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Packages beginning with letter W

w3cam-0.7.2-10mdv2009.0 Web camera CGI for video4linux linux/i586
w3m-0.5.2-4mdv2009.0 Pager that can also be used as textbased webbrowser linux/i586
w3mir-1.0.10-7mdv2009.0 All purpose HTTP copying and mirroring tool linux/noarch
w3perl-3.01-4mdv2009.0 Web/ftp/mail server logfile analyser linux/noarch
waf-1.5.5-1mdv2009.0 A framework for configuring, compiling and installing applications linux/noarch
wakeonlan-0.41-2mdv2009.0 Wake-on-LAN magic packet sender linux/noarch
walk500-1.0-2mdk Rio 500 Management tool for GNOME. linux/i586
wallpaper-at-1280x1024-0.3-6mdv2009.0 Wallpapers by Andreas Tille @ 1280x1024 linux/noarch
wallpaper-at-1600x1200-0.3-6mdv2009.0 Wallpapers by Andreas Tille @ 1600x1200 linux/noarch
wallpaper-at-1600x900-0.3-6mdv2009.0 Wallpapers by Andreas Tille @ 1600x900 linux/noarch
wallpapoz-0.4.1-2.1mdv2009.0 Gnome Desktop Wallpapers Configuration Tool linux/noarch
wallpapoz-0.4.1-2mdv2009.0 Gnome Desktop Wallpapers Configuration Tool linux/noarch
wammu-0.28-1mdv2009.0 Mobile phone manager linux/noarch
warewulf-2.6.3-2mdv2008.1 A cluster implementation and management tool linux/i586
warewulf-proxy-2.6.3-2mdv2008.1 The Warewulf node daemon proxy service linux/i586
warewulf-tools-2.6.3-2mdv2008.1 The Warewulf user tools linux/i586
warewulf-web-2.6.3-2mdv2008.1 The Warewulf web frontend linux/i586
warewulf-wulfd-2.6.3-2mdv2008.1 The Warewulf node daemon linux/i586
warzone2100-2.1.1-1mdv2009.0 Postnuclear realtime strategy linux/i586
warzone2100-2.1-0.beta4.3mdv2009.0 Postnuclear realtime strategy linux/i586
warzone2100-data-2.1-0.beta4.1mdv2009.0 3D realtime strategy on a future Earth linux/noarch
watchcatd-1.2-2mdv2009.0 Software watchdog, but less drastic than the usual solutions linux/i586
watchdog-5.4-2mdv2009.0 Software watchdog linux/i586
wavbreaker-0.10-1mdv2009.0 Gtk+ program to split WAV files between songs linux/i586
wavbreaker-0.9-4mdv2009.0 Gtk+ program to split WAV files between songs linux/i586
wavemon-0.4.0b-4mdv2009.0 Wireless network devices monitoring application linux/i586
wavesurfer-1.8.5-4mdv2009.0 Script-driven sound processing toolkit linux/noarch
wavplay-1.4-5mdv2009.0 WAV file Play & Record applications linux/i586
wbxml2-0.9.2-4mdv2009.0 WBXML parser and compiler library linux/i586
wdiff-0.5-8mdv2009.0 Word-based diff front end linux/i586
webcam_server-0.40-5mdv2008.1 A server to stream webcam video or snapshots linux/i586
webfeed-1.5-8mdv2009.0 Perl CGI script for web feedback forms linux/noarch
webgrep-2.12-4mdv2009.0 Web page search utilities linux/i586
webmake-2.4-7mdv2009.0 Content management and web templating system linux/noarch
webmin-theme-lynx-0.02-6mdv2009.0 Theme Lynx for Webmin linux/noarch
websubrev-0.61-4mdv2009.0 Web Submission and Review Software linux/noarch
websvn-2.0-4mdv2009.0 PHP based web interface of Subversion repositories linux/noarch
webvi-0.1.2-1mdv2009.0 Command line web video downloader linux/i586
webvid-0.1.2-1mdv2009.0 Web video downloader daemon linux/i586
