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Packages beginning with letter S

sdlmame-0.147-0.1 SDL MAME is an arcade emulator linux/i586
sdlmame-extra-data-0.145-1 More data files for SDL MAME front-ends linux/noarch
sdlmess-0.146-1 SDL MESS emulates a large variety of different systems linux/i586
sflowtool-3.26-1 sflowtool is a utility for collecting and processing sFlow data linux/i586
shareware_doom_iwad-1.9-2mdv2010.0 Doom v1.9 shareware iwad linux/noarch
shorten-3.6.1-1 A fast, low complexity waveform coder linux/i586
slmodem-2.9.11-0.20080817.7mdv2010.1 slmodem utility linux/i586
slmodem-kernel-desktop-latest-2.9.11-1.20100929.0.20080817.7mdv2010.1 slmodem driver for latest kernel-desktop linux/i586
slmodem-kernel-desktop586-latest-2.9.11-1.20100929.0.20080817.7mdv2010.1 slmodem driver for latest kernel-desktop586 linux/i586
slmodem-kernel-server-latest-2.9.11-1.20100929.0.20080817.7mdv2010.1 slmodem driver for latest kernel-server linux/i586
smathstudio-0.89-1 Small mathematic packet with MathCad style linux/i586
sp-4.1.3-1 School Portal linux/i586
spectrum-roms-20081224-1 A collection of Spectrum ROM images linux/noarch
speedtouch-firmware-0.1-8mdv2010.0 Alcatel Speedtouch USB adsl modem microcode linux/noarch

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