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RPM of Group Networking/WWW

MHonArc-2.6.18-4 A Perl mail-to-HTML converter linux/noarch
amaya-9.53-1mdv2008.0 W3C's browser/web authoring tool linux/ppc
ampache-3.5.4-3mdv2011.0 Web-based MP3/Ogg/RM/Flac/WMA/M4A manager linux/noarch
apache-gallery-1.0-0.RC2.9 A mod_perl handler to create an image gallery linux/noarch
awstats-7.0-1mdv2011.0 Advanced Web Statistics linux/noarch
bindgraph-0.2-10mdv2011.0 BindGraph gathers bind9 statistics linux/noarch
bluefish-1.0.7-1mdv2008.0 Web development studio linux/ppc
bluefish-1.0.7-1mdv2007.1 Web development studio linux/ppc
bonsai-1.3.9-0.20051228.7mdv2011.0 A query interface to the CVS source repository linux/noarch
bugzilla-4.0.1-1 A bug tracking system developed by linux/noarch
bugzilla-contrib-4.0.1-1 Additional tools for bugzilla linux/noarch
cgiirc-0.5.9-8mdv2011.0 IRC gateway linux/noarch
checklink-4.2.1-7mdv2011.0 A tools to check link on website linux/noarch
clearsilver-0.10.4-2mdv2008.0 ClearSilver HTML template system linux/ppc
cthumb-4.2-11mdv2011.0 A program to generate Web picture albums linux/noarch
dillo-0.8.6-2mdv2007.0 GTK+ based web browser linux/ppc
dokuwiki-20110525a-1 A wiki with plain text files backend linux/noarch
drupal-7.8-1 Open source content management platform linux/noarch
drupal-mysql-7.8-1 mysql storage of druapl linux/noarch
drupal-mysqli-7.4-1 mysqli storage of druapl linux/noarch
drupal-postgresql-7.8-1 postgresql storage of drupal linux/noarch
drupal-sqlite-7.8-1 sqlite storage of druapl linux/noarch
elinks-0.10.5-2mdk Lynx-like text WWW browser linux/ppc
emacs-w3m-1.4.4-8mdv2011.0 An Emacs interface to w3m, a web browser and pager linux/noarch
epiphany-2.19.6-2mdv2008.0 GNOME web browser based on the mozilla rendering engine linux/ppc
epiphany-extensions-2.19.6-1mdv2008.0 Extensions for the GNOME Web Browser, Epiphany linux/ppc
firefox-af-8.0-1 Afrikaans interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ar-8.0-1 Arabic interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ast-8.0-1 Asturian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-be-8.0-1 Belarusian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-bg-8.0-1 Bulgarian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-bn-8.0-1 Bengali interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-br-8.0-1 Breton interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-bs-8.0-1 Bosnian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ca-8.0-1 Catalan interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-cs-8.0-1 Czech interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-cy-8.0-1 Welsh interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-da-8.0-1 Dansk interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-de-8.0-1 German interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-el-8.0-1 Greek interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-en_GB-8.0-1 British English interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-eo-8.0-1 Esperanto interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-es_AR-8.0-1 Spanish (Argentina) interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-es_ES-8.0-1 Spanish interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-et-8.0-1 Estonian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-eu-8.0-1 Basque interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ext-adblock-plus-1.3.10-1 Adblocking extension for firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ext-bugzilla-tweaks-1.8-1 Bugzilla extension for firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ext-download-statusbar-0.9.8-1 Download Statusbar extension for firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ext-downthemall-2.0.3-1 DownThemAll! extension for firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ext-firebug-1.7-0.X.0b3.1 Web development tool extension for firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ext-flashgot- Flashgot extension for firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ext-greasemonkey-0.8.20100408.6-7 Greasemonkey extension for firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ext-jumpstart-0.5a5.4.3-2 New Tab JumpStart for firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ext-noscript- Firefox extension that protects against XSS and Clickjacking attacks linux/noarch
firefox-ext-scribefire- ScribeFire extension for firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ext-speed-dial- Speed dial extension for firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ext-xmarks-3.9.10-1 Xmarks Bookmark Synchronizer extension for firefox linux/noarch
