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Packages beginning with letter I

i2c-tools-3.0.2-2mdv2010.1 Heterogeneous set of I2C tools for Linux linux/i586
i2c-tools-debug-3.0.2-2mdv2010.1 Debug information for package i2c-tools linux/i586
i2c-tools-eepromer-3.0.2-2mdv2010.1 Programs for reading/writing i2c/smbus eeproms linux/i586
i8kmon-1.33-2mdv2010.0 Dell laptop SMM BIOS monitoring tool linux/i586
i8kutils-1.33-2mdv2010.0 Dell laptop SMM BIOS support linux/i586
i8kutils-debug-1.33-2mdv2010.0 Debug information for package i8kutils linux/i586
iTest-1.4.1-1mdv2010.2 Testing system linux/i586
iTest-debug-1.4.1-1mdv2010.2 Debug information for package iTest linux/i586
ia_ora-debug-1.0-10mdv2008.1 Debug information for package ia_ora linux/i586
ia_ora-gnome-1.0.24-1mdv2010.1 Ia Ora Mandriva GNOME theme linux/i586
ia_ora-gnome-debug-1.0.24-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ia_ora-gnome linux/i586
ia_ora-kde-1.0.8-6mdv2009.1 Mandriva theme for KDE - Widget design linux/i586
ia_ora-xfce-1.0.2-6mdv2009.1 Ia Ora Mandriva Xfce theme linux/i586
iagno-2.30.1-1mdv2010.1 Computer version of game Reversi/Othello linux/i586
iasl-20090422-2mdv2010.1 Intel ASL compiler/decompiler linux/i586
iasl-debug-20090422-2mdv2010.1 Debug information for package iasl linux/i586
iat-0.1.7-1mdv2010.0 Iso9660 Analyzer Tool linux/i586
iat-debug-0.1.7-1mdv2010.0 Debug information for package iat linux/i586
iax-debug-0.2.3-12mdv2009.0 Debug information for package iax linux/i586
iaxclient-debug-2.1-0.beta3.2mdv2010.1 Debug information for package iaxclient linux/i586
iaxclient-utils-2.1-0.beta3.2mdv2010.1 IAX utilities linux/i586
iaxcomm-2.1-0.beta3.2mdv2010.1 IaxComm, a portable IAX2 protocol telephony client linux/i586
iaxping-0-5mdv2010.0 IAX ping tool linux/i586
iaxping-debug-0-5mdv2010.0 Debug information for package iaxping linux/i586
ibWebAdmin-1.0.2-7mdv2010.1 Adminstration of Firebird over the web linux/noarch
ibackup-2.27-7mdv2010.0 Automated backups (even remote) of machine configurations linux/noarch
ibm-acpi-0.11-4mdv2010.0 IBM ThinkPad ACPI Extras configuration scripts linux/noarch
ibod-1.5.0-8mdv2010.1 Ibod - ISDN MPPP bandwidth on demand daemon linux/i586
ibod-debug-1.5.0-8mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ibod linux/i586
ibus-1.3.5-1mdv2010.1 A next generation input framework linux/i586
ibus-anthy-1.2.1-1mdv2010.1 ibus - Japanese Anthy engine linux/i586
ibus-anthy-debug-1.2.1-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ibus-anthy linux/i586
ibus-chewing- ibus - Chinese chewing engine linux/i586
ibus-chewing-debug- Debug information for package ibus-chewing linux/i586
ibus-debug-1.3.5-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ibus linux/i586
ibus-devel-1.3.5-1mdv2010.1 Headers of ibus for development linux/i586
ibus-gtk-1.3.5-1mdv2010.1 IBus gtk module linux/i586
ibus-hangul- ibus - Korean Hangul engine linux/i586
ibus-hangul-debug- Debug information for package ibus-hangul linux/i586
ibus-m17n-1.3.0-1mdv2010.1 ibus - m17n engine linux/i586
ibus-m17n-debug-1.3.0-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ibus-m17n linux/i586
ibus-pinyin-1.3.8-1mdv2010.1 ibus - Chinese Pinyin engine linux/i586
ibus-pinyin-debug-1.3.8-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ibus-pinyin linux/i586
ibus-pinyin-open-phrase-1.3.8-1mdv2010.1 The open phrase database for ibus Pinyin linux/i586
ibus-qt4-1.3.0-1mdv2010.1 ibus qt4 input method plugin linux/i586
ibus-qt4-debug-1.3.0-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ibus-qt4 linux/i586
ibus-qt4-devel-1.3.0-1mdv2010.1 Development files for ibus-qt linux/i586
ibus-sogoupycc-0.2.5-3mdv2010.1 Sogou Pinyin Cloud Client on ibus platform linux/i586
ibus-sogoupycc-debug-0.2.5-3mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ibus-sogoupycc linux/i586
ibus-sunpinyin-2.0.1-2mdv2010.1 A statistical language model based Chinese input method linux/i586
ibus-sunpinyin-debug-2.0.1-2mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ibus-sunpinyin linux/i586
ibus-table- ibus - table-based engine linux/i586
ibus-table-array30- ibus-array30 - table-based engine linux/noarch
ibus-table-cangjie- ibus-cangjie - table-based engine linux/noarch
ibus-table-compose- Mimic Compose Key input linux/i586
ibus-table-debug- Debug information for package ibus-table linux/i586
ibus-table-erbi- ibus-erbi - table-based engine linux/noarch
ibus-table-extraphrase- Chinese extra phrases for ibus-table based IME linux/noarch
ibus-table-latex- Use LaTeX input keystrokes to input symbols linux/i586
ibus-table-stroke5- ibus-stroke5 - table-based engine linux/noarch
ibus-table-th- Thai language support via ibus-table linux/noarch
ibus-table-translit- ibus-translit - table-based engine linux/noarch
ibus-table-vi- Vietnamese language support via ibus-table linux/noarch
ibus-table-wu- ibus-wu - table-based engine linux/noarch
ibus-table-wubi- ibus-wubi - table-based engine linux/noarch
ibus-table-xinhua- ibus-xinhua - table-based engine linux/noarch
