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RPM of Group Graphical desktop/GNOME

ORBit2-2.14.8-1mdv2008.0 High-performance CORBA Object Request Broker linux/ppc
affinity-search-0.1-0.43.1mdv2008.0 Desktop search tool providing front-end to various desktop information linux/ppc
avant-window-navigator-0.1.1-173.1mdv2008.0 Dock-style window selector for GNOME linux/ppc
billreminder-0.4.0-3 Simple application to remind you to pay your bills linux/noarch
blogfish-1.0-9mdv2011.0 Evolutionary meme spreader from the GNOME panel linux/noarch
bluecurve-theme-1.0.0-4 Bluecurve GNOME theme linux/noarch
bug-buddy-2.18.1-1mdv2008.0 Utility to ease the reporting of bugs within the GNOME Desktop Environment linux/ppc
caffeine-2.2.386-1 Caffeine is a tiny cup of coffee that sits idly in your system tray waiting for you to click it linux/noarch
cairo-clock-0.3.2-5mdv2008.0 Cairo-rendered on-screen clock linux/ppc
candido-themes-1.0-5mdv2011.0 Themes for Candido linux/noarch
cog-0.8.0-3mdv2007.0 Another Gnome config tool linux/ppc
contacts-0.3-1mdv2008.0 Contacts is a small, lightweight addressbook. linux/ppc
deskbar-applet-2.19.5-1mdv2008.0 All-in-one search bar for the GNOME panel linux/ppc
devilspie-0.20.2-1mdv2007.1 A window matching tool linux/ppc
divider-applet-1.99.1-1mdk Applet that adds a divider to your panel linux/ppc
eiciel-0.9.4-1mdv2007.1 Graphical access control list (ACL) editor linux/ppc
elementary-icon-theme-2.4-1 Elementary icons for GNOME Desktop linux/noarch
eog-2.19.4-1mdv2008.0 The Eye of GNOME image viewer linux/ppc
fpm-0.60-4mdk Figaro's Password Manager linux/ppc
galaxy-gnome-1.0.5-1mdv2008.0 Mandriva theme for GNOME linux/ppc
ganyremote-5.12-1 GTK frontend for anyRemote linux/noarch
gconf-editor-2.18.0-1mdv2007.1 An editor for the GConf configuration system linux/ppc
gconfpref-0.0.1-3mdv2007.0 Another configuration tools for gconf linux/ppc
gcursor-0.061-2mdk A little gtk program to change your Xcursor with animated preview linux/ppc
gdeskcal-1.01-3mdv2009.0 Eye-candy calendar for your desktop linux/noarch
gdesklets-0.35.4-2mdv2007.1 GNOME Desktop Applets linux/ppc
gdevilspie-0.31-5 GTK GUI for devilspie linux/noarch
gdm-2.19.5-1mdv2008.0 The GNOME Display Manager linux/ppc
gdm-220-themes-0.2-9mdv2011.0 Themes for Gnome Display Manager linux/noarch
gdm-Xnest-2.19.5-1mdv2008.0 Xnest (ie embedded X) server for GDM linux/ppc
gdm-more-themes-0.5-4mdv2011.0 More themes for GDM linux/noarch
gfontsampler-0.4-6mdv2008.0 Gnome Font Sampler linux/ppc
gjots2-2.3.12-1 A note jotter in tree structure linux/noarch
gksu-2.0.0-3mdv2008.0 GKsu is a GTK+ frontend to the su and sudo programs linux/ppc
glipper-0.95.1-2mdv2008.0 Glipper is a clipboard manager for GNOME linux/ppc
gnome-activity-journal-0.8.0-1 GUI to browse and search your Zeitgeist activities linux/noarch
gnome-applet-netspeed-0.14-2mdv2008.0 GNOME applet that shows traffic on a network device linux/ppc
gnome-backgrounds-2.32.0-2 Background images for the GNOME desktop linux/noarch
gnome-bluetooth-0.9.1-1mdv2008.0 GNOME Bluetooth Subsystem linux/ppc
gnome-cups-manager-0.31-4mdv2007.0 GNOME CUPS printer management tool linux/ppc
gnome-desktop-2.19.6-2mdv2008.0 Package containing code shared among gnome-panel, gnome-session, nautilus, etc linux/ppc