firefox-fa-8.0-1 Farsi interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-fi-8.0-1 Finnish interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-fr-8.0-1 French interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-fy-8.0-1 Frisian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ga_IE-8.0-1 Irish interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-gd-8.0-1 Scottish Gaelic interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-gl-8.0-1 Galician interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-gu_IN-8.0-1 Gujarati interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-he-8.0-1 Hebrew interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-hi-8.0-1 Hindi interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-hr-8.0-1 Croatian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-hu-8.0-1 Hungarian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-hy-8.0-1 Armenian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-id-8.0-1 Indonesian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-is-8.0-1 Icelandic interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-it-8.0-1 Italian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ja-8.0-1 Japanese interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-kk-8.0-1 Kazakh interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-kn-8.0-1 Kannada interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ko-8.0-1 Korean interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ku-8.0-1 Kurdish interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-lg-8.0-1 Ganda interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-lt-8.0-1 Lithuanian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-lv-8.0-1 Latvian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-mai-8.0-1 Maithili interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-mk-8.0-1 Macedonian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ml-8.0-1 Malayalam interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-mr-8.0-1 Marathi interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-nb_NO-8.0-1 Norwegian Bokmaal interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-nl-8.0-1 Dutch interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-nn_NO-8.0-1 Norwegian Nynorsk interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-nso-8.0-1 Northern Sotho interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-or-8.0-1 Oriya interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-pa_IN-8.0-1 Punjabi (gurmukhi) interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-pl-8.0-1 Polish interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-pt_BR-8.0-1 Brazilian portuguese interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-pt_PT-8.0-1 Portuguese interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ro-8.0-1 Romanian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ru-8.0-1 Russian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-si-8.0-1 Sinhala interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-sk-8.0-1 Slovak interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-sl-8.0-1 Slovenian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-sq-8.0-1 Shqipe interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-sr-8.0-1 Serbian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-sv_SE-8.0-1 Swedish interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-ta-8.0-1 Tamil interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-te-8.0-1 Telugu interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-th-8.0-1 Thai interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-tr-8.0-1 Turkish interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-uk-8.0-1 Ukrainian interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-vi-8.0-1 Vietnamese interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-zh_CN-8.0-1 Simplified Chinese interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-zh_TW-8.0-1 Traditional Chinese interface for Firefox linux/noarch
firefox-zu-8.0-1 Zulu interface for Firefox linux/noarch
flyspray- A simple Bug tracking system linux/noarch
formmail-3.14m1-6mdv2011.0 Converts an HTML form submission to an email message linux/noarch
gallery-2.3.1-2mdv2011.0 Customizable photo gallery web site linux/noarch
gecko-mediaplayer-0.0.6-1mdv2008.0 GNOME MPlayer browser plugin linux/ppc
gnash-0.7.2-3mdv2007.1 Gnash - a GNU Flash movie player linux/ppc
gnash-firefox-plugin-0.7.2-3mdv2007.1 Gnash firefox plugin linux/ppc
gtkmathview-0.7.7-2mdv2008.0 GtkMathView is a C++ rendering engine for MathML documents linux/ppc
gurlchecker-0.10.1-1mdv2008.0 Web page link validation program linux/ppc
