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Packages beginning with letter G

g-wrap-1.3.4-4mdk A tool for creating Scheme interfaces to C libraries. linux/i586
gabber- Gabber is a GNOME client for Jabber instant messaging system. linux/i586
gaddr-1.1.4-3mdk Simple little address book linux/i586
gail-1.2.0-1mdk GNOME Accessibility Implementation Library linux/i586
gaim-0.59.8-2mdk A GTK+ based multiprotocol instant messaging client linux/i586
galaxy-gnome-0.2-18mdk Mandrake Linux theme for GNOME linux/i586
galaxy-kde-0.2-18mdk Mandrake Linux theme for KDE linux/i586
galaxy-kde-kwin-0.2-18mdk Mandrake Linux theme for KDE - Window Decorations linux/i586
galeon-1.3.3-2mdk GNOME Web Browser linux/i586
gated-3.6-3mdk The GateD routing daemon. linux/i586
gatos-0.0.6-0.20010216.11mdk ATI TV Tuner/Drivers linux/i586
gawk-3.1.1-5mdk The GNU version of the awk text processing utility. linux/i586
gawk-doc-3.1.1-5mdk Documentation about the GNU version of the awk text processing utility linux/i586
gcc-3.2.2-3mdk GNU Compiler Collection linux/i586
gcc-c++-3.2.2-3mdk C++ support for gcc linux/i586
gcc-colorgcc-3.2.2-3mdk GCC output colorizer linux/i586
gcc-cpp-3.2.2-3mdk The C Preprocessor linux/i586
gcc-doc-3.2.2-3mdk GCC documentation linux/i586
gcc-doc-pdf-3.2.2-3mdk GCC documentation linux/i586
gcc-g77-3.2.2-3mdk Fortran 77 support for gcc linux/i586
gcc-gnat-3.2.2-3mdk Ada 95 support for gcc linux/i586
gcc-gpc-2.95.3-5mdk Pascal support for gcc linux/i586
gcc-gpc-devel-2.95.3-5mdk Pascal support for gcc linux/i586
gcc-java-3.2.2-3mdk Java support for gcc linux/i586
gcc-objc-3.2.2-3mdk Objective C support for gcc linux/i586
gcc2.96-2.96-0.82mdk Various compilers (C, C++, Objective-C, ...) linux/i586
gcc2.96-c++-2.96-0.82mdk C++ support for gcc linux/i586
gcc2.96-cpp-2.96-0.82mdk The C Preprocessor linux/i586
gcj-tools-3.2.2-3mdk Java related tools from gcc 3.2.2 linux/i586
gcombust-0.1.53-1mdk Gcombust is a burning cd frontend linux/i586
gconf-editor-0.4.0-1mdk An editor for the GConf configuration system linux/i586
gd-utils-2.0.9-3mdk The Utils files for gd. linux/i586
gd2-utils-2.0.9-2mdk The Utils files for gd. linux/i586
gda-0.2.96-9mdk GNU Data Access linux/i586
gda-mysql0-0.2.96-9mdk GDA MySQL Provider linux/i586
gda-postgres0-0.2.96-9mdk GDA PostgreSQL Provider linux/i586
gdb-5.3-22mdk A GNU source-level debugger for C, C++ and Fortran linux/i586
gdk-pixbuf-loaders-0.22.0-1mdk An image loading and rendering library for Gdk. linux/i586
gdm- The GNOME Display Manager. linux/i586
gdm-Xnest- Xnest (ie embedded X) server for GDM linux/i586
gedit- GEdit is a small but powerful text editor for GNOME. linux/i586
genromfs-0.5.1-1mdk Tool for creating romfs filesystems. linux/i586
gettext-0.11.5-2mdk GNU libraries and utilities for producing multi-lingual messages. linux/i586
gettext-base-0.11.5-2mdk GNU libraries and utilities for producing multi-lingual messages. linux/i586
gettext-devel-0.11.5-2mdk GNU libraries and utilities for producing multi-lingual messages. linux/i586
gexif-0.5-1mdk Graphical tool to access EXIF extensions in JPEG files linux/i586
gftp-2.0.14-4mdk Multithreaded FTP client for X Windows linux/i586
ggv-1.99.98-2mdk GNOME PostScript viewer linux/i586
ghostscript-7.05-51mdk PostScript interpreter and renderer, most printer drivers linux/i586
ghostscript-fonts-6.0-1mdk Fonts for the GhostScript PostScript(TM) interpreter linux/noarch
ghostscript-module-X-7.05-51mdk PostScript interpreter and renderer (additional support for X) linux/i586
