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uucp-1.07-7mdv2009.1 RPM for armv5tl

From Mandriva devel 2009.1 for armv5tl / media / main / release

Name: uucp Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: 1.07 Vendor: Unknown
Release: 7mdv2009.1 Build date: Sun Aug 2 02:12:59 2009
Group: Networking/File transfer Build host: dhcp117
Size: 1724829 Source RPM: uucp-1.07-7mdv2009.1.src.rpm
Summary: The uucp utility for copying files between systems
The uucp command copies files between systems.  Uucp is primarily used
by remote machines downloading and uploading email and news files to
local machines.

Install the uucp package if you need to use uucp to transfer files
between machines.






* Tue Dec 23 2008 Oden Eriksson <> 1.07-7mdv2009.1
  + Revision: 317914
  - don't strip
  - fix build with -Werror=format-security (P12)
* Thu Jun 19 2008 Thierry Vignaud <> 1.07-6mdv2009.0
  + Revision: 225914
  - rebuild
* Tue Mar 04 2008 Oden Eriksson <> 1.07-5mdv2008.1
  + Revision: 178848
  - rebuild
    + Olivier Blin <>
      - restore BuildRoot
    + Thierry Vignaud <>
      - kill re-definition of %buildroot on Pixel's request
* Fri May 26 2006 Pascal Terjan <> 1.07-4mdv2007.0
  - create /var/lock/uucp (#22514)
  - don't touch the log files before using %create_ghostfile, the macro would 
    do nothing and rights would be wrong (#22512)
  - drop prereq
  - mkrel
* Sun Jan 01 2006 Mandriva Linux Team <> 1.07-3mdk
  - Rebuild
* Mon Mar 14 2005 Bruno Cornec <> 1.07-2mdk
  - conf files used are in /etc/uucp (not /usr/conf/uucp)
  - fixes for rpmlint in the spec file
* Fri Jul 30 2004 Per Øyvind Karlsen <> 1.07-1mdk
  - 1.07
  - cleanups
  - drop old patches P1-P6 (fixed upstream)
  - regenerate P0 & P7
  - sync with fedora patches
* Fri Sep 05 2003 Florin <> 1.06.1-23mdk
  - change the /etc dir permissions to 775



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