ibus-table-yong- ibus-yong - table-based engine linux/noarch
ibus-table-zhengma- ibus-zhengma - table-based engine linux/noarch
ibus-table-zhuyin- ibus-zhuyin - table-based engine linux/noarch
ibus-table-ziranma- ibus-ziranma - table-based engine linux/noarch
ical-2.3.3-2mdv2010.1 An X Window System-based calendar program linux/i586
ical-debug-2.3.3-2mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ical linux/i586
icclib-2.12-1mdv2010.1 ICC profile I/O library linux/i586
icclib-debug-2.12-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package icclib linux/i586
ice-3.3.1-2mdv2010.1 The Ice base runtime and services linux/i586
ice-csharp-3.3.1-2mdv2010.1 The Ice runtime for C# linux/i586
ice-csharp-devel-3.3.1-2mdv2010.1 Tools for developing Ice applications in C# linux/i586
ice-debug-3.3.1-2mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ice linux/i586
ice-devel-3.3.1-2mdv2010.1 Tools for developing Ice applications in C++ linux/i586
ice-java-3.3.1-2mdv2010.1 The Ice runtime for Java linux/i586
ice-java-devel-3.3.1-2mdv2010.1 Tools for developing Ice applications in Java linux/i586
ice-ruby-3.3.1-2mdv2010.1 The Ice runtime for Ruby applications linux/i586
ice-ruby-devel-3.3.1-2mdv2010.1 Tools for developing Ice applications in Ruby linux/i586
ice-servers-3.3.1-2mdv2010.1 Ice services to run through /etc/rc.d/init.d linux/i586
iceauth-1.0.3-1mdv2010.1 ICE authority file utility linux/i586
iceauth-debug-1.0.3-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package iceauth linux/i586
icebreaker-1.9.7-15mdv2010.1 An addictive action-puzzle game involving bouncing penguins linux/i586
icebreaker-debug-1.9.7-15mdv2010.1 Debug information for package icebreaker linux/i586
icecast-2.3.2-2mdv2009.0 Streaming Media Server linux/i586
icecast-debug-2.3.2-2mdv2009.0 Debug information for package icecast linux/i586
icecream-0.9.4-2mdv2010.0 Distributed p2p based compile system linux/i586
icecream-debug-0.9.4-2mdv2010.0 Debug information for package icecream linux/i586
icecream-devel-0.9.4-2mdv2010.0 Icecream devel linux/i586
icecream-monitor-1.0-6mdv2010.1 KDE4 GUI Monitor for icecream distributed compiled system linux/i586
icecream-monitor-debug-1.0-6mdv2010.1 Debug information for package icecream-monitor linux/i586
icecream-scheduler-0.9.4-2mdv2010.0 Icecream scheduler linux/i586
icedtea-web-1.1.5-0.2mdv2010.2 Additional Java components for OpenJDK linux/i586
icedtea-web-debug-1.1.5-0.2mdv2010.2 Debug information for package icedtea-web linux/i586
icedtea-web-javadoc-1.1.5-0.2mdv2010.2 API documentation for IcedTea-Web linux/noarch
icegrid-gui-3.3.1-2mdv2010.1 IceGrid Admin Tool linux/i586
icemon-debug-0.1.svn852735-1mdv2009.0 Debug information for package icemon linux/i586
icepodder-5.5-0.68.2mdv2010.0 Graphical podcast catcher and player linux/noarch
ices-2.0.1-9mdv2010.0 Source streaming for Icecast linux/i586
ices-debug-2.0.1-9mdv2010.0 Debug information for package ices linux/i586
icewm-1.3.3-3mdv2010.1 X11 Window Manager linux/i586
icewm-debug-1.3.3-3mdv2010.1 Debug information for package icewm linux/i586
icewm-gnome-1.3.3-3mdv2010.1 A gnome compatible version of Icewm linux/i586
icewm-light-1.3.3-3mdv2010.1 A light version of Icewm linux/i586
icmake-7.16.00-1mdv2010.2 A hybrid between a 'make' utility and a 'shell script' language linux/i586
icmake-7.12.5-1mdv2010.1 A hybrid between a 'make' utility and a 'shell script' language linux/i586
icmake-debug-7.16.00-1mdv2010.2 Debug information for package icmake linux/i586
icmake-debug-7.12.5-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package icmake linux/i586
icmake-doc-7.16.00-1mdv2010.2 Documentation for icmake linux/i586
icmake-doc-7.12.5-1mdv2010.1 Documentation for icmake linux/i586
icmpdn-0.4-1mdv2008.1 ICMP host name utilities linux/i586
icmpdn-debug-0.4-1mdv2008.1 Debug information for package icmpdn linux/i586
ico-1.0.2-6mdv2010.1 Animate an icosahedron or other polyhedron linux/i586
ico-debug-1.0.2-6mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ico linux/i586
icon-naming-utils-0.8.90-3mdv2010.1 Icon handling tools of the Tango Project linux/noarch
icon-slicer-0.3-3mdv2010.0 Utility for icon theme generation linux/i586
icon-slicer-debug-0.3-3mdv2010.0 Debug information for package icon-slicer linux/i586
icoutils-0.29.1-3mdv2010.2 Extract and convert bitmaps from Windows icon and cursor files linux/i586
icoutils-0.29.0-1mdv2010.1 Extract and convert bitmaps from Windows icon and cursor files linux/i586
icoutils-debug-0.29.1-3mdv2010.2 Debug information for package icoutils linux/i586
icoutils-debug-0.29.0-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package icoutils linux/i586
icqlib-debug-1.0.0-12mdv2009.0 Debug information for package icqlib linux/i586
icu-4.4-2.1mdv2010.2 International Components for Unicode linux/i586
icu-4.4-2mdv2010.1 International Components for Unicode linux/i586
icu-debug-4.4-2.1mdv2010.2 Debug information for package icu linux/i586
icu-debug-4.4-2mdv2010.1 Debug information for package icu linux/i586
