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Packages beginning with letter T

t1lib-config-5.1.0-1mdk Configuration for t1lib linux/x86_64
t1lib-progs-5.1.0-1mdk Programs dor manipulating Type 1 font linux/x86_64
t1utils-1.32-2mdk Programs for manipulating PostScript Type 1 fonts linux/x86_64
t38modem-0.8.0-0.20050322.3mdk H.323 fax (T.38) client linux/x86_64
tabatha-0.6-1mdk Push-button menu for system commands linux/noarch
taglib-1.4-1mdk TagLib, is well, a library for reading and editing audio meta data. linux/x86_64
tagtool-0.12.2-1mdk Audio file (MP3/OGG) tag editor linux/x86_64
tailor-0.8-1mdk A tool to migrate changesets between several version control systems linux/noarch
taipeifonts-1.2-20mdk taipei chinese big5 fonts linux/noarch
talk-0.17-9mdk Talk client for one-on-one Internet chatting linux/x86_64
talk-server-0.17-9mdk Server for the talk program linux/x86_64
tap-plugins-0.7.0-1mdk Tom's Audio Processing plugins linux/x86_64
taper-7.0-0.pre1.3mdk A menu-driven file backup system linux/x86_64
tar-1.15.1-5.2.20060mdk A GNU file archiving program linux/x86_64
task-c++-devel-2006-1mdk Metapackage for C++ development linux/noarch
task-c-devel-2006-1mdk Metapackage for C development linux/noarch
task-gnome-2006-1mdk Metapackage for the GNOME linux/noarch
task-kde-3.4.2-1mdk Metapackage for KDE linux/noarch
task-kde-devel-3.4.2-1mdk Metapackage for KDE development linux/noarch
taskjuggler-2.1.1-1mdk Project management software linux/x86_64
taskjuggler-kde-2.1.1-1mdk Project Management Software for KDE linux/x86_64
tavrasm-1.22-1mdk A AVR assembler linux/x86_64
tcc-0.9.22-1mdk Tiny C Compiler linux/x86_64
tcl-8.4.11-1mdk An embeddable scripting language linux/x86_64
tcl-rrdtool-1.2.11-1mdk RRD Tool TCL interface linux/x86_64
tcl-sqlite3-3.2.2-2mdk Tcl binding for sqlite3 linux/x86_64
tcl-vtk-4.4.2-7mdk Tcl bindings for VTK linux/x86_64
tcl3270-3.3.4p3-1mdk Tcl-based scripted 3270 Emulator linux/x86_64
tcllib-8.4.11-1mdk Library of utility modules for tcl linux/x86_64
tclreadline-2.1.0-9mdk Tcl/Tk readline enhanced shells linux/x86_64
tclx-8.4.11-1mdk Tcl/Tk extensions for POSIX systems linux/x86_64
tcp_wrappers-7.6-26mdk A security tool which acts as a wrapper for TCP daemons linux/x86_64
tcp_wrappers-devel-7.6-26mdk A security library which acts as a wrapper for TCP daemons linux/x86_64
tcpdump-3.9.3-1.3.20060mdk A network traffic monitoring tool linux/x86_64
tcpflow-0.21-2mdk Network traffic recorder linux/x86_64
tcpreplay-2.3.5-2mdk A tool to replay captured network traffic linux/x86_64
tcpslice-1.2a1-0.20040517.3mdk A tool for extracting portions of packet trace files linux/x86_64
tcpstat-1.5-3mdk A network statistics reporter linux/x86_64
tcptraceroute-1.5-0.beta4.2mdk Tcptraceroute is a traceroute implementation using TCP packets linux/x86_64
tcron-0.5.0-1mdk Another cron daemon linux/x86_64
tcsh-6.14-1mdk An enhanced version of csh, the C shell linux/x86_64
tdb-utils-1.0.6-6mdk Utilities using the lib64tdb1 library linux/x86_64
tea-10.1-1mdk A simple-in-use GTK-based text editor linux/x86_64
teatime-2.6.0-1mdk Teatime applet for GNOME 2 linux/x86_64
ted-2.17-1mdk Ted, an easy Rich Text Processor linux/x86_64
teg-0.11.1-1mdk Clone of a Risk clone linux/x86_64
telnet-0.17-12mdk Client for the telnet remote login protocol linux/x86_64
telnet-client-krb5-1.4.2-2.2.20060mdk A telnet-client with kerberos support linux/x86_64
telnet-server-krb5-1.4.2-2.2.20060mdk A telnet-server with kerberos support linux/x86_64
telnetd-0.17-12mdk A extremely unsecure telnet server linux/x86_64
tengen-0.1.0-1mdk Go chess for GNOME linux/noarch
