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rpmlint-0.71-1mdk RPM for noarch

From Mandriva devel 2006.0 for x86_64 / media / main

Name: rpmlint Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: 0.71 Vendor: Mandriva
Release: 1mdk Build date: Tue Aug 30 11:04:55 2005
Group: Development/Other Build host:
Size: 494332 Source RPM: rpmlint-0.71-1mdk.src.rpm
Packager: Gwenole Beauchesne <>
Summary: Rpm correctness checker
Rpmlint is a tool to check common errors on rpm packages.
Binary and source packages can be checked.






* Thu Aug 11 2005 Frederic Lepied <> 0.71-1mdk
  - Pkg: fixed prereq funtion for new rpm
  - o allow to do a symlink to a configure file without
    having the configure-without-libdir-spec error. (reported by Hans
    de Goede)
                  o added prereq-use to prevent the use of PreReq.
  - o fixed uninitialized variable (reported by Dan Kegel).
                  o new languages to be recognized as valid: 'se' (was
    wrongly assumed to be an error for 'sv'), 'yo', 'pa_IN'. (Pablo)
  - added exception for uucp (Bruno Cornec)
  - make the "incoherent subsys" check work
    properly with trailing " or '. (Ville Skytta)
  - Brings the verbose message about non-config files
    in /etc up to date wrt. executables. (Ville Skytta)
  - added the CECILL licence (requested by Sebastion
* Sat Jun 18 2005 Frederic Lepied <> 0.70-1mdk
  - use RPMSENSE_SCRIPT_PRE if available to detect prereq.
  - fix script detection (Guillaume Rousse, bug
    - added LaTeX Project Public License (Guillaume
    Rousse, bug #15928).
  - adds userdel and groupdel to the list of
    "dangerous" commands. (Ville Skyttä)
  -,,, README: mandriva
  - check that the url doesn't contain anymore
* Sat Apr 16 2005 Frederic Lepied <> 0.69-1mdk
  - Mandriva
  - /etc/cron.d is a configuration directory, not a
    script directory (Guillaume Rousse)
  - intepreters can also live in /sbin or /usr/sbin (Guillaume Rousse)
  -, README: add non-empty shell check (Ville Skyttä)
* Thu Mar 10 2005 Frederic Lepied <> 0.68-1mdk
  - Added recognition of Quechua (qu) language (Pablo)
  - simplify site_perl regexp (Ville Skytt?).
  - Fix version checking when the epoch is not defined (Michael Scherer)
* Fri Feb 11 2005 Frederic Lepied <> 0.67-1mdk
  - added hardcoded-packager-tag, hardcoded-prefix-tag
    and redundant-prefix-tag checks (Guillaume Rousse, bug #12725).
  - added wrong-script-interpreter,
    non-executable-script, script-without-shellbang,
    wrong-script-end-of-line-encoding and
    wrong-file-end-of-line-encoding. (Guillaume Rousse, bug #12725).
  - o added the 'Graphical desktop/Xfce' group (bug #13141).
                  o added Design Sciences License (Sébastien Savarin)
    fixed Lucent Public License
  - rpmdiff: filter the provides on name-version-release for the
    package itself.
  - Make check_versioned_dep ignore epoch when comparing
    versions (patch by Michael Scherer)
  - o do not complain about explicit dependancy on liblua5
    (else b/c of buggy lua, lua users accepted either lua4 or lua5
    thus resulting in linkinkg issues at runtime)  (Thierry)
               o update drakconf rule (Thierry)
               o add exceptions for dkms packages
* Tue Jan 25 2005 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 0.66-1mdk
  - exceptions for %multiarch policy
  - Add a new warning for perl modules installed under
    site_perl instead of vendor_perl (Rafael)
  - Perl modules go under vendor_perl, not site_perl
* Fri Jan 21 2005 Frederic Lepied <> 0.65-1mdk
  - o recognition of some more languages (bug #12216)
                  o Added language codes (nr, nso, tn, ts) of South
  	  Africa that have efforts on creating localizations for them
  	  (source: ) (Pablo)
  - added missing-menu-command (Michael Scherer)
  - don't report non-conffile-in-etc on executable.