icu-doc-4.4-2.1mdv2010.2 Documentation for the International Components for Unicode linux/i586
icu-doc-4.4-2mdv2010.1 Documentation for the International Components for Unicode linux/i586
icu4j-3.8.1-0.2.4mdv2010.1 International Components for Unicode for Java linux/i586
icu4j-debug-3.8.1-0.2.4mdv2010.1 Debug information for package icu4j linux/i586
icu4j-eclipse-3.8.1-0.2.4mdv2010.1 Eclipse plugin for icu4j linux/i586
icu4j-javadoc-3.8.1-0.2.4mdv2010.1 Javadoc for icu4j linux/i586
id-utils-4.2-1mdv2010.1 Language-independent identifier database tool linux/i586
id-utils-debug-4.2-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package id-utils linux/i586
id3-0.78-3mdv2010.1 Command line ID3 tagger linux/i586
id3-debug-0.78-3mdv2010.1 Debug information for package id3 linux/i586
id3ed-1.10.4-7mdv2010.0 Edit id3v1 description tags in mpeg3 files linux/i586
id3ed-debug-1.10.4-7mdv2010.0 Debug information for package id3ed linux/i586
id3lib-3.8.3-17mdv2010.1 A software library for manipulating ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags linux/i586
id3lib-debug-3.8.3-17mdv2010.1 Debug information for package id3lib linux/i586
id3tool-1.2a-4mdv2010.0 Id3tool: program for manipulating mp3 ID3 Tags linux/i586
id3tool-debug-1.2a-4mdv2010.0 Debug information for package id3tool linux/i586
id3v2-0.1.11-9mdv2010.0 A command line id3v2 tag editor linux/i586
id3v2-debug-0.1.11-9mdv2010.0 Debug information for package id3v2 linux/i586
iddev-1.9-5mdv2010.0 Library that identifies device contents linux/i586
iddev-debug-1.9-5mdv2010.0 Debug information for package iddev linux/i586
ide-smart-1.4-8mdv2010.0 A system utility for monitoring a SMART capable hard-disk linux/i586
ide-smart-debug-1.4-8mdv2010.0 Debug information for package ide-smart linux/i586
ideas- Nintendo DS and GBA Emulator linux/i586
ideas-debug- Debug information for package ideas linux/i586
idesk-0.7.5-6mdv2010.0 Plops icons on your root window linux/i586
idesk-debug-0.7.5-6mdv2010.0 Debug information for package idesk linux/i586
idn-1.18-1mdv2010.1 Commandline interface to the libidn11 library linux/i586
ifd-egate-0.05-3mdv2009.0 PC/SC drivers for USB egate smart cart readers linux/i586
ifd-egate-debug-0.05-3mdv2009.0 Debug information for package ifd-egate linux/i586
ifd-gempc-debug-1.0.1-3mdv2009.0 Debug information for package ifd-gempc linux/i586
ifd-gempc410-1.0.1-3mdv2009.0 Gemplus 410 smartcard reader driver linux/i586
ifd-gempc430-1.0.1-3mdv2009.0 Gemplus 430 smartcard reader driver linux/i586
ifled-0.6-13mdv2009.0 Flash kbd LEDs to indicate network interface traffic linux/i586
ifled-debug-0.6-13mdv2009.0 Debug information for package ifled linux/i586
ifmetric-0.3-8mnb2 Tool to change the priority of IPv4 routes linux/i586
ifmetric-debug-0.3-8mnb2 Debug information for package ifmetric linux/i586
ifplugd-0.28-12mdv2010.1 Detect and perform actions when an ethernet cable is (un)plugged linux/i586
ifplugd-debug-0.28-12mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ifplugd linux/i586
iftop-0.17-7mdv2010.1 Command line tool that displays bandwidth usage on an interface linux/i586
iftop-debug-0.17-7mdv2010.1 Debug information for package iftop linux/i586
ifuse-1.0.0-1mdv2010.1 Mount Apple iPhone and iPod touch devices linux/i586
ifuse-debug-1.0.0-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ifuse linux/i586
iguanair-0.99-1.svn959.4mdv2010.1 IguanaWorks USB IR Transceiver driver linux/i586
iguanair-debug-0.99-1.svn959.4mdv2010.1 Debug information for package iguanair linux/i586
iguanair-reflasher-0.99-1.svn959.4mdv2010.1 Reflasher for iguanaIR devices linux/i586
ii-1.4-2mdv2010.0 Minimalist FIFO and filesystem-based IRC client linux/i586
ii-debug-1.4-2mdv2010.0 Debug information for package ii linux/i586
ike-2.1.6-0.beta4.7mdv2010.1 Ipsec client with GUI linux/i586
ike-debug-2.1.6-0.beta4.7mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ike linux/i586
iksemel-1.4-1mdv2010.1 XML parser library designed for Jabber applications linux/i586
iksemel-debug-1.4-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package iksemel linux/i586
ikvm- Java implementation for Mono linux/noarch
ikvm- Java implementation for Mono linux/noarch
ilmbase-debug-1.0.1-9mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ilmbase linux/i586
im-ja-1.5-1mdv2008.0 Japanese input module for GTK2 linux/i586
im-ja-debug-1.5-1mdv2008.0 Debug information for package im-ja linux/i586
image-analyzer-1.0.0-1.svn635.1mdv2010.1 MIRAGE Image Analyzer linux/i586
image-analyzer-debug-1.0.0-1.svn635.1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package image-analyzer linux/i586
imagemagick- An X application for displaying and manipulating images linux/i586
imagemagick- An X application for displaying and manipulating images linux/i586
imagemagick-debug- Debug information for package imagemagick linux/i586
imagemagick-debug- Debug information for package imagemagick linux/i586
imagemagick-desktop- ImageMagick menus linux/i586
imagemagick-desktop- ImageMagick menus linux/i586