wedit-0.9.8-6mdk User-friendly IDE linux/i586
weechat-0.2.6-4mdv2009.0 Wee Enhanced Environment for Chat linux/i586
weechat-aspell-0.2.6-4mdv2009.0 Weechat aspell plugins linux/i586
weechat-charset-0.2.6-4mdv2009.0 Weechat charset plugins linux/i586
weechat-lua-0.2.6-4mdv2009.0 Weechat lua plugins linux/i586
weechat-perl-0.2.6-4mdv2009.0 Weechat perl plugins linux/i586
weechat-python-0.2.6-4mdv2009.0 Weechat python plugins linux/i586
weechat-ruby-0.2.6-4mdv2009.0 Weechat ruby plugins linux/i586
wengophone- Internet phone software linux/i586
wesnoth-1.8-1mdv2009.0 Fantasy turn-based strategy game linux/i586
wesnoth-1.4.5-1mdv2009.0 Fantasy turn-based strategy game linux/i586
wesnoth-server-1.8-1mdv2009.0 Server for "Battle fo Wesnoth" game linux/i586
wesnoth-server-1.4.5-1mdv2009.0 Server for "Battle fo Wesnoth" game linux/i586
whatmask-1.2-7mdv2009.0 Convert between different netmask types linux/i586
wherever-racer-0.1-9mdv2009.0 Racing game based on Tux Racer linux/i586
whichman-2.4-4mdv2009.0 Fault tolerant search utilities linux/i586
white_dune-0.28-1.pl14.1mdv2009.0 A graphical VRML97 editor and animation tool linux/i586
whizzytex-1.3.1-4mdv2009.0 An Emacs minor mode for incremental viewing of LaTeX documents linux/noarch
whoisit-1.1-4mdv2009.0 Facilities to Announce incoming callers over the computer speakers linux/i586
widelands-b13-1mdv2009.0 Settlers II clone linux/i586
widelands-b12-1mdv2009.0 Settlers II clone linux/i586
wifi-radar-1.9.8-5mdv2009.0 Utility for managing WiFi profiles linux/noarch
wiggle-0.6-7mdv2009.0 A tool for applying patches with conflicts linux/i586
wikini-0.4.3-5mdv2009.0 A clone of Wiki in php (a WikiEngine) linux/noarch
wikipediafs-0.3-1mdv2009.0 View and edit Wikipedia articles as if they were real files linux/noarch
wildmidi-0.2.2-6mdv2009.0 WildMidi Open Source Midi Sequencer linux/i586
wine-doors-0.1.2-4mdv2009.0 Graphical wine frontend linux/noarch
wings3d-0.99.04-1mdv2009.0 A 3D subdivision modeler linux/i586
wings3d-0.99.03-1mdv2009.0 A 3D subdivision modeler linux/i586
wings3d-povray-0.99.04-1mdv2009.0 Povray import/export plug-in for Wings 3D linux/i586
wings3d-povray-0.99.03-1mdv2009.0 Povray import/export plug-in for Wings 3D linux/i586
winpdb-1.4.6-1mdv2009.0 An advanced Python debugger linux/noarch
winpdb-1.4.4-1mdv2009.0 An advanced Python debugger linux/noarch
winpdb-1.4.2-1mdv2009.0 An advanced Python debugger linux/noarch
winpdb-1.4.0-1mdv2009.0 An advanced Python debugger linux/noarch
winpdb-1.3.8-2mdv2009.0 An advanced Python debugger linux/noarch
wipe-2.2.0-7mdv2009.0 Secure file deletion utility linux/i586
wipe-2.2.0-6mdv2009.0 Secure file deletion utility linux/i586
wise-2.2.0-5mdv2009.0 Comparisons of DNA and protein sequences linux/i586
wlanfe-1.0.1-6mdv2009.0 Wireless lan configuration tool linux/i586
wlassistant-0.5.3-1mdv2007.0 KDE Aplication to scan wirelles networks linux/i586
wmMoonClock-1.27-5mdv2009.0 Docklet that shows lunar ephemeris to fairly high accuracy linux/i586
