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RPM of Group Archiving/Cd burning

bashburn- BashBurn is a bash script designed to make CD burning linux/x86_64
ccd2iso-0.2-1mdk CloneCD image to ISO image file converter linux/x86_64
cd-mason-0.1-1mdk Simple CD burning interface for GNOME linux/x86_64
cdlabelgen-3.5.0-1mdk Program for generating frontcards and traycards for CDs linux/noarch
cdrdao-1.2.0-2mdk Cdrdao - Write audio CD-Rs in disk-at-once mode linux/x86_64
cdrdao-gcdmaster-1.2.0-2mdk Graphical front end to cdrdao for composing audio CDs linux/x86_64
cdrecord-2.01.01-0.a03.3mdk A command line CD/DVD-Recorder linux/x86_64
cdrecord-isotools-2.01.01-0.a03.3mdk Collection of ISO files related tools linux/x86_64
cdrecord-vanilla-2.01.01-0.a03.3mdk Vanilla version of cdrecord linux/x86_64
cuetools-1.3-1mdk Utilities to works with cue and TOC files linux/x86_64
dvd+rw-tools-6.1-1mdk Tools for burning on DVD+RW compliant burner linux/x86_64
dvdbackup-0.1.1-1mdk DVD-Video creation framework linux/x86_64
eroaster-2.2.0-0.8.2mdk The ECLIPT Roaster is a graphical frontend to cdrecord and mkisofs linux/noarch
gcombust-0.1.55-5mdk Gcombust is a burning cd frontend linux/x86_64
gnomebaker-0.4.2-2mdk Simple CD burning frontend for GNOME linux/x86_64
graveman-0.3.12-3mdk Simple frontend for CD creation linux/x86_64
k3b-0.12.3-11mdk CD-Burner for KDE3 linux/x86_64
k3b-dvd-0.12.3-11mdk k3b with DVD support linux/x86_64
kio_burn-0.7-0.1.20060mdk CD-Burning kioslave linux/x86_64
mkisofs-2.01.01-0.a03.3mdk Creates an image of an ISO9660 filesystem. linux/x86_64
serpentine-0.6.3-1mdk Master audio CDs linux/noarch
serpentine-muine-0.6.3-1mdk CD writing plugin for muine linux/noarch
simplecdrx-1.3.2-3mdk A powerful CD creation and audio maniplation program linux/x86_64
tkdvd-3.8-1mdk Simple DVD mastering GUI linux/noarch
xcdroast-0.98-36.alpha15mdk A GUI program for burning CDs linux/x86_64
zisofs-tools-1.0.6-1mdk Utilities to create compressed CD-ROM filesystems. linux/x86_64

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