gif2png-2.4.6-1mdk Tools for converting websites from using GIFs to using PNGs linux/i586
giftrans-1.12.2-12mdk A program for making transparent GIFs from non-transparent GIFs. linux/i586
gimp-1.2.3-20mdk The GNU Image Manipulation Program linux/i586
gimp-data-extras-1.2.0-5mdk The GNU Image Manipulation Program linux/noarch
gimp-doc-1.2.3-20mdk GIMP documentation linux/i586
gimp-perl-1.2.3-20mdk GIMP perl extensions linux/i586
gimpprint-4.2.5-16mdk GIMP-Print plugin for high-quality image printing linux/i586
git-4.3.20-7mdk A set of GNU Interactive Tools. linux/i586
gkrellm-2.1.7a-2mdk Multiple stacked system monitors linux/i586
gkrellm-devel-2.1.7a-2mdk Include files for gkrellm linux/i586
gkrellm-server-2.1.7a-2mdk Server component for gkrellm linux/i586
glade-0.6.4-4mdk Gtk/gnome widget builder linux/i586
glade2-1.1.3-2mdk GTK+ / GNOME 2 widget builder linux/i586
glademm-1.1.2-1mdk A module for make gtkmm program with glade linux/i586
glib-gettextize-2.2.1-1mdk Gettextize replacement linux/i586
glibc-2.3.1-10mdk The GNU libc libraries linux/i586
glibc-debug-2.3.1-10mdk Shared standard C libraries with debugging information linux/i586
glibc-devel-2.3.1-10mdk Header and object files for development using standard C libraries linux/i586
glibc-doc-2.3.1-10mdk GNU C library documentation linux/i586
glibc-doc-pdf-2.3.1-10mdk GNU C library documentation linux/i586
glibc-i18ndata-2.3.1-10mdk Database sources for 'locale' linux/i586
glibc-profile-2.3.1-10mdk The GNU libc libraries, including support for gprof profiling linux/i586
glibc-static-devel-2.3.1-10mdk Static libraries for GNU C library linux/i586
glibc-utils-2.3.1-10mdk Development utilities from GNU C library linux/i586
glibc_lsb-2.3.1-1mdk LSB dynamic loader links. linux/i586
glimmer-1.2.1-2mdk Extensible Code Editor linux/i586
gnobog-0.4.3-5mdk Gnome Bookmarks Organizer linux/i586
gnomba-0.6.2-10mdk Gnome SMB Browser linux/i586
gnome-applets-2.2.0-2mdk Small applications which embed themselves in the GNOME panel linux/i586
gnome-audio-1.4.0-2mdk Sounds for GNOME events. linux/noarch
gnome-audio-extra-1.4.0-2mdk Optional Sounds for GNOME events. linux/noarch
gnome-chess-0.3.3-3mdk GNOME chess linux/i586
gnome-common-1.2.4-5mdk Gnome-common contains useful things common to building gnome packages linux/noarch
gnome-control-center- The GNOME control center. linux/i586
gnome-db-0.2.96-6mdk GNOME DB linux/i586
gnome-desktop- The gnome desktop programs for the GNOME GUI desktop environment. linux/i586
gnome-games-2.2.0-2mdk GNOME games linux/i586
gnome-icon-theme-1.0.0-1mdk GNOME default icons linux/noarch
gnome-iconedit-1.2.0-11mdk Icon editor for GNOME linux/i586
gnome-kerberos-0.3.1-2mdk Kerberos 5 tools for GNOME. linux/i586
gnome-libs-1.4.2-3mdk Main GNOME libraries linux/i586
gnome-linuxconf-0.67.1-7mdk The GNOME front-end for linuxconf linux/i586
gnome-media- GNOME media programs linux/i586
gnome-mime-data-2.2.0-2mdk The GNOME virtual file-system libraries linux/i586
gnome-panel- The core programs for the GNOME GUI desktop environment. linux/i586
gnome-pilot-0.1.71-2mdk GNOME Pilot programs linux/i586
gnome-pilot-conduits-0.10-1mdk Gnome-pilot conduits linux/i586
gnome-pim-1.4.9-1mdk The GNOME Personal Information Manager. linux/i586
gnome-pim-conduits-1.4.9-1mdk Gnome Pilot conduits for GnomeCal and GnomeCard linux/i586
gnome-print-0.37-2mdk Printing libraries for GNOME. linux/i586
gnome-session- The gnome desktop programs for the GNOME GUI desktop environment. linux/i586
gnome-spell-0.5-2mdk Gnome Spell is GNOME/Bonobo component for spell checking. linux/i586
