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RPM of Group Video

a52dec-0.7.4-2mdk A free ATSC A/52 stream decoder library linux/ppc
avifile-player-0.7.29-1mdk Video player for AVI/ASF/WMF files linux/ppc
avifile-samples-0.7.29-1mdk Sample programs using the avifile library linux/ppc
fbtv-3.85-1mdk A console program for watching TV linux/ppc
gnomemeeting-0.96.1-2mdk Gnome H.323 compatible client linux/ppc
gstreamer-SDL-0.6.0-3mdk Gstreamer plugin for outputing video to SDL. linux/ppc
gstreamer-aalib-0.6.0-3mdk Gstreamer plugin for Ascii-art output linux/ppc
gstreamer-avi-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer plug-in for AVI movie playback. linux/ppc
gstreamer-colorspace-0.6.0-3mdk Gstreamer colorspace conversion plugin linux/ppc
gstreamer-dv-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer DV plug-in. linux/ppc
gstreamer-dxr3-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer plug-in for playback using dxr3 card. linux/ppc
gstreamer-ffmpeg-0.6.0-3mdk Gstreamer plugin for the ffmpeg codec linux/ppc
gstreamer-flx-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer plugin for FLI/FLX animation format. linux/ppc
gstreamer-jpeg-0.6.0-3mdk Gstreamer plugin for jpeg images linux/ppc
gstreamer-jpegmmx-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer mjpegtools plug-in for mmx jpeg. linux/ppc
gstreamer-libdvdnav-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer plug-in for DVD navigation support. linux/ppc
gstreamer-libdvdread-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer plug-ins for DVD playback using libdvdread. linux/ppc
gstreamer-mpeg-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer plug-ins for MPEG video playback and encoding. linux/ppc
gstreamer-qcam-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer QuickCam plugin linux/ppc
gstreamer-quicktime-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer Quicktime demuxer video Plug-in. linux/ppc
gstreamer-snapshot-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer plug-in for grabbing images from videostreams linux/ppc
gstreamer-v4l-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer Video for linux input plug-in. linux/ppc
gstreamer-v4l2-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer Video for Linux 2 plug-in. linux/ppc
gstreamer-vcd-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer Video CD plugin linux/ppc
gstreamer-video-effects-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer video effects plug-in. linux/ppc
gstreamer-videosink-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer Video Sink linux/ppc
gstreamer-videotest-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer plug-in for generating a video test streamer linux/ppc
gstreamer-visualisation-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer visualisations plug-ins. linux/ppc
gstreamer-xvideosink-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer XFree output plug-in linux/ppc
gstreamer-yuv4mjpeg-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer plug-in for YUV to MJPEG conversion. linux/ppc
libdv2-apps-0.98-4mdk Binaries from libdv linux/ppc
libdvdread-utils-0.9.3-4mdk Libdvdread utilities linux/ppc
libzvbi0-0.2.3-1mdk Raw VBI, Teletext and Closed Caption decoding library linux/ppc
mencoder-0.90-0.rc4.4mdk MPlayer's movie encoder linux/ppc
mjpegtools-1.6.1-1mdk Tools for recording, editing, playing back and mpeg-encoding video under linux linux/ppc
motv-3.85-1mdk A Motif program for watching TV linux/ppc
mpeg2dec-0.3.1-2mdk MPEG-2 Decoder linux/ppc
mpgtx-1.3-1mdk Manipulate tags, split, join, demultiplex, and fetch information on MPEG files. linux/ppc
mplayer-0.90-0.rc4.4mdk Movie player for linux linux/ppc
mplayer-fonts-1.0-8mdk Fonts for mplayer linux/noarch
mplayer-gui-0.90-0.rc4.4mdk GUI for mplayer linux/ppc
mplayer-skins-1.3-4mdk Skins for mplayer linux/noarch
smpeg-player-0.4.4-18mdk Simple MPEG player based on smpeg library linux/ppc
streamer-3.85-1mdk Record audio and/or video streams linux/ppc
ttv-3.85-1mdk Display TV/video on a tty linux/ppc
tv-fonts-1.0-6mdk Fonts for TV programs (fbtv, motv, ttv, xawtv) linux/ppc
xawtv-3.85-1mdk A X11 program for watching TV linux/ppc
xawtv-common-3.85-1mdk Common files for fbtv/motv/ttv/xawtv linux/ppc
xawtv-control-3.85-1mdk Control video4linux devices linux/ppc
xawtv-misc-3.85-1mdk Xawtv miscellous stuff linux/ppc
xine-aa-1-0.beta4.1mdk Aalib plugin for xine.. linux/ppc
xine-alsa-1-0.beta4.1mdk Alsa plugin for xine. linux/ppc
xine-arts-1-0.beta4.1mdk Arts plugin for xine. linux/ppc
xine-dvdnav-1-0.beta4.1mdk DVD plugin for xine. linux/ppc
xine-dxr3-1-0.beta4.1mdk DXR3 plugin for xine.. linux/ppc
xine-esd-1-0.beta4.1mdk Esd plugin for xine. linux/ppc
xine-lib-compat-aa-0.9.13-11mdk Aalib plugin for xine.. linux/ppc
xine-lib-compat-alsa-0.9.13-11mdk Alsa plugin for xine. linux/ppc
xine-lib-compat-arts-0.9.13-11mdk Arts plugin for xine. linux/ppc
xine-lib-compat-dxr3-0.9.13-11mdk DXR3 plugin for xine.. linux/ppc
xine-lib-compat-esd-0.9.13-11mdk Esd plugin for xine. linux/ppc
xine-lib-compat-plugins-0.9.13-11mdk A Free Video Player (main plugins). linux/ppc
xine-plugins-1-0.beta4.1mdk A Free Video Player (main plugins). linux/ppc
xine-ui-0.9.18-1mdk A Free Video Player. linux/ppc
xine-ui-aa-0.9.18-1mdk XINE - Ascii Art player. linux/ppc
xine-ui-fb-0.9.18-1mdk XINE - framebuffer video player. linux/ppc
xmms-smpeg-0.3.5-1mdk This plugin lets you play mpeg videos with the xmms multimedia player linux/ppc
xmovie-1.9-12mdk A movie player for QuickTime and MPEG-2 movies linux/ppc
zapping-0.6.5-2mdk A TV viewer for GNOME linux/ppc
zvbi-0.2.3-1mdk Raw VBI, Teletext and Closed Caption decoding library linux/ppc

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