imagemagick-doc- imagemagick Documentation linux/i586
imagemagick-doc- imagemagick Documentation linux/i586
imagination-2.1-1mdv2010.1 Simple DVD slide show maker linux/i586
imagination-debug-2.1-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package imagination linux/i586
imake-1.0.3-1mdv2010.1 C preprocessor interface to the make utility linux/i586
imake-debug-1.0.3-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package imake linux/i586
imapfilter-2.2.2-2mdv2010.1 Mail filtering utility linux/i586
imapfilter-debug-2.2.2-2mdv2010.1 Debug information for package imapfilter linux/i586
imapproxy-1.2.6-6mdv2010.1 Proxy for the IMAP protocol linux/i586
imapproxy-debug-1.2.6-6mdv2010.1 Debug information for package imapproxy linux/i586
imapsync-1.456-2mdv2010.2 IMAP synchronisation, sync, copy or migration tool linux/noarch
imapsync-1.456-1mdv2010.2 IMAP synchronisation, sync, copy or migration tool linux/noarch
imapsync-1.446-1mdv2010.2 IMAP synchronisation, sync, copy or migration tool linux/noarch
imapsync-1.315-1mdv2010.1 IMAP synchronisation, sync, copy or migration tool linux/noarch
imcom-1.34-5mdv2010.0 Console-based jabber client linux/noarch
imgSeek-0.8.6-6mdv2010.1 Photo collection manager and viewer with content-based query linux/i586
imgSeek-debug-0.8.6-6mdv2010.1 Debug information for package imgSeek linux/i586
imhangul-0.9.15-1mdv2010.1 Hangul input module for GTK+ 2.x linux/i586
imhangul-debug-0.9.15-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package imhangul linux/i586
imhangul_status_applet-0.3-4mdv2009.0 GTK+ 2.x hangul input module status applet linux/i586
imhangul_status_applet-debug-0.3-4mdv2009.0 Debug information for package imhangul_status_applet linux/i586
iml-1.0.2-4mdv2010.0 IML - Integer Matrix Library linux/i586
iml-debug-1.0.2-4mdv2010.0 Debug information for package iml linux/i586
imlib-1.9.15-9mdv2010.1 An image loading and rendering library linux/i586
imlib-cfgeditor-1.9.15-9mdv2010.1 A configuration editor for the Imlib library linux/i586
imlib-debug-1.9.15-9mdv2010.1 Debug information for package imlib linux/i586
imlib2-data-1.4.2-3mdv2010.1 Imlib2 data linux/i586
imlib2-debug-1.4.2-3mdv2010.1 Debug information for package imlib2 linux/i586
imlib2_loaders-1.1.2-0.20060103.2mdv2010.0 Additional image loaders for Imlib2 linux/i586
imlib2_loaders-debug-1.1.2-0.20060103.2mdv2010.0 Debug information for package imlib2_loaders linux/i586
imms-3.0.2-1mdv2008.1 Intelligent Multimedia Management System linux/i586
imms-debug-3.0.2-1mdv2008.1 Debug information for package imms linux/i586
imp-core-0.7.8-0.0.4mdv2010.0 org.freecompany.imp.core linux/i586
imp-core-debug-0.7.8-0.0.4mdv2010.0 Debug information for package imp-core linux/i586
imp-core-javadoc-0.7.8-0.0.4mdv2010.0 Javadoc for imp-core linux/i586
imspector-0.9-19mdv2010.2 Multiple IM transparent proxy linux/i586
imspector-0.9-15mdv2010.1 Multiple IM transparent proxy linux/i586
imspector-0.9-12mdv2010.1 Multiple IM transparent proxy linux/i586
imspector-debug-0.9-19mdv2010.2 Debug information for package imspector linux/i586
imspector-debug-0.9-15mdv2010.1 Debug information for package imspector linux/i586
imspector-debug-0.9-12mdv2010.1 Debug information for package imspector linux/i586
imspector-mysql-0.9-19mdv2010.2 Imspector MySQL log support linux/i586
imspector-mysql-0.9-15mdv2010.1 Imspector MySQL log support linux/i586
imspector-mysql-0.9-12mdv2010.1 Imspector MySQL log support linux/i586
imspector-postgresql-0.9-19mdv2010.2 Imspector PostgreSQL log support linux/i586
imspector-postgresql-0.9-15mdv2010.1 Imspector PostgreSQL log support linux/i586
imspector-postgresql-0.9-12mdv2010.1 Imspector PostgreSQL log support linux/i586
imspector-sqlite-0.9-19mdv2010.2 Imspector MySQL log support linux/i586
imspector-sqlite-0.9-15mdv2010.1 Imspector MySQL log support linux/i586
imspector-sqlite-0.9-12mdv2010.1 Imspector MySQL log support linux/i586
imview-1.1.8-8mdv2010.1 Image display and analysis linux/i586
imview-debug-1.1.8-8mdv2010.1 Debug information for package imview linux/i586
inadyn-1.96.2-4mdv2010.0 A client to update host entries on DynDNS like services linux/i586
inadyn-debug-1.96.2-4mdv2010.0 Debug information for package inadyn linux/i586
incron-0.5.9-1mdv2010.0 An inotify based cron daemon linux/i586
incron-debug-0.5.9-1mdv2010.0 Debug information for package incron linux/i586
indent-2.2.11-1mdv2010.2 A GNU program for formatting C code linux/i586
indent-2.2.10-3mdv2010.1 A GNU program for formatting C code linux/i586
indent-debug-2.2.11-1mdv2010.2 Debug information for package indent linux/i586
indent-debug-2.2.10-3mdv2010.1 Debug information for package indent linux/i586
indexhtml-2010.1-3.1mdv2010.2 Mandriva Linux html welcome page linux/noarch
indexhtml-2010.1-3mdv2010.1 Mandriva Linux html welcome page linux/noarch
indexhtml-2010.1-2mdv2010.1 Mandriva Linux html welcome page linux/noarch
indi-apogee-1.0-2mdv2010.1 INDI driver for Apgoee Alta (U & E) line of CCDs linux/i586
indi-apogee-debug-1.0-2mdv2010.1 Debug information for package indi-apogee linux/i586
