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Packages beginning with letter Q

qt-creator-1.3.1-3.2mdv2010.1 Qt Creator is a lightweight, cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE) linux/i586
qt-creator-doc-1.3.1-3.2mdv2010.1 Qt Creator documentation linux/i586
qt4-accessibility-plugin-4.6.3-0.2mdv2010.2 Accessibility plugins for Qt4 linux/i586
qt4-assistant-4.6.3-0.2mdv2010.2 QT assistantion doc utility linux/i586
qt4-common-4.6.3-0.2mdv2010.2 config, language file for Qt linux/i586
qt4-database-plugin-mysql-4.6.3-0.2mdv2010.2 Database plugin for mysql Qt support linux/i586
qt4-database-plugin-odbc-4.6.3-0.2mdv2010.2 Database plugin for ODBC Qt support linux/i586
qt4-database-plugin-pgsql-4.6.3-0.2mdv2010.2 Database plugin for pgsql Qt support linux/i586
qt4-database-plugin-sqlite-4.6.3-0.2mdv2010.2 Database plugin for sqlite Qt support linux/i586
qt4-database-plugin-tds-4.6.3-0.2mdv2010.2 Database plugin for freetds Qt support linux/i586
qt4-designer-4.6.3-0.2mdv2010.2 qt4 visual design tool linux/i586
qt4-designer-plugin-phonon-4.6.3-0.2mdv2010.2 designer plugin for phonon Qt support linux/i586
qt4-designer-plugin-qt3support-4.6.3-0.2mdv2010.2 designer plugin for qt3support Qt support linux/i586
qt4-designer-plugin-webkit-4.6.3-0.2mdv2010.2 designer plugin for webkit Qt support linux/i586
qt4-doc-4.6.3-0.2mdv2010.2 HTML Documentation for Qt version 4.6.3 linux/i586
qt4-examples-4.6.3-0.2mdv2010.2 Example programs made with Qt version 4.6.3 linux/i586
qt4-graphicssystems-plugin-4.6.3-0.2mdv2010.2 Graphicssystems plugins for Qt4 linux/i586
qt4-linguist-4.6.3-0.2mdv2010.2 QT linguist translation utility linux/i586
qt4-qdoc3-4.6.3-0.2mdv2010.2 qt4 documentation generator linux/i586
qt4-qtconfig-4.6.3-0.2mdv2010.2 Main Qt4 configuration utility linux/i586
qt4-qtdbus-4.6.3-0.2mdv2010.2 QT dbus binary linux/i586
qt4-qvfb-4.6.3-0.2mdv2010.2 qt4 embedded virtual terminal linux/i586
qt4-xmlpatterns-4.6.3-0.2mdv2010.2 Qt4 xmlpatterns utility linux/i586
qyoto-4.4.5-0.2mdv2010.2 C# Mono Qt 4 bindings linux/i586
qyoto-devel-4.4.5-0.2mdv2010.2 Header files for qyoto linux/i586

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