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urpmi-4.10.14-1mdv2008.0 RPM for noarch

From Mandriva 2008.0 for i586 / media / main / release

Name: urpmi Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: 4.10.14 Vendor: Mandriva
Release: 1mdv2008.0 Build date: Thu Oct 4 14:16:12 2007
Group: System/Configuration/Packaging Build host:
Size: 3292831 Source RPM: urpmi-4.10.14-1mdv2008.0.src.rpm
Packager: Pixel <>
Summary: Command-line software installation tools
urpmi is Mandriva Linux's console-based software installation tool. You can
use it to install software from the console in the same way as you use the
graphical Install Software tool (rpmdrake) to install software from the
desktop. urpmi will follow package dependencies -- in other words, it will
install all the other software required by the software you ask it to
install -- and it's capable of obtaining packages from a variety of media,
including the Mandriva Linux installation CD-ROMs, your local hard disk,
and remote sources such as web or FTP sites.






* Fri Oct 05 2007 Pixel <> 4.10.14-1mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 95395
  - 4.10.14:
  - library:
    o urpm::media::add_distrib_media: add option "only_updates" for rpmdrake
* Thu Oct 04 2007 Pixel <> 4.10.13-1mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 95004
  - provide mandrake-mime 0.5 to fix priority-upgrade from 2007.0
  - 4.10.13:
  - urpmi
    o remove prefix/var/lib/rpm/__db* after installing pkgs rooted
* Fri Sep 28 2007 Pixel <> 4.10.12-1mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 93332
  - 4.10.12:
  - urpm::media::update_media:
    o ensure a second pass is done even if media has not been modified
      (useful for the %trigger trick done in urpmi to rebuild synthesis with
  - urpmf
    o fix -a and -o
  - fix "ensure synthesis built from hdlist is rebuilt so that it has suggest flags"
    (make it work if hdlist/synthesis file has spaces)
* Tue Sep 25 2007 Pixel <> 4.10.11-1mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 92593
  - ensure synthesis built from hdlist is rebuilt so that it has suggest flags
  - 4.10.11:
  - create /var/tmp in chroots too
  - fixed nb.po
  - perl-Test-Pod is needed for make test (thanks chipaux)
* Tue Sep 18 2007 Pixel <> 4.10.10-1mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 89071
  - 4.10.10:
  - fix using already downloaded rpms (from /var/cache/urpmi/rpms) (#33655)
  - improve retrieving update descriptions API
* Fri Sep 14 2007 Pixel <> 4.10.9-1mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 85103
  - 4.10.9:
  - urpmi, urpme
    o default to selecting all the prefered packages according to installed
      locales (need perl-URPM 2.00 to work)
    o do not prompt questions if not waiting for user answer
      (for urpmi --force or urpme --force)
  - urpmf
    o fix --synthesis
* Tue Sep 11 2007 Pixel <> 4.10.8-1mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 84103
  - 4.10.8:
  - urpmi
    o enhance "columns" display of packages to install (esp. fit on 80 columns)
    o do not use netrc for protocol ssh
* Sat Sep 08 2007 Pixel <> 4.10.7-1mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 81471
  - new release, 4.10.7
  - urpmi
    o fix rpmdb locking with --root
    o handle --searchmedia <media1>,...,<mediaN>
    o do auto upgrade mandriva kernels (ie remove kernel*-latest to skip.list)
    o display size that will be installed - removed with a nice message (#32022)
    o display packages which are going to installed with name-version-release
      info in columns
  - urpmi, urpme
    o use best unit (KB, MB...) to display size will be installed - removed
* Wed Aug 29 2007 Pixel <> 4.10.6-1mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 72761
  - new release, 4.10.6
  - urpmi
    o fix --bug when there is no /etc/urpmi/prefer.list file
    o new option --justdb (new perl-URPM 1.76)
    o do not verify signature of .spec files (#32824)
    o handle changes in priority-upgrade list between old and new urpmi (#32925)
  - urpmf
    o display "usage" when no <pattern-expression> is given (#32658)
* Sun Aug 19 2007 Pixel <> 4.10.5-1mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 65548
  - new release, 4.10.5
  - urpmi
    o keep_all_tags for now to avoid rpm saying file conflicts when the content
      is the same
    o restart after upgrading 'meta-task' because of /etc/urpmi/prefer.vendor.list
* Tue Aug 14 2007 Pixel <> 4.10.4-2mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 62787
  - require meta-task for /etc/urpmi/prefer.vendor.list
* Tue Aug 14 2007 Pixel <> 4.10.4-1mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 62753
  - new release, 4.10.4
  - urpmi
    o bugfix 4.10.0: a circular reference was causing rpmdb to be opened many times
    o --urpmi-root: if <root>/etc/urpmi/*.list are available, use them.
