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texinfo-4.13a-3 RPM for i586

From Mandriva 2011 for i586 / media / main / release

Name: texinfo Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: 4.13a Vendor: Mandriva
Release: 3 Build date: Sat Mar 19 21:11:19 2011
Group: Publishing Build host:
Size: 1797114 Source RPM: texinfo-4.13a-3.src.rpm
Packager: Paulo Andrade <>
Summary: Tools needed to create Texinfo format documentation files
Texinfo is a documentation system that can produce both online information
and printed output from a single source file.  Normally, you'd have to
write two separate documents: one for online help or other online
information and the other for a typeset manual or other printed work.
Using Texinfo, you only need to write one source document.  Then when the
work needs revision, you only have to revise one source document.  The GNU
Project uses the Texinfo file format for most of its documentation.

Install texinfo if you want a documentation system for producing both
online and print documentation from the same source file and/or if you are
going to write documentation for the GNU Project.






* Sat Mar 19 2011 Paulo Andrade <> 4.13a-3mdv2011.0
  + Revision: 647042
  - Rebuild with texlive
* Fri Dec 03 2010 Oden Eriksson <> 4.13a-2mdv2011.0
  + Revision: 607992
  - rebuild
* Sun Mar 21 2010 Funda Wang <> 4.13a-1mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 526011
  - New version 4.13a
* Tue Feb 16 2010 Emmanuel Andry <> 4.13-7mdv2010.1
  + Revision: 506847
  - BR help2man
  - add upstream patch to fix crash when texi2dvi is used parallel
* Mon Sep 28 2009 Olivier Blin <> 4.13-6mdv2010.0
  + Revision: 450385
  - add bootstrap flag not to depend on text in early bootstrap
    (from Arnaud Patard)
* Thu Sep 03 2009 Christophe Fergeau <> 4.13-5mdv2010.0
  + Revision: 427347
  - rebuild
* Thu Mar 19 2009 Andrey Borzenkov <> 4.13-4mdv2009.1
  + Revision: 357607
  - patch200: fix display of multibyte modelines
* Wed Feb 18 2009 Per Øyvind Karlsen <> 4.13-3mdv2009.1
  + Revision: 342520
  - update dependency on 'lzma' to 'xz'
  - use size_t for len (P109 from cvs, fixes bug where ie. default info index
    wouldn't be shown when compiled with -fstack-protector)
* Fri Dec 26 2008 Per Øyvind Karlsen <> 4.13-2mdv2009.1
  + Revision: 319330
  - ditch INSTALL from docs as it's of no use for a binary package..
  - remove explicit .lzma suffix from man pages
  - ditch bzip2 dependency as we no longer use it for compression
  - add support for new xz format which obsoletes old lzma format
  - regenerate texinfo-*-test.patch
* Wed Dec 10 2008 Tomasz Pawel Gajc <> 4.13-1mdv2009.1
  + Revision: 312385
  - update to new version 4.13
  - rediff patch 107
  - fix mixture of tabs and spaces
* Fri Sep 05 2008 Thierry Vignaud <> 4.12-1mdv2009.0
  + Revision: 281249
  - adjust (and sort) file list for new man pages
  - new release
  - remove merged upstream lzma support patch
  - new release (upstream now uses lzma)
* Wed Jun 18 2008 Thierry Vignaud <> 4.11-3mdv2009.0
  + Revision: 225683
  - rebuild



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