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RPM of Group Databases

MySQL-4.0.11a-5mdk MySQL: a very fast and reliable SQL database engine linux/ppc
MySQL-Max-4.0.11a-5mdk MySQL - server with Berkeley DB and Innodb support linux/ppc
MySQL-bench-4.0.11a-5mdk MySQL - Benchmarks and test system linux/ppc
MySQL-client-4.0.11a-5mdk MySQL - Client linux/ppc
MySQL-common-4.0.11a-5mdk MySQL: common files linux/ppc
db1-tools-1.85-8mdk Tools for Berkeley DB (version 1) library. linux/ppc
db3-utils-3.3.11-13mdk Command line tools for managing Berkeley DB databases. linux/ppc
db4-utils-4.0.14-6mdk Command line tools for managing Berkeley DB databases. linux/ppc
gda-0.2.96-9mdk GNU Data Access linux/ppc
gda-mysql0-0.2.96-9mdk GDA MySQL Provider linux/ppc
gda-postgres0-0.2.96-9mdk GDA PostgreSQL Provider linux/ppc
gnome-db-0.2.96-6mdk GNOME DB linux/ppc
libgda0-0.2.96-9mdk GNU Data Access linux/ppc
libpgsqlodbc0-7.2.3-2mdk The ODBC driver needed for accessing a PostgreSQL DB using ODBC. linux/ppc
pgaccess- A tcl/tk client for postgresql linux/noarch
postgresql-7.2.3-2mdk PostgreSQL client programs and libraries.
postgresql-7.3.2-5mdk PostgreSQL client programs and libraries. linux/ppc
postgresql-contrib-7.3.2-5mdk Contributed binaries distributed with PostgreSQL linux/ppc
postgresql-contrib-devel-7.2.3-2mdk Contributed source distributed with PostgreSQL linux/ppc
postgresql-docs-7.3.2-5mdk Extra documentation for PostgreSQL linux/ppc
postgresql-jdbc-7.3.2-5mdk Files needed for Java programs to access a PostgreSQL database. linux/ppc
postgresql-pl-7.3.2-5mdk The PL/Perl procedural language for PostgreSQL. linux/ppc
postgresql-python-7.3.2-5mdk Development module for Python code to access a PostgreSQL DB. linux/ppc
postgresql-server-7.3.2-5mdk The programs needed to create and run a PostgreSQL server. linux/ppc
postgresql-tcl-7.3.2-5mdk A Tcl client library, and the PL/Tcl procedural language for PostgreSQL. linux/ppc
postgresql-test-7.3.2-5mdk The test suite distributed with PostgreSQL. linux/ppc
postgresql-tk-7.2.3-2mdk Tk shell and tk-based GUI for PostgreSQL. linux/ppc
unixODBC-2.2.4-1mdk Unix ODBC driver manager and database drivers linux/ppc
unixODBC-gui-gtk-2.2.4-1mdk ODBC configurator based on GTK+ and GTK+ widget for gnome-db linux/ppc
unixODBC-gui-qt-2.2.4-1mdk ODBC configurator, Data Source browser and ODBC test tool based on Qt linux/ppc

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