      otherwise defaults to /etc/urpmi/*.list
* Tue Aug 14 2007 Thierry Vignaud <> 4.10.3-1mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 62580
  - urpmi
    o do not default to --nolock when using --root (reverting rafael
      commit on 2006-01-11 13:17)
    o do try to umount removable media when using --nolock (fixing
      rafel's commit r15048 on 2005-06-09)
    o try harder to explain why a package is removed
    o try harder to explain why we cannot select a package (eg: because
      i586 package is already installed on x86_64)
* Tue Aug 14 2007 Thierry Vignaud <> 4.10.2-1mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 62433
  - gurpmi:
    o reuse common shared code of urpmi/rpmdrake
    o umount removable media as soon as possible
    o unlock RPM & URPMI dbs locks as soon as possible like rpmdrake
  - urpmi
    o when using --urpmi-root, load <root>/etc/rpm/macros (pixel)
    o enable GUIes to display already installed & not installable RPMs
    o enable GUIes to display uninstallations
  - urpmi.cfg
    o really add global option no-suggests (pixel)
  - kill old source
* Mon Aug 13 2007 Pixel <> 4.10.1-1mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 62247
  - new release, 4.10.1
  - library
    o urpm::select: new function get_preferred() replacing sort_choices()
      (for drakx)
* Sun Aug 12 2007 Pixel <> 4.10.0-1mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 61993
  - new release, 4.10.0
  - urpmi
    o new option --replacepkgs (same as rpm --replacepkgs) (#16112)
      (need perl-URPM 1.73)
    o fix --quiet (regression introduced in 4.9.28)
    o handle preferred choices (through --prefer, /etc/urpmi/prefer.list
      and /etc/urpmi/prefer.vendor.list)
  - all tools
    o new option --wait-lock (#13025)
* Sat Aug 11 2007 Pixel <> 4.9.30-1mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 61515
  - new release 4.9.30
  - urpmi (thanks to Thierry Vignaud)
    o move some code to new module urpm::main_loop to share it with rpmdrake
* Fri Aug 10 2007 Pixel <> 4.9.29-2mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 60891
  - we can't conflict with mandrake-mime which is required by kde on 2007.0
    (otherwise we have to disable priority-upgrade)
* Fri Aug 10 2007 Pixel <> 4.9.29-1mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 60822
  - new release, 4.9.29
  - urpmi
    o explicit error when using "urpmi ---install-src" as user with remote media
    o add support for "suggests": a newly suggested package is installed as if
      required, but one can remove it afterwards, or use --no-suggests
      (need perl-URPM 1.69)
  - urpmf
    o handle --suggests
* Sat Aug 04 2007 Pixel <> 4.9.28-1mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 58594
  - mandriva-gurpmi.desktop: make desktop-file-validate happy
  - new release, 4.9.28 (need perl-URPM 1.68)
  - urpmi
    o handle README.<version>.upgrade.urpmi and
      README.<version>-<release>.upgrade.urpmi: the content is displayed
      when upgrading from rpm older than <version> (#30187)
  - urpmf
    o handle --license
  - urpmi.update
    o handle -q option (#31890)
  - urpmq
    o --whatrequires: fix skipping packages through provides provided by other
      packages, when the other package is the same pkg name (#31773)
  - library
    o urpm::install: export %readmes so that rpmdrake can access it
  - add application/x-urpmi definition for gurpmi (#32139)
* Tue Jun 19 2007 Pixel <> 4.9.27-1mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 41003
  - new release, 4.9.27
  - urpmi.addmedia --distrib, urpmi/urpme/urpmf/urpmq --use-distrib
    o media.cfg per media field is not used anymore,
      xxx/media_info/ is used instead. To get previous behaviour, use
      option --use-copied-hdlist or use_copied_hdlist=1 in media.cfg
  - urpmi
    o for long package names, ensure progression of installation (####...) is
      still properly indented (#28639)
  - urpmi.addmedia
    o fix reconfig.urpmi use
  - urpmi.update
    o only copy previous hdlist in cache dir for rsync, don't do it for wget/curl
      (it's useless and potentially dangerous when used with "resume")
  - urpmf
    o bug fix -m (#31452)
  - all tools
    o 4.9.26 is broken when downloading with wget since it creates
      files. fixing using --force-clobber option (! need a patched wget !)