gnome-system-monitor-2.0.4-4mdk Simple process monitor linux/i586
gnome-telnet-2.4-4mdk A pretty frontend and easy to use GNOME 3-in-1 telnet/ssh/rlogin client linux/i586
gnome-terminal-2.2.1-1mdk GNOME terminal linux/i586
gnome-themes-2.2-2mdk Themes for GNOME linux/i586
gnome-toaster-1.0-0.beta5.3mdk CD-Recording frontend for GNOME linux/i586
gnome-user-docs-2.0.4-1mdk GNOME User Documentation linux/noarch
gnome-utils- GNOME utility programs such as file search and calculator. linux/i586
gnome-vfs-1.0.5-8mdk GNOME virtual file-system libraries linux/i586
gnome-vfs-extras-0.99.10-1mdk The GNOME virtual file-system extra modules linux/i586
gnome-vfs2-2.2.2-1mdk GNOME virtual file-system libraries linux/i586
gnome2-2.2.0-1mdk GNOME 2 desktop environment linux/noarch
gnomeicu-0.98.126-2mdk Gnome ICQ communications program linux/i586
gnomemeeting-0.96.1-2mdk Gnome H.323 compatible client linux/i586
gnorpm-0.96-12mdk A graphical front-end to RPM for GNOME. linux/i586
gnozip-0.1.3-5mdk Graphical interface for compression utilities linux/i586
gnucash-1.8.1-2mdk GnuCash is an application to keep track of your finances. linux/i586
gnucash-hbci-1.8.1-2mdk Enables HBCI importing in GnuCash linux/i586
gnucash-ofx-1.8.1-2mdk Enables OFX importing in GnuCash linux/i586
gnuchess-5.05-1mdk The GNU chess program. linux/i586
gnumeric-1.0.12-1mdk A full-featured spreadsheet for GNOME. linux/i586
gnumeric-devel-1.0.12-1mdk Files necessary to develop gnumeric-based applications. linux/i586
gnupg-1.2.1-3mdk GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement. linux/i586
gnuplot-3.7.3-1mdk A program for plotting mathematical expressions and data. linux/i586
gob-1.0.12-1mdk GOB, The GTK+ Object Builder linux/i586
gpart-0.1h-3mdk Hard disk primary partition table reconstruction. linux/i586
gperf-2.7.2-7mdk A perfect hash function generator linux/i586
gphoto-0.4.3-17mdk Gphoto - the GNU Digital Camera Program linux/i586
gphoto2-2.1.1-2mdk Command line utilities to access digital cameras linux/i586
gpm-1.20.1-2mdk A mouse server for the Linux console linux/i586
gpr-0.9-2mdk GPR - PPD-based graphical printing frontend. linux/i586
gprolog-1.2.16-3mdk GNU Prolog is a free Prolog linux/i586
gps-1.1.0-1mdk Another task manager applet linux/i586
gqcam-0.9-4mdk A Linux clone of the QuickPict software that comes with the QuickCam linux/i586
gqview-1.2.0-1mdk Graphics file browser utility linux/i586
grep-2.5-7mdk The GNU versions of grep pattern matching utilities. linux/i586
grep-doc-2.5-7mdk Grep documentation in info format linux/i586
grip-3.0.5-1mdk Grip, a CD player and ripper/MP3-encoder front-end linux/i586
groff-1.18.1-5mdk A document formatting system linux/i586
groff-for-man-1.18.1-5mdk Parts of the groff formatting system that is required for viewing manpages linux/i586
groff-gxditview-1.18.1-5mdk An X previewer for groff text processor output linux/i586
groff-perl-1.18.1-5mdk Parts of the groff formatting system that require Perl. linux/i586
grpmi-9.1-13mdk Mandrake Linux graphical frontend for packages installation linux/i586
grub-0.93-1mdk GRand Unified Bootloader linux/i586
grub-doc-0.93-1mdk More doc for grub linux/i586
gsl-doc-1.3-1mdk Documentation of the Scientific Library linux/i586
gsl-progs-1.3-1mdk Programs of the Scientific Library linux/i586
gsm-1.0.10-5mdk Shared libraries for GSM speech compressor. linux/i586
gsm-devel-1.0.10-5mdk Development libraries for a GSM speech compressor. linux/i586
gstreamer-0.6.0-2mdk GStreamer Streaming-media framework runtime linux/i586