helixplayer-mozilla-plugin-1.0.8-1mdv2007.1 Mozilla plugin for helixplayer linux/ppc
hiawatha-4.3.2-1mdv2007.0 Hiawatha, an advanced and secure webserver for Unix linux/ppc
httpd-1.0.3-9mdv2011.0 A flexible project management web application - apache modules linux/noarch
httrack-3.40.3-1mdv2007.1 A free (libre/open source) and easy-to-use offline browser utility linux/ppc
kamikaze-0.2-10mdv2011.0 An SCM query tool similar to Mozilla's tool, Bonsai linux/noarch
kazehakase-0.4.6-1mdv2008.0 A fast and light tabbed web browser using gecko linux/ppc
khttrack-0.10-5mdv2007.1 Download a WWW site to a local directory with a Kde Gui. linux/ppc
libgnash0-0.7.2-3mdv2007.1 Gnash library linux/ppc
linkchecker-4.7-1mdv2008.0 Check HTML documents for broken links linux/ppc
links-2.1-0.pre18.14mdv2008.0 Lynx-like text WWW browser linux/ppc
links-common-2.1-0.pre18.14mdv2008.0 Lynx-like text/X11 WWW browser linux/ppc
links-graphic-2.1-0.pre18.14mdv2008.0 Lynx-like text/X11 WWW browser linux/ppc
lynx-2.8.6-2mdv2008.0 Text based browser for the world wide web linux/ppc
mason-1.450.0-2mdv2011.0 Powerful Perl-based web site development and delivery engine linux/noarch
mhonarc-2.6.16-6mdv2011.0 A Perl mail-to-HTML converter linux/noarch
mmm-0.43-3 MMM Mirror Manager linux/noarch
mmm-cgi-0.43-3 MMM cgi report linux/noarch
moblin-bookmarks-2-2mdv2011.0 Moblin bookmarks linux/noarch
moin-1.9.3-2mdv2011.0 Python clone of WikiWiki linux/noarch
mozilla-firefox- Mozilla Firefox Web Browser linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-ar- Arabic interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-bg- Bulgarian interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-cs- Czech interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-de- German interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-el- Greek interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-es_AR- Spanish (Argentina) interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-es_ES- Spanish interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-eu- Basque interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-ext-blogrovr-1.1.322-1mdv2008.0 BlogRovr extension for firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-ext-foxmarks-1.0.1-1mdv2008.0 Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer extension for firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-ext-scribefire-1.4.1-1mdv2008.0 ScribeFire extension for firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-fi- Finnish interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-fr- French interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-fy- Frisian interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-ga- Irish interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-gu_IN- Gujarati interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-he- Hebrew interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-hu- Hungarian interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-it- Italian interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-ja- Japanese interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-ko- Korean interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-mk- Macedonian interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-nb_NO- Norwegian Bokmaal interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-nl- Dutch interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-nn_NO- Norwegian Nynorsk interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-pl- Polish interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-pt_BR- Brazilian portuguese interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-pt_PT- Portuguese interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-ru- Russian interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-sk- Slovak interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-sl- Slovenian interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-sv_SE- Swedish interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-tr- Turkish interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-uk_UA- Ukrainian interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-zh_CN- Simplified Chinese interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-firefox-zh_TW- Traditional Chinese interface for Firefox linux/ppc
mozilla-plugin-opensc-0.11.2-1mdv2008.0 OpenSC Mozilla plugin linux/ppc
mozilla-sunbird-ca-0.9-5 Catalan interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-ca-0.5-2mdv2008.0 Catalan interface for Sunbird linux/ppc
mozilla-sunbird-cs-0.9-5 Czech interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-cs-0.5-2mdv2008.0 Czech interface for Sunbird linux/ppc
