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RPM of Group Office

Guppi-0.40.3-12mdk GNOME Data Analysis and Visualization linux/x86_64
LinCompta-0.3.5-5mdk Analytical accounting program linux/x86_64 Open source office suite linux/i586 Czech templates for the suite linux/noarch Czech help data for linux/i586 German help data for linux/i586 English US help data for linux/i586 Spanish help data for linux/i586 Basque help data for linux/i586 Finnish help data for linux/i586 French help data for linux/i586 Italian help data for linux/i586 Japanese help data for linux/i586 Korean help data for linux/i586 Dutch help data for linux/i586 Portuguese Brazilian help data for linux/i586 Russian help data for linux/i586 Slovak help data for linux/i586 Slovenian help data for linux/i586 Swedish help data for linux/i586 Turkish help data for linux/i586 Chinese Simplified help data for linux/i586 Chinese Traditional help data for linux/i586 Afrikaans language support for linux/i586 Arabic language support for linux/i586 Catalan language support for linux/i586 Czech language support for linux/i586 Welsh language support for linux/i586 Danish language support for linux/i586 German language support for linux/i586 Greek language support for linux/i586 English US language support for linux/i586 Spanish language support for linux/i586 Estonian language support for linux/i586 Basque language support for linux/i586 Finnish language support for linux/i586 French language support for linux/i586 Hebrew language support for linux/i586 Hungarian language support for linux/i586 Italian language support for linux/i586 Japanese language support for linux/i586 Korean language support for linux/i586 Norwegian Bokmal language support for linux/i586 Dutch language support for linux/i586 Norwegian Nynorsk language support for linux/i586 Northern Sotho language support for linux/i586 Polish language support for linux/i586 Portuguese language support for linux/i586 Portuguese Brazilian language support for linux/i586 Russian language support for linux/i586 Slovak language support for linux/i586 Slovenian language support for linux/i586 Swedish language support for linux/i586 Turkish language support for linux/i586 Chinese Simplified language support for linux/i586 Chinese Traditional language support for linux/i586 Zulu language support for linux/i586 shared libraries linux/i586
abiword-2.3.5-1mdk Lean and fast full-featured word processor linux/x86_64
abiword-doc-de-2.3.5-1mdk German documentation and helpfiles for Abiword linux/x86_64
abiword-doc-en-2.3.5-1mdk English documentation and helpfiles for Abiword linux/x86_64
abiword-doc-fr-2.3.5-1mdk French documentation and helpfiles for Abiword linux/x86_64
abiword-doc-pl-2.3.5-1mdk Polish documentation and helpfiles for Abiword linux/x86_64
abiword-plugin-abicommand-2.3.5-1mdk This plugin offers a command line interface to AbiWord linux/x86_64
abiword-plugin-abidash-2.3.5-1mdk Plugin template for a notification style plugin linux/x86_64
abiword-plugin-abigimp-2.3.5-1mdk Enables editing of your images in The GIMP linux/x86_64
abiword-plugin-abigochart-2.3.5-1mdk Plugin to create Gnome Office charts linux/x86_64
abiword-plugin-abigrammar-2.3.5-1mdk Plugin to allow grammar checking linux/x86_64
abiword-plugin-abimathview-2.3.5-1mdk Plugin to import and edit MathML documents linux/x86_64
abiword-plugin-abipsion-2.3.5-1mdk Plugin allowing import/export from Psion PDA linux/x86_64
abiword-plugin-aiksaurus-2.3.5-1mdk Plugin to allow abiword to connect with AikSaurus linux/x86_64
abiword-plugin-babelfish-2.3.5-1mdk Plugin to allow abiword to show babelfish translations linux/x86_64
abiword-plugin-freetranslation-2.3.5-1mdk Plugin to allow abiword to connect with freetranslation linux/x86_64
abiword-plugin-gda-2.3.5-1mdk Plugin to import from databases linux/x86_64
abiword-plugin-gdict-2.3.5-1mdk Plugin to allow abiword to use gdict linux/x86_64
abiword-plugin-google-2.3.5-1mdk Plugins allows Google search for selected text linux/x86_64
abiword-plugin-graphics-2.3.5-1mdk Plugins to allow abiword to import images linux/x86_64
abiword-plugin-impexp-2.3.5-1mdk Plugins to allow abiword to import file types from other wordprocessors linux/x86_64
abiword-plugin-ots-2.3.5-1mdk Plugin to summarize text linux/x86_64
abiword-plugin-shell-2.3.5-1mdk Enables redirection of shell output into AbiWord linux/x86_64
abiword-plugin-urldict-2.3.5-1mdk Plugin to allow abiword to use dict through a web browser linux/x86_64
abiword-plugin-wikipedia-2.3.5-1mdk Plugin to allow abiword to connect with WikiPedia linux/x86_64
aiksaurus-1.2.1-2mdk An English-language thesaurus library linux/x86_64
aiksaurus-data-1.2.1-2mdk An English-language thesaurus library linux/x86_64
aiksaurusgtk-1.2.1-2mdk A GTK+ thesaurus application linux/x86_64
aqhbci-qt-tools-1.0.5-0.beta.2mdk Aqbanking HBCI KDE configuration wizard linux/x86_64
