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RPM of Group Text tools

aspell-0.50.3-1mdk A Free and Open Source interactive spelling checker program. linux/ppc
ed-0.2-29mdk The GNU line editor. linux/ppc
gawk-3.1.1-5mdk The GNU version of the awk text processing utility. linux/ppc
groff-1.18.1-5mdk A document formatting system linux/ppc
groff-for-man-1.18.1-5mdk Parts of the groff formatting system that is required for viewing manpages linux/ppc
groff-gxditview-1.18.1-5mdk An X previewer for groff text processor output linux/ppc
gtml-3.5.3-6mdk An html preprocessor linux/noarch
howto-utils-0.2.12-2mdk Index generator for LDP html formatted HOWTO documents linux/noarch
ispell-3.2.06-8mdk The GNU interactive spelling checker program linux/ppc
libaspell15-0.50.3-1mdk Shared library files for aspell linux/ppc
libwmf-0.2.8-2mdk A library to convert wmf files. linux/ppc
lout-3.25-3mdk The Lout document formatting language. linux/ppc
patch-2.5.8-3mdk The GNU patch command, for modifying/upgrading files. linux/ppc
pyDict- pyDict - A English/Chinese Dictionary written with python/gtk linux/ppc
recode-3.6-3mdk GNU recode linux/ppc
rgrep-0.99.16-1mdk A grep utility which can recursively descend through directories. linux/ppc
spellutils-0.7-3mdk Programs for helping spell checking. linux/ppc
stardict-1.31-4mdk An English to Chinese for words on screen linux/ppc
unrtf-0.18.1-1mdk RTF to other formats converter linux/ppc
utf-converter-1.0-4mdk Various UTF-7/8 <-> bg5,gb... converter linux/ppc
words-2-18mdk A dictionary of English words for the /usr/dict directory linux/noarch
yodl-1.31.18-8mdk Yet oneOther Document Language. linux/ppc

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