CVE-2007-0006_key_serial_number_collision_fix.patch (#28636)
        * ZZ13_CVE-2006-5823_cramfs_zlib_inflate.patch             (#28688)
* Fri Feb 02 2007 Luiz Capitulino <> 2.6.17-10mdv2007.0
  o Gwenole Beauchesne <>
      - Add Ralink RT2571W/RT2671 WLAN USB support (rt73 module)
    o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Fix sys_msync() to report -ENOMEM as before when an unmapped area falls
        within its range, and not to overshoot (LSB regression)
      - Avoid disk sector_t overflow for >2TB ext3 filesystem
      - USB: workaround to fix HP scanners detection (#26728)
      - USB: unusual_devs.h for Sony floppy          (#28378)
      - Dropped FS06_max-symlink-to-10.patch, this patch adds security issues
        on x86_64 machines and was only needed to create Live CDs (now we
        use unionfs). Thanks to Thomas Backlund, who helped to find the
        patch (#27955)
      - Security fixes:
        * ZZ08_CVE-2006-5749_isdn_ppp_init_reset_state_timer.patch (#27802)
        * ZZ09_CVE-2006-5753_fix_bad_inode_retun_values.patch      (#27958)
        * ZZ10_CVE-2006-6053_ext3_handle_dir_corruption.patch      (#28303)
        * ZZ11_CVE-2006-4814_mincore_fix_user_access_locking.patch (#28373)
    o Arnaud Patard <>
      - Add preliminary ICH9 support
      - Add TI sd card reader support
      - Add RT61 driver
      - KVM update
      - Fix bttv vbi offset
      - Update RT73 and use the firmware class for RT73
* Wed Dec 27 2006 Arnaud Patard <> 2.6.17-9mdv2007.0
  o Arnaud Patard <>
      - ata_piix fix for some ICH8 port configurations.
      - Suspend/resume fixes
      - Add KVM
      - Add flush option for fat filesystems
      - X86_64 core2 rdtsc fix
* Tue Dec 19 2006 Luiz Capitulino <> 2.6.17-8mdv2007.0
  o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Dropped DA16_wacom_acpi_enable_future_usage.patch, it does brake
        CONFIG_ACPI=yes compilation seems non-sense and there's no description
        explaining why it's needed
      - Security fixes:
        * ZZ03_CVE-2006-5173_eflags_reset.patch                      (#26535)
        * ZZ04_CVE-2006-5619_ip6_flowlabel_seqfile_fix.patch         (#27034)
        * ZZ05_CVE-2006-5751_bridge_overflow_fix.patch               (#27538)
        * ZZ06_CVE-2006-6106_bluetooth_add_capi_packet_checks.patch  (#27660)
        * ZZ07_CVE-2006-5757_fs_grow_buffers_infinite_loop_fix.patch (#27033)
* Thu Dec 07 2006 Arnaud Patard <> 2.6.17-7mdv2007.0
  o Arnaud Patard <>
      - Add Marvell IDE driver
      - Add a driver for Jmicron chipsets instead of using the generic one
      - Update the sky2 driver to fix some network hang issues
* Wed Oct 25 2006 Luiz Capitulino <> 2.6.17-6mdv2007.0
  o Samir Bellabes <>
      - backport support for network chipset related to r8169 (r8168/r8169SC)
    o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Dropped DB40_sd_mmc_2gb.patch (fix also in
      - pccard_store_cis: fix wrong error handling
        (reported by Giuseppe Ghibó <>)
      - x86_64: add NX mask for PTE entry
        (patch from Eduardo Habkost <>)
      - Fix snd-hda-intel OOPS (patch from Eduardo Habkost <>)
      - mach64: Explicit initialize some members of the drm_driver structure,
        otherwise NULL init will have bad side effetcs
        (patch from Couriousous <>)
      - Adds Missing check for CAP_NET_ADMIN in iptables compat layer
      - Support for building .nosrc.rpm
        (patch from Thomas Backlund <>)
      - Security fixes
        * ZZ01_CVE-2006-4997_clip_do_not_refer_freed_skbuff.patch           (#26608)
        * ZZ02_CVE-2006-4572_netfilter_ipv6_fragmention_attacks_fixes.patch (#26745)
    o Arnaud Patard <>
      - Fix pcmcia unplug/eject on cards with r8169 chipsets
      - Fix libata resource conflicts detection (#23279)
      - Fix xenU crash and reenable domU boot logs.
      - Fix refcount error triggered by softwares using /proc/<pid>/auxv
* Thu Sep 07 2006 Arnaud Patard <> 2.6.17-5mdv2007.0
  o Arnaud Patard <>
      - 2.6.17-13
      - RSBAC fixlets
      - Fix JMicron SATA/PATA chipsets support (#25155)
      - Update the at76c503a usb driver (now called at76_usb) (#25278)
      - Fix reversed error test in netif_tx_trylock (#25249)
      - Fix modalias on 64bits (#25431)
      - Fix ipmi_msghandler oops on removal (#25463)
      - Replace DU04 with its upstream version
      - Disable MSI on azalia codecs to prevent IRQ troubles.
      - Disable FN keys in the i8k driver when failing to get the dell smm bios
      version. Patch from Per Oyvind Karlsen. (#21140)
    o Samir Bellabes <> 
      - cosmetic changes from Thomas Backlund <>
* Tue Sep 05 2006 Arnaud Patard <> 2.6.17-4mdv2007.0
  o Samir Bellabes <> 
      - netfilter fix - bug #24252
      - fix netfilter IFWLOG
    o Arnaud Patard <>
      - AHCI suspend
      - Squashfs 3.1r2
      - Fix oops on video.ko rmmod
      - SiS 966 chipsets support
      - Add support for 2Gb memory cards
      - Fix uhci list bug
      - Revert reset changes in the e1000 driver. This should fix
      the e1000 resume issues
      - Fix list usage in the sis190 driver
* Wed Aug 30 2006 Arnaud Patard <> 2.6.17-3mdv2007.0
  o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Updates drbd to 8.0pre4
      - Adds drbd-api provides (#24264)
      - Adds support for partitioned loop devices (patch from Flavio
      - Fix double ACPI video /proc entries (patch from Danny
    o Arnaud Patard <>
      - Alsa 1.0.12
      - Enable USB_EHCI_SPLIT_ISO (#24412)
      - Fix sparc build (#24646)
      - Fix Xen on 32bit and workaround Xen bug on 64bit.