  From Ville Skyttä:
  - Flag installing files to /var/local as an error.
  - Improved perl temp file regexp.
  - Extended CVS internal file regexp to cover Subversion and GNU Arch.
  - "se" -> "sv" in I18NCheck
  - E:V-R should be consistent in package and changelog regardless if 
    use_epoch is set or not.
  - Spelling fixes.
* Thu Dec 30 2004 Frederic Lepied <> 0.64-1mdk
  - o Check that pkg-config files and config script are
                     in devel packages (Guillaume Rousse, bug #12662).
                   o added htaccess-file check (Guillaume Rousse, bug #12661).
                   o added executable-marked-as-config-file check.
                   o lookup .cmi files as devel files too (Guillaume
                     Rousse) [bug #12186].
  - first pass to update load_policy.
  - o added requires-on-release check
                  o The Lucent Public Licence (Plan9) is
  - Clarify the use-of-RPM_SOURCE_DIR message
                  explanation. (Rafael)
* Sun Dec 05 2004 Frederic Lepied <> 0.63-1mdk
  - o added exceptions for kernel-source.* on
               devel-file-in-non-devel-package reports.
               o cleanup exceptions (Michael Scherer)
               o some code factorisation
               o fix addCheck ( was not useable since it was a tuple
               instead-f a list ) (Michael)
  - o added dir-or-file-in-usr-local (Michael Scherer).
                   o Minor nit in the regexp that checks that perl
                   module rpms should come without the source tarball
                   MANIFEST (Rafael).
  - allow soname in the form too
    (Guillaume Rousse) [bug #12522].
  - o make exception to the
    python/perl/ruby/ocaml naming policy when the package contains
    executable (Guillaume Rousse) [bug #12521].
                          o ocaml naming policy (Guillaume Rousse)
  - Don't tag .mo in webapps (Guillaume Rousse) [bug
  - added summary-ended-with-dot (Guillaume Rousse)
    [bug #12520]
  - exit-n C-c (Michael Scherer)
  - doc for postin-without-ghost-file-creation (Pascal
* Sat Aug 28 2004 Frederic Crozat <> 0.62-1mdk
  - Fix missing capitalization
* Thu Aug 26 2004 Frederic Lepied <> 0.61-1mdk
  - Added recognition of "pa" (Punjabi) language code (Pablo)
  		added some more language codes (Pablo)
  - Fix menu capitalization (Frederic Crozat)
* Wed Aug 04 2004 Frederic Lepied <> 0.60-1mdk
  - added obsolete-on-name error: a package sould not obsolete itself, as
    it can cause weird error in tools. (Michael)
  - added exceptions for perl and dyalog on  devel-file-in-non-devel-package.
  - Add a warning for MANIFEST* files in perl modules. (Rafael)
  - add ruby exceptions like perl and python.
  - - added useless-explicit-provides ( check if there is
    2 times the same provides ) (Michael)
  - added option -I, to print description of the error
    passed on commandline (Michael)
  - * Added Furlan language code (fur) (Pablo)
* Sat May 01 2004 Frederic Lepied <> 0.59-1mdk
  - check if a package requires a interpreter in
   /usr/local/bin/ (Michael)
  - Mandrakelinux (Robert Vojta) [bug #9542]
  - some more languages recognized
  - chack that the initscript is executable (Michael)
* Fri Mar 12 2004 Frederic Lepied <> 0.58-1mdk
  - The Mandrake word is forbidden alone.
  - consolehelper is in usermode-consoleonly
  - fixed missing comma
  - fixed missing comma (Michael Scherer)
  - Add missing "More applications/Other" section
* Thu Feb 12 2004 Frederic Lepied <> 0.57.1-1mdk
  - removed buggy trigger code
* Thu Feb 12 2004 Frederic Lepied <> 0.57-1mdk
  - no-dependancy-on => no-dependency-on fixed perl
    check (Michael Scherer)
  - added Education as a valid group
  - makes postcheck not to whine about ghost files that
    are created by %triggerin scripts in addition to %pre and %post.
