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libglademm2.0_1-2.1.2-3mdk RPM for ia64

From Mandriva devel cooker for ia64 / media / main

Name: libglademm2.0_1 Distribution: Mandrake Linux
Version: 2.1.2 Vendor: MandrakeSoft
Release: 3mdk Build date: Wed Nov 10 10:17:58 2004
Group: System/Libraries Build host:
Size: 106360 Source RPM: libglademm2.0-2.1.2-3mdk.src.rpm
Summary: C++ interface of glade2 library
This package provides a C++ interface for glade2.  It is a subpackage
of the Gtk-- project.  The interface provides a convenient interface for C++
programmers to create glade2 objects.






* Sat Nov 01 2003 Abel Cheung <> 2.1.2-3mdk
  - Revert previous change (Don't blindly add provides, libglademm and
    glademm are entirely different thing)
* Wed Oct 29 2003 Per Řyvind Karlsen <> 2.1.2-2mdk
  - provides (lib64..)
* Fri Oct 03 2003 Abel Cheung <> 2.1.2-1mdk
  - 2.1.2
  - Patch1: Make libtool 1.5 always search for staging libraries first
    during relinking
  - Provides plain package name
* Thu Aug 14 2003 Abel Cheung <> 2.0.1-1mdk
  - Rename glademm2.0 -> libglademm2.0, avoid confusion with
    the real glademm package
  - Build static library
  - Build doc
  - Need not provide glademm2.0{,-devel} since nothing require them
  - Patch0: Fix doc/reference/Doxyfile (which was having old variable that
    belongs to gnomeuimm package)
* Mon Apr 07 2003 Austin Acton <> 1.3.10-1mdk
  - initial package



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