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Packages beginning with letter B

balsa-2.0.9-1mdk Balsa Mail Client linux/i586
basesystem-9.0-3mdk The skeleton package which defines a simple Mandrake Linux system. linux/i586
bash-2.05b-12mdk The GNU Bourne Again shell (bash). linux/i586
bash-completion-20030209-1mdk Programmable completion for bash 2.05 linux/noarch
bash-doc-2.05b-12mdk Documentation for the GNU Bourne Again shell (bash). linux/i586
bash1-1.14.7-31mdk The GNU Bourne Again shell (bash) linux/i586
bc-1.06-10mdk GNU's bc (a numeric processing language) and dc (a calculator). linux/i586
bdflush-1.5-23mdk The process which starts the flushing of dirty buffers back to disk. linux/i586
bg5ps-1.3.0-6mdk A program for converting PostScript files to Chinese PostScript files. linux/i586
bind-9.2.2-1mdk A DNS (Domain Name System) server. linux/i586
bind-devel-9.2.2-1mdk Include files and libraries needed for bind DNS development. linux/i586
bind-utils-9.2.2-1mdk Utilities for querying DNS name servers. linux/i586
binutils- GNU Binary Utility Development Utilities linux/i586
bison-1.35-3mdk A GNU general-purpose parser generator. linux/i586
blackbox-0.65.0-1mdk A Window Manager for the X Window System linux/i586
blt-2.4u-6mdk A Tk toolkit extension, including widgets, geometry managers, etc. linux/i586
blt-scripts-2.4u-6mdk TCL Libraries for BLT linux/i586
bluefish-0.9-1mdk A WYSIWYG GPLized HTML editor linux/i586
bonnie++-1.02c-3mdk A program for benchmarking hard drives and filesystems linux/i586
bonobo-1.0.22-2mdk Library for compound documents in GNOME linux/i586
bonobo-activation-2.2.1-2mdk Bonobo object activation framework for GNOME 2 linux/i586
bonobo-conf-0.16-1mdk Bonobo configuration moniker. linux/i586
bootparamd-0.17-4mdk A server process which provides boot information to diskless clients. linux/i586
bootsplash-1.4.1-1mdk The Boot Splash Images and scripts linux/i586
bootsplash-themes-1.4.1-1mdk bootsplash themes linux/i586
bridge-utils-0.9.6-1mdk Utilities for configuring the linux ethernet bridge linux/i586
bridge-utils-devel-0.9.6-1mdk Libraries for the linux ethernet bridge programs. linux/i586
brltty-3.2-0.1mdk Braille display driver for Linux/Unix. linux/i586
bug-buddy-2.2.102-1mdk Utility to ease the reporting of bugs within the GNOME Desktop Environment. linux/i586
bumprace-1.45-5mdk Drive the ship to exit linux/i586
byacc-1.9-13mdk A public domain Yacc parser generator. linux/i586
bzflag-1.7g0-1mdk A multiplayer 3D tank battle game linux/i586
bzip2-1.0.2-13mdk Extremely powerful file compression utility linux/i586

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