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Packages beginning with letter X

x-oql-20070202-8mdv2010.0 X-OQL linux/i586
x-oql-javadoc-20070202-8mdv2010.0 Javadoc for X-OQL linux/i586
x11-driver-input-hidtouch-9.04.04-1mdv2010.0 hidtouch input device driver linux/i586
x11-driver-input-wiimote-0.0.1-4mdv2009.0 X driver for the nintendo wiimote linux/i586
x11-driver-video-nouveau-0.0.15-0.20090926.1mdv2010.0 The experimental driver for NVIDIA cards linux/i586
x11-driver-video-psb-0.31.0-6mdv2010.0 The driver for Poulsbo chipsets linux/i586
x11-driver-video-psb-0.31.0-5mdv2010.0 The driver for Poulsbo chipsets linux/i586
x11-driver-video-vermilion-1.0.1-3mdv2009.0 The driver for vermilion cards linux/i586
x11-driver-video-xgi-1.5.0-3mdv2008.1 The driver for XGI Cards linux/i586
x11vnc-0.9.8-2mdv2010.0 VNC server for the current X11 session linux/i586
x2vnc-1.7.2-4mdv2009.0 Allows a mouse and a keyboard to control two displays linux/i586
x2x-1.30-0.beta.4mdv2009.0 Allows a mouse and a keyboard to control two displays linux/i586
x3270-3.3.9ga12-1mdv2010.0 An X Window System based IBM 3278/3279 terminal emulator linux/i586
x48-0.6.3-1mdv2010.0 HP 48 GX emulator linux/i586
x48-0.4.3-10mdv2010.0 HP 48 GX emulator linux/i586
x86info-1.23-2mdv2010.0 Show x86 CPU information linux/i586
xalan-c-doc-1.10-5mdv2009.1 Online manual for Xalan-C, XSLT Transformation Engine linux/i586
xaos-3.5-4mdv2010.0 A real-time fractal zoomer linux/i586
xaos-aalib-3.5-4mdv2010.0 Real-time fractal zoomer, aalib package linux/i586
xaos-svgalib-3.5-4mdv2010.0 Real-time fractal zoomer, svgalib package linux/i586
xapian-bindings-java-1.0.16-2mdv2010.0 Files needed for developing Java applications which use Xapian linux/i586
xapian-bindings-mono-1.0.16-2mdv2010.0 Files needed for developing C# applications which use Xapian linux/i586
xapian-bindings-php-1.0.16-2mdv2010.0 Files needed for developing PHP scripts which use Xapian linux/i586
xapian-bindings-python-1.0.16-2mdv2010.0 Files needed for developing Python scripts which use Xapian linux/i586
xapian-bindings-ruby-1.0.16-2mdv2010.0 Files needed for developing Ruby applications which use Xapian linux/i586
xapian-bindings-tcl-1.0.16-2mdv2010.0 Files needed for developing TCL scripts which use Xapian linux/i586
xapian-core-1.0.16-1mdv2010.0 Search engine library linux/i586
xapian-omega-1.0.16-1mdv2010.0 A CGI search frontend and indexers built on Xapian linux/i586
xar-1.5.2-5mdv2010.0 The XAR project aims to provide an easily extensible archive format linux/i586
xarchiver-0.5.2-3mdv2010.0 Xarchiver, a lightweight archiving/compression tool linux/i586
xarchon-0.50-20mdv2010.0 Strange game of chess linux/i586
xautolock-2.1-2mdv2008.1 A program for automatically starting programs when there is inactivity under X linux/i586
xbacklight-1.1.1-8mdv2010.0 Command-line utility to set the display backlight level linux/i586
xbanner-1.31-24mdv2009.0 A program for customizing the look of the standard XDM interface linux/i586
xbill-2.1-6mdv2010.0 Defend your computers from Wingdows Viruses linux/i586
xbindkeys-1.8.3-3mdv2010.0 Link keyboard and mouse input events with shell commands linux/i586
xblast-2.10.4-1mdv2010.0 XBlast TNT a bomberman like game (Multiplayer) linux/i586
xbmc-9.11-1.svn27303.pvr_testing2.1mdv2010.0 XBMC Media Center - media player and home entertainment system linux/i586
xbmc-core-9.11-1.svn27303.pvr_testing2.1mdv2010.0 XBMC Media Center - core files linux/i586
xbmc-eventclient-j2me-9.11-1.svn27303.pvr_testing2.1mdv2010.0 J2ME eventclient for XBMC linux/i586
xbmc-eventclient-ps3remote-9.11-1.svn27303.pvr_testing2.1mdv2010.0 PS3 Remote eventclient for XBMC linux/i586
xbmc-eventclient-wiiremote-9.11-1.svn27303.pvr_testing2.1mdv2010.0 Wii Remote eventclient for XBMC linux/i586
xbmc-eventclient-xbmc-send-9.11-1.svn27303.pvr_testing2.1mdv2010.0 PS3 eventclient for XBMC linux/i586
xbmc-eventclients-common-9.11-1.svn27303.pvr_testing2.1mdv2010.0 Common files for XBMC eventclients linux/i586
xbmc-eventclients-devel-9.11-1.svn27303.pvr_testing2.1mdv2010.0 Development files for XBMC eventclients linux/i586
xbmc-nosefart-9.11-1.svn27303.pvr_testing2.1mdv2010.0 NSF audio support for XBMC linux/i586