      - Fix b44 module (#24312)
      - RSBAC 1.2.8
* Fri Aug 11 2006 Arnaud Patard <> 2.6.17-2mdv2007.0
  o Gwenole Beauchesne <>
      - Enable HUGETLBFS
      - Factor out configs
    o Arnaud Patard <>
      - Alsa 1.0.12rc2
      - Add usb ids for the Testo usb device (bug #23666)
      - Add quickcam messenger driver for 2.6.18-rcX
      - ata_piix/ICH8 fixes
      - ACL support for tmpfs  (bug #24045)
      - Add DI20_initialize_hw_regs_in_setup_ports.patch from 2006-upd
      - i965 support
      - Intel iAMT redirection drivers
    o Samir Bellabes <>
      - Add support for chipset realtek 8168. (bug #23705)
      - Add netfilter ipset patch
      - Add netfilter conntrack/nat sip patch
      - Add netfilter psd patch
* Fri Jun 30 2006 Arnaud Patard <> 2.6.17-1mdk
      - Alsa 1.0.12rc1
      - Rsbac 1.2.8(pre1)
      - New Xen snapshot
      - New wireless-2.6 snapshot (adds zd1211rw driver)
      - KGDB drop
      - e100, e1000 update
      - Via VT8251 sata support
      - vt_ar5k drop. Considered as obselete by upstream.
      - svgalib_helper drop.
      - 3rdparty updates : acerhk, drbd, dxr3, ipw3945, ivtv, lirc,
      mod_marvel, ndiswrapper
* Thu Jun 29 2006 Samir Bellabes <> 2.6.16-3mdk
  o Samir Bellabes <>
      - re-enable supermount (fix bug #23217)
      - ct_sync aka 'howto replicate the firewall'
* Tue May 23 2006 Arnaud Patard <> 2.6.16-2mdk
  o Arnaud Patard <>
      - input.h : move input_device_id to mod_devicetable.h
      - Reenable unintentially disabled unionfs
      - RS02/RS11 cleanup
      - Removed bcm4400. We have the b44 module in the kernel
      - Fix usage of acpi_clear_event() in CE06
      - Enable cpufreq on SMP, disable USB_BANDWIDTH
      - Build smp and up kernel on sparc (Peroyvind)
      - Switch to GENERIC_ARCH on x86 to suppress the false warning
      about the number of cpus when using cpu hotplug
      - Add xen0 support in rhconfig.h
      - Fix freeze when using the 'live' mode of gi (instead of using the 
      clp files)
      - Activate RSBAC_INIT_DELAY to get rsbac working with all kind of
      - Fix fdomain vs x86_64/isa trouble
* Fri May 12 2006 Arnaud Patard <> 2.6.16-1mdk
  o Arnaud Patard <>
      - Wireless update (Adds the bcm43xx driver)
      - mmc layer update (Adds the sdhci driver)
      - e1000 update
      - Xbox support outdated, so (temporary ?) removed
      - Alsa 1.0.11
      - RSBAC 1.2.6
      - New Xen snapshot
      - Updated 3rdparty
      - ipw3945
* Mon Mar 13 2006 Eduardo Pereira Habkost <> 2.6.14-2.1mdk
  o Eduardo Pereira Habkost <>
      - Change kernel-source version field to 1-1mdk, like the rest of
        the versioned packages
* Fri Mar 10 2006 Eduardo Pereira Habkost <> 2.6.14-2mdk
  o Eduardo Pereira Habkost <>
      - Avoid automatic update of kernel-source without updating the kernel:
        - Put package version on package name for kernel-source and
        - Remove Obsoletes: kernel-source from kernel-source* packages
        - Closes: #21345
    o Samir Bellabes <>
      - update ipt_IFWLOG (interactive firewall)
    o Arnaud Patard <>
      - Fix bad update of RS11
* Tue Feb 07 2006 Arnaud Patard <> 2.6.14-1mdk
  o Arnaud Patard <>
      - Alsa 1.0.10 and cvs update.
      - Xen update from the linux-2.6 tree. Build it now as a machine and no more
        as a different architecture.
      - Rsbac 1.2.5
      - Drbd 0.7.15
      - The bcm5700 driver is no more supported by Broadcom, thus dropping it.
      - Dropped the now merged ipw2100, ipw2200, ieee80211, fuse, hostap 3rdparty
      - Changed the eagle-usb driver in favour of the to-be-merged version
      - Use now the acx driver from akpm's tree.
      - Update 3rdparty drivers : lirc, ndiswrapper, rt2400, rt2500 
      - Added rt2570 usb driver.
    o Samir Bellabes <>
      - netfilter update (DN30_netfilter_svn6470.patch)
      - unionfs 1.1.3
* Thu Nov 24 2005 Luiz Capitulino <> 2.6.12-13.1mdk
  o Arnaud Patard <>
      - Fix oops when reading /proc/driver/pktcdvd/pktcdvd0
    o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Added DA75_alsa_patch_realtek_fix.patch to fix a bug which makes
        some sound-cards managed by snd-hda-intel useless
* Mon Nov 21 2005 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 2.6.12-13mdk
  o Luiz Capitulino <>
      - Updated pl2303 usb-serial driver to support X75 and SX1 Siemens mobiles
    o Gwenole Beauchesne <>
      - power5 & pmac64 support
      - selected fixes from 2.6.13 and beyond:
        * add r300 drm support
        * fix x86_64 idle=poll
        * fix races in libata core
        * properly fix the radeon IRQ handling code
        * properly fix the errata #122 workaround on x86_64 + add it to i386
        * merge new upstream ioctl32 compat code, thus supporting i915 as well
    o Arnaud Patard <>
      - Fix typo in the SiS965L support. Restore the right address for the other chipsets.
