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Packages beginning with letter I

ibackup-2.27-1mdk Automated backups (even remote) of machine configurations linux/noarch
ibod-1.4-3mdk Ibod - ISDN MPPP bandwidth on demand daemon linux/ia64
ical-2.2-28mdk An X Window System-based calendar program linux/ia64
icebreaker-1.2.1-8mdk An addictive action-puzzle game involving bouncing penguins linux/ia64
icepref-1.1-7mdk IceWm configurator linux/noarch
icewm-1.2.14-0.pre11.4mdk X11 Window Manager linux/ia64
icewm-gnome-1.2.14-0.pre11.4mdk A gnome compatible version of Icewm linux/ia64
icewm-light-1.2.14-0.pre11.4mdk A light version of Icewm linux/ia64
id3lib-3.8.3-6mdk A software library for manipulating ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags. linux/ia64
idesk-0.5.6-2mdk Plops icons on your root window linux/ia64
idnkit-tools-1.0-1mdk Tools for the Internationalized Domain Name kit (idnkit/JPNIC) library linux/ia64
ifplugd-0.21b-1mdk Detect and perform actions when an ethernet cable is (un)plugged. linux/ia64
imap-2002d-8mdk Server daemons for IMAP and POP network mail protocols. linux/ia64
imap-devel-2002d-8mdk Libraries, includes, etc to develop IMAP applications linux/ia64
imap-utils-2002d-8mdk Some basic IMAP utilities to make managing your email simpler. linux/ia64
imcom-1.33-1mdk Console-based jabber client linux/noarch
imlib-1.9.14-8.1.100mdk An image loading and rendering library for X11R6. linux/ia64
imlib-cfgeditor-1.9.14-8.1.100mdk A configuration editor for the Imlib library. linux/ia64
imp-3.2.3-1mdk The Internet Messaging Program: webmail access to IMAP/POP3 accounts linux/noarch
imp3-3.2.2-1mdk The Internet Messaging Program: webmail access to IMAP/POP3 accounts. linux/noarch
impress-1.1beta9-3mdk WYSIWYG desktop publishing for Linux/Unix in Tk/Tcl linux/noarch
imwheel-0.9.9-5mdk A utility to make wheel mice work under X linux/ia64
indent-2.2.9-3mdk A GNU program for formatting C code. linux/ia64
indexhtml-10.0-13mdk Mandrake html welcome page linux/noarch
inews-2.4.1-2mdk Sends Usenet articles to a local news server for distribution. linux/ia64
info-4.6-1mdk A stand-alone TTY-based reader for GNU texinfo documentation. linux/ia64
info-install-4.6-1mdk Program to update the GNU texinfo documentation main page. linux/ia64
initscripts-7.06-49.3.100mdk The inittab file and the /etc/init.d scripts. linux/ia64
inn-2.4.1-2mdk The InterNetNews (INN) system, an Usenet news server. linux/ia64
inn-devel-2.4.1-2mdk The INN (InterNetNews) library. linux/ia64
intimed-2.00-4mdk A time server for synchronizing networked machines' clocks. linux/ia64
intltool-0.29-2mdk Scripts and assorted auto* magic for i18nalizing various kinds of data files linux/noarch
ipkungfu-0.5.2-5mdk IPKungFu is an iptables-based Linux firewall. linux/noarch
iplog-2.2.3-7mdk Logs TCP, UDP, and ICMP connections to syslog. linux/ia64
ipmitool-1.5.9-5mdk Utility for interfacing with IPMI devices linux/ia64
ipmiutil-1.4.8-1mdk A package that includes various IPMI server management utilities. linux/ia64
ipplan-4.26-1mdk IP address management and tracking linux/noarch
iproute2-2.4.7-11mdk Advanced IP routing and network device configuration tools. linux/ia64
ipsec-tools-0.2.5-0.2.100mdk Tools for configuring and using IPSEC linux/ia64
