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RPM of Group Graphical desktop/KDE

arts-1.1.0-2mdk Arts - Libraries linux/ppc
galaxy-kde-0.2-18mdk Mandrake Linux theme for KDE linux/ppc
galaxy-kde-kwin-0.2-18mdk Mandrake Linux theme for KDE - Window Decorations linux/ppc
kbiff-3.6.3-1mdk Kbiff is a new mail notification utility linux/ppc
kde-i18n-nl-3.1-1mdk Dutch language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-i18n-pt-3.1-1mdk Portuguese language support for KDE linux/noarch
kde-i18n-pt_BR-3.1-1mdk Brazil Portuguese language support for KDE linux/noarch
kdeaddons-3.1-5mdk Kdeaddons linux/ppc
kdeadmin-3.1-8mdk K Desktop Environment - Adminstrative Tools linux/ppc
kdeadmin-kpackage-3.1-8mdk Manager for DEB, RPM. linux/ppc
kdeartwork-3.1-3mdk Kdeartwork linux/ppc
kdebase-3.1-83mdk K Desktop Environment - Core files linux/ppc
kdebase-kdm-3.1-83mdk kdm for kdebase linux/ppc
kdebase-nsplugins-3.1-83mdk Netscape Plugins for kdebase linux/ppc
kdebase-servicemenu-1.0-6mdk Service Menu for kdebase. linux/noarch
kdeedu-3.1-5mdk K Desktop Environment - Toys and Amusements linux/ppc
kdegames-3.1-11mdk KDE - Games linux/ppc
kdegraphics-3.1-9mdk K Desktop Environment - Graphics linux/ppc
kdelibs-3.1-58mdk K Desktop Environment - Libraries linux/ppc
kdemultimedia-3.1-10mdk K Desktop Environment - Multimedia linux/ppc
kdemultimedia-aktion-3.1-10mdk KDE video player linux/ppc
kdenetwork-kppp-3.1-31mdk Dialer and front end for pppd linux/ppc
kdepim-3.1-17mdk K Desktop Environment - Person Information Management linux/ppc
kdesdk-3.1-9mdk K Desktop Environment - Software Development Kit linux/ppc
kdetoys-3.1-5mdk K Desktop Environment - Toys and Amusements linux/ppc
kdeutils-3.1-9mdk K Desktop Environment - Utilities linux/ppc
krozat-9.1-2mdk Default Mandrake Linux screensaver for KDE linux/ppc
libarts-1.1.0-2mdk The libraries for arts linux/ppc
lisa-3.1-31mdk Lisa server linux/ppc
mandrake-galaxy-9.1-21mdk MandrakeGalaxy linux/ppc
mdklaunchhelp-9.1-3mdk khelpcenter launcher for mandrake tools linux/ppc
quanta-3.1-19mdk A web editor for the KDE Desktop Environment linux/ppc

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