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RPM of Group System/Servers

acpid-2.0.4-2.1mnb2 ACPI kernel daemon and control utility linux/i586
apache-base-2.2.22-0.1mdv2010.2 Common files and utilities for apache linux/i586
apache-conf-2.2.22-0.1mdv2010.2 Configuration files for Apache linux/i586
apache-doc-2.2.22-0.1mdv2010.2 The apache Manual linux/noarch
apache-htcacheclean-2.2.22-0.1mdv2010.2 Clean up the disk cache (for apache-mod_disk_cache) linux/i586
apache-mod_authn_dbd-2.2.22-0.1mdv2010.2 User authentication using an SQL database linux/i586
apache-mod_cache-2.2.22-0.1mdv2010.2 Content cache keyed to URIs linux/i586
apache-mod_dav-2.2.22-0.1mdv2010.2 Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) linux/i586
apache-mod_dav_svn-1.6.17-0.1mdv2010.2 Subversion server DSO module for apache linux/i586
apache-mod_dbd-2.2.22-0.1mdv2010.2 Manages SQL database connections linux/i586
apache-mod_deflate-2.2.22-0.1mdv2010.2 Compress content before it is delivered to the client linux/i586
apache-mod_disk_cache-2.2.22-0.1mdv2010.2 Implements a disk based storage manager linux/i586
apache-mod_dontdothat-1.6.17-0.1mdv2010.2 An Apache module that allows you to block specific types of Subversion requests linux/i586
apache-mod_file_cache-2.2.22-0.1mdv2010.2 Caches a static list of files in memory linux/i586
apache-mod_ldap-2.2.22-0.1mdv2010.2 LDAP connection pooling and result caching DSO:s linux/i586
apache-mod_mem_cache-2.2.22-0.1mdv2010.2 Implements a memory based storage manager linux/i586
apache-mod_php-5.3.14-0.1mdv2010.2 The PHP5 HTML-embedded scripting language for use with apache linux/i586
apache-mod_proxy-2.2.22-0.1mdv2010.2 HTTP/1.1 proxy/gateway server linux/i586
apache-mod_proxy_ajp-2.2.22-0.1mdv2010.2 Provides support for the Apache JServ Protocol version 1.3 (AJP13) linux/i586
apache-mod_proxy_scgi-2.2.22-0.1mdv2010.2 Provides support for the the SCGI protocol, version 1 linux/i586
apache-mod_reqtimeout-2.2.22-0.1mdv2010.2 Set timeout and minimum data rate for receiving requests linux/i586
apache-mod_ssl-2.2.22-0.1mdv2010.2 Strong cryptography using the SSL, TLS protocols linux/i586
apache-mod_suexec-2.2.22-0.1mdv2010.2 Allows CGI scripts to run as a specified user and Group linux/i586
apache-mod_userdir-2.2.22-0.1mdv2010.2 User-specific directories linux/i586
apache-modules-2.2.22-0.1mdv2010.2 Standard modules for apache linux/i586
apache-mpm-event-2.2.22-0.1mdv2010.2 Implements a hybrid multi-threaded multi-process web server (experimental) linux/i586
apache-mpm-itk-2.2.22-0.1mdv2010.2 Implements a non-threaded, pre-forking web server (experimental) linux/i586
apache-mpm-peruser-2.2.22-0.1mdv2010.2 Implements a hybrid multi-process, multi-threaded web server (experimental) linux/i586
apache-mpm-prefork-2.2.22-0.1mdv2010.2 Implements a non-threaded, pre-forking web server (stable) linux/i586
apache-mpm-worker-2.2.22-0.1mdv2010.2 Implements a hybrid multi-threaded multi-process web server (experimental) linux/i586
apache-source-2.2.22-0.1mdv2010.2 The apache source code, including Mandriva patches linux/i586
avahi-0.6.25-5.2mdv2010.2 Avahi service discovery (mDNS/DNS-SD) suite linux/i586
avahi-dnsconfd-0.6.25-5.2mdv2010.2 Avahi DNS configuration server linux/i586
avahi-x11-0.6.25-5.2mdv2010.2 Graphical tools for Avahi linux/i586
beagle-crawl-system-0.3.9-40.23mdv2010.2 GNOME indexing subsystem for system files linux/i586
bind-9.7.6-0.0.P1.0.1mdv2010.2 A DNS (Domain Name System) server linux/i586
cyrus-imapd-2.3.15-10.4mdv2010.2 A high-performance mail store with IMAP and POP3 support linux/i586
cyrus-imapd-murder-2.3.15-10.4mdv2010.2 Cyrus IMAP server murder aggregator system files linux/i586
cyrus-imapd-nntp-2.3.15-10.4mdv2010.2 Cyrus IMAP server murder nntp support files linux/i586
cyrus-imapd-utils-2.3.15-10.4mdv2010.2 Cyrus IMAPd server admin utilities linux/i586
dhcp-client-4.1.2-0.6mdv2010.2 The ISC DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) client linux/i586
dhcp-common-4.1.2-0.6mdv2010.2 The ISC DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server linux/i586
dhcp-doc-4.1.2-0.6mdv2010.2 Documentation about the ISC DHCP server/client linux/i586
dhcp-relay-4.1.2-0.6mdv2010.2 The ISC DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) relay linux/i586
dhcp-server-4.1.2-0.6mdv2010.2 The ISC DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server linux/i586