* Fri Sep 09 2005 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 2.6.12-12mdk
  o Arnaud Patard <>
      - Removed lpfc from 3rdparty as it exists in drivers/scsi/ (Thanks Svetljo 
        for pointing out this).
      - Added sata_sil24 module
      - Added SiS182 minimal support.
      - Added SiS190 driver.
      - Added support of the IDE chipset of the SiS965L boards.
      - Added various pciids from 2.6.13
      - Removed patch MD48. Now we're using udev, it breaks the prism2 module
      - Inotify fixlets
      - Removed the patch that disable the smm bios and use usb-handoff by default (Sveltjo)
      - USS725 fixes (Sveltjo)
      - execve LSB test fix (Stew)
      - Via unichrome support update (Danny)
    o Samir Bellabes
      - Add DN34_nf_rsh-conntrack_timeout.patch : 
        Fix timeout for ip_conntrack_rsh (bug #17368)
      - backport fixes for netfilter from 2.6.13-git8: (DN60-DN75 + DN80)
        * check hardware checksum in ECN, queue, TCPMSS
        * fix tcp checksum in ipt_REJECT
        * ipt_CLUSTERING: deletion, ct_related, mangling arp, memcpy_typo
        * ip6table_raw: missing owner
        * race condition in Decnet
        * optimize expected timeout
        * delete reference conntrack in ipmr
        * fix ECN tcp marking
        * fix byteorder in icmp NAT
        * fix ip6t_LOG sit tunnel logging 
        * fix masquerading index for slave connection
        * fix sysctl_tcp_low_latency
        * IFWLOG : fix bad kfree and close bug #18276 (DN33_netfilter_IFWLOG.patch)
      - Fix buffer overflow with module_param (DN76_nf_bad_param_port.patch)
    o Flavio Bruno Leitner <>
      - XEN updated to 2005-08-23
    o Gwenole Beauchesne <>
      - increase number of supported CPUs to 32
      - add workaround for x86_64 errata #122
      - update PowerNow!K8 driver to v1.50.3 for rev.F Opteron support
* Mon Aug 29 2005 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 2.6.12-11mdk
  - remove obsolete patches that were fixed differently
  - assorted x86_64 fixes from current git tree:
    * fix 32-bit thread debugging
    * fix TASK_SIZE for compatibility mode processes
    * fix overflow in NUMA hash function setup
    * fix bug in csum_partial_copy_generic()
    * fix HPET for systems that don't support legacy replacement
    * add support for more than 8 cores on AMD64 systems
    * tell VM about holes in nodes
    * avoid wasting IRQs
* Tue Aug 16 2005 <> 2.6.12-10mdk
  o Flavio Bruno Leitner <>
      - WARNING: Security
        Hyper-Threading enabled by default. 
        (at boot time use ht=off to disable)
      - applied patch to cpufreq support centrino.
      - updated ibm_acpi to 0.11
      - fixes to NFS
      - ACL support to NFS
      - XEN configs updated (enabled more options)
    o Samir Bellabes <>
    o Gwenole Beauchesne <>
      - fix inotify 0.24 patch
      - fix build of ndiswrapper 1.2 on x86_64
      - only build xen on x86, will enable on x86_64 later
* Fri Jul 29 2005 Arnaud Patard <> 2.6.12-9mdk
  o Arnaud Patard <>
      - 2.6.12-4
      - Advertise the megaraid_mbox as megaraid_mbox (and not megaraid) in sysfs
      - Ndiswrapper 1.2
      - Updated ipw2100 to 1.1.2, ipw2200 to 1.0.6 
      - e100 and e1000 drivers update (e100 to 3.4.8-k2 and e1000 to 6.0.60-k2)
      - inotify 0.24
      - Set the pwc driver to use non compressed mode by default.
    o Samir Bellabes <>
      - Add MD40_rt2500_local_bh_enable_fix.patch
      - Add DN33_netfilter_IFWLOG.patch (Interactive Firewall)
    o Flavio Bruno Leitner <>
      - use mkinitrd without -C to force cramfs, let mkinitrd decide it.
      - add requires to module-init-tools instead of old modutils.
      - added XEN support
    o Gwenole Beauchesne <>
      - resurrect legacy megaraid for { 0x9010, 0x9060, 0x1960 } (Pascal)
* Wed Jul 27 2005 Flavio Bruno Leitner <> 2.6.12-8mdk
  o Flavio Bruno Leitner <>
      - reverted latest standard wireless extensions update to v18
        (v19 isn't compatible with previous and/or maybe incomplete)
      - disabled know broken qlogicisp. (superseded by the qla1280 driver)
    o Arnaud Patard <>
      - Removed the AC01 patch as provide it.
    o Samir Bellabes <>
      - Remove DN31_netfilter-rtsp-20040302.patch (updated in DN32_netfilter_050725.patch)
      - Add DN30_kill_lockhelp.patch (use lock directly)
      - Add DN31_kill_nf_debug.patch (don't use NETFILTER_DEBUG anymore)
      - Add DN32_netfilter_050725.patch (details in svn log)
    o Gwenole Beauchesne <> 
      - merge and fix drm ioctl32 compat code (x86_64)
* Fri Jul 08 2005 Flavio Bruno Leitner <> 2.6.12-7mdk
  o Flavio Bruno Leitner <>
      - WARNING: removed patch to rename kernel modules 
        (Closes ticket #13428)
      - updated standard wireless extensions to v19
        (DN55_iw_we18-5.diff, DN56_iw262_we19-9.diff)
      - added support for Avermedia AVerTV GO 007 FM
      - fix TPM to use BIOS instead of hardcoded memory address.
    o Arnaud Patard <>
      - updated to alsa 1.0.9b
      - Removed DA54_add-to-snd-intel8x0-ac97-quirk-list.patch as it has been merged.
      - inotify update to 0.23-2.6.12-15
      - Reenabled software suspend.
      - Bluez update (to 2.6.12-mh1). It adds a better HID support in bluez
      - Fixed and enable the ppscsi driver.
* Fri Jul 08 2005 Flavio Bruno Leitner <> 2.6.12-6mdk
  o Arnaud Patard <> 
      - Add support for newer versions of wpa_supplicant
      - added fixes for ipw2[12]00 drivers
      - sk98lin v8.23.1.3
      - added USB id of the Gigabyte GN-WLBZ101
      - enabled FATX support for xbox
    o Flavio Bruno Leitner <>
      - updated orinoco to 0.15rc2. 
