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libffmpeg-devel-0.7.8-1 RPM for i586

From Mandriva 2011 for i586 / media / main / backports

Name: libffmpeg-devel Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: 0.7.8 Vendor: Mandriva
Release: 1 Build date: Tue Nov 22 22:33:53 2011
Group: Development/C Build host:
Size: 481349 Source RPM: ffmpeg-0.7.8-1.src.rpm
Packager: Götz Waschk <>
Summary: Header files for the ffmpeg codec library
ffmpeg is a hyper fast realtime audio/video encoder, a streaming  server
and a generic audio and video file converter.

It can grab from a standard Video4Linux video source and convert it into
several file formats based on DCT/motion compensation encoding. Sound is
compressed in MPEG audio layer 2 or using an AC3 compatible stream.

Install libffmpeg-devel if you want to compile apps with ffmpeg support.






* Tue Nov 22 2011 G?tz Waschk <> 0.7.8-1mdv2011.0
  + Revision: 732684
  - new version
  - bump x264 dep
  - remove obsolete faad option
  - rebuild
  - build with librtmp (bug #60225)
  - rebuild for new libva
  - new version 0.6
  - drop patch 2
  - build with vp8 support
  - disable internal vorbis encoder (bug #59797)
  - disable AAC decoder and encoder
  - rebuild
  - new snapshot
  - drop patch 2
  - bump x264 dep
  - add more deps to the main package (gc)
  - new snapshot
  - fix x264 build
  - bump x264 dep
  - new snapshot
  - drop imgresample patch, the old API is now gone
  - new major
  - replace amr by openamr
  - disable faac support
  - update build deps
  - update license
  - fix source URL
  - new version
  - new snapshot
  - rediff patch 0
  - new snapshot
  - rediff patch 0
  - drop patch 2
  - disable parallel build
  - rediff the patch again
  - new snapshot
  - fix format strings
  - update file list
  - new snapshot
  - explicit dep on libpostproc to fix upgrades
  - spec cleanup
  - bump x264 dep
  - new snapshot
  - add conflict with old ffmpeg package to libpostproc
  - new snapshot
  - new major
  - split out libpostproc
  - changes recommended upstream:
   * disable external libnut support
   * drop liba52dec, xvid
  - new snapshot
  - remove mpegaudio.h again
  - new snapshot
  - update patch 0
  - add missing headers requested in bug #41949
  - new snapshot
  - reenable deprecated libavcodec image scaler for vlc
  - bump for build system trouble
  - new snapshot
  - reenable swscaler
  - fix header file conflict
  - new version
  - drop dirac support
  - fix build
  - update file list
  - update license tag
  - disable amr_nb and amr_wb in PLF, it would make the build undistributable
  - enable vorbis and theora
  - new version
  - update dirac deps
  - update dirac patch
  - fix pkgconfig file generated by dirac patch
  - new version
  - fix versioned deps between the packages, the important part is the release
  - new version
  - bump avformat major
  - add libavdevice
  - rediff patch 3
  - new version
  - drop patch 0
  - fix dirac patch to correctly generate the pkgconfig files
  - new devel name
  - fix configure options
  - new version
  - patch0: build fix
  - update dirac patch
  - update deps
  - new version
  - patch for dirac support
  - fix buildrequires
  - drop merged patch 2
  - drop amr source, support using external libamrnb instead
    + Funda Wang <>
      - br yasm
      - new versinon 0.7.1
      - new version 0.6.3
      - update br
      - rebuild
      - new version 0.6.1
      - add BR for more encoders
    + Anssi Hannula <>
      - plf: append "plf" to Release on cooker to make plf build have higher EVR
        again with the rpm5-style mkrel now in use
      - build with vaapi support
      - fix debug packages (stripping happened too early)
      - fix a regression causing wrong fourcc selection for VP6F remuxing
      - build with vdpau support on 2009.0+ (BR vdpau-devel)
      - build_amr option (disabled by default) needs --enable-nonfree
      - update reenable-imgresample.patch so that duplicate sws_ symbols are
        omitted from libavcodec (from Debian adaptation of the patch)
      - drop now unneeded ffplay-uses-xlib.patch (ffplay only uses SDL)
      - set --incdir explicitely so that pkg-config files get generated
      - use --shlibdir instead of move hack for lib64
      - fix pkgconfig requires for dirac
    + Emmanuel Andry <>
      - enable cpu detection at run time
      - enable schroedinger and firewire support
      - New svn snapshot
      - New svn snapshot
      - New svn snapshot
    + Oden Eriksson <>
      - new url
      - rediffed one fuzzy patch
      - use %%ldflags and fix linkage (P1)
    + Christophe Fergeau <>
      - rebuild
    + Pixel <>
      - do not call ldconfig in %%post/%%postun, it is now handled by filetriggers
    + Olivier Blin <>
      - restore BuildRoot
    + Thierry Vignaud <>
      - build with -fPIC (#35955)
      - kill re-definition of %%buildroot on Pixel's request



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