indilib-0.6-2mdv2010.1 Library to control astronomical devices linux/i586
indilib-debug-0.6-2mdv2010.1 Debug information for package indilib linux/i586
inews-2.5.1-4mdv2010.1 Sends Usenet articles to a local news server for distribution linux/i586
info-4.13a-1mdv2010.1 A stand-alone TTY-based reader for GNU texinfo documentation linux/i586
info-install-4.13a-1mdv2010.1 Program to update the GNU texinfo documentation main page linux/i586
infoset-0.1.2-0.0.4mdv2010.0 org.freecompany.util linux/i586
infoset-debug-0.1.2-0.0.4mdv2010.0 Debug information for package infoset linux/i586
infoset-javadoc-0.1.2-0.0.4mdv2010.0 Javadoc for infoset linux/i586
ini4j-0.4.1-2mdv2010.0 Java API for handling files in Windows .ini format linux/noarch
ini4j-javadoc-0.4.1-2mdv2010.0 Javadocs for ini4j linux/noarch
initrd-firmware-0.2-1mdv2010.1 Initrd wich contains non-free firmware linux/noarch
initscripts-8.99-16.1mdv2010.2 The inittab file and the /etc/init.d scripts linux/i586
initscripts-8.99-16mdv2010.1 The inittab file and the /etc/init.d scripts linux/i586
initscripts-8.99-15mdv2010.1 The inittab file and the /etc/init.d scripts linux/i586
initscripts-debug-8.99-16.1mdv2010.2 Debug information for package initscripts linux/i586
initscripts-debug-8.99-16mdv2010.1 Debug information for package initscripts linux/i586
initscripts-debug-8.99-15mdv2010.1 Debug information for package initscripts linux/i586
ink-0.5.1-1mdv2010.1 Tool to determine the ink levels of HP and Epson inkjets linux/i586
ink-debug-0.5.1-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ink linux/i586
inkscape-0.48.1-1mdv2010.2 A vector-based drawing program using SVG linux/i586
inkscape-0.47-2mdv2010.1 A vector-based drawing program using SVG linux/i586
inkscape-debug-0.48.1-1mdv2010.2 Debug information for package inkscape linux/i586
inkscape-debug-0.47-2mdv2010.1 Debug information for package inkscape linux/i586
inn-2.5.1-4mdv2010.1 The InterNetNews (INN) system, a Usenet news server linux/i586
inn-debug-2.5.1-4mdv2010.1 Debug information for package inn linux/i586
inn-devel-2.5.1-4mdv2010.1 The INN (InterNetNews) library linux/i586
innotop-1.8.0-2mdv2010.2 A MySQL and InnoDB monitor program linux/noarch
innotop-1.8.0-1mdv2010.2 A MySQL and InnoDB monitor program linux/noarch
inotify-tools-3.13-3mdv2010.0 Simple interface to inotify linux/i586
inotify-tools-debug-3.13-3mdv2010.0 Debug information for package inotify-tools linux/i586
input-utils-0-0.20061008.3mdv2010.1 Linux input utilities linux/i586
input-utils-debug-0-0.20061008.3mdv2010.1 Debug information for package input-utils linux/i586
instead-1.6.2-1mdv2010.2 Simply text adventures/visual novels engine and game linux/i586
instead-debug-1.6.2-1mdv2010.2 Debug information for package instead linux/i586
instead-launcher-0.6.1-1mdv2010.2 Games download helper for Instead linux/i586
instead-launcher-debug-0.6.1-1mdv2010.2 Debug information for package instead-launcher linux/i586
instpatch-1.0.0-3mdv2010.1 Utilities related to the libinstpatch library linux/i586
intel-gen4asm-20100209-1mdv2010.1 a program to compile an assembly language for the Intel 965 linux/i586
intel-gen4asm-debug-20100209-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package intel-gen4asm linux/i586
intel-gpu-tools-1.0.2-1mdv2010.0 Userland and debug tools Intel graphics controllers linux/i586
intel-gpu-tools-debug-1.0.2-1mdv2010.0 Debug information for package intel-gpu-tools linux/i586
intltool-0.41.1-1mdv2010.1 Scripts and assorted auto* magic for i18nalizing various kinds of data files linux/noarch
invada-studio-plugins-lv2-1.2.0-2mdv2010.1 Studio LV2 plugins with GUI linux/i586
invada-studio-plugins-lv2-debug-1.2.0-2mdv2010.1 Debug information for package invada-studio-plugins-lv2 linux/i586
inventory-0.65-7mdv2010.0 Simple GTK2 inventory program using MySQL linux/i586
inventory-debug-0.65-7mdv2010.0 Debug information for package inventory linux/i586
invertapple-1.0-1mdv2010.2 Puzzle game about inverting apple colors linux/i586
invertapple-debug-1.0-1mdv2010.2 Debug information for package invertapple linux/i586
invesalius-3.0.1886-2mdv2010.1 3D medical imaging reconstruction software linux/i586
invesalius-debug-3.0.1886-2mdv2010.1 Debug information for package invesalius linux/i586
invictus-firewall-0.1-9mdv2010.1 Invictus Firewall linux/noarch
inxi-1.8.5-1mdv2010.2 A full featured system information script linux/noarch
io_lib- General purpose trace file library linux/i586
io_lib-debug- Debug information for package io_lib linux/i586
iodine-client-0.5.2-1mdv2010.0 Iodine client (Tunnel IP over DNS) linux/i586
iodine-common-0.5.2-1mdv2010.0 Iodine common part (Tunnel IP over DNS) linux/i586
iodine-debug-0.5.2-1mdv2010.0 Debug information for package iodine linux/i586
iodine-server-0.5.2-1mdv2010.0 Iodine server (Tunnel IP over DNS) linux/i586
iogen-3.1-4mdv2010.0 A stress tool to produce heavily fragmented I/O operations linux/i586
iogen-debug-3.1-4mdv2010.0 Debug information for package iogen linux/i586
