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Packages beginning with letter A

afpfs-ng-0.8.1-1 An open source client for Apple Filing Protocol linux/x86_64
amaya-11.4.4-1 Web Browser/Editor from the World Wide Web Consortium linux/x86_64
apache-mpm-rsbac-2.2.22-0.1 Implements a non-threaded, pre-forking web server with RSABC patch (stable) linux/x86_64
apt-0.5.15lorg3.95-1.1 Debian's Advanced Packaging Tool with RPM support linux/x86_64
apt-common-0.5.15lorg3.95-1.1 Common file for apt frontend linux/x86_64
asterisk- The Open Source PBX linux/x86_64
asterisk-addons- Asterisk-addons metapackage linux/x86_64
asterisk-core-sounds-es-1.4.22-1 Spanish sound files for the Asterisk PBX and telephony application and toolkit linux/noarch
asterisk-core-sounds-fr-1.4.22-1 French sound files for the Asterisk PBX and telephony application and toolkit linux/noarch
asterisk-core-sounds-ru-1.4.22-1 Russian sound files for the Asterisk PBX and telephony application and toolkit linux/noarch
asterisk-devel- Header files for building Asterisk modules linux/x86_64
asterisk-firmware- Firmware for the Digium S101I (IAXy) linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-ais- Modules for Asterisk that use OpenAIS linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-alsa- Modules for Asterisk that use Alsa sound drivers linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-calendar- Asterisk calendar support linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-cel- Asterisk Channel Event Logging linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-curl- Modules for Asterisk that use cURL linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-dahdi- Modules for Asterisk that use DAHDI linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-fax- FAX plugins for Asterisk linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-festival- Festival application for Asterisk linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-ices- Stream audio from Asterisk to an IceCast server linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-jabber- Jabber support for Asterisk linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-jack- JACK resources for Asterisk linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-ldap- LDAP resources for Asterisk linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-lua- Lua resources for Asterisk linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-minivm- MiniVM applicaton for Asterisk linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-mobile- Asterisk channel driver for bluetooth phones and headsets linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-mp3- MP3 plugins for Asterisk linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-mysql- MySQL plugins for Asterisk linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-ooh323- Objective System's H323 for Asterisk linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-osp- Open Settlement Protocol for Asterisk linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-oss- Modules for Asterisk that use OSS sound drivers linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-pgsql- PostgreSQL plugins for Asterisk linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-pktccops- Modules for Asterisk that use the IETF COPS protocol on PacketCable linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-portaudio- Modules for Asterisk that use the portaudio library linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-radius- Radiusclient plugins for Asterisk linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-saycountpl- Modules for Asterisk that support the Polish grammar linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-skinny- Modules for Asterisk that support the SCCP/Skinny protocol linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-snmp- Brief SNMP Agent / SubAgent support for Asterisk linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-speex- SPEEX plugins for Asterisk linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-sqlite- SQLite plugins for Asterisk linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-tds- FreeTDS plugins for Asterisk linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-unimrcp-0.1815-0.1 Media Resource Control Protocol Stack linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-unistim- Unistim channel for Asterisk linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-voicemail- Common Voicemail Modules for Asterisk linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-voicemail-imap- Store voicemail on an IMAP server linux/x86_64
asterisk-plugins-voicemail-plain- Store voicemail on the local filesystem linux/x86_64
avr-libc-1.7.1-1 The C Runtime Library for AVR Microcontrollers linux/noarch

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