gstreamer-GConf-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer GConf schemas. linux/i586
gstreamer-SDL-0.6.0-3mdk Gstreamer plugin for outputing video to SDL. linux/i586
gstreamer-a52dec-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer VOB decoder plugin linux/i586
gstreamer-aalib-0.6.0-3mdk Gstreamer plugin for Ascii-art output linux/i586
gstreamer-alsa-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer plug-ins for the ALSA sound architecture linux/i586
gstreamer-arts-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer arts wrapper plug-in. linux/i586
gstreamer-artsd-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer artsd output plug-in. linux/i586
gstreamer-audio-effects-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer audio effects plug-in. linux/i586
gstreamer-audio-formats-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer audio format plugin linux/i586
gstreamer-avi-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer plug-in for AVI movie playback. linux/i586
gstreamer-cdparanoia-0.6.0-3mdk Gstreamer plugin for CD audio input using CDParanoia IV linux/i586
gstreamer-cdplayer-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer plug-in playing audio cds linux/i586
gstreamer-colorspace-0.6.0-3mdk Gstreamer colorspace conversion plugin linux/i586
gstreamer-dv-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer DV plug-in. linux/i586
gstreamer-dxr3-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer plug-in for playback using dxr3 card. linux/i586
gstreamer-esound-0.6.0-3mdk Gstreamer plugin for ESD sound output linux/i586
gstreamer-ffmpeg-0.6.0-3mdk Gstreamer plugin for the ffmpeg codec linux/i586
gstreamer-flac-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer plug-in for FLAC lossless audio. linux/i586
gstreamer-flx-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer plugin for FLI/FLX animation format. linux/i586
gstreamer-gnomevfs-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer plug-ins for GNOME VFS input and output linux/i586
gstreamer-gsm-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer plugin for GSM lossy audio format linux/i586
gstreamer-httpsrc-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer plug-in for http using libghttp. linux/i586
gstreamer-jack-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer plug-in for the Jack Sound Server. linux/i586
gstreamer-jpeg-0.6.0-3mdk Gstreamer plugin for jpeg images linux/i586
gstreamer-jpegmmx-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer mjpegtools plug-in for mmx jpeg. linux/i586
gstreamer-ladspa-0.6.0-3mdk Gstreamer wrapper for LADSPA plug-ins. linux/i586
gstreamer-libdvdnav-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer plug-in for DVD navigation support. linux/i586
gstreamer-libdvdread-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer plug-ins for DVD playback using libdvdread. linux/i586
gstreamer-libpng-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer plug-in to encode png images linux/i586
gstreamer-mad-0.6.0-3mdk Plugin using MAD for mp3 decoding. linux/i586
gstreamer-mikmod-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer Mikmod plug-in. linux/i586
gstreamer-mpeg-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer plug-ins for MPEG video playback and encoding. linux/i586
gstreamer-oss-0.6.0-3mdk Gstreamer plug-ins for input and output using OSS. linux/i586
gstreamer-plugins-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer Streaming-media framework plug-ins linux/i586