      - updated to
      - enabled advansys, qlogicisp, eata_pio as module
* Tue Jul 05 2005 Flavio Bruno Leitner <> 2.6.12-5mdk
  - updated to
    (added AB02_2.6.12.2.patch)
* Sat Jul 02 2005 Arnaud Patard <> 2.6.12-4mdk
  - Ensure that stallion and istallion modules return an error code instead of 0 
    when something goes wrong.
* Fri Jun 24 2005 Flįvio Bruno Leitner <> 2.6.12-3mdk
  - new kernel version:
  - rollback some of removed patches in 2.6.12-1mdk.
* Thu Jun 23 2005 Flįvio Bruno Leitner <> 2.6.12-2mdk
  - added drbd 0.7.11
* Thu Jun 23 2005 Flįvio Bruno Leitner <> 2.6.12-1mdk
  - new kernel version: 2.6.12
  - updated bootsplash: 3.1.6
  - enabled config on /proc. (/proc/config.gz)
  - enabled cpufreq conservative module.
  - removed ipmi smb support until be fixed for 2.6.12.
  - enabled new sensors modules.
  - renamed MandrakeSoft to Mandriva. (README.Mandriva too)
  - fixed/improved some descriptions.
  - don't use tarball for patches and scripts. (svn repos)
  - added new patches:
    o MD27_tivatv-agp.patch (agp_copy_info changed)
    o MD56_pci_name-renamed.patch (s/pci->slot_name/pci_name()/)
    o MD55_i2c-client-unused-id.patch (drop unused i2c_client->id)
    o MD54_3rdpart-scsi-legacy.patch (rollback some SCSI defines)
    o JX02_reparent_public.patch (XBOX needs reparent_to_init)
    o MD53_3rdpart-removed-defined-func.patch (gcc4 fix)
    o DV32_via_mach64_drm_fixes.patch (minor field moved)
    o RS13_rsbac-2.6.12.patch (RSBAC needs task_capability_lock)
  - removed already applied patches (about 55 patches)
* Tue May 31 2005 Juan Quintela <> 2.6.11-10mdk
  - disable HT by default.
  - improved xbox support (stew).
  - ext3_journal_unmap_buffer_race.
  - CAN-2005-0750_af_bluetooth.
  - CAN-2005-0400-ext2_leak.
  - CAN-2005-0749_load_elf_library_DOS.
  - CAN-2005-1263 binfmt_elf.
  - CAN-2005-1264 raw_ioctl.
  - CAN-2005-1369 sys_rw_files.
* Tue May 24 2005 Arnaud Patard <> 2.6.11-9mdk
  - Updates: 
    - Fixed ndiswrapper Makefile
  - Fixes:
    - Fix build with gcc 4.0
    - Fix return codes in do_readv_writev
* Wed Apr 27 2005 Arnaud Patard <> 2.6.11-8mdk
  - Added:
    - endian patches (Sveltjo)
    - Rename ovcam in 3rdparty to ovcam-alt (Sveltjo)
    - Add build fix for the next binutils
    - Support for sata_sil on rs480 (Gb)
  - Updated:
    - Updated to
    - Lirc 0.7.1. Also fix some broken compile options
    - ipw2X00 update. Corrected also monitor mode for ipw2100.
    - saa7134 update for dvb
    - Compile mkiss as module
    - Ndiswrapper 1.2rc1 (NX support)
    - Build saa7174hl in 3rdparty/video-rivatv
* Mon Apr 11 2005 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 2.6.11-7mdk
  - sata_sil updates to v0.9
  - disable pin1 APIC timer on RS480 based motherboards (e.g. HP DX5150)
* Tue Mar 22 2005 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 2.6.11-6mdk
  - enable Intel AGP support for x86-64 again (bk)
  - make drm a module on x86_64 for ati drivers to work without hacks
  - bring back sheep_net module for raw access to ethernet packets
  - fix build on x86_64, aka remove obsolete edid/vbe stuff partly merged
* Mon Mar 21 2005 Juan Quintela <> 2.6.11-5mdk
  - several alsa fixes (arnaud).
  - ipw2[12]00 wap fix (arnaud).
  - disable SELINUX (we use RSBAC).
  - xbox build, update spec, JX01 patch, create_configs (stew).
* Mon Mar 21 2005 Juan Quintela <> 2.6.11-4mdk
  - disable via on amd64 (for same reason does a malloc way too big).
  - really compile mach64 drm.
* Sun Mar 20 2005 Juan Quintela <> 2.6.11-3mdk
  - add patch.
  - new drm for via-unichrome & ati-match64.
  - bttv should work again (it is a bad idea to have two modules with the 
    same name :p ).
  - new Chelsio 10GB ethernet.
  - new LSI megaraid sas driver.
  - compile i686-up-4GB kernel (Dothan don't work with PAE enabled).
  - compile BOOT kernel (needed for cdrom yet).
* Thu Mar 10 2005 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 2.6.11-2mdk
  - merge with 10.2/x86_64 branch:
    * workaround build with icecream
    * fix ndiswrapper build
    * fix inotify compat32 code
    * fix drm/ioctl32 forward port to 2.6.11
  - selected fixes from bitkeeper:
    * make IRDA devices are not really ISA devices not depend on CONFIG_ISA
    * fix boot up SMP race in timer setup on i386/x86-64
* Wed Mar 09 2005 Arnaud Patard <> 2.6.11-1mdk
  * New kernel version
   * Include rtc in the kernel and no more in module.
   * Fixed the dl2k ethtool.