dovecot-1.2.15-0.2mdv2010.2 Secure IMAP and POP3 server linux/i586
dovecot-plugins-gssapi-1.2.15-0.2mdv2010.2 GSSAPI support for dovecot linux/i586
dovecot-plugins-ldap-1.2.15-0.2mdv2010.2 LDAP support for dovecot linux/i586
dovecot-plugins-managesieve-1.2.15-0.2mdv2010.2 Manage Sieve daemon for dovecot linux/i586
dovecot-plugins-mysql-1.2.15-0.2mdv2010.2 MySQL backend for dovecot linux/i586
dovecot-plugins-pgsql-1.2.15-0.2mdv2010.2 Postgres SQL backend for dovecot linux/i586
dovecot-plugins-sieve-1.2.15-0.2mdv2010.2 CMU Sieve plugin for dovecot LDA linux/i586
dovecot-plugins-sqlite-1.2.15-0.2mdv2010.2 SQLite backend for dovecot linux/i586
foomatic-filters-4.0.3-2.1mdv2010.2 Foomatic filters needed to run print queues with Foomatic PPDs linux/i586
gitweb-1.7.1-1.2mdv2010.1 cgi-bin script for browse a git repository with web browser linux/i586
hostapd-0.6.7-4.2mdv2010.2 Optional user space component for Host AP driver linux/i586
kolab-webadmin-2.2.3-2.2mdv2010.1 Kolab Groupware Server Web Administration Interface linux/noarch
krb5-appl-servers-1.0-4.2mdv2010.2 Kerberos-aware telnet, ftp, rcp, rsh and rlogin servers linux/i586
krb5-server-1.8.1-5.7mdv2010.2 The server programs for Kerberos 5 linux/i586
krb5-server-ldap-1.8.1-5.7mdv2010.2 The LDAP storage plugin for the Kerberos 5 KDC linux/i586
libpostfix1-2.7.0-4.2mdv2010.2 Shared libraries required to run Postfix linux/i586
mailman-2.1.13-1.3mdv2010.2 The GNU Mailing List Management System linux/i586
mysql-bench-5.1.63-0.1mdv2010.2 MySQL - Benchmarks and test system linux/i586
mysql-common-5.1.63-0.1mdv2010.2 MySQL - common files linux/i586
mysql-common-core-5.1.63-0.1mdv2010.2 MySQL - common files required by core binary linux/i586
mysql-core-5.1.63-0.1mdv2010.2 MySQL - server core binary linux/i586
net-snmp-5.5-7.1mdv2010.2 A collection of SNMP protocol tools and libraries linux/i586
net-snmp-trapd-5.5-7.1mdv2010.2 The trap collecting daemon for net-snmp linux/i586
nginx-0.8.41-1.1mdv2010.2 Robust, small and high performance http and reverse proxy server linux/i586
nscd-2.11.1-8.3mnb2 A Name Service Caching Daemon (nscd) linux/i586
nss_wins-3.5.3-3.7mdv2010.2 Name Service Switch service for WINS linux/i586
nut-drivers-hal-2.4.3-3.1mdv2010.2 Network UPS Tools HAL drivers linux/i586
nut-server-2.4.3-3.1mdv2010.2 Network UPS Tools server linux/i586
openldap-2.4.22-2.2mdv2010.2 LDAP servers and sample clients linux/i586
openldap-clients-2.4.22-2.2mdv2010.2 OpenLDAP clients and related files linux/i586
openldap-servers-2.4.22-2.2mdv2010.2 OpenLDAP servers and related files linux/i586
pcsc-lite-1.5.5-2.1mdv2010.2 M.U.S.C.L.E. PC/SC Framework for Linux linux/i586
php-eaccelerator-admin- Web interface for controlling eaccelerator and encode php files linux/i586
postfix-2.7.0-4.2mdv2010.2 Postfix Mail Transport Agent linux/i586
postfix-cdb-2.7.0-4.2mdv2010.2 CDB map support for Postfix linux/i586
postfix-ldap-2.7.0-4.2mdv2010.2 LDAP map support for Postfix linux/i586
postfix-mysql-2.7.0-4.2mdv2010.2 MYSQL map support for Postfix linux/i586
postfix-pcre-2.7.0-4.2mdv2010.2 PCRE map support for Postfix linux/i586
postfix-pgsql-2.7.0-4.2mdv2010.2 Postgres SQL map support for Postfix linux/i586
proftpd-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 Professional FTP Server linux/i586
proftpd-mod_autohost-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 An autohost module for ProFTPD linux/i586
proftpd-mod_ban-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 Adds dynamic "ban" lists to ProFTPD linux/i586
proftpd-mod_case-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 Makes ProFTPD case insensitive linux/i586
proftpd-mod_ctrls_admin-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 Module implementing admin control handlers linux/i586
proftpd-mod_gss-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 A Kerberos 5 GSS module for ProFTPD linux/i586
proftpd-mod_ifsession-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 Module supporting conditional per-user/group/class configuration contexts linux/i586
proftpd-mod_ldap-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 LDAP password lookup module for ProFTPD linux/i586
proftpd-mod_load-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 A module that determines average load for ProFTPD linux/i586
proftpd-mod_quotatab-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 Module for managing FTP byte/file quotas via centralized tables linux/i586