ion-debug-20040729-4mdk Debug information for package ion linux/i586
ioquake3-1.36-1mdv2010.0 Quake III linux/i586
ioquake3-debug-1.36-1mdv2010.0 Debug information for package ioquake3 linux/i586
ioquake3-devel-1.36-1mdv2010.0 Quake III linux/i586
iotop-0.4.4-1mdv2010.2 Display I/O usage of processes in a top like UI linux/noarch
iotop-0.4-1mdv2010.1 Display I/O usage of processes in a top like UI linux/noarch
iozone3-397-1mdv2010.2 Filesystem characterization & benchmark tool linux/i586
iozone3-326-1mdv2010.0 Filesystem characterization & benchmark tool linux/i586
iozone3-debug-397-1mdv2010.2 Debug information for package iozone3 linux/i586
iozone3-debug-326-1mdv2010.0 Debug information for package iozone3 linux/i586
ip-sentinel-0.12-5mdv2010.0 A network ip guardian linux/i586
ip-sentinel-debug-0.12-5mdv2010.0 Debug information for package ip-sentinel linux/i586
ipager-1.1.0-5mdv2010.1 IPager : a pager for *WM linux/i586
ipager-debug-1.1.0-5mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ipager linux/i586
ipaudit-1.0rc9-1mdv2010.1 Network Package Audit and Capture linux/i586
ipaudit-debug-1.0rc9-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ipaudit linux/i586
ipcalc-0.41-4mdv2010.0 IP Calculator linux/noarch
iperf-2.0.4-2mdv2010.1 Network performance measurement tool linux/i586
iperf-debug-2.0.4-2mdv2010.1 Debug information for package iperf linux/i586
ipflood-1.0-5mdv2010.0 IP Flood Detector linux/i586
ipflood-debug-1.0-5mdv2010.0 Debug information for package ipflood linux/i586
ipkungfu-0.6.1-6mdv2010.0 Iptables-based Linux firewall linux/noarch
iplist-0.28-1.1mdv2010.2 List based packet handler linux/i586
iplist-0.28-1mdv2010.1 List based packet handler linux/i586
iplist-debug-0.28-1.1mdv2010.2 Debug information for package iplist linux/i586
iplist-debug-0.28-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package iplist linux/i586
iplog-2.2.3-18mdv2010.1 Logs TCP, UDP, and ICMP connections to syslog linux/i586
iplog-debug-2.2.3-18mdv2010.1 Debug information for package iplog linux/i586
ipmitool-1.8.11-8.1mdv2010.2 Utility for interfacing with IPMI devices linux/i586
ipmitool-1.8.11-6mdv2010.1 Utility for interfacing with IPMI devices linux/i586
ipmitool-debug-1.8.11-8.1mdv2010.2 Debug information for package ipmitool linux/i586
ipmitool-debug-1.8.11-6mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ipmitool linux/i586
ipmiutil-2.6.3-1mdv2010.1 A package that includes various IPMI server management utilities linux/i586
ipmiutil-debug-2.6.3-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ipmiutil linux/i586
ipod-sharp-0.8.5-1mdv2010.1 Library to control the Ipod database linux/noarch
ipod-sharp-doc-0.8.5-1mdv2010.1 Development documentation for ipod-sharp linux/noarch
ippl-1.99.5-12mdv2009.1 Logs TCP, ICMP and UDP connections linux/i586
ippl-debug-1.99.5-12mdv2009.1 Debug information for package ippl linux/i586
ipqalc-1.2-1mdv2010.2 Small utility for IP address calculations linux/i586
ipqalc-debug-1.2-1mdv2010.2 Debug information for package ipqalc linux/i586
iproute2-2.6.33-1mdv2010.1 Advanced IP routing and network device configuration tools linux/i586
iproute2-debug-2.6.33-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package iproute2 linux/i586
iproute2-doc-2.6.33-1mdv2010.1 Documentation for Advanced IP routing and network device configuration tools linux/i586
ipsec-tools-0.7.3-3mdv2010.1 Tools for configuring and using IPSEC linux/i586
ipsec-tools-debug-0.7.3-3mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ipsec-tools linux/i586
ipset-4.2-1mdv2010.1 Tools for managing sets of IP or ports with iptables linux/i586
ipset-debug-4.2-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ipset linux/i586
ipsvd-1.0.0-5mdv2010.1 Internet protocol service daemons linux/i586
iptables-1.4.7-2mnb2 Tools for managing Linux kernel packet filtering capabilities linux/i586
iptables-debug-1.4.7-2mnb2 Debug information for package iptables linux/i586
iptoip-0.3.0-0.6mdv2010.0 Maintains a coherent ipvsadm table linux/noarch
iptraf-3.0.1-2mdv2010.0 A console-based network monitoring program linux/i586
iptraf-debug-3.0.1-2mdv2010.0 Debug information for package iptraf linux/i586
iptstate-2.2.2-2mdv2010.1 Display IP Tables state table information in a "top"-like interface linux/i586
iptstate-debug-2.2.2-2mdv2010.1 Debug information for package iptstate linux/i586
iputils-20100214-1.1mdv2010.1 Network monitoring tools including ping linux/i586
iputils-20100214-1mdv2010.1 Network monitoring tools including ping linux/i586
iputils-debug-20100214-1.1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package iputils linux/i586
iputils-debug-20100214-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package iputils linux/i586
ipv6calc-0.73.0-1mdv2010.1 Utility to manipulate IPv6 addresses linux/i586
ipv6calc-debug-0.73.0-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ipv6calc linux/i586
ipvsadm-1.24-10mdv2010.1 Administration tool for Linux Virtual Server linux/i586
ipvsadm-debug-1.24-10mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ipvsadm linux/i586
