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Packages beginning with letter A

a2ps-4.13b-5.1.100mdk Converts text and other types of files to PostScript(TM) linux/ia64
a2ps-devel-4.13b-5.1.100mdk Include files for a2ps linux/ia64
a2ps-static-devel-4.13b-5.1.100mdk Static libraries for a2ps linux/ia64
a52dec-0.7.4-5mdk A free ATSC A/52 stream decoder library linux/ia64
aalib-progs-1.4.0-0.rc5.8mdk Tools to aalib. linux/ia64
ac3dec-1.0.2-2mdk A free AC-3 stream decoder linux/ia64
acabit-26112003-2mdk Automatic Corpus-based Acquisition of Binary Terms linux/noarch
acabit-english-26112003-2mdk English resources for acabit linux/noarch
acabit-french-26112003-2mdk French resources for acabit linux/noarch
acid-0.9.6b23-4mdk Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases linux/noarch
acidrip-0.12-1mdk Simple GUI for MEncoder linux/noarch
acl-2.2.23-1.100mdk Command for manipulating access control lists linux/ia64
acon-1.0.5-2mdk Arabic support for linuxconsole linux/ia64
acpi-0.07-2mdk Displays information on ACPI devices linux/ia64
acpid-1.0.2-4mdk ACPI kernel daemon and control utility linux/ia64
adjtimex-1.13-4.1mdk A utility for adjusting kernel time variables linux/ia64
adns-1.0-8mdk Advanced, easy to use, asynchronous-capable DNS client library linux/ia64
adonthell-wastesedge-0.3.4-1mdk Official game package for Adonthell linux/noarch
alexandria-0.5.1-2mdk GNOME application to help you manage your book collection linux/noarch
alsa-utils-1.0.2-2mdk Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) utilities linux/ia64
alsamixergui-0.9.0-0.9rc1_2mdk Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) graphical mixer linux/ia64
amavis-ng- Searches attachments and archives for malicious code linux/noarch
amavis-postfix-0.3.12-2mdk A Mail Virus Scanner linux/noarch
amavisd-new-0.20040701-1mdk A Mail Virus Scanner linux/noarch
ami-1.0.11-5mdk Korean IMS Ami linux/ia64
amsn-skins-0.94-1mdk Collection of skins for aMSN linux/noarch
anacron-2.3-12mdk A cron-like program that doesn't go by time linux/ia64
anomy-sanitizer-1.63-7mdk Anomy Sanitizer linux/noarch
anthill-0.3.0-2mdk Bug tracking database system written in PHP linux/noarch
anthy-4925-5mdk A Japanese words input system. linux/ia64
apache-1.3.29-1.3.100mdk The most widely used Web server on the Internet. linux/ia64
apache-conf-2.0.48-4mdk Configuration files for Apache linux/ia64
apache-devel-1.3.29-1.3.100mdk Module development tools for Apache 1.3. linux/ia64
apache-mod_perl-1.3.29_1.29-3.1.100mdk Apache Web server with a built-in Perl interpreter linux/ia64
apache-modules-1.3.29-1.3.100mdk Standard modules for Apache linux/ia64
apache-source-1.3.29-1.3.100mdk Apache Source linux/ia64
apache-suexec-1.3.29-1mdk Suexec binary for apache linux/ia64
apache2-2.0.48-6.8.100mdk The most widely used Web server on the Internet. linux/ia64
apache2-common-2.0.48-6.8.100mdk Files common for apache2 and apache2-mod_perl installations linux/ia64
apache2-devel-2.0.48-6.8.100mdk Module development tools for the apache2 web server. linux/ia64
apache2-manual-2.0.48-6.8.100mdk The apache2 Manual linux/ia64
apache2-mod_auth_external-2.0.48_2.2.7-1mdk An apache2 authentication DSO using external programs linux/ia64
apache2-mod_auth_mysql-2.0.48_1.11-1mdk Basic authentication for the apache2 web server using a MySQL database. linux/ia64
apache2-mod_auth_pgsql-2.0.48_2.0.1-1mdk Basic authentication for the apache2 web server using a PostgreSQL database. linux/ia64
apache2-mod_auth_radius-2.0.48_1.7PR1-1mdk Mod_radius is a DSO module for the apache2 Web server. linux/ia64
apache2-mod_auth_remote-2.0.48_1.0-1mdk Mod_auth_remote is a DSO module for the apache2 Web server. linux/ia64
apache2-mod_auth_shadow-2.0.48_2.0-1mdk Shadow password authentication for the apache2 web server linux/ia64
apache2-mod_cache-2.0.48-6.8.100mdk Content cache keyed to URIs linux/ia64
apache2-mod_dav-2.0.48-6.8.100mdk Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) linux/ia64
apache2-mod_deflate-2.0.48-6.8.100mdk Compress content before it is delivered to the client linux/ia64
apache2-mod_disk_cache-2.0.48-6.8.100mdk Implements a disk based storage manager linux/ia64
apache2-mod_file_cache-2.0.48-6.8.100mdk Caches a static list of files in memory linux/ia64
apache2-mod_layout-2.0.48_4.0.1a-1mdk Add custom header and/or footers for apache2 linux/ia64
apache2-mod_ldap-2.0.48-6.8.100mdk LDAP connection pooling and result caching DSO:s linux/ia64
apache2-mod_mem_cache-2.0.48-6.8.100mdk Implements a memory based storage manager linux/ia64
apache2-mod_perl-2.0.48_1.99_11-3.1mdk An embedded Perl interpreter for the apache2 Web server. linux/ia64