xbmc-screensavers-default-9.11-1.svn27303.pvr_testing2.1mdv2010.0 Default screensavers for XBMC linux/i586
xbmc-script-examples-9.11-1.svn27303.pvr_testing2.1mdv2010.0 XBMC example python scripts linux/i586
xbmc-skin-confluence-9.11-1.svn27303.pvr_testing2.1mdv2010.0 Confluence skin for XBMC linux/i586
xbmc-skin-pm3-hd-9.11-1.svn27303.pvr_testing2.1mdv2010.0 Project Mayhem III HD skin for XBMC linux/i586
xbmc-web-pm3-9.11-1.svn27303.pvr_testing2.1mdv2010.0 Project Mayhem III skin for web server of XBMC linux/i586
xbsql-0.11-14mdv2010.0 XBSQL: An SQL wrapper for xbase linux/i586
xbuffy-3.4-12mdv2010.0 X-based multiple mailbox biff linux/i586
xca-0.7.0-1mdv2010.0 GUI for handling X509 certificates, RSA keys and PKCS#10 requests linux/i586
xcalib-0.8-7mdv2010.0 Tiny monitor calibration loader linux/i586
xcave-2.3.0-4mdv2009.0 A wine cellar manager linux/i586
xcdroast-0.98-0.a15.38mdv2009.0 A GUI program for burning CDs linux/i586
xchat-drakcowsay-0.7-4mdv2010.0 Xchat plugin for drakcowsay linux/i586
xchat-gnome-0.26.1-2mdv2010.0 Graphical IRC client for the GNOME desktop linux/i586
xchat-gnome-autoaway-0.26.1-2mdv2010.0 XChat Autoaway plugin linux/i586
xchat-gnome-devel-0.26.1-2mdv2010.0 XChat header for plugin development linux/i586
xchat-gnome-notification-0.26.1-2mdv2010.0 XChat Notification plugin linux/i586
xchat-gnome-notifyosd-0.26.1-2mdv2010.0 XChat On Screen Notification plugin linux/i586
xchat-gnome-perl-0.26.1-2mdv2010.0 XChat Perl plugin linux/i586
xchat-gnome-python-0.26.1-2mdv2010.0 XChat Python plugin linux/i586
xchat-gnome-soundnotification-0.26.1-2mdv2010.0 XChat Sound Notification plugin linux/i586
xchat-gnome-tcl-0.26.1-2mdv2010.0 XChat TCL plugin linux/i586
xchat-gnome-urlscraper-0.26.1-2mdv2010.0 XChat URLscraper plugin linux/i586
xchat-osd-1.1-6mdv2010.0 An osd plugin for xchat linux/i586
xchat-ruby-1.2-2mdv2010.0 XChat Ruby plugin linux/i586
xchat-systray-integration-2.4.5-10mdv2010.0 Systray (Notification Area) Plugin for XChat linux/i586
xchm-1.17-1mdv2010.0 CHM viewer for UNIX linux/i586
xcin-2.5.3-6.pre3.5mdv2009.0 X Input Method Server for Chinese linux/i586
xcircuit-tcl-3.4.30-4mdv2010.0 Electronic circuit schematic drawing program linux/i586
xcockroach-0.4-9mdv2010.0 Displays cockroaches on your desktop linux/i586
xcolorsel-1.1a-5mdv2010.0 Simple color displayer/selector for X11 rgb.txt files linux/i586
xcompmgr-1.1.4-3mdv2010.0 Sample X Compositing Manager linux/i586
xcompmgr_hack-2.02-7mdv2010.0 Sample X Compositing Manager linux/i586
xconq-7.5.0-1.20050612.5mdv2009.1 General turn-based 2D strategy game system linux/i586
xconq-curses-7.5.0-1.20050612.5mdv2009.1 The curses (console) user interface for the Xconq game system linux/i586
xconq-sdl-7.5.0-1.20050612.5mdv2009.1 The SDL user interface for the Xconq game system linux/i586
xconq-tcltk-7.5.0-1.20050612.5mdv2009.1 The Tcl/Tk user interface for the Xconq game system linux/i586
xcoral-3.45-1mdv2007.0 Programmable text editor for Unix users linux/i586
xcowsay-1.2-2mdv2010.0 Displays a cute cow and message on your desktop linux/i586
xcowsay-1.1-2mdv2010.0 Displays a cute cow and message on your desktop linux/i586
xd3d-8.3.1-5mdv2009.0 A simple scientific visualization tool linux/i586
xdelta1-1.1.4-5mdv2010.0 A binary delta generator linux/i586
xdelta1-devel-1.1.4-5mdv2010.0 Static libraries and header files for development with XDelta linux/i586
xdelta3-3.0t-2mdv2010.0 A binary delta generator linux/i586
xdesktopwaves-1.3-4mdv2010.0 Create water effect on your X background linux/i586
xdiskusage-1.48-5mdv2010.0 Graphical display of disk usage linux/i586
xdosemu- A DOS emulator for the X Window System linux/i586
xdotool-2.20101012.3049-1mdv2010.0 fake keyboard/mouse input, window management, and more linux/i586
xdrawchem-1.9.9-6mdv2010.0 2D chemical structures drawing tool linux/i586
xdtv-2.4.0-7mdv2009.0 TV application with plugin capabilities linux/i586
xdtv-devel-2.4.0-7mdv2009.0 Development files for xdtv linux/i586
xdvi-22.85-4mdv2010.0 An X viewer for DVI files linux/i586
xdvik-22.84.14-4mdv2010.0 An X viewer for DVI files linux/i586