tentakel-2.2-1mdk Tentakel is a program that executes the same command on many hosts in parallel linux/noarch
termcap-11.0.1-9mdk The terminal feature database used by certain applications linux/noarch
terminal-0.2.4-2mdk X Terminal Emulator linux/x86_64
terminal-server-1.5-24mdk Terminal Server linux/noarch
terminal-server-localdevices-1.0-3mdk This enables the local devices on an X terminal. linux/x86_64
terminatorX-3.82-1mdk Realtime Audio Synthesizer linux/x86_64
terminus-font-4.14-1mdk Fixed width font especially for long hacking sessions linux/noarch
tesseracttrainer-0.1.3-1mdk Tesseract Trainer linux/x86_64
testdisk-5.8-2mdk Tool to check and undelete partition linux/x86_64
tetex-3.0-12.3.20060mdk The TeX text formatting system linux/x86_64
tetex-afm-3.0-12.3.20060mdk A converter for PostScript(TM) font metric files, for use with TeX linux/x86_64
tetex-cmsuper-0.3.3-5mdk The CM-Super font set linux/noarch
tetex-context-3.0-12.3.20060mdk Document engineering system based on TeX linux/x86_64
tetex-devel-3.0-12.3.20060mdk Development libraries (kpathsea) for teTeX linux/x86_64
tetex-doc-3.0-12.3.20060mdk The documentation files for the TeX text formatting system linux/x86_64
tetex-dvilj-3.0-12.3.20060mdk A DVI to HP PCL (Printer Control Language) converter linux/x86_64
tetex-dvipdfm-3.0-12.3.20060mdk A DVI to PDF converter linux/x86_64
tetex-dvips-3.0-12.3.20060mdk A DVI to PostScript converter for the TeX text formatting system linux/x86_64
tetex-latex-3.0-12.3.20060mdk The LaTeX front end for the TeX text formatting system linux/x86_64
tetex-latex-arab-3.11k-1mdk Files for processing Arabic LaTeX documents linux/noarch
tetex-latex-heb-1.0-6mdk Files for processing Hebrew LaTeX documents linux/noarch
tetex-mfwin-3.0-12.3.20060mdk Metafont with output window linux/x86_64
tetex-texi2html-3.0-12.3.20060mdk Convert texinfo (GNU docs) directly to HTML for easy reading linux/x86_64
tetex-xdvi-3.0-12.3.20060mdk An X viewer for DVI files linux/x86_64
tethereal-0.99.0-0.2.20060mdk Text-mode network traffic and protocol analyzer linux/x86_64
tetrinetx-1.13.16-3mdk TetriNET server linux/x86_64
teuchos-1.2-2.1.20060mdk The Trilinos Tools Library linux/x86_64
tex2im-1.8-1mdk A simple tool for converting LaTeX formulas into pixmap graphics linux/noarch
tex4ht-1.0.2005_07_17_1932-1mdk Translates tex (and latex) into html+gifs or xml+mathml+gifs linux/x86_64
texi2html-1.76-2mdk Convert texinfo (GNU docs) directly to HTML for easy reading linux/noarch
texinfo-4.8-1.2.20060mdk Tools needed to create Texinfo format documentation files linux/x86_64
tftp-0.40-2mdk The client and server for the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) linux/x86_64
tftp-server-0.40-2mdk The server for the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) linux/x86_64
thoggen-0.3-2mdk Wizard-style DVD backup utility linux/x86_64
thttpd-2.25b-3mdk Throttleable lightweight httpd server linux/x86_64
tidy-20050415-1mdk Program for tidying up messy HTML linux/x86_64
tightvnc-1.2.9-6mdk Remote graphical access linux/x86_64
tightvnc-doc-1.2.9-6mdk Complete documentation for VNC linux/x86_64
tightvnc-server-1.2.9-6mdk A VNC server linux/x86_64
tikiwiki-1.9.2-0.1.20060mdk A PHP-based CMS/Groupware web application with a full Wiki environment linux/noarch
tilp-6.79-1mdk Communicate with TI graphing calculators linux/x86_64
time-1.7-27mdk A GNU utility for monitoring a program's use of system resources. linux/x86_64
timeconfig-3.2-9mdk Text mode tools for setting system time parameters. linux/x86_64
timemachine-0.3.0-2mdk Records audio up to ten seconds ago linux/x86_64
timezone-2007c-0.1.20060mdk Timezone data linux/x86_64