aqmoney-0.6.3-2mdk Command line homebanking application using OpenHBCI linux/x86_64
basket-0.5.0-2mdk BasKet for KDE linux/x86_64
catdoc-0.94-1mdk Converts MS-Word file to text linux/x86_64
cire-0.14.0-2mdk An Open-Source Diary Program linux/x86_64
dia-0.94-6.4.20060mdk A gtk+ based diagram creation program linux/x86_64
dlume-0.2.4-2mdk An easy to use address book linux/x86_64
drakoo-0.6-2mdk A file format wizard for linux/noarch
drwright-0.18-0.1.20060mdk A program that reminds you to take regular breaks from your computer linux/x86_64
etude-2.6.1-1mdk A client management program for lawyers linux/noarch
fox-example-apps-1.4.17-2mdk FOX example applications linux/x86_64
gaddr-1.1.4-4mdk Simple little address book linux/x86_64
galculator-1.2.5-1mdk Galculator is a GTK 2 based calculator linux/x86_64
gcal-3.01-9mdk Print calendars linux/x86_64
gdict-0.7-8mdk Client for MIT's dictionary server linux/x86_64
geda-20040111-1mdk A project manager linux/x86_64
ggradebook-0.91-2mdk The GNU teacher's gradebook linux/x86_64
ggv-2.8.5-1mdk GNOME PostScript viewer linux/x86_64
glabels-2.0.3-1mdk Glabels is a GNOME program to create labels and business cards linux/x86_64
gnome-pilot-conduits-2.0.13-2mdk Gnome-pilot conduits linux/x86_64
gnome-pim-1.4.9-6mdk The GNOME Personal Information Manager. linux/x86_64
gnucash-1.8.11-3mdk GnuCash is an application to keep track of your finances linux/x86_64
gnucash-hbci-1.8.11-3mdk Enables HBCI importing in GnuCash linux/x86_64
gnucash-ofx-1.8.11-3mdk Enables OFX importing in GnuCash linux/x86_64
gnucash-sql-1.8.11-3mdk PostgreSQL backend for GnuCash linux/x86_64
gnumeric-1.4.3-5mdk A full-featured spreadsheet for GNOME linux/x86_64
gournal-0.3-1mdk GNOME hardwriting notepad linux/noarch
grisbi-0.5.7-2mdk Personnal finances manager linux/x86_64
gtodo-0.14-5mdk TODO List manager for Gnome 2 linux/x86_64
ical-2.2-32mdk An X Window System-based calendar program linux/x86_64
kbudget-0.6-4mdk KBudget is a budgeting and personal finance program for KDE linux/x86_64
kdissert-1.0.4-1mdk Mindmapping-like tool linux/x86_64
kexchange-1.0-3mdk A currency converter using up to date exchange rates from the Internet linux/x86_64
koffice-1.4.2-11.2.20060mdk Set of office applications for KDE linux/x86_64
koffice-progs-1.4.2-11.2.20060mdk Set of office applications for KDE linux/x86_64
kreetingkard-0.5.0-1mdk KreetingKard is a tool for making greeting cards linux/x86_64
lib64aiksaurus-1.2_0-1.2.1-2mdk An English-language thesaurus library linux/x86_64
lib64aiksaurusgtk-1.2_0-1.2.1-2mdk Libraries for aiksaurusgtk linux/x86_64
lib64link-grammar4-4.1.3-1mdk A syntactic parser of English linux/x86_64
lib64link-grammar4-devel-4.1.3-1mdk Support files necessary to compile applications with link-grammar linux/x86_64
lib64wpd-0.8_8-0.8.1-2mdk Libwpd is a library for reading/writing WordPerfect files linux/x86_64
libwpd-tools-0.8.0-1mdk Tools to transform Wordperfect files to html or text linux/x86_64
libwpd-tools-0.8.1-2mdk Tools to transform Wordperfect files to html or text linux/x86_64
link-grammar-4.1.3-1mdk A syntactic parser of English linux/x86_64
livecut-1.99-5mdk Graphical timeline editor linux/noarch
lyx-1.3.5-4mdk A word processor for the Desktop Environment linux/x86_64
magicpoint-1.11b-1mdk Presentation tool linux/x86_64
notebook-0.2.O-2mdk GNOME logbook linux/x86_64
notecase-1.0.0-1mdk A hierarchical text notes manager linux/x86_64
notemeister-0.1.7-2mdk GNOME ideas and notes organizer linux/noarch
oooqs-2.0.3-5mdk A KDE quickstarter applet for linux/x86_64
opengrade-2.6.11-1mdk Local and web-based gradebook linux/noarch
opensi-client-2.0.7-3mdk OpenSi client linux/x86_64
perl-Spreadsheet-ParseExcel-0.2603-1mdk Spreadsheet::ParseExcel - Get information from Excel file linux/noarch
planner-0.13-1mdk Planner is a project management application for GNOME linux/x86_64
planner-database-0.13-1mdk Planner database support linux/x86_64
pybliographer- A framework for working with bibliographic databases linux/noarch
quicklist-0.8.6-5mdk Keep track of "things" linux/x86_64
scribus-1.2.1-2mdk Scribus layout program linux/x86_64
scribus-i18n-de-1.2.1-2mdk German documentation for scribus. linux/x86_64
scribus-i18n-fr-1.2.1-2mdk French documentation for scribus. linux/x86_64
ted-2.17-1mdk Ted, an easy Rich Text Processor linux/x86_64
units-1.85-1mdk A utility for converting amounts from one unit to another linux/x86_64
vym-1.7.0-0.1.20060mdk View Your Mind is a tool to manage mind maps linux/x86_64
word2x-0.005-8mdk A tool to convert Word 6 documents to text linux/x86_64
wpd2sxw-0.7.0-1mdk Convert WordPerfect(tm) documents into Writer format linux/x86_64
wv-1.0.3-3.1.20060mdk MSWord 6/7/8/9 binary file format -> HTML converter linux/x86_64
xpad-2.9-1mdk Sticky notepad for GTK+2 linux/x86_64
xpdf-3.01-1.2.20060mdk A PDF file viewer for the X Window System linux/x86_64
yank-0.2.1-7mdk Yet Another NoteKeeper linux/x86_64

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