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xawtv-common-3.95-6mdv2008.0 RPM for ppc

From Mandriva devel cooker for ppc / media / main / release

Name: xawtv-common Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: 3.95 Vendor: Mandriva
Release: 6mdv2008.0 Build date: Tue Jun 19 20:00:04 2007
Group: Video Build host: kalinda.cjw.nep
Size: 675233 Source RPM: xawtv-3.95-6mdv2008.0.src.rpm
Packager: Mandriva Linux Team <>
Summary: Common files for fbtv/motv/ttv/xawtv
These're common files for fbtv, motv, ttv and xawtv.
 * scantv: small text program that look for tv channels
 * streamer - capture tool (images / movies)






* Sat Jun 16 2007 Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <> 3.95-6mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 39994
  - No need anymore for xscreensaver-common BuildRequires workaround, now
    x11-server-common owns /etc/X11 and /etc/X11/app-defaults directories,
    so changing BuildRequires to it.
* Fri Jun 15 2007 Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <> 3.95-5mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 39470
  - In reality we need that the /etc/X11/app-defaults directory exists on
    the system too, so changing BuildRequires workaround of previous
    change from x11-server-xorg to xscreensaver-common.
  - Added BuildRequires for x11-server-xorg, because we need some package
    that creates /etc/X11 directory (in this case I chose x11-server-xorg
    because we don't have a package that owns /etc/X11) as BuildRequires,
    otherwise xawtv configure doesn't find it and sets it to
    /usr/X11R6/lib/X11, making build fail.
  - Rebuild with libslang2.
  - Import xawtv
* Thu Sep 21 2006 Thierry Vignaud <> 3.95-4mdv2007.0
  - rebuild for new ncurses
* Sat Aug 19 2006 Christiaan Welvaart <> 3.95-3
  - add BuildRequires: libfs-devel libxinerama-devel libxv-devel
                       libxxf86dga-devel libxrandr-devel libdv-devel
* Wed Aug 16 2006 Christiaan Welvaart <> 3.95-2
  - rebuild for fixed libxaw soname
* Tue Aug 01 2006 Jerome Soyer <> 3.95-1mdv2007.0
  Cris B <crisb AT beebgames DOT com> 3.95-1
  - New version
  - Patch for Xorg7.1 lib location
  - Disable quicktime (no longer builds)
  - Spec update (drop unused xaw3d flag, hard coded requires, XFree stuff)
* Sun Jan 01 2006 Mandriva Linux Team <> 3.94-4mdk
  - Rebuild
* Mon Aug 01 2005 Guillaume Bedot <> 3.94-3mdk
  - fix table sizes in Patch10 (thanks to Gwenole Beauschene)
  - url fix
  - use mkrel
* Mon Aug 01 2005 Guillaume Bedot <> 3.94-2mdk
  - rebuild
  - Patch10: allows to build with gcc4
  - Patch20: fixes libquicktime headers
* Fri Nov 12 2004 Per √ėyvind Karlsen <> 3.94-1mdk
  - 3.94
  - cosmetics
* Sat Sep 11 2004 Frederic Lepied <> 3.93-3mdk
  - fix device name use with dynamic entries
* Sat Jul 24 2004 Marcel Pol <> 3.93-2mdk
  - build against new slang



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