timidity-init-0.3-1mdk Init script for TiMidity++ ALSA sequencer linux/noarch
timidity-instruments-1.0-19mdk Instruments for the timidity midi->wave converter/player linux/noarch
timidity-patch-freepats-20040611-1mdk Free patch set for MIDI audio synthesis linux/noarchlinux/noarch
timidity-patch-freepats-20040611-1mdk Free patch set for MIDI audio synthesis linux/noarch
tinyca-0.7.0-1mdk Small Certification Authority (CA) manager linux/noarch
tinycdb-0.74-4mdk Constant Database linux/x86_64
tinyfugue-5.0-0.b6.2mdk Flexible, screen-oriented MUD client, for use with any type of MUD linux/x86_64
tinyproxy-1.6.3-2mdk A lightweight, non-caching, optionally anonymizing http proxy linux/x86_64
tiobench-0.3.3-1mdk A test program for filesystem performance. linux/x86_64
tix-8.4.11-1mdk A set of capable widgets for Tk linux/x86_64
tk-8.4.11-1mdk Tk GUI toolkit for Tcl linux/x86_64
tkbabel-0.59-2mdk Tk/Tcl frontend for babelfish language translation linux/noarch
tkcvs-7.2.2-1.1.20060mdk Tk interface for CVS linux/noarch
tkdvd-3.8-1mdk Simple DVD mastering GUI linux/noarch
tkeca-4.0.2-2mdk Tk GUI for Ecasound multitrack audio editor and recorder linux/noarch
tkiaxphone-1.0-0.20050410.3mdk Simple IAX phone client linux/x86_64
tkinter-2.4.1-5.1.20060mdk A graphical user interface for the Python scripting language linux/x86_64
tkrat-2.2-0.20050216.1mdk Mailer linux/x86_64
tkseti-3.10.2-2mdk TCL/TK front-end to the seti@home unix client linux/noarch
tksysv-1.3-5mdk An X editor for editing runlevel services. linux/noarch
tkxinput-1.0-7mdk A Tk extension to handle additional input devices in X11 linux/x86_64
tla-1.3.3-1mdk TLA revision control system linux/x86_64
tmake-1.13-1mdk Easy-to-use tool for creating and maintaining portable makefiles linux/noarch
tmda-1.0.3-3mdk Tagged Message Delivery Agent linux/noarch
tmda-emacs-1.0.3-3mdk Tagged Message Deliver Agent - Emacs Support Files linux/noarch
tmdns-0.5.2-1mdk A Multicast DNS Responder for Linux linux/x86_64
tmispell-voikko-0.5.0-0.1.20060mdk Ispell compatible front-end for Voikko linux/x86_64
tmpwatch-2.9.4-1mdk A utility for removing files based on when they were last accessed linux/x86_64
tn5250-0.16.5-3mdk 5250 Telnet protocol and Terminal linux/x86_64
tn5250-devel-0.16.5-3mdk Development tools for 5250 protocol. linux/x86_64
tnef-1.3.3-1mdk Decodes MS-TNEF attachments linux/x86_64
tofu-0.2-1mdk Tofu is a network game engine written with python and twisted linux/noarch
tomboy-0.3.3-1mdk Tomboy is a desktop note-taking application for Linux and Unix linux/x86_64
tomoe-0.2.1-1mdk A program which does Japanese handwriting recognition linux/x86_64
toppler-1.1.1-1mdk Reimplementation of the old game known as Tower Toppler or Nebulous linux/x86_64
tor- Anonymizing overlay network for TCP (The onion router) linux/x86_64
torcs-data-1.2.4-1mdk Data files for torcs linux/noarch
torcs-data-cars-extra-1.2.4-1mdk Extra cars for TORCS linux/noarch
torque-1.2.0-1mdk The Portable Batch System linux/x86_64
torque-client-1.2.0-1mdk The Portable Batch System (PBS) client linux/x86_64
torque-xpbs-1.2.0-1mdk The Portable Batch System (PBS) X interface linux/x86_64
torrentsniff-0.3.0-3mdk Reports status information of BitTorrent distributed downloads linux/noarch
torrentutils-0.3.0-2mdk Utilities for BitTorrent files linux/noarch
torsmo-0.18-1mdk Torsmo is a system monitor like gkrellm, but lightweight linux/x86_64
totem-1.0.4-2mdk Movie player for GNOME 2 linux/x86_64
totem-common-1.0.4-2mdk Common data files for totem linux/x86_64
totem-gstreamer-1.0.4-2mdk Movie player for GNOME 2 linux/x86_64