  - Added :
   * usbat2 driver
  - Updated :
   * Alsa 1.08 (cvs version of 20050308)
   * Ndiswrapper 1.0
   * Inotify 0.20-2 (still activated in the kernel but support
     disabled in gamin due to stability problems)
   * Bootsplash to 3.1.4-2.6.11
   * RSBAC 1.2.4
   * sk98lin 8.14
   * acx100 0.2.0-pre8 + fixes_46
   * qcusb 0.6.2
   * eagle-usb 2.2.0
   * Prevent building scsi_transport_iscsi module from the iscsi-mod
     as it's now in the kernel
  - Removed :
   * AA08_isapnp_interwave.patch as it's in the BK01
   * old patches from BK (CA01,DI09,DI10,DI11,DI12,DI13,DI14,DI15,
* Mon Feb 21 2005 Juan Quintela <> 2.6.10-3mdk
  - rsbac is compiled but not enabled by default.
* Sun Feb 20 2005 Juan Quintela <> 2.6.10-3mdk
  * Fix ata_piix support for ich6-r drives
    * Add ICH7 support
    * Add support for ICHX watchdog support
    * Adding command line option for a configurable delay before mounting
    * Add support for ULi M5288
  - Updated :
    * sk98lin
    * inotify to 0.18-rml-2.6.10-16
    * dxr3
    * ivtv to 0.2.0-rc3f
    * ipw2100 to 1.0.5
    * ipw2200 to 1.0.1
    * eagle-usb 2.1.0rc1
    * wlan-ng (prism2) 0.2.1-pre26
  - Removed hpusbscsi module
  - Renamed old radeon framebuffer driver to radeonfb_old (Sveltjo)
  - Added a missing header in the idsn driver (Sveltjo)
  - Corrected linux-mdkconfig.h
  - Removed some unusefull built-in modules in the boot kernel
  - Fixed config for the acerhk module as it builds only on X86 arch
  - Xbox support (Stew)
  - Add support for a gigabit card from USRobotic.
  - Try to use the old usb enumeration scheme before trying the new one
  - Add some keycodes for some keyboards made by Cherry
  - Added support for the Uli M5263 network card
* Wed Feb 09 2005 Juan Quintela <> 2.6.10-2mdk
  - compile kernels:
    * UP: with NX support
    * SMP: with NX support
    * i586-up-1GB, for machines that don't support PAE.
  - kernel-secure is gone, UP & SMP have rsbac as default.
  - kernel-BOOT is gone, i586 should be ok for installer
  - x86_64 compiles again.
  - drm.biarch really integrated, no more symlinks.
  - fixed lots of small problems & unused patches.
  - create_configs & update_configs work again as expected.
* Mon Jan 10 2005 Arnaud Patard <> 2.6.10-1mdk
  - New upstream version
  - Updated alsa with alsa CVS and added drivers from the multimedia kernels
  - Updated 3rdparty : 
    * hostap
    * ipw2200
    * fuse
    * ipmi_smb and af_ipmi
    * dazuko
    * iscsi to with a patch to rename strdup present in iscsi-session.c
      to iscsi_strdup
    * opengfs with version from 
    exported symbol (sock_getsockopt)
  - Added zd1201 driver
  - Added inotify
  - Dropped MD34_iteraid and DI03_add-support-for-it8212-ide-controllers.patch in favour
    of Alan Cox's version
  - Added delkin_cb driver from Alan Cox
  - Added some functions that were suppressed from i2c-core as they were not used in 
    vanilla kernel
  - Removed all MOD_INC_USE_COUNT and MOD_DEC_USE_COUNT as now it has been 
  - Added some missing linux/version.h in alsa drivers in 3rdparty
  - Fixed some broken {Kconfig,Makefile} in 3rdparty
  - Added a warning when trying to do some scsi command not permitted
  - Removed some call to usb_unlink_urb in eagle-usb
* Tue Dec 21 2004 Arnaud Patard <> 2.6.9-1mdk
  - Updated 3rdparty/
  - Removed merged upstream patches
  - Added Ralink drivers
  - Updated libata (ahci support added)
* Mon Nov 08 2004 Juan Quintela <>
  - fix unitialized skbuf with tso cards.
  - CAN-2004-0814 tty_fixes.
  - merge again with cooker kernel.
  - remove build_acpi (always acpi now).
  - fix bug #11262 (alsa mixer oops) (samir).
  - Updated ipw2200 (Arnaud).
  - Fix Kconfig for qlogic drives (Arnaud).
  - Updated libata with fixes from 2.6.10-rc1 to correct cd-rom drives
    detection (arnaud).
  - Added a patch to correct multipath problems with qla driver (Arnaud).
* Wed Nov 03 2004 Gwenole Beauchesne <>
  - revert TARGET_CPUS change on x86_64
  - config updates to x86_64:
    * enable Intel CPU microcode support
    * enable AMD 8111 (new PCI lance) support
    * change enhanced real time clock support to be built-in kernel image
    * enable JFS filesystem support
    * enable Intersil Prism GT/Duette/Indigo PCI/Cardbus support
* Fri Oct 29 2004 Gwenole Beauchesne <>
  - add x86_64 rsbac syscalls
  - temporarily re-enable IOAPIC workaround on x86_64/VIA
  - selected fixes from kernels up to 2.6.10-rc1:
    * try to recover from bugous USB string descriptors (e.g. Freebox USB)
    * fix off-by-one error in TSS limit on x86_64
    * new megaraid v2.20.3.1 driver
    * add Seagate ST3120026AS to SATA SIL mod15 quirks
* Sun Oct 24 2004 Gwenole Beauchesne <>
  - selected fixes from 2.6.9:
    * fix pointer dereference before NULL check in ACPI thermal driver
    * change TARGET_CPUS on x86_64 to match x86 mach-default
    * fix the Lindenhurst MSI fix on x86-64 to compile again
    * swsuspend fixes to x86_64
    * fix cardbus card memory assignment on x86_64
* Sat Oct 23 2004 Gwenole Beauchesne <>
  - re-enable KALLSYMS on x86_64
  - merge x86_64 cpufreq configs with i386
  - 64-bit fixes to acpi/processor module (2.6.9)
  - keep acpi/processor module loaded for powernow-k8 (SuSE)
* Tue Oct 12 2004 Gwenole Beauchesne <>
  - remove devfs automount config
  - revert 82801EB ICH5 IDE changes
* Fri Oct 08 2004 Gwenole Beauchesne <>
  - enable ACPI and Centrino speedstep for Nocona systems
  - selected x86-64 fixes from 2.6.9rc3 tree:
    * don't panic when io apic id cannot be set
* Fri Oct 08 2004 Gwenole Beauchesne <>
  - fix speedtouch support on 64-bit platforms
  - selected x86-64 fixes from 2.6.9rc3 tree:
    * add support for NUMA discovery on AMD dual core to x86-64
    * fix sibling map for clustered mode
    * report PNI support in recent AMD CPUs
* Thu Oct 07 2004 Gwenole Beauchesne <>
  - fix build of ipc32 compat on x86_64
  - fix sata_nv on non-CK8-04 systems (Andrew Chew)
* Fri Oct 01 2004 Juan Quintela <>
  - Fix Oops on sched_api (fix bug #11322)>
  - create i686-up-64GB kernel, idea is having PAE kernels for up & smp 
    (only way to have NX protection).
