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Packages beginning with letter V

vcdimager-0.7.20-2mdk VideoCD (pre-)mastering and ripping tool linux/ia64
vegastrike-data-0.3.0-2mdk Data files for vegastrike linux/noarch
vegastrike-data-music-0.3.0-2mdk Music for vegastrike linux/noarch
viewcvs-1.0-0.20040223.4mdk A CGI program to access CVS bases linux/noarch
vile-9.4-1mdk Vi compatible text editor linux/ia64
vim-X11-6.2-14mdk The VIM version of the vi editor for the X Window System. linux/ia64
vim-common-6.2-14mdk The common files needed by any version of the VIM editor. linux/ia64
vim-enhanced-6.2-14mdk A version of the VIM editor which includes recent enhancements. linux/ia64
vim-minimal-6.2-14mdk A minimal version of the VIM editor. linux/ia64
vimguide-0.7-4mdk Vim editor reference guide linux/ia64
vixie-cron-3.0.1-56mdk The Vixie cron daemon for executing specified programs at set times. linux/ia64
vlan-utils-1.8-1mdk Utilities for controlling vlans. linux/ia64
vlock-1.3-14mdk A program which locks one or more virtual consoles linux/ia64
vorbis-tools-1.0.1-3mdk Several Ogg Vorbis Tools linux/ia64
vsftpd-1.2.1-1mdk Very Secure File Transfer Protocol Daemon. linux/ia64
vte-0.11.10-5mdk An experimental terminal emulator. linux/ia64
vtk-data-4.4-1mdk Data files for VTK linux/noarch
vxloader-1.0.2-2mdk Firmware loader for Digigram VX soundcards linux/ia64

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