ipw2100-firmware-1.3-4mdv2010.0 Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 firmware linux/noarch
ipw2200-firmware-3.1-2mdv2010.0 Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG firmware linux/noarch
ipw3945-ucode-1.14.2-2mdv2009.0 Intel PRO/Wireless 3945 (IPW3945ABG) microcode linux/noarch
ipw3945d-1.7.22-5mdv2009.0 Intel PRO/Wireless 3945 (IPW3945ABG) linux/i586
ipxping-0.0-3mdv2010.0 The ipxping utility linux/i586
ipxping-debug-0.0-3mdv2010.0 Debug information for package ipxping linux/i586
ipxutils-2.2.6-11.1mdv2010.2 Tools for configuring and debugging IPX interfaces and networks linux/i586
ipxutils-2.2.6-9mdv2010.1 Tools for configuring and debugging IPX interfaces and networks linux/i586
ipython-0.13.1-1mdv2010.1 IPython: Productive Interactive Computing linux/noarch
ipython-0.10-1mdv2010.0 An enhanced interactive Python shell linux/noarch
iqnotes-2.1.0-0.rc1.1mdv2010.1 Advanced outliner application linux/i586
iqnotes-debug-2.1.0-0.rc1.1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package iqnotes linux/i586
ircclient-qt-debug-0.3.2-4mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ircclient-qt linux/i586
ircd-2.11.1-p1.1mdv2010.0 IRC server from linux/i586
ircd-debug-2.11.1-p1.1mdv2010.0 Debug information for package ircd linux/i586
ircd-hybrid-7.2.3-7mdv2010.1 Internet Relay Chat Server linux/i586
ircd-hybrid-debug-7.2.3-7mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ircd-hybrid linux/i586
ircd-hybrid-devel-7.2.3-7mdv2010.1 Development headers for ircd-hybrid linux/i586
irda-utils-0.9.18-11mdv2010.1 Utilities for infrared communication between devices linux/i586
irda-utils-debug-0.9.18-11mdv2010.1 Debug information for package irda-utils linux/i586
iripdb-0.1.1-5mdv2010.0 Generator of DB files necessary for the iRiver iHP-1xx series linux/i586
iripdb-debug-0.1.1-5mdv2010.0 Debug information for package iripdb linux/i586
ironpython-2.6-0.beta2.1mdv2010.0 Python for .NET/Mono linux/noarch
irqbalance-0.55-9mdv2010.1 Daemon to balance irq's across multiple CPUs linux/i586
irqbalance-debug-0.55-9mdv2010.1 Debug information for package irqbalance linux/i586
irrlamb-0.1.0-2mdv2010.1 3D physics game linux/i586
irrlamb-debug-0.1.0-2mdv2010.1 Debug information for package irrlamb linux/i586
irrlicht-1.7.2-1mdv2010.2 The Irrlicht Engine SDK linux/i586
irrlicht-1.6.1-1mdv2010.1 The Irrlicht Engine SDK linux/i586
irrlicht-debug-1.7.2-1mdv2010.2 Debug information for package irrlicht linux/i586
irrlicht-debug-1.6.1-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package irrlicht linux/i586
irrlicht-doc-1.7.2-1mdv2010.2 User documentation for the Irrlicht 3D engine linux/i586
irrlicht-doc-1.6.1-1mdv2010.1 User documentation for the Irrlicht 3D engine linux/i586
irrlicht-examples-1.7.2-1mdv2010.2 Demos and examples for the Irrlicht 3D engine linux/i586
irrlicht-examples-1.6.1-1mdv2010.1 Demos and examples for the Irrlicht 3D engine linux/i586
irrlicht-media-1.7.2-1mdv2010.2 Media files for Irrlicht 3D engine linux/i586
irrlicht-media-1.6.1-1mdv2010.1 Media files for Irrlicht 3D engine linux/i586
irssi-0.8.15-2mdv2010.1 IRC client linux/i586
irssi-debug-0.8.15-2mdv2010.1 Debug information for package irssi linux/i586
irssi-devel-0.8.15-2mdv2010.1 Static libraries for the development of irssi applications linux/i586
irssi-drakcowsay-0.7-4mdv2010.0 Irssi plugin for drakcowsay linux/i586
irssi-perl-0.8.15-2mdv2010.1 Perl plugin for irssi linux/i586
irssi-xmpp-0.50-1mdv2010.1 An irssi Module to Connect to the Jabber Network linux/i586
irssi-xmpp-debug-0.50-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package irssi-xmpp linux/i586
irssistats-0.75-1mdv2010.1 This tool generates HTML IRC stats based on irssi logs linux/i586
irssistats-debug-0.75-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package irssistats linux/i586
isapnptools-1.26-14mdv2010.1 Utilities for configuring ISA Plug-and-Play (PnP) devices linux/i586
isapnptools-debug-1.26-14mdv2010.1 Debug information for package isapnptools linux/i586
isapnptools-devel-1.26-14mdv2010.1 Devel libraries for configuring ISA Plug-and-Play (PnP) devices linux/i586
iscsitarget- iSCSI target linux/i586
iscsitarget- iSCSI target linux/i586
iscsitarget-debug- Debug information for package iscsitarget linux/i586
iscsitarget-debug- Debug information for package iscsitarget linux/i586
iscsitarget-kernel- iscsitarget driver for kernel linux/i586
iscsitarget-kernel- iscsitarget driver for kernel linux/i586
iscsitarget-kernel- iscsitarget driver for kernel linux/i586
iscsitarget-kernel-desktop-latest- iscsitarget driver for latest kernel-desktop linux/i586
iscsitarget-kernel-desktop586-latest- iscsitarget driver for latest kernel-desktop586 linux/i586
iscsitarget-kernel-server-latest- iscsitarget driver for latest kernel-server linux/i586
isdn-light-0.8-21mdv2010.1 Networking with the isdn subsystem, light version linux/noarch
isdn4k-utils-3.12-7mdv2010.1 Bundled Utilities for configuring ISDN4Linux linux/i586