wmaker-themes-0.1-6mdv2009.0 Windowmaker Desktop Themes linux/noarch
wmakerconf-2.12-2mdv2009.0 WMakerConf : a configuration utility for WindowMaker linux/i586
wmapm-3.1-12mdv2009.0 Battery/Power status monitor for WindowMaker on laptops linux/i586
wmbattery-2.25-4mdv2009.0 Battery info docklet for WindowMaker linux/i586
wmcalc-0.3-9mdv2009.0 Calculator dockapp for windowmaker linux/i586
wmcoincoin-2.5.1-0.d.2mdv2009.0 WindowMaker dock application for linuxfr-addicted people linux/i586
wmcpuload-1.1.0pre4-7mdv2009.0 WindowMaker dock application that displays CPU usage linux/i586
wmctrl-1.07-2mdv2009.0 Command line tool to interact with an EWMH/NetWM compatible X Window Manager linux/i586
wmcube-0.98-13mdv2009.0 Realtime rotating 3d-object and CPU load in a small dock app linux/i586
wmdf-0.1.6-6mdv2009.0 An app to monitor disk IO and available space on partitions linux/i586
wmfire-1.2.3-5mdv2009.0 A WindowMaker that displays CPU load as fire in a small icon linux/i586
wmfishtime-1.24-4mdv2009.0 Analog clock with background fish tank in a dockapp linux/i586
wmglobe-1.3-8mdv2009.0 A WindowMaker that displays a rotating Earth in an icon linux/i586
wmhdplop-0.9.9-1mdv2008.1 Wmhdplop is yet another monitoring applet linux/i586
wmii-3.6-5mdv2009.0 Window Manager Improved 2, a X11 window manager for hackers linux/i586
wmii-devel-3.6-5mdv2009.0 Window Manager Improved 2 devel files linux/i586
wmix-3.2-4mdv2009.0 Dockapp OSS sound mixer linux/i586
wmlaptop-1.4-6mdv2009.0 Laptop info docklet for WindowMaker linux/i586
wmmemmon-1.0.1-5mdv2009.0 Mem/Swap monitoring dockapp for WindowMaker linux/i586
wmnd-0.4.12-6mdv2009.0 A dockapp for monitoring network interfaces linux/i586
wmnut-0.62-3mdv2009.0 A wmaker dock app that displays UPS statistics from NUT's upsd linux/i586
wmpomme-1.18-2mdv2009.0 WindowMaker dockapp client for pommed linux/i586
wmpop3lb-2.4.2-7mdv2009.0 POP3 mail box checker linux/i586
wmsmixer-0.5.1-8mdv2009.0 Dockapp sound mixer adjustable with mouse wheel linux/i586
wmsmpmon-3.1-5mdv2009.0 System information for Dual CPUs (memory, swap, cpu, IO) in a small dock app linux/i586
wmstock-0.11-9mdv2009.0 A stock ticker in a small dock app linux/i586
wmsysmon-0.7.7-5mdv2009.0 System information (memory, swap, uptime, IO) in a small dock app linux/i586
wmtop-0.84-10mdv2009.0 WindowMaker dock applet for top linux/i586
wmtv-0.6.5-12mdv2009.0 WindowMaker that controls TV linux/i586
wmweather-2.4.4-5mdv2009.0 Weather docklet for WindowMaker linux/i586
wmwebcam-0.3.5-11mdv2009.0 Watch your own webcam in a small dockapp window linux/i586
wmwifi-0.6-3mdv2008.1 Wireless network monitor for WindowMaker linux/i586
wmx-6pl1-6mdv2009.0 A minimal window manager linux/i586
wmxss-0.1-15mdv2009.0 Frontend for xscreensaver in a linux/i586
wol-0.7.1-5mdv2009.0 Wake On LAN client linux/i586
wondershaper-1.1a-7mdv2009.0 Helps maintain interactive latency on modem/ADSL/cable linux/noarch
word2x-0.005-8mdv2008.1 A tool to convert Word 6 documents to text linux/i586
wordpress-2.8.6-1mdv2009.0 Personal publishing platform linux/noarch