mozilla-sunbird-da-0.9-5 Dansk interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-da-0.5-2mdv2008.0 Dansk interface for Sunbird linux/ppc
mozilla-sunbird-de-0.9-5 German interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-de-0.5-2mdv2008.0 German interface for Sunbird linux/ppc
mozilla-sunbird-es-0.5-2mdv2008.0 Spanish interface for Sunbird linux/ppc
mozilla-sunbird-es_AR-0.9-5 Spanish (Argentina) interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-es_ES-0.9-5 Spanish interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-eu-0.9-5 Basque interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-eu-0.5-2mdv2008.0 Basque interface for Sunbird linux/ppc
mozilla-sunbird-fr-0.9-5 French interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-fr-0.5-2mdv2008.0 French interface for Sunbird linux/ppc
mozilla-sunbird-ga-0.9-5 Irish interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-ga-0.5-2mdv2008.0 Irish interface for Sunbird linux/ppc
mozilla-sunbird-hu-0.9-5 Hungarian interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-hu-0.5-2mdv2008.0 Hungarian interface for Sunbird linux/ppc
mozilla-sunbird-is-0.9-5 Icelandic interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-it-0.9-5 Italian interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-it-0.5-2mdv2008.0 Italian interface for Sunbird linux/ppc
mozilla-sunbird-ja-0.9-5 Japanese interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-ka-0.9-5 Georgian interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-ko-0.9-5 Korean interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-lt-0.9-5 Lithuanian interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-mk-0.9-5 Macedonian interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-mk-0.5-2mdv2008.0 Macedonian interface for Sunbird linux/ppc
mozilla-sunbird-mn-0.9-5 Mongolian interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-mn-0.5-2mdv2008.0 Mongolian interface for Sunbird linux/ppc
mozilla-sunbird-nb-0.5-2mdv2008.0 Norwegian interface for Sunbird linux/ppc
mozilla-sunbird-nb_NO-0.9-5 Norwegian Bokmaal interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-nl-0.9-5 Dutch interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-nl-0.5-2mdv2008.0 Dutch interface for Sunbird linux/ppc
mozilla-sunbird-nn_NO-0.9-5 Norwegian Nynorsk interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-pa-0.5-2mdv2008.0 Punjabi interface for Sunbird linux/ppc
mozilla-sunbird-pa_IN-0.9-5 Punjabi (gurmukhi) interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-pl-0.9-5 Polish interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-pl-0.5-2mdv2008.0 Polish interface for Sunbird linux/ppc
mozilla-sunbird-pt-0.5-2mdv2008.0 Portuguese interface for Sunbird linux/ppc
mozilla-sunbird-pt_BR-0.9-5 Brazilian portuguese interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-pt_PT-0.9-5 Portuguese interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-ro-0.9-5 Romanian interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-ru-0.9-5 Russian interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-ru-0.5-2mdv2008.0 Russian interface for Sunbird linux/ppc
mozilla-sunbird-sk-0.9-5 Slovak interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-sk-0.5-2mdv2008.0 Slovak interface for Sunbird linux/ppc
mozilla-sunbird-sl-0.9-5 Slovenian interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-sl-0.5-2mdv2008.0 Slovenian interface for Sunbird linux/ppc
mozilla-sunbird-sv-0.5-2mdv2008.0 Swedish interface for Sunbird linux/ppc
mozilla-sunbird-sv_SE-0.9-5 Swedish interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-tr-0.9-5 Turkish interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-uk-0.9-5 Ukrainian interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-zh_CN-0.9-5 Simplified Chinese interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-sunbird-zh_TW-0.9-5 Traditional Chinese interface for Sunbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-af-3.1.11-1 Afrikaans interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-ar-8.0-1 Arabic interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-be-3.1.11-1 Belarusian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-bg-5.0-1 Bulgarian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-bn_BD-3.1.11-1 Bengali (Bangla) interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-ca-8.0-1 Catalan interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-cs-8.0-1 Czech interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-da-8.0-1 Dansk interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-de-8.0-1 German interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-el-3.1.11-1 