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Packages beginning with letter I

icedtea-web-1.1.5-0.2mdv2010.2 Additional Java components for OpenJDK linux/i586
icedtea-web-javadoc-1.1.5-0.2mdv2010.2 API documentation for IcedTea-Web linux/noarch
icu-4.4-2.1mdv2010.2 International Components for Unicode linux/i586
icu-doc-4.4-2.1mdv2010.2 Documentation for the International Components for Unicode linux/i586
imagemagick- An X application for displaying and manipulating images linux/i586
imagemagick-desktop- ImageMagick menus linux/i586
imagemagick-doc- imagemagick Documentation linux/i586
indexhtml-2010.1-3.1mdv2010.2 Mandriva Linux html welcome page linux/noarch
initscripts-8.99-16.1mdv2010.2 The inittab file and the /etc/init.d scripts linux/i586
ipmitool-1.8.11-8.1mdv2010.2 Utility for interfacing with IPMI devices linux/i586
iputils-20100214-1.1mdv2010.1 Network monitoring tools including ping linux/i586
ipxutils-2.2.6-11.1mdv2010.2 Tools for configuring and debugging IPX interfaces and networks linux/i586

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