gnome-icon-theme-2.31.0-7 GNOME default icons linux/noarch
gnome-icon-theme-extras-2.30.1-2mdv2011.0 GNOME default extra icons linux/noarch
gnome-icon-theme-symbolic-3.0.0-1 GNOME symbolic icons linux/noarch
gnome-launch-box-0.2-1mdv2008.0 GNOME Launch Box linux/ppc
gnome-media-2.18.0-4mdv2008.0 GNOME media programs linux/ppc
gnome-mount-0.6-2mdv2008.0 Mount replacement which uses HAL to do the mounting linux/ppc
gnome-netstatus-2.12.1-1mdv2008.0 GNOME network information applet linux/ppc
gnome-nettool-2.18.0-1mdv2007.1 GNOME interface for networking tools linux/ppc
gnome-photo-printer-0.6.7-1mdv2007.1 Simple Photo Printer for Gnome linux/ppc
gnome-pilot-2.0.15-1mdv2007.1 GNOME Pilot programs linux/ppc
gnome-pkgview-1.0.6-3mdk A tool for determining versions of installed GNOME packages linux/ppc
gnome-power-manager-2.19.3-1mdv2008.0 GNOME Power Manager linux/ppc
gnome-screensaver- GNOME Screensaver linux/ppc
gnome-sensors-applet-1.7.10-1mdv2007.1 Detailed hardware monitoring applet for GNOME2 linux/ppc
gnome-session-2.19.6-1mdv2008.0 The gnome desktop programs for the GNOME GUI desktop environment linux/ppc
gnome-splash-properties-0.3.0-7mdv2011.0 GNOME splash selector linux/noarch
gnome-sshman-0.6-5mdv2011.0 SSH connection manager for GNOME and Nautilus linux/noarch
gnome-swallow-1.2-2mdv2007.1 Embeds small programs into the GNOME panel linux/ppc
gnome-system-monitor-2.19.6-1mdv2008.0 Simple process monitor linux/ppc
gnome-themes-2.32.1-2 Themes for GNOME linux/noarch
gnome-themes-extras-2.22.0-7 Additional themes collection for GNOME linux/noarch
gnome-tiles-1-13 Desktop Background Images for GNOME linux/noarch
gnome-timer-applet-2.0.1-3mdv2008.0 Countdown timer applet for the GNOME panel linux/ppc
gnome-utils-2.18.1-1mdv2008.0 GNOME utility programs such as file search and calculator linux/ppc
gnome-vfs-monikers-2.15.3-1mdv2007.0 GNOME virtual file-system monikers linux/ppc
gnome-vfs2-2.19.3-1mdv2008.0 GNOME virtual file-system libraries linux/ppc
gnome-volume-manager-2.17.0-3mdv2007.1 The GNOME Volume Manager linux/ppc
gnomenetselect-0.6-8mdv2007.0 Enhanced Mozilla launch button for the GNOME panel linux/ppc
gospy-applet-0.8.0-1mdv2008.0 Web and server monitoring applet linux/ppc
gourmet-0.15.9-2 Recipe manager for the GNOME desktop linux/noarch
gqueue-0.99.1-2mdk GNOME2 frontend for CUPS linux/ppc
grandr_applet-0.3-1mdv2008.0 Screen resolution changer applet for the GNOME panel linux/ppc
gsettings-desktop-schemas-3.2.0-1 Shared GSettings schemas for the desktop linux/noarch
gshowtv-1.2.2-5mdv2011.0 GShowTV - A Gnome TV Guide linux/noarch
gtk-chtheme-0.3.1-2mdv2008.0 Utility to preview and change GTK 2 themes linux/ppc
gtk-nodoka-engine-extras-0.7.5-1mdv2011.0 Extra themes for Nodoka Gtk2 theme engine linux/noarch
gtk-theme-switch-1.0.1-4mdk Switch GTK themes on the fly. linux/ppc
gtweakui-0.4.0-5mdv2007.0 Extra configuration dialogues for gnome linux/ppc
gwcc-0.9.8-2mdk Power user workstation and networking control center linux/ppc
hal-gnome- GNOME based device manager for HAL linux/ppc
ia_ora-gnome-1.0.13-1mdv2008.0 Ia Ora Mandriva GNOME theme linux/ppc
libGConf2_4-2.19.1-1mdv2008.0 A configuration database system for GNOME 2 linux/ppc
libORBit2_0-2.14.8-1mdv2008.0 High-performance CORBA Object Request Broker linux/ppc