xemacs-21.4.22-3mdv2010.0 Highly customizable text editor and application development system linux/i586
xemacs-devel-21.4.22-3mdv2010.0 Header files for Xemacs linux/i586
xemacs-el-21.4.22-3mdv2010.0 The .el source files for XEmacs linux/i586
xemacs-ess-5.4-1mdv2010.0 Emacs Speaks Statistics package for XEmacs linux/noarch
xemacs-extras-21.4.22-3mdv2010.0 Files that XEmacs has in common with GNU Emacs linux/i586
xemacs-mule-21.4.22-3mdv2010.0 The XEmacs binary with mule (MUlti-Lingual Emacs) support linux/i586
xemacs-mule-el-21.4.22-3mdv2010.0 The .el source files for XEmacs mule extension linux/i586
xemacs-tramp-2.1.14-1mdv2009.1 Transparent Remote (file) Access, Multiple Protocol linux/noarch
xerces-c-3.0.1-1mdv2010.0 Xerces-C++ validating XML parser linux/i586
xerces-c-doc-3.0.1-1mdv2010.0 Documentation for Xerces-C++ validating XML parser linux/i586
xfbib-0.0.2-5mdv2010.0 A lightweight BibTeX editor developed for the Xfce desktop environment linux/i586
xfburn-0.4.2-2mdv2010.0 A simple CD burning tool for the Xfce Desktop Environment linux/i586
xfc-4.3.2-7mdv2008.1 The Xfce foundation classes linux/i586
xfc-demo-4.3.2-7mdv2008.1 Xfce foundation classes example files linux/i586
xfce-kiosk-4.6.1-1mdv2010.0 Kiosk support for the Xfce desktop environment linux/i586
xfce-utils-4.6.1-4.1mdv2010.0 Utilities for the Xfce Desktop Environment linux/i586
xfce-utils-4.6.1-3mdv2010.0 Utilities for the Xfce Desktop Environment linux/i586
xfce4-appfinder-4.6.1-1mdv2010.0 Find every application in the system linux/i586
xfce4-artwork-0.2-10mdv2010.0 Additional artwork for the Xfce Desktop Environment linux/noarch
xfce4-battery-plugin-0.5.1-5mdv2010.0 Battery monitor plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-cddrive-plugin-0.0.1-8mdv2010.0 CD Drive plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-cellmodem-plugin-0.0.5-8mdv2010.0 Monitoring plugin for cellular modems linux/i586
xfce4-clipman-plugin-1.1.1-1mdv2010.0 Clipboard history plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-cpufreq-plugin-0.0.1-9mdv2010.0 Cpu-freq plugins for Xfce desktop linux/i586
xfce4-cpugraph-plugin-0.4.0-7mdv2010.0 CPU Graph plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-datetime-plugin-0.6.1-3mdv2010.0 A date and time panel plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-dev-tools-4.7.2-2mdv2010.0 Xfce developer tools linux/noarch
xfce4-dict-0.6.0-1mdv2010.0 A dictionary support for Xfce linux/i586
xfce4-dict-0.5.3-1mdv2010.0 A dictionary support for Xfce linux/i586
xfce4-diskperf-plugin-2.2.0-5mdv2010.0 Disk performance panel plugin for Xfce linux/i586
xfce4-eyes-plugin-4.4.0-9mdv2010.0 An eyes plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-fsguard-plugin-0.4.2-3mdv2010.0 Disk space plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-genmon-plugin-3.2-7mdv2010.0 Generic Monitor XFce panel plugin (GenMon) linux/i586
xfce4-icon-theme-4.4.3-3mdv2010.0 Icon theme Rodent for the Xfce Desktop linux/noarch
xfce4-linelight-plugin-0.1.6-4mdv2010.0 Search plugin for Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-mailwatch-plugin-1.1.0-4mdv2010.0 Mail Watcher plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-minicmd-plugin-0.4.0-10mdv2010.0 Minicmd plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-mixer-4.6.1-4mdv2010.0 Volume control for the Xfce linux/i586
xfce4-modemlights-plugin- Modemlights plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-mount-plugin-0.5.5-5mdv2010.0 Mount plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-mpc-plugin-0.3.3-7mdv2010.0 A mpc plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-netload-plugin-0.4.0-10mdv2010.0 Netload plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-notes-plugin-1.7.1-1mdv2010.0 Notes plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-notifyd-0.1.0-6mdv2010.0 Notification daemon for Xfce desktop environment linux/i586
xfce4-panel-4.6.2-1.1mdv2010.0 A Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-panel-4.6.2-1mdv2010.0 A Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-places-plugin-1.2.0-1mdv2010.0 A places plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-playercontrol-plugin-0.3.0-2mdv2010.0 Audio player control plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-power-manager- A power manager for Xfce linux/i586