    o hide rsync errors by default to hide false positives,
      but allow getting them with --debug
* Fri Jun 15 2007 Pixel <> 4.9.26-1mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 39559
  - new release, 4.9.26
  - urpmf
    o add option --use-distrib
  - urpmq
    o allow using --use-distrib as non-root
  - all tools
    o don't use time-stamping when downloading with wget
      (useless and slow since it forces to download the whole directory listing)
      (as suggested by Andrey Borzenkov on cooker)
* Sat Jun 09 2007 Pixel <> 4.9.25-1mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 37218
  - new release, 4.9.25
  - all tools
    o --debug now implies --verbose
  - urpmi.addmedia
    o [bugfix] fix using "with" (#31081)
    o don't overwrite existing urpmi.cfg with an empty file
      when disk is full (#30945)
  - urpmi
    o prefer best architecture over exact name
      (eg: urpmi libfoo-devel prefers lib64foo-devel over libfoo-devel)
    o [bugfix] fix urpmi --parallel (#30996)
    o [bugfix] fix plural handling in "Packages foo can not be installed" (#31229)
    o fix "Argument list too long" when calling curl/wget/proz
      (things should work even in case of one big transaction) (#30848)
  - urpmf
    o fix an *old* bug (since december 2002) making urpmf keeps parsed hdlist
      files in memory
* Thu May 10 2007 Pixel <> 4.9.24-1mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 25749
  - new release, 4.9.24
  - urpmi
    o display "removing package ..." when removing an obsolete or conflicting
      package (need perl-URPM 1.63), and not before
    o in verbose mode, display "removing upgraded package ..."
      (should make it more understandable by users)
  - urpmi.addmedia
    o [bugfix] fix removable://... (#30257)
    o [bugfix] look for media/$media_dir/media_info/pubkey instead of
    o [bugfix] with --distrib, don't use previous media's pubkey if a pubkey is
      missing (eg: use pubkey_main for media "Main Updates" when
      pubkey_main_updates is missing)
* Fri May 04 2007 Pixel <> 4.9.23-1mdv2008.0
  + Revision: 21601
  - perl-URPM 1.62 is required by urpmi 4.9.23
  - new release, 4.9.23
  - urpmi
    o always upgrade (-U) packages instead of installing (-i) them,
      except for inst.list packages. This change is needed to fix
      "b--obsoletes-->a and c--conflicts-->a prompting for upgrading a"
      in perl-URPM 1.61
    o fix displaying README.*urpmi when using --root or --urpmi-root
    o fix displaying README.install.urpmi when installing a package conflicting
      with an available package
    o display "removing package ..." when removing, not before.
