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vuze-console- RPM for noarch

From Mandriva 2010.0 for x86_64 / media / contrib / release

Name: vuze-console Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: Vendor: Mandriva
Release: 2mdv2010.0 Build date: Sun Oct 4 14:49:09 2009
Group: Networking/File transfer Build host:
Size: 0 Source RPM: vuze-
Packager: Anssi Hannula <>
Summary: Console interface support for Vuze
Console interface support for Vuze (previously Azureus) bittorrent

You can run Vuze in console mode with command "azureus --ui=console" and
in telnet mode with "azureus --ui=telnet".






* Mon Oct 05 2009 Anssi Hannula <>
  + Revision: 453371
  - fix gre selection in startup script
* Mon Sep 21 2009 Anssi Hannula <>
  + Revision: 445553
  - new version
  - provide build.plugins.xml for building plugins
  - replace fedora win32/osx removal patches with cleaner versions
  - suggest plugin packages that are bundled in the official upstream
    installation package
  - fix vuze-console description
* Thu Aug 20 2009 Anssi Hannula <>
  + Revision: 417918
  - new version
  - provide a new rewritten startup script
    o adds support for passing commands to already active instance
    o adds support for --ui option when necessary packages are installed
      (see below)
    o selects correct GRE for browser embedding depending on arch and the
      GRE version numbers (fixes bug #44008)
    o fixes loading of SWT, fixing vuze startup (fixes bug #42756)
    o use -Xmx128m option with java for now (as per upstream)
    o dropped symlink hacks, now using vuze's own support for separated
      system-wide plugins and user plugins
  - drop custom applications-registry entry, unneeded
  - clean .spec
  - remove patches that were not applied
  - remove fedora update manager removal patches
  - add java5.patch from fedora (build for target 1.5)
  - update other fedora patches
  - disable updates for core, internal plugins, and system-wide plugins
    (disable-updates.patch, fixes bug #46219); user-installed plugins will
    be updated, however, and plugins can be installed directly from the
    Tools menu, as with official build
  - do not try to install azupdater as a system-wide plugin (shared.patch)
  - fix build with recent bouncycastle (recent-bouncycastle.patch)
  - drop requires on java gtk stuff, they were unneeded
  - split console support into vuze-console subpackage; that package will
    be empty but it requires the extra packages that are needed for
    console/telnet support
  - really use system bouncycastle
  - on 2009.1 and older, keep using internal bouncycastle as bouncycastle
    packages on those releases were bloated
  - drop unneeded %post and %postun on 2009.0+
  - use liblog4j-java packages instead of log4j on cooker in order to
    reduce unneeded dependencies
* Sun Mar 15 2009 Olivier Blin <>
  + Revision: 355338
  - add glib-java and libgtk-java as Requires (and remove them from BuildRequires, their devel counterpart is already BuildRequired)
  - fix typo in BuildRequires
    + Jérôme Soyer <>
      - Fix launch script
* Thu Mar 05 2009 Jérôme Soyer <>
  + Revision: 348975
  - Add BR
  - Remove gcj support
  - New upstream release
* Thu Aug 14 2008 Alexander Kurtakov <> 0:
  + Revision: 271410
  - direct symlink to swt.jar
  - replace swt-gtk with swt everywhere
  - fix startup script
  - fix build
    + David Walluck <>
      - fix build with eclipse-swt
      - import vuze


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