* Tue Sep 28 2004 Nicolas Planel <>
  - cpufreq update.
  - cpuid update.
  - tcp_default_win_scale fix. 
  - fix rsbac printk.
  - ipw2200 0.8.
  - msdos/vfat sync.
* Wed Sep 08 2004 Nicolas Planel <>
  - bootsplash 3.1.6.
  - fix bootsplash vt0 display.
  - ipw2100 0.54.
  - ipw2200 0.7.
* Wed Sep 08 2004 Gwenole Beauchesne <>
  - x86_64 2.6.8-1
* Sat Sep 04 2004 Nicolas Planel <>
  - remember install use ext2.gz initrd image file.
  - don't obsoletes kernel-source-2.6.
* Sat Sep 04 2004 Nicolas Planel <>
  - drop 8139too rx fifo.
  - eagle-usb 1.9.9.
  - lastest scsi ioctl.
* Sat Sep 04 2004 Juan Quintela <>
  - fix right Provides/Obsolets for kernel-source*.
  - remove dir /usr/src/linux.
  - really, really use cramfs for initrd.
  - big config clean-up.
  - acpi floppy code removal (Oops should have gone).
  - orinoco update to 2.4.9-rc1.
* Sat Aug 28 2004 Nicolas Planel <>
  - drop atkbd interrupt interaction.
  - drop nfs, knfsd patch suites.
* Fri Aug 27 2004 Nicolas Planel <>
  - more info on new kernels :
    o BOOT (i586 up 1GB optimize for size)
    o up (i586 up 4GB + selinux)
    o smp (i686 smp 4GB + selinux)
    o enterprise (i686 smp 64GB + selinux)
    o secure (i686 smp 64GB + selinux + rsbac)
    o i586-up-1GB (legacy kernel + selinux)
  - selinux=0 as default.
  - rename s/kernel-source/kernel-source-2.6/ provide kernel-source
  	 s/kernel-source-stripped/kernel-source-stripped-2.6/ provide kernel-source-2.6 kernel-source
  - acpi 20040715.
  - ipmi v3.2 af_ipmi, smb.
  - really do cramfs as static in kernel.
  - cpufreq, software suspend, drm, libata updates
  - add agpgart i915 support.
  - usb updates.
  - don't detect wacom tablet as mouse (flepied).
  - lots of mm selected patches like:
    o it8212 support.
    o aio/bio updates.
    o ext2/ext3/jffs fixes.
    o software suspend fixes.
    o selinux fixes.
    o i810 audio fixes.
    o cd/dvd packet writing updates.
    o posix locking fix.
    o cciss/i2o updates.
    o via-rhine fixes.
    o nfsd fixes.
* Fri Aug 27 2004 Juan Quintela <>
  - used cramfs for initrd instead of ext2.
  - weigth reduction program begins.
    * unset PCI_NAMES
    * unset IMSTTT
    * unset all elan options (kernel will not work anywhere).
    * unset IKCONFIG (you have the config file in /boot and in all mandrake 
    * unset EISA.
    * NFS is now a module again (magic in mkinitrd will fix it in next release).
    * now we have:
        - kernel i586 up 1GB (for old machines)
        - kernel up (i686 up 4GB)
        - kernel smp (i686 smp 4GB)
        - kernel p3 smp 64GB
        - kernel secure (i586 smp 4GB)
        - kernel BOOT (i386 up 1GB)
    * plan is remove also BOOT (if weight reduction program has enough success)
      and secure (if options can be integrated without too much fuss in the 
* Thu Aug 19 2004 Olivier Blin <>
  - update bootsplash patch (from
* Tue Aug 17 2004 Nicolas Planel <>
  - alsa 1.0.6.
* Fri Aug 13 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.8-0.rc4.1mdk
  - rc4 bk3.
* Thu Jul 22 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.8-0.rc2.2mdk
  - fix double EXTRAVERSION in Makefile (introduce by rsbac patch vs specfile)
  - add tc1100-wmi/wacom_acpi driver for HP/Compaq TC1100 tabletpc. (aacton)
  - add ntfs support in BOOT kernel.
  - next is from mm patchset.
  - lastest agpgart.
  - cpufreq for nforce2.
  - enable suspend/resuming of e1000.
  - i810_audio mmio support.
  - dvdrw/cdrw packet writing.
  - update drivers net pcmcia/wireless.
  - posix locking fix.
  - x86-64 support singlestep into 32bit syscalls
  - 3rdparty BIG update :
    o acx100-0.2.0pre8.
    o eagle-usb-1.9.8.
    o hostap-0.2.4.
    o lirc-20040406.
    o qc-usb-0.6.0.
    o dfg1394-1.3.
    o prism25-0.2.1.
    o ov511-2.28.
    o iscsi-mod-4.0.1.
    o bcm5700-7.1.22.
    o at76c503a-cvs20072004.
    o ndiswrapper-0.8.
    o acecad-3.1.
    o squashfs_2.0.
    o ivtv-cvs21072004.
    o rivatv-0.8.5.
    o sn9c102-1.02_beta. (w9968cf alternative)
    o fuse-1.3.
    o iteraid-092005-09.
    o shfs-0.35.
    o ipw2100-0.50.
    o ipw2200-0.2.
* Mon Jul 19 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.8-0.rc2.1mdk
  - rc2.