xfce4-power-manager-0.8.4-1mdv2010.0 A power manager for Xfce linux/i586
xfce4-quicklauncher-plugin-1.9.4-8mdv2010.0 Quicklauncher plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-quicklauncher-plugin-1.9.4-7mdv2010.0 Quicklauncher plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-radio-plugin-0.4.2-2mdv2010.0 Radio plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-rss-plugin-0.1.0-7mdv2010.0 A RSS Plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-screenshooter-1.6.0-1mdv2010.0 Screen capture tool for Xfce linux/i586
xfce4-sensors-plugin- Sensor plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-session-4.6.1-3mdv2010.0 Xfce Session Manager linux/i586
xfce4-session-4.6.1-1mdv2010.0 Xfce Session Manager linux/i586
xfce4-session-engines-4.6.1-3mdv2010.0 Balou splash engine linux/i586
xfce4-session-engines-4.6.1-1mdv2010.0 Balou splash engine linux/i586
xfce4-settings-4.6.4-1mdv2010.0 Configuration settings manager for Xfce linux/i586
xfce4-settings-4.6.3-1mdv2010.0 Configuration settings manager for Xfce linux/i586
xfce4-smartbookmark-plugin-0.4.2-11mdv2010.0 Smart bookmarks for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-smartpm-plugin-0.4.0-4mdv2010.0 A Smart plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-systemload-plugin-0.4.2-10mdv2010.0 System load plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-taskmanager-0.4.1-4mdv2010.0 A small taskmanager for Xfce desktop environment linux/i586
xfce4-time-out-plugin-0.1.1-8mdv2010.0 A time-out plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-timer-plugin-0.6.1-3mdv2010.0 Timer plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-verve-plugin-0.3.6-3mdv2010.0 A minicmd-plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-volstatus-icon-0.1.0-12mdv2010.0 This applicaion help safely mount/eject media linux/i586
xfce4-wavelan-plugin-0.5.5-1mdv2010.0 WaveLAN plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-weather-plugin-0.7.3-1mdv2010.0 A weather plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-websearch-plugin-0.1.1-5mdv2010.0 A web search plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-wmdock-plugin-0.3.2-3mdv2010.0 WindowMaker dockapps plugin for the Xfce desktop environment linux/i586
xfce4-xfapplet-plugin-0.1.0-12mdv2010.0 Plugin for the Xfce panel linux/i586
xfce4-xkb-plugin- A plugin for the Xfce4 panel displaying keyboard layout linux/i586
xfconf-4.6.1-2mdv2010.0 A configuration storage system for Xfce linux/i586
xfconf-4.6.1-1mdv2010.0 A configuration storage system for Xfce linux/i586
xfdesktop-4.6.1-1mdv2010.0 Desktop manager for the Xfce Desktop Environment linux/i586
xfdiff-4.5.0-5mdv2009.0 Graphical interface to the GNU diff and patch commands linux/i586
xfe-1.19.2-1mdv2009.0 Yet another file browser linux/i586
xferstats-2.16-8mdv2010.0 Compiles information about file transfers from logfiles linux/i586
xfmedia-devel-0.9.2-12mdv2009.1 Media player for Xfce linux/i586
xfmpc-0.2.0-1mdv2010.0 A MPD client focusing on low footprint for Xfce linux/i586
xfprint-4.6.1-1mdv2010.0 Print dialog and printer manager for Xfce linux/i586
xfrisk-1.2-9mdv2010.0 XFrisk, a multi-user network version of the classic "Risk" linux/i586
xfswitch-plugin-0.0.1-4mdv2010.0 User switching plugin for Xfce desktop environment linux/i586
xfwm4-4.6.1-1mdv2010.0 Window manager for Xfce desktop environment linux/i586
xfwm4-themes-4.6.0-3mdv2010.0 Additional themes for Xfwm linux/noarch
xgospel-1.12d-19mdv2010.0 An X11 client for Internet Go Server linux/i586
xgraph-12.1-6mdv2009.0 Interactive plotting and graphing X11 in command line linux/i586
xhippo-3.3-9mdv2010.0 A mp3 playlist frontend linux/i586
ximian-artwork-0.2.34-5mdv2010.0 The Default Style for Ximian Desktop linux/i586
xine-skins-5.0-7mdv2010.0 Skins for Xine linux/noarch
xine-xvdr-1.0.5-2mdv2010.0 Xine frontend for the xineliboutput VDR plugin linux/i586
xine-xvdr-1.0.4-4mdv2010.0 Xine frontend for the xineliboutput VDR plugin linux/i586