tpad-1.3-1mdk Windows XP (TM) enhanced Notepad clone written in Tcl/Tk linux/noarch
tpb-0.6.3-1mdk Program to use the IBM ThinkPad(tm) special keys linux/x86_64
tptest-3.1.7-2mdk TPTEST - Network throughput measurement program linux/x86_64
tptest-masterserver-3.1.7-2mdk TPTEST - Network throughput measurement masterserver linux/x86_64
tptest-server-3.1.7-2mdk TPTEST - Network throughput measurement server linux/x86_64
trac-0.8.4-5.1.20060mdk Integrated SCM & Project manager linux/noarch
trac-cgi-0.8.4-5.1.20060mdk Trac Integrated SCM & Project manager - cgi frontend linux/noarch
trac-standalone-0.8.4-5.1.20060mdk Trac Integrated SCM & Project manager - standalone frontend linux/noarch
traceroute-1.4a12-5mdk Traces the route taken by packets over a TCP/IP network. linux/x86_64
trackballs-1.1.0-2mdk A Marble Madness-like game linux/x86_64
trackballs-music-1.2-2mdk In-game music for Trackballs - A Marble Madness-like game linux/noarch
transfig-3.2.5-0.2mdk A utility for converting FIG files (made by xfig) to other formats linux/x86_64
transset-1.2-1mdk Window Transparency Tool linux/x86_64
tree-1.5.0-1mdk A utility which displays a tree view of directory contents. linux/x86_64
tree-puzzle-5.2-1mdk Maximum likelihood analysis for nucleotide, amino acid and two-state data linux/x86_64
treecc-0.3.6-1mdk A tool for helping in compiler development linux/x86_64
trickle-1.07-1mdk A portable lightweight userspace bandwidth shaper linux/x86_64
trm-0.2.1-3mdk Application that generates Relatable TRM acoustic fingerprints linux/x86_64
trn-3.6-17mdk A news reader that displays postings in threaded format linux/x86_64
trophy-1.1.3-6mdk Trophy is a 2D car racing action game for Linux. linux/x86_64
tsclient-0.132-3mdk Terminal Server Client is a frontend for rdesktop for the GNOME2 platform. linux/x86_64
tse3-0.2.7-8mdk Trax Sequencer Engine linux/x86_64
tsemgr-0.08-1mdk Manager for SonyEricsson T68m/i mobile phones linux/x86_64
tshark-0.99.4-0.1.20060mdk Text-mode network traffic and protocol analyzer linux/x86_64
tsid-0.9-3mdk TSID: Time SID Manager linux/x86_64
tsid-devel-0.9-3mdk Header files for compiling apps that use libtsid linux/x86_64
tsocks-1.8-0.beta5.1mdk A transparent SOCKS proxying library linux/x86_64
ttcp-1.12-2mdk A tool for testing TCP connections. linux/x86_64
ttfprint-0.9-5mdk Generates Chinese compliant postscript files for printing. linux/x86_64
ttv-3.94-3mdk Display TV/video on a tty linux/x86_64
tutka-0.12.2-1mdk Tracker-style MIDI sequencer linux/x86_64
tutos-1.2.20050306-2mdk The Ultimate Team Organisation Software linux/noarch
tux_aqfh-1.0.14-7mdk Tuxedo T. Penguin: A Quest For Herring linux/x86_64
tuxkart-0.4.0-3mdk Tuxedo T. Penguin stars in Tuxkart linux/x86_64
tuxmathscrabble-2.7-1mdk A math version of the popular board game for ages 4-40 linux/noarch
tuxpaint-0.9.14-1mdk Simple and fun paint program for kids linux/x86_64
tuxpaint-stamps-2003.12.23-1mdk Pictures for use with the paint program Tuxpaint. linux/noarch
tuxpuck-0.8.2-5mdk Clone of ShufflePuck Cafe historical game linux/x86_64
tuxsaver-1.0-4mdk TuxSaver linux/x86_64
tuxtype2-1.5.3-1mdk An educatioinal typing tutor game starring Tux linux/x86_64
tv-fonts-1.1-2mdk Fonts for TV programs (fbtv, motv, ttv, xawtv) linux/noarch
tv_to_potatoe-0.5.40-2mdk Convert XML to the potatoe guide view tool linux/noarch
tvtime-1.0.1-1mdk High quality television application linux/x86_64
twig-2.8.3-1mdk The Web Information Gateway linux/noarch
txt2regex-0.8-1mdk A program to generate regex linux/noarch
txt2tags-2.3-1mdk Converts text files to HTML, XHTML, sgml, LaTeX, man, etc linux/noarch

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