libbonobo-2.19.4-1mdv2008.0 Library for compound documents in GNOME linux/ppc
libbonobo2_0-2.19.4-1mdv2008.0 Library for compound documents in GNOME linux/ppc
libbonoboui-2.19.4-1mdv2008.0 Library for compound documents in GNOME linux/ppc
libbonoboui2_0-2.19.4-1mdv2008.0 Library for compound documents in GNOME linux/ppc
libcddb-slave2_0-2.18.0-4mdv2008.0 GNOME media programs linux/ppc
libglade2.0_0-2.6.2-1mdv2008.0 Library for dynamically loading GLADE interface files linux/ppc
libgnome-vfs2_0-2.19.3-1mdv2008.0 GNOME virtual file-system libraries linux/ppc
libgnome-window-settings1-2.19.6-2mdv2008.0 GNOME control center linux/ppc
libgnomecanvas-2.19.1-3mdv2008.0 GnomeCanvas widget linux/ppc
libgnomecanvas2_0-2.19.1-3mdv2008.0 GnomeCanvas widget linux/ppc
libia_ora-gnome-1.0.13-1mdv2008.0 GTK2 engine for Ia Ora theme linux/ppc
libmedusa0-0.5.1-11mdk Medusa, the gnome search/indexing package linux/ppc
libpanel-applet-2_0-2.19.5-2mdv2008.0 The core programs for the GNOME GUI desktop environment linux/ppc
marlin-0.9-3mdk A GNOME sample editor linux/ppc
metacity-2.19.21-1mdv2008.0 Metacity window manager linux/ppc
murrine-themes-2.0-6mdv2011.0 Themes for Murrine linux/noarch
nautilus-actions-1.4.1-1mdv2008.0 Configurable context menu for Nautilus linux/ppc
nautilus-open-terminal-0.8-1mdv2008.0 Open a terminal in a specified folder linux/ppc
nautilus-sendto-0.10-4mdv2008.0 Send files from nautilus using evolution or gaim linux/ppc
nautilus-sendto-bluetooth-0.10-4mdv2008.0 Send files from nautilus to bluetooth linux/ppc
nautilus-sendto-gajim-0.10-4mdv2008.0 Send files from nautilus to gajim linux/ppc
nautilus-sendto-pidgin-0.10-4mdv2008.0 Send files from nautilus to pidgin linux/ppc
nautilus-sendto-sylpheed-0.10-4mdv2008.0 Send files from nautilus to sylpheed linux/ppc
ntfs-config-1.0.1-1mdv2008.0 Enable/disable write support for internal and/or external NTFS device via a friendly gui linux/ppc
ontv-2.6.0-1mdv2008.0 TV listings for the GNOME panel linux/ppc
oxygen-molecule-theme-3.2-2mdv2011.0 Oxygen Molecule theme for GTK linux/noarch
pessulus-2.30.4-2 Desktop lockdown editor for GNOME linux/noarch
rubyripper-gtk-0.6.0-1mdv2011.0 GTK frontend for rubyripper linux/noarch
seahorse-0.9.1-3mdk Seahorse is a GNOME2 frontend to GnuPG linux/ppc
shutter-0.86.2-1mdv2011.0 Feature-rich screenshot application linux/noarch
spheres-and-crystals-0.7-10 Spheres and Crystals SVG theme linux/noarch
syslog-ng-patterndb-20091209-2mdv2011.0 Syslog-ng pattern database linux/noarch
task-gnome-2010.1-6 Metapackage for GNOME desktop environment linux/noarch
task-gnome-minimal-2010.1-6 Minimal dependencies needed for GNOME desktop linux/noarch
tasks-0.10-1mdv2008.0 Simple to-do list for GNOME linux/ppc
teatime-2.8.0-1mdv2008.0 Teatime applet for GNOME 2 linux/ppc
virt-manager-0.4.0-3mdv2008.0 Virtual Machine Manager linux/ppc
wallpapoz-0.5-1 Gnome Desktop wallpaper configuration tool linux/noarch
xdg-user-dirs-gtk-0.5-2mdv2008.0 XDG user dirs support for GNOME/GTK+ linux/ppc
ximian-artwork-0.2.34-3mdv2007.0 The Default Style for Ximian Desktop linux/ppc
xmltv-druid-0.4.0-5mdv2010.0 Xmltv-druid - A Gnome wizard to configure xmltv grabber jobs linux/noarch
yelp-2.18.1-2mdv2008.0 GNOME 2 help browser linux/ppc

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