xine1.2-common-1.1.90-0.hg11412.1mdv2010.0 Common files of xine-lib1.2 linux/i586
xine1.2-xvdr-1.0.5-2mdv2010.0 Xine frontend for the xineliboutput VDR plugin linux/i586
xineliboutput-fbfe-1.0.5-2mdv2010.0 Standalone framebuffer/DirectFB frontend for the xineliboutput VDR plugin linux/i586
xineliboutput-fbfe-1.0.4-4mdv2010.0 Standalone framebuffer/DirectFB frontend for the xineliboutput VDR plugin linux/i586
xineliboutput-local-fbfe-1.0.5-2mdv2010.0 Local framebuffer/DirectFB frontend for the xineliboutput VDR plugin linux/i586
xineliboutput-local-fbfe-1.0.4-4mdv2010.0 Local framebuffer/DirectFB frontend for the xineliboutput VDR plugin linux/i586
xineliboutput-local-sxfe-1.0.5-2mdv2010.0 Local X11 frontend for the xineliboutput VDR plugin linux/i586
xineliboutput-local-sxfe-1.0.4-4mdv2010.0 Local X11 frontend for the xineliboutput VDR plugin linux/i586
xineliboutput-sxfe-1.0.5-2mdv2010.0 Standalone X11 frontend for the xineliboutput VDR plugin linux/i586
xineliboutput-sxfe-1.0.4-4mdv2010.0 Standalone X11 frontend for the xineliboutput VDR plugin linux/i586
xiphos-3.1.1-1mdv2010.0 Bible Study Software for Linux and the Gnome Desktop linux/i586
xl2tpd-1.2.6-1mdv2010.0 Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol Daemon (RFC 2661) linux/i586
xl2tpd-1.2.3-3mdv2010.0 Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol Daemon (RFC 2661) linux/i586
xlispstat-3.52.18-15mdk An implementation of the Lisp language with statistics extensions. linux/i586
xlogical-1.0_8-9mdv2010.0 XLogical - A puzzle game linux/i586
xlogmaster-1.6.0-12mdk Quick & easy monitoring of logfiles and devices. linux/i586
xmake-1.06-7mdv2010.0 XMAKE allows you to easily construct multiple complex dependencies linux/i586
xmakemol-5.16-5mdv2010.0 Simple XYZ molecule editor and GL viewer linux/i586
xmbmon-2.05-4mdv2009.0 A motherboad monitoring tool linux/i586
xmds-1.6.6-2mdv2010.0 eXtensible multi-dimensional Simulator linux/i586
xmerlin-0.9b-12mdv2010.0 Character recognition engine for X11 devices linux/i586
xmlbeans-2.3.0-2mdv2010.0 XML-Java binding tool linux/noarch
xmlbeans-javadoc-2.3.0-2mdv2010.0 Javadoc for xmlbeans linux/noarch
xmlbeans-manual-2.3.0-2mdv2010.0 Documents for xmlbeans linux/noarch
xmlbeans-scripts-2.3.0-2mdv2010.0 Scripts for xmlbeans linux/noarch
xmlclitools-1.61-6mdv2009.0 Command-line xml tools linux/i586
xmlformat-1.04-4mdv2010.0 XML Document Formatter linux/noarch
xmlgraphics-commons-1.3.1-0.0.2mdv2010.0 XML Graphics Commons linux/i586
xmlgraphics-commons-javadoc-1.3.1-0.0.2mdv2010.0 Javadoc for xmlgraphics-commons linux/i586
xmlindent-0.2.17-7mdv2010.0 XML stream reformatter linux/i586
xmlppm-0.98.2-8mdv2010.0 XML data compression program linux/i586
xmlpull-api-1.1.4-1.0.3mdv2010.0 Simple to use XML pull parsing API linux/i586
xmlpull-api-javadoc-1.1.4-1.0.3mdv2010.0 Javadoc for xmlpull-api linux/i586
xmlroff-0.6.1-2mdv2009.1 XSL formatter linux/i586
xmlstarlet-1.0.1-8mdv2010.0 Command Line XML Toolkit linux/i586
xmlsysd-1.0.4-7mdv2010.0 XML-based system information daemon linux/i586
xmltv-0.5.55-1mdv2009.1 A set of utilities to manage your TV viewing linux/noarch
xmltv-druid-0.4.0-5mdv2010.0 Xmltv-druid - A Gnome wizard to configure xmltv grabber jobs linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-ar-0.5.55-1mdv2009.1 Argentenian grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-ch-0.5.55-1mdv2009.1 Swiss grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-combiner-0.5.55-1mdv2009.1 Grabber to grab data from multiple grabbers at once linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-dk-0.5.55-1mdv2009.1 Danish grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-dtv_la-0.5.55-1mdv2009.1 Latin American grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-ee-0.5.55-1mdv2009.1 Estonian grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-es-0.5.55-1mdv2009.1 Spanish grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-eu-0.5.55-1mdv2009.1 European grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-fi-0.5.55-1mdv2009.1 Finish grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-fr-0.5.55-1mdv2009.1 French grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-hr-0.5.55-1mdv2009.1 Croatia grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-huro-0.5.55-1mdv2009.1 Hungarian-Romanian grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-is-0.5.55-1mdv2009.1 Icelandic grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-it-0.5.55-1mdv2009.1 Italian grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-na-0.5.55-1mdv2009.1 North-american grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-no-0.5.55-1mdv2009.1 Norwegian grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-pt-0.5.55-1mdv2009.1 Portugese grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-re-0.5.55-1mdv2009.1 Reunion island grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-se-0.5.55-1mdv2009.1 Swedish grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-grabbers-uk-0.5.55-1mdv2009.1 English grabbers for xmltv linux/noarch
xmltv-gui-0.5.55-1mdv2009.1 Graphical frontends to xmltv linux/noarch
xmlunit-1.2-2.0.2mdv2010.0 Provides classes to do asserts on xml linux/noarch
xmlunit-javadoc-1.2-2.0.2mdv2010.0 Javadoc for xmlunit linux/noarch
xmlwriter-1.2.2-0.0.4mdv2010.0 org.freecompany.util linux/i586
xmlwriter-javadoc-1.2.2-0.0.4mdv2010.0 Javadoc for xmlwriter linux/i586
xmms-1.2.11-4mdv2010.0 The Sound player with the WinAmp GUI linux/i586
xmms-alarm-0.3.7-5mdv2010.0 An alarm plugin for XMMS linux/i586
xmms-alsa-1.2.11-4mdv2010.0 ALSA output backend linux/i586
xmms-ao-0.7-7mdv2010.0 Output plugin for xmms using libao2 linux/i586
xmms-cdcover-0.2-10mdv2010.0 Visualization plugin for xmms that displays a CD cover if available linux/i586
xmms-cdread-0.14a-8mdv2009.0 Input plugin that reads audio data from CDs linux/i586
xmms-coverviewer-0.12-0.1rc2.2mdv2010.0 XMMS plugin that displays images related to the files being played linux/i586
xmms-crossfade-0.3.14-5mdv2010.0 Crossfade output plugin for XMMS linux/i586
xmms-crystality-0.92-14mdv2010.0 Realtime plugin for remastering mp3 sound linux/i586
xmms-cueinfo-0.2.0-9mdv2010.0 Plugin for XMMS that adds support for reading cue files linux/i586
xmms-diskwriter-1.2.11-4mdv2010.0 DiskWriter output backend linux/i586
xmms-dumb-0.1-7mdv2010.0 MOD player plugin for XMMS based on DUMB linux/i586
xmms-eq-0.6-9mdv2010.0 Equalizer plugin for XMMS linux/i586
xmms-esd-1.2.11-4mdv2010.0 ESound output backend linux/i586
xmms-fc-0.5.4-3mdv2010.0 Future Composer plugin for XMMS linux/i586
xmms-find-0.5.2-3mdv2010.0 XmmsFind plugin for xmms linux/i586
xmms-flac-1.2.1-4mdv2010.0 Xmms plugin to play FLAC files linux/i586
xmms-g15-2.5.4-5mdv2010.0 Very simple spectrum analyzer for XMMS linux/i586
xmms-gdancer-0.4.6-8mdv2010.0 GDancer - The Dancing Space Ghost XMMS plugin linux/i586
xmms-imms-3.0.2-1mdv2008.1 IMMS plugin for XMMS linux/i586
xmms-infopipe-1.3-4mdv2008.1 XMMS plugin that report XMMS status via a named pipe linux/i586
xmms-itouch-0.1.2-10mdv2009.0 XMMS iTouch keyboard control plugin linux/i586
xmms-jack-0.19-6mdv2010.0 Xmms output plugin for the jack sound server linux/i586
xmms-kjofol-skins-1.2.0-12mdv2010.0 XMMS - Vis plugin to get kjofol skins + some kjofol skins linux/i586
xmms-lirc-1.4-7mdv2009.0 LIRC plugin for xmms (Infrared Controler) linux/i586
xmms-mad-0.10-7mdv2010.0 XMMS MPEG audio input plugin based on MAD linux/i586
xmms-mas-1.2.7-8mdv2010.0 MAS output plugin for xmms linux/i586
xmms-mesa-1.2.11-4mdv2010.0 Visualization plugins that use the Mesa3d library linux/i586
xmms-mikmod-1.2.11-4mdv2010.0 Sound player with the WinAmp GUI, Mikmod output backend linux/i586
xmms-modplug-2.05-10mdv2010.0 Modplug Plugin for XMMS linux/i586
xmms-more-vis-plugins-1.8.0-18mdv2007.1 XMMS - More visualization plugins linux/i586
xmms-more-vis-plugins-unsafe-1.8.0-18mdv2007.1 XMMS - More visualization plugins (unsafe ones, often segfault...) linux/i586
xmms-morestate-1.2-12mdv2010.0 Maintain xmms state information linux/i586
xmms-mp3cue-0.94-6mdv2008.1 Support for cue files to XMMS linux/i586
xmms-mplayer-0.3.3-10mdv2010.0 An input plug-in for XMMS that plays videos using MPlayer linux/i586
xmms-musepack-1.2.1-2mdv2010.0 XMMS plugin which plays musepack encoded audio files linux/i586