    (Ville Skyttä)
    Additionally, somewhat improved documentation on
    one-line-commands, using "should" instead of "must" since AFAICS
    %post -p <command> cannot be used if <command> needs parameters.
    (Ville Skyttä)
  - Add missing entries (David)
* Tue Feb 10 2004 Frederic Lepied <> 0.56-1mdk
  - changed uz@Latn locale
  - added missing ',' (Michael Scherer)
                  removed duplicated Physics entry
  - Better error message. Fixed bug when no
    files are present. (Michael Scherer)
  - more robust processing when scanning a directory
    (Michael Scherer)
    force to have / in directory names to allow to have directory
    with the same name as an installed package (Michael Scherer)
* Tue Jan 27 2004 Frederic Lepied <> 0.55-1mdk
  - final menu structure
* Fri Jan 23 2004 David Baudens <> 0.54-2mdk
  - Replace old menu structure by new menu structure
* Mon Jan 19 2004 Frederic Lepied <> 0.54-1mdk
  - adapted to rpm-python 4.2.2 reporting [] instead of None in rpm headers
  - Allow to pass a directory as an argument (Michael Scherer)
  - Added new language codes (Pablo)
  - allow the [[:space:]] construction (bug #6466) (Luca Berra)
  - in only-non-binary-in-usr-lib don't report
  directories (Michael Scherer)
  - mispelled-macro check (Michael Scherer)
* Mon Dec 22 2003 Frederic Lepied <> 0.53-1mdk
  - o log-files-without-logrotate (Michael Scherer)
  		 o non-standard-executable-perm was never run (Ville Skyttä)
  		 o added checks for correct depmod calls in scriptlets (Eric Sandeen)
  - new check (Ville Skyttä)
  - check lib packages only they start by lib (Pixel)
  - spelling fixes (Ville Skyttä)
  - allow multiple spaces before chkconfig (Eric Sandeen)
* Sat Sep 06 2003 Frederic Lepied <> 0.52-1mdk
  - o added explicit-lib-dependency check
                  o added invalid-build-requires check
  - o added exceptions for explicit-lib-dependency and
  	     o invalid-build-requires do not report errors on debug packages
* Wed Aug 06 2003 Frederic Lepied <> 0.51.1-1mdk
  - don't check devel-dependency on source packages
  - corrected info reports
* Tue Aug 05 2003 Frederic Lepied <> 0.51-1mdk
  - added devel-dependency check
                  fixed English typo (Pablo)
  - allow the following form for a patch instruction:
  %patch -P 1 (request from Stephan Kulow)
  - first version from Michael Scherer
  - in shell_var_value escape the var name to avoid a backtrace (Ville Skyttä)
  - don't warn on -debug packages (Ville Skyttä)
  - added init-script-name-with-dot check (Michael Scherer)
  - Added 'mn' to list of languages (Pablo)
                  Added some more languages (Pablo)
* Fri May 09 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 0.50-1mdk
  - Ship with rpmdiff
  - Add Zope Public License
  - Add %ifarch-applied-patch warning
  - Add hardcoded-library-path exceptions
  - Add hidden-file-or-dir check (Michael Scherer)
  - Fix Epoch tests (Ville Skyttä)
* Wed Apr 30 2003 Frederic Lepied <> 0.49-1mdk
  - added support for rpm 4.2 (Ville Skyttä)
  - Spelling fixes, new options: UseEpoch, ValidSrcPerms (Ville Skyttä).
  - Handle nosrc packages properly, add required Epoch
  functionality (Ville Skyttä).
  - Made valid source permissions configurable (Ville Skyttä).
  - Fixed Maori ('mi', was wrongly coded as 'ma'), Added
  various Indic languages that have Gnome/KDE translations, Added Xhosa
  (xh), changed Ganda code lug -> lg (we standardize on two letter
  codes) (Pablo)
* Fri Jan 17 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 0.48-2mdk
  - Add lib64 paths
  - Errour out about outside-libdir-files only if it
    concerns a library package.  This is heuristically determined on the
    package name as '^(lib|.+-libs)'.