proftpd-mod_quotatab_file-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 Sub-module for managing quota data via file-based tables linux/i586
proftpd-mod_quotatab_ldap-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 Sub-module for obtaining quota information from an LDAP directory linux/i586
proftpd-mod_quotatab_radius-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 Sub-module for managing quota data via radius linux/i586
proftpd-mod_quotatab_sql-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 Sub-module for managing quota data via SQL-based tables linux/i586
proftpd-mod_radius-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 Module for RADIUS authentication and accounting linux/i586
proftpd-mod_ratio-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 Support upload/download ratios linux/i586
proftpd-mod_rewrite-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 Module for rewriting FTP commands linux/i586
proftpd-mod_sftp-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 Implements the SSH2 protocol and its SFTP subsystem for ProFTPD linux/i586
proftpd-mod_sftp_pam-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 A module which provides an SSH2 "keyboard-interactive" driver using PAM linux/i586
proftpd-mod_sftp_sql-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 SQL backend module for retrieving authorized keys linux/i586
proftpd-mod_shaper-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 A shaping module for ProFTPD linux/i586
proftpd-mod_site_misc-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 Module implementing miscellaneous SITE commands linux/i586
proftpd-mod_sql-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 SQL frontend linux/i586
proftpd-mod_sql_mysql-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 Support for connecting to MySQL databases linux/i586
proftpd-mod_sql_passwd-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 Various SQL password handlers linux/i586
proftpd-mod_sql_postgres-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 Support for connecting to Postgres databases linux/i586
proftpd-mod_sql_sqlite-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 Support for connecting to SQLite3 databases linux/i586
proftpd-mod_time-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 Limits acces based on the time of day and/or the day of the week linux/i586
proftpd-mod_tls-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 An RFC2228 SSL/TLS module for ProFTPD linux/i586
proftpd-mod_tls_shmcache-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 A module which provides a shared SSL session cache using SysV shared memory linux/i586
proftpd-mod_vroot-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 Adds virtual chroot capability to ProFTPD linux/i586
proftpd-mod_wrap-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 Provides tcpwrapper-like access control rules for ProFTPD linux/i586
proftpd-mod_wrap_file-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 A file-specific driver for the mod_wrap module for ProFTPD linux/i586
proftpd-mod_wrap_sql-1.3.3g-0.1mdv2010.2 A SQL database driver for the mod_wrap module for ProFTPD linux/i586
pure-ftpd-1.0.32-0.1mdv2010.2 Lightweight, fast and secure FTP server linux/i586
pure-ftpd-anon-upload-1.0.32-0.1mdv2010.2 Anonymous upload support for pure-ftpd linux/i586
pure-ftpd-anonymous-1.0.32-0.1mdv2010.2 Anonymous support for pure-ftpd linux/i586
rootcerts-20120218.00-1mdv2010.2 Bundle of CA Root Certificates linux/i586
rsh-server-0.17-26.1mdv2010.1 Servers for remote access commands (rsh, rlogin, rcp) linux/i586
samba-common-3.5.3-3.7mdv2010.2 Files used by both Samba servers and clients linux/i586
samba-doc-3.5.3-3.7mdv2010.2 Documentation for Samba servers and clients linux/i586
samba-swat-3.5.3-3.7mdv2010.2 The Samba Web Administration Tool linux/i586
samba-winbind-3.5.3-3.7mdv2010.2 Samba-winbind daemon, utilities and documentation linux/i586
squid-3.1-14.2mdv2010.2 The Squid proxy caching server 3.1.4 linux/i586
squid-cachemgr-3.1-14.2mdv2010.2 The Squid Cache Manager linux/i586
subversion-server-1.6.17-0.1mdv2010.2 Subversion Server linux/i586
uuidd-2.17.1-5.2mdv2010.2 Helper daemon to guarantee uniqueness of time-based UUIDs linux/i586
vsftpd-2.2.2-4.1mdv2010.2 Very Secure File Transfer Protocol Daemon linux/i586

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