xmms-nas-0.2-9mdv2010.0 NAS Output plugin for XMMS linux/i586
xmms-nbs-1.0-0.20040615.4mdv2010.0 NBS Output plugin for XMMS linux/i586
xmms-normalize-0.8.1-11mdv2010.0 Normalizing plugin for XMMS linux/i586
xmms-oggre-0.3-9mdv2010.0 Ogg output plugin for xmms linux/i586
xmms-sc68-2.1.0-8mdv2010.0 SC68 - Atari ST and Amiga music player linux/i586
xmms-scrobbler-0.4.0-2mdv2010.0 A xmms plugin that builds a profile of your musical taste linux/i586
xmms-sid-0.8.0-2.beta19.1mdv2010.0 XMMS input plugin for C64 SID files linux/i586
xmms-sidplay-0.40-14mdv2010.0 SidPlay Output plugin for XMMS linux/i586
xmms-singit-0.0.8-9mdv2010.0 Lyric Displayer and editor plugin for XMMS linux/i586
xmms-skins-1.0.0-21mdv2010.0 XMMS - Skins linux/noarch
xmms-smpeg-0.3.5-8mdv2009.0 This plugin lets you play mpeg videos with the xmms multimedia player linux/i586
xmms-speex-0.9.1-6mdv2010.0 Speex support for XMMS linux/i586
xmms-status-plugin-1.0-11mdv2010.0 A docklet for XMMS linux/i586
xmms-uade-2.12-2mdv2010.0 Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator Xmms input plugin linux/i586
xmms-vtx-0.7-10mdv2010.0 Plays VTX files containing music from the ZX Spectrum linux/i586
xmms-weasel-0.0.1-9mdv2010.0 Hide XMMS window automatically linux/i586
xmms-xf86audio-0.4.3-1mdv2007.0 Enable XMMS control via XF86Audio keysyms (acme) linux/i586
xmms-xosd-2.2.14-12mdv2010.0 X On Screen Display, displays XMMS status information linux/i586
xmms2-0.6-0.DrMattDestruction.8mdv2010.0 Redesign of the XMMS music player linux/i586
xmmsctrl-1.9-5mdv2010.0 Xmmsctrl is a small xmms control program linux/i586
xmmsmplayer-0.5-9mdv2010.0 An input plug-in for XMMS that plays videos using MPlayer linux/i586
xmode-1.0-7mdv2010.0 X Window System (TM) and frame buffer modeline generator linux/i586
xmonad-0.8.1-1mdv2009.1 A tiling window manager linux/i586
xmonad-contrib-0.8.1-1mdv2009.1 Haskell xmonad-contrib library - Third party extensions for xmonad linux/i586
xmorph-20060817-1mdv2010.0 An X Window System tool for creating morphed images linux/i586
xmoto-0.5.2-1mdv2010.0 A challenging 2D motocross platform game linux/i586
xmove-2.0-0.beta2.3mdv2010.0 X11 pseudoserver to dynamically move X11 applications linux/i586
xmp-2.7.1-1mdv2010.0 A multi-format module player linux/i586
xmp-audacious-2.7.1-1mdv2010.0 Xmp plugin for Audacious linux/i586
xmp-xmms-2.7.1-1mdv2010.0 Xmp plugin for XMMS linux/i586
xmris-4.0.5-9mdv2010.0 A version of 'Mr Do' video game for X linux/i586
xnc-5.0.4-6mdv2008.1 X Northern Captain - X filemanager with many functions linux/i586
xnetload-1.11.3-7mdv2010.0 A program to display load on network device linux/i586
xorp-1.4-2mdv2008.1 Open Router Platform linux/i586
xosd-tools-2.2.14-12mdv2010.0 Example applications of the xosd library linux/i586
xosview-1.8.3-5mdv2009.1 An X Window System utility for monitoring system resources linux/i586
xournal- Pen-based journal and PDF annotator linux/i586
xpad-2.14-5mdv2010.0 Sticky notepad for GTK+2 linux/i586
xpaint-2.8.2-2mdv2010.0 An X Window System image editing or paint program linux/i586
xpdf-3.02-16mdv2010.0 A PDF file viewer for the X Window System linux/i586
xpdf-common-3.02-16mdv2010.0 Common files for xpdf and the applications based on it linux/i586
xpenguins-2.2-9mdv2009.0 Cute little penguins that walk along the tops of your windows linux/i586
xphelloworld-1.0.1-9mdv2010.0 Sends a test page to an Xprint printer linux/i586
xpilot-4.5.4-8mdv2010.0 An X Window System based multiplayer aerial combat game linux/i586
xpired-1.22-18mdv2010.0 Action puzzle game linux/i586
xplsprinters-1.0.1-9mdv2010.0 Shows a list of Xprint printers and it's attributes linux/i586
xpn-1.2.6-2mdv2010.0 GTK2 newsreader with full Unicode support linux/noarch
xprobe2-0.3-7mdv2010.0 Active ICMP fingerprinting tool linux/i586
xqf-1.0.5-9mdv2010.0 A network game browser linux/i586
xqf-1.0.5-7mdv2010.0 A network game browser linux/i586
xqilla-2.1.1-4mdv2009.1 XQilla is an XQuery and XPath 2 library linux/i586
xrdp-0.4.1-2mdv2010.0 Open source remote desktop protocol (RDP) server linux/i586
xrestop-0.4-9mdv2010.0 X Resource Monitor linux/i586