    o display "removing package ..." when upgrading package
      (may be too verbose though)
    o display "In order to satisfy the '%s' dependency, one of the following
      packages is needed:" so that user can understand what dependency is used
  - for rpmdrake
    o make translate_why_removed() safe to call (cf bug #28613)
* Thu Mar 29 2007 Pixel <> 4.9.21-1mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 149186
  - new release, 4.9.21
  - urpmi
    o add kernel-source-latest to skip.list
      (to be coherent with other kernel*latest) (#29933)
  - urpmi.addmedia
    o do display download progression by default (be coherent with other tools),
      use -q to hide it
  - urpmi.update
    o do not display download progression with -q
* Thu Mar 15 2007 Pixel <> 4.9.20-1mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 144263
  - new release, 4.9.20
  - all tools
    o be failsafe when module encoding is not there
      (ie when only perl-base is installed) (#29387)
  - gurpmi:
    o fix displaying size of packages
    o fix displaying only the first package in "you're about to..." dialog
    o prevent downloading/installing dialog from resizing
  - urpmi-parallel-ka-run:
    o fix parsing the output of rshp2 (only rshp output was successfully parsed)
* Thu Mar 08 2007 Pixel <> 4.9.19-1mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 138272
  - latest perl-URPM is required
  - new release, 4.9.19
  - urpmi
    o fix priority-upgrade broken on some x86_64 (#29125)
      (bug introduced in urpmi 4.9.11)
  - gurpmi
    o use same translation routines as urpmi, fixing various encoding issues (#29248)
  - urpmq
    o remove duplicated warning for "urpmq -l" when a rpm header is missing (#29174)
* Tue Mar 06 2007 Pixel <> 4.9.17-3mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 134098
  - add BuildRequires perl-Expect (for make test)
  - add BuildRequires rpmtools for make test
  - new release, 4.9.17
  - urpmq
    o add --whatprovides (doing same as -p) (#29175)
  - urpmi
    o don't auto upgrade mandriva kernels (ie add kernel*-latest to skip.list)
    o add perl-MDV-Distribconf to priority upgrade packages
    o display translated summaries
* Fri Mar 02 2007 Pixel <> 4.9.16-1mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 130964
  - new release, 4.9.16
  - urpmi
    o fix crash asking for medium
  - urpmf
    o do not display invalid error at the end when using removable media (#28905)
  - urpmq
    o --whatrequires-recursive: fix debug message explaining why a package
      is added, and enhance the verbose message explaining why some package are
    + Thierry Vignaud <>
      - do not package huge (1Mb!) ChangeLog
* Tue Feb 27 2007 Pixel <> 4.9.15-2mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 126242
  - gzip is used in perl-URPM for synthesis and hdlist
    (not adding the require directly in perl-URPM since it can do many things
    without using gzip)
  - new release, 4.9.15
  - urpmi.update
    o add --probe-rpms to replace -f -f
    o -f -f should be allowed (#28500)
  - urpmq
    o --whatrequires will now handle virtual package requires
      (eg: bash is now returned by "urpmq --whatrequires glibc")
  - german translation
    o don't use non iso-8859-15 chars otherwise perl segfaults (#28537)
      (perl bug #41442)
* Thu Jan 25 2007 Pixel <> 4.9.14-1mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 113401
  - new release, 4.9.14
  - urpmi
    o fix encoding issue with "--bug ..." introduced in previous version (#28387)
  - urpmi, ...
    o workaround no locale (eg: LC_ALL=C): when encoding is "ascii",
      do not try to convert strings to this encoding, any encoding will do
  - urpmq
    o rename option -R into --whatrequires
    o rename option -RR into --whatrequires-recursive,
      and don't go through virtual packages which are provided by another
      package, eg: "skipping package(s) required by db1-devel via devel(libdb),
      since that virtual package is provided by libdb2-devel"
    o do not document option -P (which is the default)
* Fri Jan 19 2007 Pixel <> 4.9.13-1mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 110622
  - no need to Requires and Requires(post) the same pkg
  - new release, 4.9.13
  - urpmi, ...
    o fix encoding/codeset mess (using the magical
    Locale::gettext::bind_textdomain_codeset(..., "UTF-8") from new
    o fix translating rpmlib messages (using URPM::bind_rpm_textdomain_codeset())
  - gurpmi2
    o do display installation failed on file conflicts (#22131)
  - urpmi.addmedia
    o do not display in clear text the password (when using -v or --debug)
  - urpmq
    o when using synthesis do not download packages to get information.