* Fri Jan 17 2003 Frederic Lepied <> 0.48-1mdk
  o added a way to load an alternative config file (using -f).
   o * added lib-package-without-%mklibname
                   * don't parse changelog section to find errors and
                   correct source_dir_regex.
   o added outside-libdir-files
   o * Added 'en_US' as valid locale name
                   * Added "lug" (Luganda) language as a valid code for
                   * Added recognition of some more language codes
                   (Gnome includes some translations in those languages now)
   o various exceptions
* Fri Aug 09 2002 Frederic Lepied <> 0.47-1mdk
  o added /usr/lib/bonobo to no binary in /usr/lib exceptions
                       corrected wrong loop for /usr/lib check
   o added handling of default values.
   o Add lib64 as standard subdir in /usr (that's the /lib<qual> part of FHS)
   o Add lib64 directories
                    use default values from Config.
   o Added 'zh_HK' recognition
   o allow to add/del service with rpm-helper scripts.
   o add default values from Config.
   o added perl to dangerous command check trigger scripts too
                   check rpm-helper prereq.
                   corrected prereq test
   o Also check for \{?_prefix}?/lib references
* Wed Jun 05 2002 Frederic Lepied <> 0.46-1mdk
  o added no-binary and only-non-binary-in-usr-lib
* Tue Jun 04 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 0.45-1mdk
  o - Add configure-without-libdir-spec check
  	         - Add hardcoded-library-path check
* Thu May 30 2002 Frederic Lepied <> 0.44-1mdk
  o added non-ghost-file check
   o added non-root-user-log-file and non-root-group-log-file.
* Thu May 02 2002 Frederic Lepied <> 0.43-1mdk
  o added no-prereq-on check.
   o check that the package tags are coherent with the file name.
   o added a --policy option.
   o build only one regexp for all exception and correct the broken ones.
* Fri Mar 08 2002 Frederic Lepied <> 0.42-2mdk
  - corrected rpmdiff location
* Sun Mar 03 2002 Frederic Lepied <> 0.42-1mdk
  o allow perl and python dependencies to be on
  perl-base and python-base. Manage Mandrake perl versionning.
   o Added 'mt' to recognized locales
   o various exceptions.
* Sat Feb 09 2002 Frederic Lepied <> 0.41-1mdk
  o report missing %clean section.
   o check dependency on the right version of the
  interpreter for python and perl modules.
   o various exceptions.
* Thu Jan 10 2002 Frederic Lepied <> 0.40-1mdk
  o new check: invalid-menu-icon-type
   o added as an invalid Requires.
   o sync with setup 2.2.0-18mdk (Chmouel).
   o various exceptions.
   o build the package in a way that rpm -V doesn't report warnings.
* Fri Nov 30 2001 Frederic Lepied <> 0.39-2mdk
  o search references to home or tmp in /usr/lib/pkgconfig/ files.
   o .nosearch files are allowed to have a zero length.
   o added some exceptions.
* Sun Nov 25 2001 Frederic Lepied <> 0.39-1mdk
  o Corrected regexp to check devel provides.
                   Added the new check invalid-dependency.
   o Added incoherent-init-script-name check.
  	               Expand shell variable in incoherent-subsys check.
   o Use list imported from the setup package for users
     and groups (from
   o Don't print error about percent if post-script has a
                   %. (Chmouel)
  	         Check that RPM_BUILD_ROOT or RPM_BUILD_DIR isn't
   o Check also /home/cooker/rebuild/main/rpm/SOURCES.
                   Check that the BuildRoot tag doesn't contain a
                   hardcoded path.
   o Check if .la files contain tmp or home
* Tue Oct 30 2001 Frederic Lepied <> 0.38-1mdk
  o check that major version is present in package
   o check that regular files haven't a zero size.
   o only check binary packages.
   o don't allow space before tag name.
   o * allow space after the release in a changelog entry.
                   * updated list of licenses from and added non
                   opensource ones.