Greek interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-en_GB-8.0-1 British English interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-es_AR-8.0-1 Spanish (Argentina) interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-es_ES-8.0-1 Spanish interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-et-8.0-1 Estonian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-et_EE-3.1.11-1 Estonian (Magento) interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-eu-8.0-1 Basque interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-fi-8.0-1 Finnish interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-fr-8.0-1 French interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-fy-8.0-1 Frisian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-ga-8.0-1 Irish interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-gd-8.0-1 Scottish Gaelic interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-gl-8.0-1 Galician interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-he-8.0-1 Hebrew interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-hu-8.0-1 Hungarian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-id-3.1.11-1 Indonesian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-is-8.0-1 Icelandic interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-it-8.0-1 Italian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-ja-8.0-1 Japanese interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-ka-3.1.11-1 Georgian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-ko-8.0-1 Korean interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-lt-8.0-1 Lithuanian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-nb_NO-8.0-1 Norwegian Bokmaal interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-nl-8.0-1 Dutch interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-nn_NO-8.0-1 Norwegian Nynorsk interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-pa_IN-5.0-1 Punjabi (gurmukhi) interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-pl-8.0-1 Polish interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-pt_BR-8.0-1 Brazilian portuguese interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-pt_PT-8.0-1 Portuguese interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-ro-3.1.11-1 Romanian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-ru-8.0-1 Russian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-si-8.0-1 Sinhala interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-sk-8.0-1 Slovak interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-sl-8.0-1 Slovenian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-sq-8.0-1 Albanian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-sr-3.1.11-1 Serbian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-sv_SE-8.0-1 Swedish interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-tr-8.0-1 Turkish interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-uk-8.0-1 Ukrainian interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-vi-3.1.11-1 Vietnamese interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-zh_CN-3.1.11-1 Simplified Chinese interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozilla-thunderbird-zh_TW-8.0-1 Traditional Chinese interface for Thunderbird linux/noarch
mozplugger-1.8.1-1mdv2008.0 Generic mozilla plug-in linux/ppc
mplayerplugin-3.45-1mdv2008.0 A browser plugin to allow playing embedded movies on web pages linux/ppc
nagios-imagepaks-1.0-5mdv2009.1 Nagios Image Packs linux/noarch
nagios-theme-default-2.9-5mdv2008.0 Default Nagios theme linux/ppc
nagiosgraph-1.4.3-1mdv2011.0 Visualization addon for nagios linux/noarch
nagvis-1.5.9-1 Visualization addon for nagios linux/noarch
namazu-cgi-2.0.14-1mdk A CGI interface for Namazu linux/ppc
nmis-2.00-4mdv2011.0 Network Management Information System linux/noarch
nspluginwrapper- A compatibility layer for Netscape 4 plugins linux/ppc
nspluginwrapper-i386- A compatibility layer for Netscape 4 plugins linux/ppc
pyblosxom-1.4.3-3mdv2011.0 Python clone of Blosxom, a blogging system linux/noarch
python-djblets-0.6.7-1 A collection of useful classes and functions for Django linux/noarch
redmine-1.0.3-9mdv2011.0 A flexible project management web application linux/noarch
redmine-bzr-1.0.3-9mdv2011.0 A flexible project management web application - bzr backend linux/noarch
redmine-cvs-1.0.3-9mdv2011.0 A flexible project management web application - cvs backend linux/noarch
redmine-git-1.0.3-9mdv2011.0 A flexible project management web application - git backend linux/noarch
redmine-hg-1.0.3-9mdv2011.0 A flexible project management web application - mercurial backend linux/noarch
