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drakx-installer-binaries-debuginfo-2.0-1 RPM for x86_64

From Mandriva devel cooker for x86_64 / media / debug_main / release

Name: drakx-installer-binaries-debuginfo Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: 2.0 Vendor: Mandriva
Release: 1 Build date: Sat Nov 3 23:26:15 2012
Group: Development/Debug Build host:
Size: 1204780 Source RPM: drakx-installer-binaries-2.0-1.src.rpm
Packager: Per Øyvind Karlsen <>
Summary: Debug information for package drakx-installer-binaries
This package provides debug information for package drakx-installer-binaries.
Debug information is useful when developing applications that use this
package or when debugging this package.






* Sat Nov 03 2012 Per ?yvind Karlsen <> 2.0-1
  + Revision: 821827
  - new version:
    	o compile implementation of /sbin/consoletype into stage1 binary
    	o switch to C++
    	o do reboot using 'reboot' from busybox rather than manually go
    	  through the process ourself
    	o fix 'Go to console' to actually spawn a shell rather than just
    	  exiting rescue-gui
    	o disable SPAWN_SHELL, there's no need for this crippled shell when we
    	  now have a lot more complete shell provided by busybox available
    	o as we no longer load rescue mode from a separate squashfs image,
    	  don't try prepare for fetching it from any specific media
    	o don't try mount squashfs image for stage2 installer
    	o dynamically link binary rather than statically
    	o add firmware loader written in C (based on hotplug2) (mga#6323)
    	o retry with FTP instead of HTTP when there's no proxy and user didn't
    	  provided the architecture in the URL
    	o fix URL passed to stage2 when user didn't provide the arch in the
    	  install path (mga#6823)
    	o fix drvinst to only compare the length of drivertype, so ie. comparing
    	  'STORAGE' against 'STORAGE_IDE' is true again
    	o load module descriptions directly from modules rather than
    	  distributing them in pregenerated 'modules.description' file
    	o update to kmod 10
    	o compile serial_probe source directly into stage1 binary
* Mon Sep 10 2012 Per ?yvind Karlsen <> 1.60-1
  + Revision: 816723
  - new version:
    	o compile libkmod, libpci & libsysfs sources directly into binary rather
    	 than linking in objects from static libraries
    	o use kmod for module loading everywhere
  - merge probe-modules package as it's now only a hardlink of same binary as the
* Wed Sep 05 2012 Per ?yvind Karlsen <> 1.59-1
  + Revision: 816383
  - new version:
    	o move back newt & slang to our own tree to be able to compile with
    	o move tree from mdk-stage1 to images dir
    	o use more regular paths for various configuration files etc.
    	  created/needed bythe installer
    	o beef up init script process inspired by SysV
    	o just compile all of ldetect's source directly into the stage1 binary
    	  rather than linking it through a static library
    	o compile and link 'drvinst' & lspcidrake directly into stage1 binary in
    	  order to save space and make it available from earlier on
    	o don't write directly to /dev/tty3, inittab takes care of this now
    	o log any errors from init scripts to /var/log/stage1.log
    	o removal of stage1 files conflicting with files from stage2 is now
    	  automatically handled by init scripts
    	o fix a bug in selection of http install where going back during
    	  configuration would invoke ftp install option rather than http
    	o move stage1.log from /tmp to /var/log/stage1.log
    	o log syslog & klog to /var/log/messages
    	o handle moving to new root etc. through inittab
    	o add a 'nettest' option for automatically selecting (my) personal
    	  options for loading stage 2 installer
    	o migrate to using 'init' implementation from busybox rather than our
    	o properly grab controlling tty for child processes forked from init
    	o add support for virtio discs
    	o fix glibc build
    	o "move" mount points from stage 1 to stage 2 overlayfs root
* Fri Aug 10 2012 Per ?yvind Karlsen <> 1.57-1
  + Revision: 813863
  - new version:
    	o merge 'init' into the 'stage1' binary
    	o do all mounting in stage 1
    	o fix mounting overlayfs for stage 2 otherwise than just rescue mode
* Sat Aug 04 2012 Per ?yvind Karlsen <> 1.56-1
  + Revision: 811700
  - new version:
    	o merge dhcp-client, probe-modules, rescue-gui & stage1 into just one
    	o use overlayfs for new root rather than symlinks
    	o mount /dev as devtmpfs
    	o fix remaining aliasing violations for dietlibc build
    	o fix building of init.c against dietlibc
    	o compile everything with -fwhole-program by default
* Thu Jun 07 2012 Per ?yvind Karlsen <> 1.55-1
  + Revision: 803194
  - fix unitialized memory screwing up dialog input
* Thu Jun 07 2012 Per ?yvind Karlsen <> 1.54-1
  + Revision: 803139
  - add NEWS as %%doc
  - use %%makeinstall_std
  - build with %%optflags & %%ldflags
  - new version:
    	o drop some dead code
    	o comment out code operating on an uninitialized sockaddr
    	o get rid of unused variables
    	o fix aliasing violations
    	o fix bogus sizeof(int) == sizeof(int32_t) assumptions
    	o take out -fno-strict-aliasing
    	o revert to "linux" terminfo
    	o make sure ncurses get initialized in UTF-8 (mga#4894)
    	o fix 'format not a string literal and no format arguments'
    	o add install with DESTDIR support
    	o install under /usr/lib(64)/drakx-installer
    	o don't strip binaries in Makefile, leave it to rpm to do
    	o hide "KA server" option (mga#5944)
    	o support dynamic uClibc build
    	o first attempt at supporting XenBlk discs
    	o switch from gethostbyname() to getaddrinfo() (mga#4056)
    	o switch from gethostbyaddr() to getnameinfo()
* Thu May 24 2012 Per ?yvind Karlsen <> 1.53-1
  + Revision: 800440
  - new version:
    	o try mounting as btrfs
    	o load btrfs module to mount btrfs
    	o default to "screen" instead of "linux" terminfo (mga#4894)
    	o do not try to load obsolete sqlzma & squashfs_lzma kernel modules
    	o fix segfaulting when ISO directory is not valid (mga#4592)
    	o recognize c67x00, imx21-hcd, fhci, isp1362-hcd, oxu210hp-hcd &
    	  renesas-usbhs USB host drivers (mga#4905)
* Thu May 24 2012 Per ?yvind Karlsen <> 1.52-1
  + Revision: 800360
  - new version:
    	o build against uClibc by default
    	o fix parallel build
    	o clean up Makefile
    	o support xz & gz compressed kernel modules in addition to uncompressed
    	o add support for doing a dynamically linked build
    	o build against system libraries of libsysfs, slang & newt
    	o add support for building with uClibc
    	o fix building with newer dietlibc/zlib
    	o (handle_pcmcia) kill obsolete test for 2.2 kernel (tv)
    	o try to use arch-prefixed location for FTP & HTTP installs (mga#2578)
    	o add support for kernel compressed as XZ
    	o link with libkmod instead of libmodprobe
    	o kill 10 years old snapshot of pppd & pppoe
    	o (now using upstream pppd & pppoe)
    	o display distro name in mirror list too (mga#191)
    	o sync with kernel-3.1.0
    	  * add hid devices:
    	        hid-keytouch, hid-uclogic
    	  * add sas/raid driver:
    	  * add sound devices:
    	        snd-lola, snd-firewire-speakers snd-isight, snd-usb-6fire
    	  * add usb/storage:
    	        ums-eneub6250, ums-realtek
    	  * add wireless drivers:
    	        brcmsmac, rtl8187se, rtusb, rtl8192se, rtl8192cu, rtl8192de
    	o add ums-* (USB mass storage) modules in disk/usb category
  - drop unnecessary patch to disable -Werror
  - add version to license
  - cleanups
* Wed Dec 07 2011 Antoine Ginies <> 1.51-2
  + Revision: 738537
  - fix missing declaration and headers
  - arm/mips support (from MGA)
  - (pcmcia_probe) do not attempt to perform ISA probe for PCMCIA controller on
    x86_64 as it fails with kvm_amd (#1156) (from MGA)
  - (pci_probe) add vendor name for 0x1217 (from MGA)
  - (pci_probe) all "O2 Micro" devices are know managed by yenta_socket (from MGA)
  - "i82365" driver was renamed "pd6729" (from MGA)
  - update yenta_socket ID list from kernel, thus handling more PCMCIA controllers (from MGA)
  - sort pci_id table (from MGA)
  - fix time argument type (upstream commit 8d07ad78c8a32b9c89bfcea25d775e8440fd4172 on pppd/session.c) (from MGA)
  - try to handle built-in modules (from MGA)
  - Don't depend on /sbin/init for now
  - Since we switched to systemd and we don't want to include its whole
    deps, we choose the fast path and remove the use of init entirely
    since it's not really used.
  - ide_cd_mod doesnt exist anymore
  - kernel doesnt provides compressed module now
* Thu Apr 28 2011 Antoine Ginies <> 1.50-1
  + Revision: 660026
  - restore ppp and ppoe disable by error
  - update stage1 color
* Tue Apr 26 2011 Antoine Ginies <> 1.48-3
  + Revision: 659367
  - remove those old colors...
  - bump release
  - latest tarball
  - fix newt build problem
* Wed Oct 13 2010 Thierry Vignaud <> 1.47-1mdv2011.0
  + Revision: 585504
  - Patch0 : temporary disable -Werror in order to fix build
  - 2011.0 build
* Fri May 21 2010 Pascal Terjan <> 1.46-2mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 545631
  - rebuild with fixed dietlibc
* Thu May 13 2010 Pascal Terjan <> 1.46-1mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 544673
  - create device listed in /proc/partitions with correct major/minor (#57032)
* Tue Mar 30 2010 Pascal Terjan <> 1.45-1mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 529931
  - do not list /dev/fd0 when no floppy is found (#58390)
* Wed Mar 17 2010 Thierry Vignaud <> 1.44-1mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 523761
  - BR pciutils-devel with diet library
  - rebuild with latest (might fix #57833)
  - 1.43 aka automatically bump version (#57466)
  - rebuild (might fix #57466)
    + Oden Eriksson <>
      - rebuilt for 2010.1



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