xrmap-2.33-4mdv2009.0 A tool to manipulate and create images of Earth linux/i586
xrn-9.02-20mdv2010.0 An X Window System based news reader linux/i586
xrpm-2.2-13mdv2010.0 An alternative package manager for RPMS linux/i586
xscavenger-1.4.4-9mdv2010.0 Cool arcade/thinking game very much like Lode Runner linux/i586
xscorch-0.2.0-7mdv2010.0 Clone of Scorched Earth linux/i586
xsd2jibx-0.2b-0.0.5mdv2010.0 Generating Code and Binding from Schema linux/i586
xsd2jibx-javadoc-0.2b-0.0.5mdv2010.0 Javadoc documentation for xsd2jibx linux/i586
xsiag-3.6.1-1mdv2008.1 A spreadsheet with an X11 user-interface linux/i586
xsidplay-2.0.3-2mdv2010.0 A Commdore 64 music player and SID chip emulator for X11 linux/i586
xsidplay-libsidplay2-2.0.3-2mdv2010.0 Xsidplay version based on libsidplay2 linux/i586
xskat-4.0-8mdv2009.0 The card game Skat as defined by the official Skat Order linux/i586
xsmbrowser-3.4.0-10mdv2010.0 Tcl/Tk based Samba shares browser linux/noarch
xsoldier-1.4-6mdv2009.0 Shooting game on X Window System linux/i586
xsp-2.4.2-1mdv2010.0 Small Web Server Hosting ASP.NET linux/noarch
xstream-1.3-2.0.2mdv2010.0 XML serialization library linux/i586
xstream-javadoc-1.3-2.0.2mdv2010.0 Javadoc for xstream linux/i586
xstroke-0.6.cvs20040921-5mdv2010.0 Fullscreen gesture and alphabet recognition linux/i586
xsupplicant-1.2.8-2mdv2008.1 An open source implementation of IEEE 802.1X linux/i586
xsupplicant-devel-1.2.8-2mdv2008.1 Development files from xsupplicant linux/i586
xsupplicant-doc-1.2.8-2mdv2008.1 Open source Implementation of the IEEE 802.1x protocol linux/i586
xsw-2.6.1-2mdv2009.1 Multiplayer Internet space combat gaming system linux/i586
xsw-data-2.5.5-5mdv2010.0 Data package for XShipWars linux/noarch
xsw-monitor-2.6.1-2mdv2009.1 XShipWars universe monitor linux/i586
xsw-server-2.6.1-2mdv2009.1 XShipWars universe server linux/i586
xsw-stimages-1.8.2-6mdv2010.0 Star Trek image theme for XShipWars linux/noarch
xsw-stsounds-1.5.2-3mdv2010.0 Star Trek sound theme for XShipWars linux/noarch
xsw-unvedit-2.6.1-2mdv2009.1 XShipWars universe editor linux/i586
xsynth-dssi-0.9.4-1mdv2010.0 Xsynth-DSSI plugin linux/i586
xsynth-dssi-0.9.0-3mdv2010.0 Xsynth-DSSI plugin linux/i586
xt-20051206-1.4mdv2009.0 Fast, free implementation of XSLT in Java linux/i586
xt-dash-demo-20020426a-3mdv2007.1 Demo for xt-dash linux/i586
xt-dash-javadoc-20020426a-3mdv2007.1 Javadoc for xt-dash linux/i586
xt-javadoc-20051206-1.4mdv2009.0 Javadoc for xt linux/i586
xtel-3.3.0-15mdv2010.0 Emulateur Minitel linux/i586
xtoolwait-1.3-12mdv2010.0 A utility which aims to decrease X session startup time linux/i586
xtouch-0.2-7mdv2010.0 A mk712 touchscreen driver/calibration tool for X linux/i586
xtrace-0.8.0-6mdv2010.0 An strace like program for tracing X11 connections linux/i586
xtrlock-2.0-2mdv2010.0 Minimal X display lock program linux/i586
xtux-20030306-12mdv2010.0 Multiplayer arcade game featuring open-source mascots linux/i586
xulrunner-headless-1.9.2-0.20091020.1mdv2010.0 XUL Runtime for Gecko Applications linux/i586
xulrunner-headless-devel-1.9.2-0.20091020.1mdv2010.0 Development files for Gecko linux/i586
xulrunner-headless-python-1.9.2-0.20091020.1mdv2010.0 Files needed to run Gecko applications written in python linux/i586
xulrunner-headless-python-devel-1.9.2-0.20091020.1mdv2010.0 Development files for building Gecko applications written in python linux/i586
xvattr-1.3-7mdv2010.0 Attribute editor for Xv extensions linux/i586
xvidcap-1.1.7-2mdv2010.0 Screen capture video recorder linux/i586
xvideoservicethief-1.8.2-2mdv2010.0 Downloading your favourite video clips linux/i586
xvkbd-3.0-3mdv2010.0 Virtual (on-screen) keyboard for X linux/i586
xwinwrap-0-0.20060209.4mdv2010.0 Utility to run applications as your desktop background linux/i586
xxgdb-1.12-26mdv2009.1 An X Window System graphical interface for the GNU gdb debugger linux/i586
xxv-1.4-1mdv2010.0 Xtreme eXtension for VDR linux/noarch
xymon-4.2.3-3mdv2010.0 Hobbit network monitor linux/i586
xymon-client-4.2.3-3mdv2010.0 Hobbit client reporting data to the Hobbit server linux/i586
xzgv-0.8-2mdk A GTK+/Imlib-based picture viewer for X linux/i586

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