      before this modification, it was downloaded iff one medium was using hdlist (#16772)
    o when using synthesis fix using local rpms to get information
      before this modification, local rpm was used iff one medium was using hdlist
    o display a warning about no hdlist only for needed media,
      adapt the warning to the option (for "-i", synthesis can still help),
      and tell which rpms and impacted
  - we really want Requires(post), not Requires(pre)
  - requires latest perl-Locale-gettext and perl-URPM
    + Thierry Vignaud <>
      - require new enough Locale::Gettext for better i18n management
      - fix requires (s/pre/post/)
* Wed Jan 10 2007 Pixel <> 4.9.12-1mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 107220
  - new release, 4.9.12
  - urpmi
    o fix handling removable media (bug introduced in 4.9.x) (#27854)
    o with "-v", display the package file copied to disk
    o use P (ie ngettext) to handle plurals
    o re-allow "urpmi --clean" with no arguments
      (broken on january 2006, commit r36390) (#27747)
    o be more verbose with "-v"
  - urpmi, urpmq, urpmf
    o "--media foo" and "--searchmedia foo" use medium "foo"
      even if "foo" is flagged "ignore" (#27745)
  - urpmi.addmedia
    o new option "--probe-rpms" which replaces "-f -f"
    o fix using dir "/foo/bar boo" and no hdlist (using *.rpm)
    o when using "--distrib <url>", have "xxx" instead of "xxx1"
      for the medium name (eg: "Main" instead of "Main1")
    o when using --distrib, add noauto media with flag ignore
      so that someone can easily use them by removing ignore
      (nb: debug_for and srpm media are not added though)
      (cf bug #28050)
  - add NEWS file
  - add BuildRequires perl-MDV-Distribconf for tests (thanks to spturtle)
* Tue Dec 12 2006 Pixel <> 4.9.11-1mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 95344
  - new release, 4.9.11
  - urpmi
    o when "urpmi --auto-select" needs to restart urpmi because of a
      priority-upgrade, ensure it doesn't prompt an unneeded choice before
      restarting (#27527)
      (nb: the problem can still occur on "urpmi rpmdrake")
  - urpmi.removedia
    o "urpmi.removedia -a" when urpmi.cfg has no entry still warn the user,
       but exits with status 0
* Thu Dec 07 2006 Pixel <> 4.9.10-1mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 91953
  - bug fix release:
  - urpmi.addmedia
    o fix using "--virtual --distrib ..."
* Wed Dec 06 2006 Pixel <> 4.9.9-1mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 91815
  - 4.9.9
  - urpmi
    o fix "rpmdb: environment reference count went negative"
      when syslog service is down
    o fix having more than "hdlist" flag in urpmi.cfg
  - gurpmi2 (and rpmdrake)
    o fix crash when syslog service is down (#26256)
* Wed Dec 06 2006 Pixel <> 4.9.8-1mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 91685
  - 4.9.8
  - urpmi.addmedia, urpmi
    o use "hdlist" just like "synthesis" when forcing only hdlist usage
    o "hdlist" is valid with "virtual"
  - urpmi
    o don't say "Package foo-1.1 already installed"
      when in fact it is "Package foo-1.2 already installed".
      Still display "Package foo-1.1 can not be installed" until we can do
      better (#27176)
  - gurpmi (tvignaud)
    o don't ignore exceptions in callbacks
    o fix crash and really lock the urpm db
* Mon Dec 04 2006 Pixel <> 4.9.7-1mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 90447
  - 4.9.7, bug fix release
  - urpmi.addmedia
    o fix --probe-hdlist
    o fix "... with" (only "... with" was working)
  - urpmi
    o add the long version of -q/-v (ie --quiet/--verbose)
    o --quiet is really quiet
* Fri Dec 01 2006 Pixel <> 4.9.6-1mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 89835
  - 4.9.6, bug fix release
  - urpmi.addmedia:
    o fix downloading synthesis which is done twice when remote
    o fix downloading pubkey in media_info/
  - urpmf:
    o handle --urpmi-root
* Thu Nov 30 2006 Pixel <> 4.9.5-1mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 89296
  - new release
  - all tools:
    o new option --urpmi-root that is similar to --root but also use rooted
      urpmi db
  - urpmi:
    o handle buggy "list: xxx" in urpmi.cfg (when the list can't be found)
    o handle no "synthesis" together with "with_hdlist:"
  - urpmi.cfg:
    o new per-medium field "media_info_dir:" which replaces "with_hdlist:" in
      most cases. It allows using either hdlist & synthesis when nor
      "hdlist:" nor "synthesis" is set
  - urpmi.update:
    o not so verbose by default, only display
      'medium "foo" is up-to-date' or 'medium "foo" updated'
  - urpmi.removemedia:
    o not so verbose by default, only display 'removing medium "foo"'
    o do not allow both "-a" and <name>, fix usage
  - urpmi.addmedia:
    o not so verbose by default, only display 'adding medium "foo"'
    o do not add "hdlist: hdlist.<name>.cz" lines in urpmi.cfg,
      compute it from <name> (one can still enforce a file name)
    o do not default to --probe-synthesis but use both hdlist/synthesis
* Fri Nov 24 2006 Pixel <> 4.9.4-1mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 87093
  - urpmi.addmedia:
    o fix random ordering of media (using --distrib on a non-remote medium)
    o now inserting non-remote medium after first non-remote medium
      (instead of adding it as first medium)
  - urpmi, urpme, urpmq:
    o add option --probe-synthesis (allowed with --use-distrib)
* Fri Nov 24 2006 Pixel <> 4.9.3-1mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 86975
  - bug fix release:
  - fix handling multiple virtual hdlist files
    (the second pass was not done...)