wordpress-2.8.4-1mdv2009.0 Personal publishing platform linux/noarch
wordpress-2.8.3-1mdv2009.0 Personal publishing platform linux/noarch
wordpress-2.8.2-1mdv2009.0 Personal publishing platform linux/noarch
wordpress-2.8.1-1mdv2009.0 Personal publishing platform linux/noarch
wordpress-2.7.1-1mdv2009.0 Personal publishing platform linux/noarch
wordpress-2.7-1mdv2009.0 Personal publishing platform linux/noarch
wordpress-2.6.5-1mdv2009.0 Personal publishing platform linux/noarch
wordpress-2.6.3-1mdv2009.0 Personal publishing platform linux/noarch
wordpress-2.6.2-1mdv2009.0 Personal publishing platform linux/noarch
worker-2.16.5-1mdv2009.0 A file manager for X in AMIGA style linux/i586
workrave-1.9.0-1mdv2009.0 Assists in recovery and prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) linux/i586
workrave-1.8.5-1mdv2008.1 Assists in recovery and prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) linux/i586
workrave-gnome-applet-1.9.0-1mdv2009.0 Workrave GNOME applet linux/i586
workrave-gnome-applet-1.8.5-1mdv2008.1 Workrave GNOME applet linux/i586
workrave-kde-applet-1.8.5-1mdv2008.1 Workrave KDE applet linux/i586
worminator-3.0R2.1-4mdv2009.0 Sidescrolling platform and shoot 'em up action game linux/i586
worminator-data-3.0R2.1-4mdv2009.0 Data for Worminator linux/noarch
wormux-0.9.0-1mdv2009.0 Free (Libre) clone of Worms from Team17 linux/i586
wormux-0.8-1mdv2009.0 Free (Libre) clone of Worms from Team17 linux/i586
wpd2sxw-0.7.3-1mdv2009.0 Convert WordPerfect(tm) documents into Writer format linux/i586
wput-0.6-0.pre.2mdv2009.0 Uploading files to FTP servers linux/i586
wrapitk-devel-0.2.1-1mdv2007.0 ITK header files for building C++ code linux/i586
writer2latex-0.5-4.1mdv2009.0 Writer2LateX Document Converter linux/i586
writer2latex-0.5-4mdv2009.0 Writer2LateX Document Converter linux/i586
writer2latex-javadoc-0.5-4.1mdv2009.0 Javadoc for writer2latex linux/i586
writer2latex-javadoc-0.5-4mdv2009.0 Javadoc for writer2latex linux/i586
wshaperx-1.1a.x1-9mdv2009.0 Helps maintain interactive latency on modem/ADSL/cable linux/noarch
wstx-3.2.1-1.0.1mdv2009.0 Woodstox Stax Implementation linux/i586
wstx-j2me-3.2.1-1.0.1mdv2009.0 J2ME libraries for wstx linux/i586
wstx-javadoc-3.2.1-1.0.1mdv2009.0 Javadoc for wstx linux/i586
wstx-manual-3.2.1-1.0.1mdv2009.0 Documents for wstx linux/i586
wsynth-dssi-0.1.3-4mdv2009.0 A Xsynth DSSI wavetable version plugin linux/i586
wu-ftpd-2.6.2-12mdv2009.0 An FTP daemon originally developed by Washington University linux/i586
wulfstat-1.0.1-6mdv2009.0 A beowulf/cluster/LAN monitoring tool linux/i586
wwwoffle-2.9d-1mdv2009.0 WWW Offline Explorer - Caching Web Proxy Server linux/i586
wxGlade-0.6.3-4mdv2009.0 A GUI builder for wxWindows/wxPython linux/noarch
wxhaskell-doc-0.10.3-2mdv2009.0 Haskell binding for wxGTK2 documentation linux/i586
wxmaxima-0.7.6-1mdv2009.0 An interface for the computer algebra system Maxima linux/i586
wxsvg-1.0-0.beta11.1mdv2009.0 A library to create, manipulate and render SVG files linux/i586

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