isdn4k-utils-debug-3.12-7mdv2010.1 Debug information for package isdn4k-utils linux/i586
isdn4k-utils-doc-3.12-7mdv2010.1 Complete HTML documentation for isdn4k-utils linux/i586
isdn4k-utils-eurofile-3.12-7mdv2010.1 ISDN eurofile transfer tool linux/i586
isdn4k-utils-isdnlog-3.12-7mdv2010.1 ISDN connection logger linux/i586
isdn4k-utils-vbox-3.12-7mdv2010.1 ISDN answering machine linux/i586
isdn4k-utils-xtools-3.12-7mdv2010.1 ISDN utilities that use X linux/i586
isdn4net-1.4.6-19mdv2010.1 Networking with the isdn subsystem linux/noarch
iso-codes-3.14-1mdv2010.1 Mapping between ISO country codes and full names linux/noarch
isomaster-1.3.7-1mdv2010.1 GTK+-based ISO image editor linux/i586
isomaster-debug-1.3.7-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package isomaster linux/i586
isomd5sum-1.0.5-2mdv2010.1 Utilities for working with md5sum implanted in ISO images linux/i586
isomd5sum-debug-1.0.5-2mdv2010.1 Debug information for package isomd5sum linux/i586
isomd5sum-devel-1.0.5-2mdv2010.1 Development headers and library for using isomd5sum linux/i586
isorelax-0-0.1.release20050331.1.2.4mdv2009.0 Public interfaces for RELAX Core linux/i586
isorelax-debug-0-0.1.release20050331.1.2.4mdv2009.0 Debug information for package isorelax linux/i586
isorelax-javadoc-0-0.1.release20050331.1.2.4mdv2009.0 Javadoc for isorelax linux/i586
ispell-3.2.06-14mdv2009.0 The GNU interactive spelling checker program linux/i586
ispell-br-0.2.1-8mdk Breton files for ispell linux/i586
ispell-debug-3.2.06-14mdv2009.0 Debug information for package ispell linux/i586
istanbul-0.2.2-7mdv2010.0 Desktop Session Recorder linux/i586
istanbul-debug-0.2.2-7mdv2010.0 Debug information for package istanbul linux/i586
isync-1.0.4-2mdv2010.1 Utility to synchronize IMAP mailboxes with local maildir folders linux/i586
isync-debug-1.0.4-2mdv2010.1 Debug information for package isync linux/i586
it-could-webdav-0.4-2.0.3mdv2010.1 WebDAV Servlet linux/i586
it-could-webdav-debug-0.4-2.0.3mdv2010.1 Debug information for package it-could-webdav linux/i586
it-could-webdav-javadoc-0.4-2.0.3mdv2010.1 Javadoc for it-could-webdav linux/i586
italc-client-1.0.13-1mdv2010.2 Software for iTALC-clients linux/i586
italc-client-1.0.9-3mdv2010.1 ITALC client linux/i586
italc-debug-1.0.13-1mdv2010.2 Debug information for package italc linux/i586
italc-debug-1.0.9-3mdv2010.1 Debug information for package italc linux/i586
italc-master-1.0.13-1mdv2010.2 iTALC master software linux/i586
italc-master-1.0.9-3mdv2010.1 Intelligent Teaching And Learning with Computers linux/i586
itask- Application launcher and taskbar based on the good old engage linux/i586
itask-debug- Debug information for package itask linux/i586
itext-2.1.5-1mdv2009.1 Free Java-PDF library linux/noarch
itext-javadoc-2.1.5-1mdv2009.1 Javadoc for itext linux/noarch
itext-manual-2.1.5-1mdv2009.1 Documents for itext linux/noarch
itext2-debug-2.0.1-3mdv2008.0 Debug information for package itext2 linux/i586
itk-debug-3.16.0-4mdv2010.1 Debug information for package itk linux/i586
itk-doc-3.16.0-4mdv2010.1 Documentation for ITK linux/i586
itk-examples-3.16.0-4mdv2010.1 C++, Tcl and Python example programs/scripts for ITK linux/i586
itkvtk-devel-0.3.0-1mdv2010.1 Convert itk buffers to vtk ones linux/i586
iulib-debug-0.4-2mdv2010.0 Debug information for package iulib linux/i586
iurt-0.6.4-6.r271258.1mdv2010.1 Packages rebuilder linux/noarch
iurt-0.6.4-6.r265102.1mdv2010.1 Packages rebuilder linux/noarch
iv-2.6.1-5mdv2010.1 Image Viewer linux/i586
iv-debug-2.6.1-5mdv2010.1 Debug information for package iv linux/i586
ivman-0.6.14-7mdv2010.0 A volume manager daemon linux/i586
ivman-debug-0.6.14-7mdv2010.0 Debug information for package ivman linux/i586
ivtv-0.8-debug-0.8.2-1mdv2007.1 Debug information for package ivtv-0.8 linux/i586
ivtv-0.9-debug-0.9.1-2mdv2007.1 Debug information for package ivtv-0.9 linux/i586
ivtv-utils-1.4.1-1mdv2010.1 Tools for the iTVC15/16 and CX23415/16 driver linux/i586
ivtv-utils-debug-1.4.1-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package ivtv-utils linux/i586
iw-0.9.19-1mdv2010.1 Configuration utility for wireless devices linux/i586
iw-debug-0.9.19-1mdv2010.1 Debug information for package iw linux/i586
iwlwifi-1000-ucode- Intel PRO/Wireless 1000BGN microcode linux/noarch
iwlwifi-3945-ucode- Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG/BG microcode linux/noarch
iwlwifi-4965-ucode- Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN microcode linux/noarch
iwlwifi-5000-ucode- Intel PRO/Wireless 5000AGN microcode linux/noarch
iwlwifi-5150-ucode- Intel PRO/Wireless 5150AGN microcode linux/noarch
iwlwifi-6000-ucode- Intel PRO/Wireless 6000AGN microcode linux/noarch
iwlwifi-6050-ucode- Intel PRO/Wireless 6250AGN microcode linux/noarch
iwlwifi-agn-ucode-1.0-4mdv2010.1 Intel Wireless WiFi Link microcode linux/noarch
iwscanner-0.2.4-1mdv2010.2 Wireless scanner based on iwtools linux/noarch
ixpc-0.5-2mdv2010.0 Plan9 file protocol client linux/i586

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