* Fri Nov 24 2006 Pixel <> 4.9.2-1mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 86883
  - bug fix release:
  - /foo/chroot_tmp/... is not a url with protocol /foo/chroot
* Thu Nov 23 2006 Pixel <> 4.9.1-1mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 86698
  - add module urpm/
  - 4.9.1
  - cleanup locks handling, log locking, and don't say "urpmi database locked"
    when it's the rpm database that is locked
  - urpmi: add --nokeep (which overrides urpmi.cfg global option "keep")
* Wed Nov 22 2006 Pixel <> 4.9.0-1mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 86106
  - release 4.9.0
  - urpmi:
    o don't fork on multiple transactions
    o fix buggy print "::logger_id::" (#27026)
  - gurpmi2 (tvignaud):
    o fix unvisible content
    o prevent a dialog to have a height of several scores of thousands pixels
    o add support of --root
  - urpmi.update:
    o don't write urpmi.cfg unless really needed
    o don't write md5sum in urpmi.cfg (bugfix)
  - urpmi.addmedia:
    o drop support for "list" file
      (now you must have a hdlist/synthesis on remote server)
    o drop support for searching recursively rpms when there is no
      hdlist/synthesis. Only search in given directory (ie $url/*.rpm)
    o do not use list.<media_name> to store passwords, use /etc/urpmi/netrc
      instead. Also do have the url in urpmi.cfg, only the password is removed
    o change the format of list.<media_name>, it contains only rpm files
      relative to the medium url
    o deprecate "... with <relative hdlist/synthesis>". It is not useful anymore
      (nb: if you want to force using hdlist or synthesis, use --probe-hdlist or
    o don't write urpmi.cfg twice
    o do not look for hdlist/synthesis in ../media_info/hdlist$ (nb:
      with media.cfg, it will still use hdlist from media/media_info/, but it
      will simply use the hdlist$ given by media.cfg )
    o --norebuild is by default (and deprecated): when the local
      hdlist/synthesis is buggy, do not discard it and go searching for *.rpm.
      Make it an error instead
    o fix building synthesis when using *.rpm (ie no hdlist/synthesis)
  - urpmi.removemedia: much faster (since it doesn't parse hdlist/synthesis anymore)
  - handle "empty" hdlist/synthesis
  - generate names.<media_name> only when the medium is created/updated
  - major splitting of in many modules
  - major splitting of functions in smaller functions
    (eg: update_media was 988 lines long, has been splitted in functions shorter
    than 105 lines)
  - big code cleanup/rework
  - perl_checker compliance (very useful for such big code rework)
* Tue Nov 07 2006 Pixel <> 4.8.29-1mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 77291
  - urpmi
    - when using "-v", display which packages+versions urpmi will try to install
    - replace the dreaded "The package(s) are already installed" with:
      - "Packages are up to date" for --auto-select
      - "Package foo-1.1-1mdv.i586 is already installed" when asking to install package foo
    - ask user before installing a package that matches part of the name
  - urpmf
    - 25% speedup when searching files
    - indent %description and do not display on first line.