                  * report a warning if no url tag is defined.
   o various exceptions.
   o correct boolean expression for strange-permission
* Wed Oct 17 2001 Frederic Lepied <> 0.37-1mdk
  o allow 0755 as a valid mode for source.
   o various exceptions
   o added invalid-word check in description and summary.
                   added invalid-buildhost check.
   o added .cvsignore to the list of cvs-internal-file.
   o check for new style of pic sections.
   o Check if kernel modules are in the kernel package. (Chmouel)
   o track command with full path too.
   o added squid group and user.
   o Warn for man pages without version in library packages.
   o More explicit path regexp check for info files. (Chmouel)
* Sat Sep 29 2001 Frederic Lepied <> 0.36-1mdk
  - check if a menu file is executable.
  - added -n/--noexception option to display all the errors/warnings
  without exceptions from Config.
  - added the bugzilla https address as a valid one.
  - o ghost-files-without-postun => ghost-files-without-postin
  		o check if /tmp or /var/tmp is used.
  		o check if update-menus is called without a menu file.
  - added /etc/logrotate.d entry check.
  - various exceptions
* Wed Aug 22 2001 Frederic Lepied <> 0.35-1mdk
  - o Make libraries not linked against libc errors
    and not warnings. (Bill Nottingham)
                      o libc doesn't need to be linked against libc,
    and the dynamic linker doesn't need dependeny information. (Bill Nottingham)
  	            o Fix some of the library checks to be more correct. (Bill
  - added a check on obsoleted packages not provided.
  - check non readable files.
  - check ~/ instead of ~ to allow awk scripts not to
    give false reports.
  - o added a check for / in menu titles.
                  o Add missing menu entries. (FredC)
  - Added 'bs' as a valid language code name. (Pablo)
  - added a few exceptions.
* Mon Jul 16 2001 Frederic Lepied <> 0.34-1mdk
  - added missing descriptions.
  - added -a option to check all the installed packages.
  - handle the libbzip2_1-devel case.
* Sat Jul 07 2001 Christian Belisle <> 0.33-2mdk
  - Added descriptions for the -i option.
* Tue Jul 03 2001 Frederic Lepied <> 0.33-1mdk
  - more descriptions from Christian Belisle.
  - new check for files which can cause upgrade
   problems in the library packages.
  - try to check alpha/beta/pre version improper use.
  - print description only if they aren't empty.
  - added a check for obsolete tags.
  - added named user and group to the exception list.
* Tue Jun 19 2001 Christian Belisle <> 0.32-2mdk
  - Added descriptions for the -i option.
* Thu Jun 14 2001 Frederic Lepied <> 0.32-1mdk
  - o If the file given on the command line doesn't exist,
                 try to use the name as an installed package to check.
                o new -i option to give explanation on the errors/warnings (not too much
                 descriptions have been added ;-)
  - added new Office sub menus.
  - o added /usr/X11R6/man subdirs to the list of
  	         o warn for .so file only if they are in a lib dir.
                   o warn for source files in a non devel package only if they are not
                    doc files.
  - corrected description-line-too-long check.
  - add the rpm user and group per request of Jeff
  	         Johnson for the future version of rpm.
* Sat May 19 2001 Frederic Lepied <> 0.31-1mdk
  - check that a script isn't only one command.
                  check postin and prein instead of postun and preun
  	        for ghost files creation.
  - don't check NO_XALF in menu command.
  - Add rpcuser.
  - Expections for ldconfig, initscripts, netkit-base and iputils.
  - check length of summary and description lines.
* Fri Feb 16 2001 Frederic Lepied <> 0.30-1mdk
  - check if runlevels are set
  - added support to check launchers.
  - check subdirs of /sur/share/man.
  - check that the postun creates the ghost files
                  added install to dangerous commands
  - first version
  - changed Window Maker to WindowMaker
                  Add https as valid url.
                  Used list of licenses from
                  Check the full license before splitting in it
                  multiple parts.
* Thu Dec 07 2000 Frederic Lepied <> 0.29-1mdk
  - Add /sbin/sash as VALID_SHELLS.
  - added exceptions for dev.
  - check dangling-symlink in the file index too to
  avoid missing special files that aren't created when extracted as a
  - added a generic way to avoid dangling-symlink
  - for devel packages, check dependency on lib package
  only when a .so file is present.