  - really enable codepage 437 in BOOT kernel.
  - add rsbac security patch in secure kernel.
  - modules.description fix (blino).
  - no more modversioning module.
  - lufs 0.9.7.
  - BadRam.
* Sat Jul 17 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.8-0.rc1.2mdk
  - dazuko 2.0.2.
  - codepage 437 module in BOOT kernel.
  - kexec is back.
* Tue Jul 13 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.8-0.rc1.1mdk
  - 2.6.8-rc1.
  - bootsplash is back.
  - ak series amd64 patchsets (gb).
  - piix is back as static.
  - ide-generic as module.
* Tue Jun 22 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.7-2mdk
  - bluetooth mh1.
  - mppe mppc 1.0. (florin request)
* Fri Jun 18 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.7-1mdk
  - 2.6.7.
* Tue Jun 15 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.7-0.rc3.1mdk
  - rc3.
  - bk5.
  - kdb 4.4 (i386 ia64 x86_64).
  - drop bootsplash for the moment.
  - disable pata piix driver, enable generic ide, enable PATA ATAPI in libata.
* Thu Jun 03 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.7-0.rc2.1mdk
  - rc2.
  - bk3.
* Wed May 26 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.7-0.rc1.1mdk
  - rc1.
  - bootsplash 3.1.5 20040318.
  - netfilter (CLASSIFY CONNMARK IPMARK TARPIT addrtype condition connbytes
    h323-conntrack-nat owner-socketlookup pptp-conntrack-nat connlimit
    dstlimit iprange mport nth osf quota random time rtsp-conntrack)
* Thu May 20 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.6-3mdk
  - bk6.
  - kexec (do reboot,shutdown -r obselete ;)).
  - ramdisk BIG fixes.
  - quirks disable usb smm bios only on X86 (svetljo).
  - drop kdb.
* Sat May 15 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.6-2mdk
  - raid locking fix.
  - r8169 266-mm2 updates.
  - nfs long symlinks fix.
  - atkbd_interrupt-interaction.
  - input tsdev fixes.
  - scancode keycode conversion for 265 fix.
  - unplug can sleep.
  - sata speedup.
  - logitech keyboard fix.
  - shm do munmap check.
  - set_page_dirty nobuffers race fix.
  - revert i8042 interrupt handling.
  - fealnx fixes.
  - kgdb support.
  - acpi procfs fix.
  - shfs 0.33.
  - isdn devfs support.
* Tue May 11 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.6-1mdk
  - 2.6.6.
  - DI01 is back, not merged in upstream 
    (ide generic no via8237 sata basic support)
* Sat May 08 2004 Thomas Backlund <> 2.6.6-0.rc3.1mdk
  - 2.6.6-rc3
  - rediffed CK01-5
  - drop DI01, ZY60 (merged upstream)
  - drop MC06 (3rdparty prism54, merged upstream)
  - add DV35: add missing errno to tda1004x
  - update configs (new stuff in rc3):
* Sat Apr 24 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.6-0.rc2.1mdk
  - 2.6.6-rc2.
  - lirc devfs remove fix.
  - ia64 support.
  - eagle-usb 1.9.6.
* Tue Apr 20 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.3-10mdk
  - acpi cardbus pci routing fix.
  - yenta irq routing fix for TI chipset.
  - oss cmpci driver update to 6.64. 
  - BIG isdn update.
  - set max symlink to 10.
  - gzloop (pixel).
  - changeloop (pixel).
  - vfat nobadchars option.
  - supermount no warning when busy.
  - sk98lin buggy vpd workaround. (bad eeprom on ASUS K8V)
  - psmouse usb quirks fix (svetljo).
  - CAN-2004-0003 r128.
  - CAN-2004-0075 vicam.
  - CAN-2004-0109 isofs fix.
  - CAN-2004-0177 ext3.
* Sat Apr 17 2004 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 2.6.3-9mdk
  - Merge from AMD64 branch:
    * smaller -BOOT kernel
    * really add /proc/BOOT/{vbe,edid} interfaces
    * update K8 PowerNow!
    * update AMD64 subsystem to selected bits from 2.6.5rc2-1 patchkit
    * workaround VIA IOMMU problems
    * assorted libata fixes (SuSE)
    * enable mga drm & fix 32-bit drm thunks
    * support ITE it8212 RAID chip (Svetljo)
    * update libata core to 2004/03/09 (libata 1.01, sata_promise 0.91)
* Sat Apr 03 2004 Stew Benedict <> 2.6.3-8mdk
  - CAN-2004-0109 isofs rockridge issue (ZY58)
  - CAN-2004-0133 xfs filesystem issue (ZY59)
  - CAN-2004-0177 ext3/jbd filesystem issue (ZY60)
  - CAN-2004-0178 sb_audio issue (ZY61)
  - CAN-2004-0181 jfs filesystem issue (ZY62)
* Wed Mar 17 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.3-7mdk
  - revert xfs updates
  - x86_64 really disable IO-APIC on NVIDIA boards (gb)
  - usblp updates.
  - sys_alarm return value fix.
  - edd get legacy parameters.
  - fbcon switch fix.
  - ide-scsi error handling fixes.
  - tun name fix.
  - ehci use dma mapping.
  - scsi alignment fix.
* Tue Mar 09 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.3-6mdk
  - at76c503a 0.12 Beta8 with MSI6978 Wlan PC2PC support.
  - lsb loop test must be work now.
  - d_alloc_root, vma corruption, ramdisk memleak fixes.
  - ext2/3 no space left fix.
  - ICH6 update/fix ID.
  - pdc202xx_old updates.
  - loop setup race fix.
  - pcnet32 transmit hang fix.
  - e1000
  - AMD 768MPX bootmem fix.
  - floppy oops fix.
  - i2o bugfixes.
  - netfilter ip-route forget proto fix.
  - cryptoloop support in BOOT kernel (pixel request).
  - from tmb kernel:
    * remove qla2xxx from 3rdparty as it's already in main
    * add support for mppe (svtljo)
    * pwc 9.0 Beta1.
* Thu Mar 04 2004 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 2.6.3-5mdk
  - add 32-bit DRM thunks for AMD64 (Egbert Eich).