      this makes the output of --description much more readable
    package names
  - gurpmi (tvignaud):
    - add support of --root for gurpmi
    - prevent a dialog to have a height of several scores of thousands pixels
  - urpmi.addmedia (nanardon): askmedia and suppl option in hdlists where not
    per media option but undocumented global option for DrakX
  - various code cleanup (and perl_checker compliance)
* Fri Sep 22 2006 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.28-1mdv2007.0
  + Revision: 62430
  - Fix a bug in urpmi.addmedia for removable media
* Thu Sep 21 2006 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.27-1mdv2007.0
  + Revision: 62298
  - Update tarball
  - . Hack to minimize file descriptor leak when upgrading from 2006
    . Don't read ~/.curlrc (Nicolas Melay)
    . Don't ignore other media when using --auto-update
* Thu Sep 14 2006 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.26-1mdv2007.0
  + Revision: 60978
  - Fix bug in handling updates_for keyword in media.cfg
* Wed Sep 13 2006 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.25-1mdv2007.0
  + Revision: 60899
  - . Add support for updates_for keyword in media.cfg
    . translation updates
* Thu Sep 07 2006 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.24-1mdv2007.0
  + Revision: 59961
  - urpmi 4.8.24 :
    . fixes gurpmi file association
    . output bugs fixed
    . urpmi -q is more quiet
    . translations updated
    . reap ssh processes
  - Fix the new menu so gurpmi is run when double-clicking on an rpm
    (bug #25148)
* Sun Aug 13 2006 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.23-1mdv2007.0
  + Revision: 55635
  - XDG migration
  - New manpage: urpmihowto
  - Misc. doc fixes
  - Use --anyauth with curl downloads
  - urpmi.removemedia and urpmi.addmedia now return a proper exit status
  - bash completions fixes by Guillaume Rousse
  - Reapply revision #55291
  - Import urpmi
* Thu Jul 13 2006 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.22-1mdv2007.0
  - Update docs and translations
  - Allow to install deps of an srpm via rurpmi (Pascal Terjan)
  - Add an -f option to rpm-find-leaves
* Thu Jun 22 2006 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.21-1mdv2007.0
  - New command rurpme
  - Forbid rurpmi --noscripts
  - Don't ignore unselected media with --auto-update
  - Remove old rpmdb log files at restart
* Wed Jun 14 2006 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.20-1mdv2007.0
  - New options to urpmi.addmedia: --interactive and --all-media (Olivier Thauvin)
  - urpmi.addmedia --distrib now uses media.cfg instead of hdlists (Olivier Thauvin)
  - Use global proxy settings when adding a media (Vincent Panel, bug #22000)
  - New urpmf option: -I. Also, make it handle "--" on command line
  - Don't restart urpmi when started with --root (bug #22509)
  - Misc. fixes to urpmi --bug
  - Misc. fixes to gurpmi
  - Don't sync to disk when closing rpmdb
  - Doc fixes
* Sat Apr 22 2006 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.19-1mdk
  - Fix running rurpmi with curl/wget, could have tainting errors
  - Repackaging counter is prettier
  - Several fixes in gurpmi by Thierry Vignaud
* Fri Apr 07 2006 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.18-1mdk
  - Fix noisy output on http media update
  - Translation updates
* Wed Apr 05 2006 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.17-1mdk
  - urpmi.recover --list-safe
  - proper handling of SIGINT in urpmi.addmedia
  - make gurpmi clean the download cache
  - fix urpmq --synthesis
  - make gurpmi test directly if file argument exists (Warly)
  - fix ssh download as non-root (Michael Scherer)
  - print more reports on download errors
  - doc updates
* Wed Mar 22 2006 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.16-1mdk
  - Fix again transaction counter (and make it prettier)
  - More docs
* Tue Mar 21 2006 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.15-1mdk
  - Lock the urpmi db when adding a media
  - Correct transaction count, even when repackaging, and better readability
  - Enhance a couple of error messages
* Mon Mar 20 2006 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.14-1mdk
  - Add --auto-select, --media and --searchmedia options to gurpmi
  - Various gurpmi fixes (Thierry Vignaud)
  - Fix installation of srpms by urpmi
  - Portability enhancements (Buchan Milne)
  - Warn on downloader change (Michael Scherer)
  - Reuse ssh connection if possible (Michael Scherer)
  - Add French man page (Christophe Berthelé)