gstreamer-plugins-devel-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer Plugin Library Headers. linux/i586
gstreamer-qcam-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer QuickCam plugin linux/i586
gstreamer-quicktime-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer Quicktime demuxer video Plug-in. linux/i586
gstreamer-raw1394-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer raw1394 Firewire plug-in. linux/i586
gstreamer-sid-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer Sid C64 music plugin linux/i586
gstreamer-snapshot-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer plug-in for grabbing images from videostreams linux/i586
gstreamer-swfdec-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer Flash redering plug-in. linux/i586
gstreamer-udp-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer plug-ins for UDP tranport linux/i586
gstreamer-v4l-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer Video for linux input plug-in. linux/i586
gstreamer-v4l2-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer Video for Linux 2 plug-in. linux/i586
gstreamer-vcd-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer Video CD plugin linux/i586
gstreamer-video-effects-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer video effects plug-in. linux/i586
gstreamer-videosink-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer Video Sink linux/i586
gstreamer-videotest-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer plug-in for generating a video test streamer linux/i586
gstreamer-visualisation-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer visualisations plug-ins. linux/i586
gstreamer-vorbis-0.6.0-3mdk Gstreamer plugin for encoding and decoding Ogg Vorbis audio files linux/i586
gstreamer-xvideosink-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer XFree output plug-in linux/i586
gstreamer-yuv4mjpeg-0.6.0-3mdk GStreamer plug-in for YUV to MJPEG conversion. linux/i586
gtk+2.0-2.2.1-2mdk The GIMP ToolKit (GTK+), a library for creating GUIs linux/i586
gtk+licq-0.51-11mdk gtk+licq is a gtk based GUI plugin for Licq linux/i586
gtk+licq-base-0.51-11mdk base files for gtk+licq linux/i586
gtk+licq-nognome-0.51-11mdk gtk+licq without gnome support linux/i586
gtk+mdk-0.1.6-14mdk MandrakeSoft specific GTK+ Widgets linux/i586
gtk-doc-1.0-1mdk API documentation generation tool for GTK+ and GNOME linux/noarch
gtk-engines-0.12-7mdk Default GTK+ theme engines. linux/i586
gtk-engines2-2.2.0-2mdk Default GTK+ 2.0 theme engines. linux/i586
gtk-themes-1.0-9mdk Themes for GTK linux/noarch
gtkam-0.1.10-2mdk GPhoto2 GTK frontend linux/i586
gtkdialogs-2.0-3mdk Ready-to-use gtk+ dialog boxes linux/i586
gtkeyboard-1.1.7-3mdk Graphical Keyboard linux/i586
gtkgraph-0.6.2-5mdk Simple GTK graphing calculator linux/i586
gtkhtml-1.1.8-2mdk GtkHTML is a HTML rendering/editing library. linux/i586
gtktalog-1.0.0-1mdk The Gnome disk catalog. linux/i586
gtm-0.4.12-2mdk GNOME TransferManager allows the user to retrieve multiple files from the web linux/i586
gtml-3.5.3-6mdk An html preprocessor linux/noarch
guile-1.6.0-1mdk A GNU implementation of Scheme for application extensibility linux/i586
guile-compat-1.4.1-3mdk A GNU implementation of Scheme for application extensibility linux/i586
gurpmi-4.2-33mdk User mode rpm GUI install linux/noarch
gv-3.5.8-29mdk An enhanced front-end for the ghostscript PostScript(TM) interpreter. linux/i586
gzip-1.2.4a-11mdk The GNU data compression program linux/i586

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