redmine-mysql-1.0.3-9mdv2011.0 A flexible project management web application - mysql connector linux/noarch
redmine-pg-1.0.3-9mdv2011.0 A flexible project management web application - pgsql connector linux/noarch
redmine-sqlite-1.0.3-9mdv2011.0 A flexible project management web application - sqlite connector linux/noarch
redmine-svn-1.0.3-9mdv2011.0 A flexible project management web application - subversion backend linux/noarch
repoview-0.6.2-2mdv2010.0 Creates a set of static HTML pages in a yum repository linux/noarch
reviewboard-1.5-1mdv2011.0 Web-based code review tool linux/noarch
rpm2html-1.9.5-2mdv2008.0 Translates rpm database into HTML and RDF info linux/ppc
rpm2html-mysql-1.9.5-2mdv2008.0 Translates rpm database into HTML and RDF info linux/ppc
scmbug-common-0.26.22-1 Scmbug common libraries linux/noarch
scmbug-doc-0.26.22-1 Scmbug documentation linux/noarch
scmbug-server-0.26.22-1 Scmbug integration server linux/noarch
scmbug-tools-0.26.22-1 Scmbug integration tools linux/noarch
seamonkey-dom-inspector-1.1.1-2mdv2008.0 A tool for inspecting the DOM of pages in SeaMonkey linux/ppc
seamonkey-js-debugger-1.1.1-2mdv2008.0 JavaScript debugger for use with SeaMonkey linux/ppc
sitescooper-3.1.2-11mdv2010.0 Convert websites for reading on a Palm linux/noarch
smokeping-2.4.2-11mdv2011.0 Network latency tracker linux/noarch
surfraw-1.0.7-10mdv2010.0 Command line interface to various web search engines linux/noarch
tcl-tcllib-1.10-6mdv2010.0 Collection of utility modules for Tcl linux/noarch
tcl-tcllib-1.9-1mdv2007.1 Tcllib is a collection of utility modules for Tcl linux/ppc
tcl-tklib-0.4.1-2mdv2007.1 Tklib is a collection of utility modules for Tk linux/ppc
tomcat-7.0.16-1 Apache Servlet/JSP Engine, RI for Servlet 3.0/JSP 2.2 API linux/noarch
tomcat-admin-webapps-7.0.16-1 The host-manager and manager web applications for Apache Tomcat linux/noarch
tomcat-docs-webapp-7.0.16-1 The docs web application for Apache Tomcat linux/noarch
tomcat-webapps-7.0.16-1 The ROOT and examples web applications for Apache Tomcat linux/noarch
tomcat6-6.0.32-9 Apache Servlet/JSP Engine, RI for Servlet 2.5/JSP 2.1 API linux/noarch
tomcat6-admin-webapps-6.0.32-9 The host-manager and manager web applications for Apache Tomcat linux/noarch
tomcat6-docs-webapp-6.0.32-9 The docs web application for Apache Tomcat linux/noarch
tomcat6-jsp-2.1-api-6.0.32-9 Apache Tomcat JSP API implementation classes linux/noarch
tomcat6-servlet-2.5-api-6.0.32-9 Apache Tomcat Servlet API implementation classes linux/noarch
tomcat6-webapps-6.0.32-9 The ROOT and examples web applications for Apache Tomcat linux/noarch
trac-0.12.1-1 Integrated SCM & Project manager linux/noarch
trac-cgi-0.12.1-1 Trac Integrated SCM & Project manager - cgi frontend linux/noarch
trac-fcgi-0.12.1-1 Trac Integrated SCM & Project manager - cgi frontend linux/noarch
trac-mod_python-0.12.1-1 Trac Integrated SCM & Project manager - mod_python frontend linux/noarch
trac-mysql-0.12.1-1 Trac Integrated SCM & Project manager - mysql database support linux/noarch
trac-postgresql-0.12.1-1 Trac Integrated SCM & Project manager - postgresql database support linux/noarch
trac-sqlite-0.12.1-1 Trac Integrated SCM & Project manager - sqlite database support linux/noarch
trac-standalone-0.12.1-1 Trac Integrated SCM & Project manager - standalone frontend linux/noarch
trac-svn-0.12.1-1 Trac Integrated SCM & Project manager - subversion support linux/noarch
trac-wsgi-0.12.1-1 Trac Integrated SCM & Project manager - wsgi frontend linux/noarch
transifex-1.0.0-3mdv2011.0 A system for distributed translation submissions linux/noarch
transifex-client-0.4.1-1 Command line client for transifex linux/noarch
transifex-extras-1.0.0-3mdv2011.0 Additional support for Transifex linux/noarch
tstat-www-1.01-2mdv2008.0 Provides the CGI file for the tstat web interface linux/ppc
twill-0.9-4mdv2011.0 Simple command line language for web browsing linux/noarch
viewarch-0.0.12_9-8mdv2011.0 An archive browser for GNU arch linux/noarch
w3c-libwww-apps-5.4.0-8mdv2007.1 Applications built using Libwww web library: e.g. Robot, etc linux/ppc
w3m-0.5.2-2mdv2008.0 Pager that can also be used as textbased webbrowser linux/ppc
weave-sync-1.0-0.20100308.2mdv2011.0 Firefox synchronisation service linux/noarch
webmake-2.4-8mdv2010.0 Content management and web templating system linux/noarch
wget-1.10.2-6mdv2008.0 A utility for retrieving files using the HTTP or FTP protocols linux/ppc
wgetpaste-2.18-1 pastebin command line tool linux/noarch
xawtv-web-3.95-6mdv2008.0 Videotext pages webserver & images capture/upload to a webserver linux/ppc
zope-ZRoundup-1.3.3-1mdv2008.0 Zope frontend for roundup linux/noarch

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