  - add some execptions for pam (0750 dir for /etc/default
  is normal as weel to have gpasswd and chage as suid).
  - Don't check info-file-with-install-info for bash since
  it's by default in the dir file.
* Fri Nov 24 2000 Frederic Lepied <> 0.28-1mdk
  - o check -devel package naming scheme only on binary
                  o report a warning if a -devel package comes with no
                  major in its name.
                  o added python licence and public domain.
                  o check syntax of url tag.
  - only check compression on tar or diff files.
  - various exceptions added.
  - o report the file location on objdump errors. 
                      o new error: executable in library package.
  - fuzzy check on packages without dependency on
  - check if a package provides sources.
  - force a separator before dangerous command.
* Mon Nov 13 2000 Frederic Lepied <> 0.27-1mdk
  - don't warn if a games is setgid games.
  - README: RpmGamesGroup added to the list of available options.
  - added exception for xman.
  - check ldconfig symlinks.
  - don't check no-version-in-changelog for source rpm.
* Fri Nov 10 2000 Frederic Lepied <> 0.26-1mdk
  - added various exceptions.
  - o allow multiple licenses.
                  o don't report anymore the package-provides-itself warning because
                  it's the default in rpm 4.
                  o try to not report incoherent-version-in-changelog for sub-packages.
  - correct the non-transparent-xpm check.
  - don't report buggy length-symlink anymore.
* Fri Oct 13 2000 Frederic Lepied <> 0.25-1mdk
  - added exception for sympa, rpm and bcast.
  - o check that devel package depends on the base
                    package with the same version.
                  o check that summary begins with a
  - o check dangerous commands.
                  ocheck reference to ~ or $HOME.
  - o check that titles and longtitles begin by a capital
                  o check that no version is included in title and longtitle.
                  o /lib/cpp errors to /dev/null for new cpp.
  - check package owning system dirs.
  - o new check.
                  o check name of spec file.
                  o check use of $RPM_SOURCE_DIR.
                  o warn if a patch is not applied.
* Tue Oct 03 2000 Frederic Lepied <> 0.24-1mdk
  - added apache and postgres to standard groups.
  - spell check a la Debian.
* Sat Sep 30 2000 Frederic Lepied <> 0.23-1mdk
  - added Applications/Accessibility.
                  check that menu	files are readable by everyone.
  - removed exception for /home.
               added exceptions for vixie-cron.
  - check cvs internal files.
* Wed Sep 13 2000 Frederic Lepied <> 0.22-1mdk
  - print a warning on empty script.
  - added postgres and apache to default users.
  - added as a valid packager address.
  - check *.mo for file-not-in-%lang, not only in /usr/share/locale
  -, replaced Networking/ICQ group with Networking/Instant messaging.
* Fri Sep 01 2000 Frederic Lepied <> 0.21-1mdk
  - check packager field compliance to a regexp.
  - imported default exceptions.
  - added Apache License, PHP Licence and BSD-Style.
  - check hardcoded path in icon field and large, mini, 
    normal icon files.
  - Fix typo in check of /usr/bin/perl.
  - Check perl script like we do for bash script.
  - updated locales list
  - Only check perl_temp_file in a /perl/ directory.
* Sat Aug 26 2000 Frederic Lepied <> 0.20-1mdk
  - new check for /etc/rc.d/init.d scripts.
  - check when a script is present that the shell is valid.
  - report warnings for app-defaults only
  in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults.
  - report the rpath warning if the directory isn't a
  sub-directory of /usr/lib/.
* Sat Aug 19 2000 Frederic Lepied <> 0.19-1mdk
  - check rpath only on system lib paths (ie /lib,
  /usr/lib and /usr/X11R6/lib).  This can be configured with the
  SystemLibPaths option.
  - warn if .mo is not registered in %lang.
  - protected kdesu check.
  - check perl temporary files.
  - added ExtractDir option usable in the config
  - check ] in if statement.  report warning for a
* Fri Aug 11 2000 Frederic Lepied <> 0.18-1mdk
  - TagsCheck: check licence file.