iptables-1.2.9-5.2.100mdk Tools for managing Linux kernel packet filtering capabilities linux/ia64
iptables-ipv6-1.2.9-5.2.100mdk IPv6 support for iptables linux/ia64
iptoip-0.3.0-0.4mdk Maintains a coherent ipvsadm table linux/noarch
iputils-20020927-5mdk Network monitoring tools including ping. linux/ia64
ipvsadm-1.24-2mdk Administration tool for Linux Virtual Server linux/ia64
ipxutils-2.2.3-4mdk Tools for configuring and debugging IPX interfaces and networks linux/ia64
ipython-0.6.12-1mdk An enhanced interactive Python shell. linux/noarch
irda-utils-0.9.15-1.1mdk Utilities for infrared communication between devices linux/ia64
irssi-0.8.9-2mdk Irssi is an IRC client linux/ia64
irssi-devel-0.8.9-2mdk Static libraries for the development of irssi applications. linux/ia64
isdn-light-0.8-11mdk Networking with the isdn subsystem, light version linux/noarch
isdn4k-utils-3.2p3-6mdk Bundled Utilities for configuring ISDN4Linux linux/ia64
isdn4k-utils-eurofile-3.2p3-6mdk ISDN eurofile transfer tool linux/ia64
isdn4k-utils-isdnlog-3.2p3-6mdk ISDN connection logger linux/ia64
isdn4k-utils-vbox-3.2p3-6mdk ISDN answering machine linux/ia64
isdn4k-utils-xtools-3.2p3-6mdk ISDN utilities that use X linux/ia64
isdn4net-1.4.6-6mdk Networking with the isdn subsystem linux/noarch
iso-codes-0.46-1mdk Mapping between ISO country codes and full names linux/noarch
isodiff-0.1-3mdk A perl script to see change between to Mandrake iso linux/noarch
ispell-3.2.06-10mdk The GNU interactive spelling checker program linux/ia64
ispell-af-0.001-9mdk Afrikaans files for ispell linux/noarch
ispell-ca-1.0-12mdk Catalan files for ispell linux/noarch
ispell-cs-3.1.20-8mdk Czech files for ispell linux/noarch
ispell-da-1.4.22-6mdk Danish files for ispell linux/noarchlinux/noarch
ispell-da-1.4.22-6mdk Danish files for ispell linux/noarch
ispell-de-3.1.20-22mdk German files for ispell linux/noarch
ispell-el-1.0-7mdk Greek files for ispell linux/noarch
ispell-en-3.2.06-10mdk English dictionary for ispell linux/ia64
ispell-eo-3.4-7mdk Esperanto files for ispell linux/noarchlinux/noarch
ispell-eo-3.4-7mdk Esperanto files for ispell linux/noarch
ispell-es-1.7-5mdk Spanish files for ispell linux/noarch
ispell-fi-1.0-8mdk Finnish files for ispell linux/noarch
ispell-fr-1.0-15mdk French files for ispell linux/noarch
ispell-ga-1.1-4mdk Irish files for ispell linux/noarch
ispell-gd-0.3-10mdk Scottish files for ispell linux/noarch
ispell-gv-0.3-10mdk Manx Gaelic files for ispell linux/noarch
ispell-id-0.6-14mdk Indonesian files for ispell linux/noarch
ispell-it-0.03-14mdk Italian files for ispell linux/noarch
ispell-nl-1.1-10mdk Dutch files for ispell linux/noarch
ispell-no-1.1a-11mdk Norwegian files for ispell linux/noarch
ispell-pl-0.8-6mdk Polish files for ispell linux/noarch
ispell-pt-3.00-5mdk Portuguese files for ispell linux/noarch
ispell-pt_BR-2.4-11mdk Brazilian Portuguese files for ispell linux/noarchlinux/noarch
ispell-pt_BR-2.4-11mdk Brazilian Portuguese files for ispell linux/noarch
ispell-ro-1.0.1-4mdk Romanian files for ispell linux/noarch
ispell-sk-0.1.9-4mdk Slovak files for ispell linux/noarch
ispell-sl-0.5-6mdk Slovenian files for ispell linux/noarch
ispell-sv-1.2.1-10mdk Swedish files for ispell linux/noarch
itcl-8.4.5-4mdk object oriented mega widgets for tcl linux/ia64

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