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mgetty-voice-1.1.36-1mdv2008.0 RPM for ppc

From Mandriva devel cooker for ppc / media / main / release

Name: mgetty-voice Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: 1.1.36 Vendor: Mandriva
Release: 1mdv2008.0 Build date: Tue Jun 19 13:00:53 2007
Group: Communications Build host: kalinda.cjw.nep
Size: 1316850 Source RPM: mgetty-1.1.36-1mdv2008.0.src.rpm
Packager: Mandriva Linux Team <>
Summary: A program for using your modem and mgetty as an answering machine
The mgetty-voice package contains the vgetty system, which enables
mgetty and your modem to support voice capabilities.  In simple terms,
vgetty lets your modem act as an answering machine.  How well the system
will work depends upon your modem, which may or may not be able to handle
this kind of implementation.

Install mgetty-voice along with mgetty if you'd like to try having your
modem act as an answering machine.






* Tue Jun 19 2007 Adam Williamson <> 1.1.36-1mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 40716
  - new release 1.1.36; drop patches 12 and 15 (equivalent merged upstream)
* Mon Jun 11 2007 Adam Williamson <> 1.1.35-2mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 37810
  - patch15: use giftopnm not giftoppm (bug #19936, thanks Bill Unruh)
* Tue Apr 24 2007 Olivier Blin <> 1.1.35-1mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 17368
  - update url
  - 1.1.35
  - drop includes and imakefile patches
  - rediff noroot and force_detect patches
  - add sff2g3
* Mon Jul 03 2006 Stefan van der Eijk <> 1.1.30-10
  - %mkrel
  - BuildRequires
* Sun Jan 01 2006 Mandriva Linux Team <> 1.1.30-9mdk
  - Rebuild
* Sat Dec 25 2004 Per √ėyvind Karlsen <> 1.1.30-8mdk
  - fix buildrequires
  - fix summary-ended-with-dot
  - cosmetics
* Mon Sep 27 2004 Frederic Lepied <> 1.1.30-7mdk
  - fixed conflict with netpbm



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