  - ConfigCheck: check files without no-replace flag.
  - MenuCheck: allow depency on kdesu to point directly to /usr/bin/kdesu.
  - FHSCheck: allow ftp and www in var (from upcoming FHS 2.2).
* Wed Aug 09 2000 Frederic Lepied <> 0.17-1mdk
  - PostCheck: check bourne shell syntax (Chmouel).
  - FileCheck: o check chkconfig calls for packages with a file in
               o allow the call to install-info to be in %preun.
  - MenuCheck: o take care of kdesu (Chmouel).
  - various exceptions added.
* Thu Jul 20 2000 Frederic Lepied <> 0.16-1mdk
  - FHSCheck activated by default.
  - FileCheck: o check dangling symlinks.
               o check info/dir.
* Wed Jun 28 2000 Frederic Lepied <> 0.15-1mdk
  - 0.15:
   o check non transparent pixmaps in icon path
   o added a check for soname
   o added a warning for packages that provide themselves (for Pixel)
   o corrected check for needs in menu files.
   o various exceptions added.
* Tue Apr 18 2000 Frederic Lepied <> 0.14-1mdk
  - 0.14:
   o MenuCheck: check old entries from KDE and GNOME and allow entries
  for sections.
   o config: exceptions for urpmi, sash, octave, ghc, procmail, rsh.
   o extract temp files in <tmppath>/<pkgname>.<pid>
* Tue Apr 11 2000 Frederic Lepied <> 0.13-1mdk
  - 0.13:
   o MenuCheck: issue a warning if no icon specified (Chmouel).
                corrected list of correct sections (Chmouel).
   o FilesCheck: check ldconfig calls in %post and %postun if the package
  provide a library.
   o config: new exceptions added.
   o BinariesCheck: check non sparc32 binaries in sparc packages.
* Sat Apr 01 2000 Frederic Lepied <> 0.12-1mdk
  - 0.12:
   o MenuCheck: check binaries launched by menus and
                check update-menus %post and %postun.
   o BinariesCheck: check for non sparc32 binaries in sparc rpms.
* Tue Mar 28 2000 Frederic Lepied <> 0.11-1mdk
  - 0.11:
   o check menu files.
* Tue Mar 14 2000 Frederic Lepied <> 0.10-1mdk
  - 1.10:
   o check .h, .a and .so in non devel package.
   o check files in /home.
   o corrected lists of groups.
* Mon Feb 28 2000 Frederic Lepied <> 0.9.2-1mdk
  - added a dependency on rpm-python.
  - corrected rpm 3.0.4 support.
* Wed Feb 23 2000 Frederic Lepied <> 0.9.1-1mdk
  - updated to support the way rpm 3.0.4 stores file names.
* Thu Feb 10 2000 Frederic Lepied <> 0.9-1mdk
  - 0.9: * gpg support.
         * check release extension.
         * check non executable in bin directories.
         * new options: ValidGroups, ReleaseExtension and
* Thu Dec 30 1999 Frederic Lepied <> 0.8-1mdk
  - 0.8: I18N checks, some exceptions added.
* Mon Nov 15 1999 Frederic Lepied <>
  - 0.7: more robust cleanup, filters are regexp now and added
  exception for /var/catman subirs beeing setgid.
* Sun Oct 24 1999 Frederic Lepied <>
  - 0.6.1: corrected compilation step.
* Sun Oct 24 1999 Frederic Lepied <>
  - 0.6: filter output, documentation checks.
* Sat Oct 16 1999 Frederic Lepied <>
  - 0.5: FHS check, configuration files.
* Sat Oct 09 1999 Chmouel Boudjnah <>
  - Add Doc.
* Fri Oct 08 1999 Frederic Lepied <>
  - version 0.4: pgp check and group name check.
* Thu Oct 07 1999 Frederic Lepied <>
  - version 0.3.
* Tue Oct 05 1999 Frederic Lepied <>
  - version 0.2.
* Sat Oct 02 1999 Frederic Lepied <>
  - First spec file for Mandrake distribution.



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