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Packages beginning with letter G

gdm-2.30.2-12.1mdv2010.2 The GNOME Display Manager linux/i586
gdm-user-switch-applet-2.30.2-12.1mdv2010.2 GDM User Switcher Panel Applet linux/i586
ghostscript-8.71-71.1mdv2010.1 PostScript/PDF interpreter and renderer (Main executable) linux/i586
ghostscript-X-8.71-71.1mdv2010.1 PostScript/PDF interpreter and renderer (Executable with GTK-based screen display) linux/i586
ghostscript-common-8.71-71.1mdv2010.1 PostScript/PDF interpreter and renderer (Common files) linux/i586
ghostscript-doc-8.71-71.1mdv2010.1 Documentation for GhostScript linux/i586
ghostscript-dvipdf-8.71-71.1mdv2010.1 PostScript/PDF interpreter and renderer (DVI-to-PDF converter) linux/i586
ghostscript-module-X-8.71-71.1mdv2010.1 PostScript/PDF interpreter and renderer (Additional support for X) linux/i586
gif2png-2.5.2-2.1mdv2010.2 Tools for converting websites from using GIFs to using PNGs linux/i586
gimp-2.6.8-3.2mdv2010.2 The GNU Image Manipulation Program linux/i586
gimp-python-2.6.8-3.2mdv2010.2 GIMP python extension linux/i586
git-1.7.1-1.2mdv2010.1 Global Information Tracker linux/i586
git-arch-1.7.1-1.2mdv2010.1 Git tools for importing Arch repositories linux/i586
git-core-1.7.1-1.2mdv2010.1 Global Information Tracker linux/i586
git-core-oldies-1.7.1-1.2mdv2010.1 Git obsolete commands, bound to extinction linux/i586
git-cvs-1.7.1-1.2mdv2010.1 Git tools for importing CVS repositories linux/i586
git-email-1.7.1-1.2mdv2010.1 Git tools for sending email linux/i586
git-prompt-1.7.1-1.2mdv2010.1 Shows the current git branch in your bash prompt linux/i586
git-svn-1.7.1-1.2mdv2010.1 Git tools for importing Subversion repositories linux/i586
gitk-1.7.1-1.2mdv2010.1 Git revision tree visualiser linux/i586
gitview-1.7.1-1.2mdv2010.1 Git graphical revision tree visualiser linux/i586
gitweb-1.7.1-1.2mdv2010.1 cgi-bin script for browse a git repository with web browser linux/i586
gjs-0.6-4.19mdv2010.2 JavaScript bindings based on gobject-introspection linux/i586
gkrellm-2.3.4-10.1mdv2010.1 Multiple stacked system monitors linux/i586
gkrellm-devel-2.3.4-10.1mdv2010.1 Include files for gkrellm linux/i586
gkrellm-server-2.3.4-10.1mdv2010.1 Server component for gkrellm linux/i586
glibc-2.11.1-8.3mnb2 The GNU libc libraries linux/i586
glibc-devel-2.11.1-8.3mnb2 Header and object files for development using standard C libraries linux/i586
glibc-doc-2.11.1-8.3mnb2 GNU C library documentation linux/i586
glibc-doc-pdf-2.11.1-8.3mnb2 GNU C library documentation linux/i586
glibc-i18ndata-2.11.1-8.3mnb2 Database sources for 'locale' linux/i586
glibc-profile-2.11.1-8.3mnb2 The GNU libc libraries, including support for gprof profiling linux/i586
glibc-static-devel-2.11.1-8.3mnb2 Static libraries for GNU C library linux/i586
glibc-utils-2.11.1-8.3mnb2 Development utilities from GNU C library linux/i586
gnome-python-extras-2.25.3-18.19mdv2010.2 GNOME extra bindings for Python linux/i586
gnome-python-gda-2.25.3-18.19mdv2010.2 Python bindings for GNU Data Access linux/i586
gnome-python-gda-devel-2.25.3-18.19mdv2010.2 C header of the GNU Data Access Python bindings linux/i586
gnome-python-gdl-2.25.3-18.19mdv2010.2 Python bindings for Gnome Devtool Libraries linux/i586
gnome-python-gtkhtml2-2.25.3-18.19mdv2010.2 Python bindings for interacting with gtkhtml2 linux/i586
gnome-python-gtkmozembed-2.25.3-18.19mdv2010.2 Python bindings for mozilla linux/i586
gnome-python-gtkspell-2.25.3-18.19mdv2010.2 Python bindings for gtkspell linux/i586
gnucash-2.2.9-8.1mdv2010.1 Application to keep track of your finances linux/i586
gnucash-hbci-2.2.9-8.1mdv2010.1 Enables HBCI importing in GnuCash linux/i586
gnucash-ofx-2.2.9-8.1mdv2010.1 Enables OFX importing in GnuCash linux/i586
gnucash-sql-2.2.9-8.1mdv2010.1 PostgreSQL backend for GnuCash linux/i586
gnupg2-2.0.15-11.3mdv2010.1 GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement linux/i586
gnutls-2.8.6-1.2mdv2010.2 Library providing a secure layer (SSL) linux/i586
granatier-4.4.5-0.2mdv2010.2 KDE Bomberman game linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-aalib-0.10.22-1.2mdv2010.1 Gstreamer plugin for Ascii-art output linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-caca-0.10.22-1.2mdv2010.1 Gstreamer plugin for Ascii-art output linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-dv-0.10.22-1.2mdv2010.1 GStreamer DV plug-in linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-esound-0.10.22-1.2mdv2010.1 Gstreamer plugin for ESD sound output linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-flac-0.10.22-1.2mdv2010.1 GStreamer plug-in for FLAC lossless audio linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-plugins-good-0.10.22-1.2mdv2010.1 GStreamer Streaming-media framework plug-ins linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-pulse-0.10.22-1.2mdv2010.1 Pulseaudio plugin for GStreamer linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-raw1394-0.10.22-1.2mdv2010.1 GStreamer raw1394 Firewire plug-in linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-soup-0.10.22-1.2mdv2010.1 GStreamer HTTP plugin based on libsoup linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-speex-0.10.22-1.2mdv2010.1 Gstreamer plugin for encoding and decoding Ogg Speex audio files linux/i586
gstreamer0.10-wavpack-0.10.22-1.2mdv2010.1 Gstreamer plugin for encoding and decoding WavPack audio files linux/i586
gthumb-2.11.91-0.2mdv2010.1 An image viewer and browser for GNOME linux/i586
gthumb-devel-2.11.91-0.2mdv2010.1 Header files for building gthumb extensions linux/i586
gtkhtml-3.14-3.30.3-1.1mdv2010.1 HTML rendering/editing library linux/i586
gv-3.7.1-0.1mdv2010.1 An enhanced front-end for the ghostscript PostScript(TM) interpreter linux/i586
gwenhywfar-3.11.7-3.1mdv2010.2 A multi-platform helper library for other libraries linux/i586
gwenview-4.4.5-0.4mdv2010.2 Fast and easy to use image viewer for KDE linux/i586

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