  - update AMD64 bits to 2.6.3-2 patchkit for ia32e support.
* Mon Mar 01 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.3-4mdk
  - netfilter rtsp.
  - dcache security fix.
  - usb released wait on deregister bus.
  - usb-storage update.
  - ICH6 piix/libata support.
  - aacraid update.
  - sk98lin update.
  - mtp fusion update to 3.00.03.
  - ext3 fix access POSIX compiliant.
  - pm runtime deadlock fix.
* Tue Feb 24 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.3-3mdk
  - sg direct io allowed as default.
  - bdclaim security oops fix.
  - blacklist Compaq ProLiant DL360 (acpi=off).
  - ipmi v30 (erwan request).
* Mon Feb 23 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.3-2mdk
  - bootsplash working now.
  - bootsplash compil depend fix (chmou).
  - no more ide cdrom use ide-scsi.
  - fix libata pci quirks (remove 0x24d1).
  - parport updates.
  - enable ATM in BOOT kernel (tv request).
* Fri Feb 20 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.3-1mdk
  - acpi 20040211.
  - nforce chipset must be working now.
  - lirc create good /dev/lirc/0 now.
  - alsa ac97, intel8x0, via82xx updates.
  - remove udev requires.
* Thu Feb 12 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.2-3mdk
  - ata_piix doesn't probe 8086:24d1 anymore for the moment.
  - remove nforce bad patch.
* Wed Feb 11 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.2-2mdk
  - acpi updates 20040211
  - usb updates 20040211
  - pnpbios=off as default.
  - smb3 uid/gid permisions security fix.
  - nforce irq setup fix.
  - md update from mm.
  - remove airo_mpi and mpi350, merged in airo module kernel.
  - parallel port SCSI adapter (ppSCSI) support.
  - prism54 20040210.
  - hostap 0.1.3.
  - at76c503 0.12Beta4.
* Thu Feb 05 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.2-1mdk
  - 2.6.2 enjoy ;)
  - qla2xxx updates.
  - acx100 0.2.0pre7.
  - alsa 1.0.2c.
  - bttv, saa7134, cx88 updates.
  - logitech wheel mouse must be work now.
  - usb, input bk updates.
  - alsa usx2y nforce3 pdplus PDAudio echoaudio drivers (tmb).
* Mon Feb 02 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.2-0.rc3.1mdk
  - 2.6.2-rc3
  - pnp updates.
  - aureal sound cards support. (tmb)
  - nForce2 apic fixies. (tmb)
  - reeanble lirc. (not lirc_mceusb)
* Fri Jan 30 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.2-0.rc2.2mdk
  - amd64 support (gb)
  - new wireless drivers : poldhu, mpi350
  - drm updates
  - reiserfs in non-debug mode
* Mon Jan 26 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.2-0.rc2.1mdk
  - 2.6.2-rc2.
  - acpi 20040116.
  - somes mm3 patches.
  - alsa 1.0.2 (true verison)
  - 80x25 mode selected if vesa mode is bad.
  - usb gadget updates from David Brownell.
  - dmi updates, pnpbios broken on Intel D865GBF and ASUS A7V8X.
  - s/adiusbadsl/eagle-usb/ (new version)
  - no module rename (s/[-,]/_/) pixel is a happiest man now ;)
  - sync 3rd modules from tmb kernel.
* Wed Jan 21 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.2-0.rc1.1mdk
  - 2.6.2. rc1
  - agpgart as module now.
  - remove drm cvs updates.
* Fri Jan 16 2004 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.1-1mdk
  - 2.6.1. bk4
  - force inline memcmp when use Os (gb)
  - slim BOOT kernel.
  - forcedeth v20.
  - ndis wrapper 0.4.
  - alsa 1.0.1.
  - acpi 20031203.
  - raid6 20040107.
  - drm 20040108.
  - nfs/nfsd updates.
* Thu Dec 18 2003 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.0-1mdk
  - 2.6.0 final version ;)
  - ndis wrapper 0.3.
  - fix uss725.
* Wed Dec 17 2003 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.0-0.5mdk
  - bk13.
  - acecad 1.3.
  - uss725.
  - bttv videodev i2c videobuf updates 20031216.
  - dvb timeout fix.
  - mod_marvel (Kevin O'Connor).
  - matrox_fb fixes (Kevin O'Connor).
  - forcedeth v19.
  - kdb build fix.
  - add siimage 3114 support.
  - prism25 0.2.1-pre16.
  - qc-usb cvs20031216.
* Fri Dec 12 2003 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.0-0.4mdk
  - bk8.
  - add vt|ar5k wireless chipset support.
  - dos partition table consistency.
  - warly touch boot logo ;)
  - ndis wrapper 0.2. (only for up kernel)
  - alsa 1.0.0rc2.
  - agpgart and mousedev as built-in.
* Thu Dec 04 2003 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.0-0.3mdk
  - bk1:
    * ide-scsi.c uninitialized variable
    * x86 kernel page fault error codes
    * lost wakeups problem
    * missing initialization of /proc/net/tcp seq_file
  - rework merge version.h (now all kernel have UTS_RELEASE defined)
  - 2.6.0-test11q2 :
    * libata update
    * pwc 8.12
    * prism54 cvs20031203
    * alsa 1.0.0rc1
* Fri Nov 28 2003 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.0-0.2mdk
  - re-support on the fly module building (great for properitary packages)
  - 2.6.0-test11q2 :
    * lots of mm patches
    * import somes 3rdparty and patches : (svetoslav)
      * lirc
      * at76c503a
      * bcm5700
      * dfg1394
      * dxr3
      * iscsi-mod
      * lufs
      * ov511
      * prism25
      * prism54
      * qc-usb
* Mon Nov 24 2003 Nicolas Planel <> 2.6.0-0.1mdk
  - First version to move on kernel-2.6.0. (aka: ready for a new age).
  - 2.6.0-test10q1 :
    * only i386 config for the moment
    * bootsplash 3.1.3
    * mdk logo
    * forcedeth v18
    * adiusbadsl 1.0.4 (untested)
    * acx100 0.2.0pre6
    * hostap 0.1.2


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