apache2-mod_perl-devel-2.0.48_1.99_11-3.1mdk Files needed for building XS modules that use mod_perl linux/ia64
apache2-mod_php-2.0.48_4.3.4-1mdk The PHP4 HTML-embedded scripting language for use with apache2. linux/ia64
apache2-mod_proxy-2.0.48-6.8.100mdk HTTP/1.1 proxy/gateway server linux/ia64
apache2-mod_ssl-2.0.48-6.8.100mdk Strong cryptography using the SSL and TLS protocols linux/ia64
apache2-mod_suexec-2.0.48-1mdk Allows CGI scripts to run as a specified user and Group linux/ia64
apache2-modules-2.0.48-6.8.100mdk Standard modules for apache2 linux/ia64
apache2-source-2.0.48-6.8.100mdk The apache2 Source linux/ia64
apcupsd-3.10.11-1mdk Power management software for APC UPS hardware linux/ia64
app-defaults-be-0.1-6mdk X Resources for belarusization of some applications linux/noarch
app-defaults-cs-0.1-5mdk Czech language X11 resources linux/noarch
app-defaults-ga-1.0-4mdk Irish language X11 resources linux/noarch
app-defaults-ru-0.1-9mdk X Resources for russification of some applications linux/noarch
app-defaults-th-1.0-5mdk Thai language X11 resources linux/noarch
app-defaults-uk-0.1-6mdk X Resources for ukrainization of some applications linux/noarch
ardour-pixmaps-custom-1.0-1mdk Replacement pixmaps for ardour. linux/noarch
armagetron- Armagetron, another 3d lightcycle game using OpenGL linux/ia64
arpwatch-2.1a11-3mdk Network monitoring tools for tracking IP addresses on the network. linux/ia64
arts-1.2-3mdk Arts - Libraries linux/ia64
as10k1-1.0.2-2mdk AS10k1 Assembler version A0.99 linux/ia64
ash-0.3.8-6mdk A smaller version of the Bourne shell. linux/ia64
ash-static-0.3.8-6mdk A smaller version of the Bourne shell statically linked. linux/ia64
ask-2.5.0-1mdk Active Spam Killer linux/noarch
asp-1.0.2-1mdk Common html and database for ASP linux/noarch
asp-a2s_3m-1.0.0-4mdk Database for ASP help on manual exercices linux/noarch
asp-ann_col_demo-1.0.0-4mdk Database for ASP annales linux/noarch
asp-ann_lyc_demo-1.0.0-4mdk Database for ASP annales linux/noarch
asp-not_col_demo_noswf-1.0.0-4mdk Database for ASP program linux/noarch
asp-not_lyc_demo_noswf-1.0.0-4mdk Database for ASP program linux/noarch
asp-not_pri_demo_noswf-1.0.0-5mdk Database for ASP program linux/noarch
aspell- A Free and Open Source interactive spelling checker program. linux/ia64
aspell-cy-0.50.3-8mdk Welsh files for aspell linux/noarch
aspell-de-0.50.2-5mdk German files for aspell linux/noarch
aspell-fr-0.50.3-5mdk French files for aspell linux/noarch
aspell-nl-0.50.2-6mdk Dutch files for aspell linux/noarch
aspell-pl-0.50.2-2mdk Polish dictionary for aspell linux/ia64
aspell-uk-0.50.3-8mdk Ukrainian files for aspell linux/noarch
asterisk-sounds-1.0.7-2mdk Sound files for the Asterisk PBX and telephony application and toolkit linux/noarch
asterisk-stat-2.0.1-1mdk Asterisk-Stat : CDR Analyser linux/noarch
at-3.1.8-9mdk Job spooling tools. linux/ia64
at-spi-1.3.9-3mdk GNOME Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface linux/ia64
aterm-0.4.2-3mdk An rxvt-based terminal emulator for X11 linux/ia64
atlas-3.4.2-1mdk Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software (ATLAS) linux/noarch
atool-0.29.0-1mdk A script for managing file archives of various types. linux/noarch
attr-2.4.16-0.100mdk Utility for managing filesystem extended attributes. linux/ia64
audacity-1.2.0-1mdk Free Audio Editor With Effects/Analysis Tools. linux/ia64
audiofile-0.2.5-1mdk Library to handle various audio file formats. linux/ia64
aumix-2.8-7mdk A GTK+/Ncurses audio mixer linux/ia64
authd-0.2.1-14mdk Software for obtaining and verifying user credentials linux/ia64
autoconf-2.13-19mdk A GNU tool for automatically configuring source code. linux/noarch
autoconf2.5-2.59-3mdk A GNU tool for automatically configuring source code. linux/noarch
autodia-2.01-1mdk Automatic Dia/UML generator linux/noarch
autofs-4.0.0-0.21mdk A tool for automatically mounting and unmounting filesystems. linux/ia64
autologin-1.0.0-8mdk Automatically log in linux/ia64
automake-1.4-23.p6.mdk A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles. linux/noarch
automake1.6-1.6.3-2mdk A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles. linux/noarch
automake1.7-1.7.9-1mdk A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles. linux/noarch
automake1.8-1.8.5-1mdk A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles. linux/noarch
autopsy-2.00-1mdk Autopsy Forensic Browser linux/noarch
autosmb-1.1-2mdk Automounter script for autods linux/noarch
awstats-6.4-1mdk Advanced Web Statistics linux/noarch

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