* Fri Mar 03 2006 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.13-1mdk
  - Doc
  - Fix cache cleanup (bug #17913)
  - Require latest perl-URPM
* Tue Feb 28 2006 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.12-1mdk
  - Less verbosity with urpmi -q
  - Translation and doc updates
  - avoid a perl warning in urpmi.recover
* Fri Feb 17 2006 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.11-1mdk
  - New option, urpmi.recover --disable
  - Docs fixes
  - Miscellaneous bash completions fixes
  - Let "ignoresize" be configurable in urpmi.cfg
* Tue Feb 14 2006 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.10-1mdk
  - New tool: urpmi.recover (in its own rpm)
  - urpmi: clean cache more aggressively (bug #17913)
  - Don't log to /var/log/urpmi.log anymore, use syslog
  - urpme and urpmi.recover use syslog too
  - New config file urpmi.recover.macros
  - Add new option --repackage to urpmi and urpme
  - Add new option --ignorearch to urpmi and urpmq
  - Fix --no-verify-rpm with gurpmi
  - Fix usage of global urpmi.cfg options in gurpmi
  - Various useability fixes in urpme
  - Doc improvements
* Thu Feb 02 2006 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.9-1mdk
  - Fix call of --limit-rate option with recent curls
  - Fix some explanations on biarch environments
  - Fix error recovery on download of description files (Shlomi Fish)
  - Docs and translation updates
* Wed Jan 25 2006 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.8-1mdk
  - urpmi can now install specfile dependencies
  - Escape media names in urpmq --dump-config (Michael Scherer)
  - Require latest perl-URPM
  - Better docs
* Fri Jan 13 2006 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.7-1mdk
  - Allow to install SRPMs as a non-root user (Pascal Terjan)
  - Better diagnostics in a few cases
  - Doc improvements; document --nolock option
  - Don't lock when installing into a chroot
  - Code cleanup in download routines
  - Fix BuildRequires
* Wed Jan 04 2006 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.6-1mdk
  - rurpmi now doesn't install packages with unmatching signatures
  - Fix MD5SUM bug
  - Count correctly transactions even when some of them failed
  - Don't update media twice when restarting urpmi
* Fri Dec 23 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.5-1mdk
  - New urpmi option, --auto-update
  - New urpme option, --noscripts
  - Fix BuildRequires
* Thu Dec 08 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.4-1mdk
  - urpmi.addmedia doesn't reset proxy settings anymore
  - urpmi.removemedia now removes corresponding proxy settings
  - Fix installation of packages that provide and obsolete older ones
  - Remove the urpmq --headers option
* Mon Dec 05 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.3-1mdk
  - New configuration option, default-media
  - New options --wget-options, --curl-options and --rsync-options
  - Fix /proc/mount parsing to figure out if a fs is read-only (Olivier Blin)
  - Use a symlink for rpm-find-leaves (Thierry Vignaud)
  - Better error checking when generating names file
  - Manpage updates
  - Translation updates
  - Bash completion updates
* Fri Nov 25 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.2-1mdk
  - Now build urpmi using MakeMaker.
  - Some basic regression tests.
  - Non-english man pages are not installed by default anymore. They were not at
    all up to date with the development of the last years.
  - English man pages are now in POD format.
  - Correctly search for package names that contain regex metacharacters.
* Thu Nov 17 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.1-2mdk
  - urpmi: Move summary of number of packages / size installed at the end
  - Don't require ka-run directly, use virtual package parallel-tools
  - Message updates
* Thu Nov 17 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.1-1mdk
  - Display README.urpmi only once
  - Add a --noscripts option to urpmi
  - Install uninstalled packages as installs, not as upgrades
  - Make urpmi::parallel_ka_run work with taktuk2
* Mon Nov 14 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.8.0-1mdk
  - Allow to put rpm names on the gurpmi command-line
  - Make --no-verify-rpm work for gurpmi
  - Improve some error messages in urpmi and gurpmi (bug #19060)
  - Fail earlier and more aggressively when downloading fails
  - Fix download with rsync over ssh
  - Use the --no-check-certificate option for downloading with wget
  - Use MDV::Packdrakeng; avoid requiring File::Temp, MDK::Common and packdrake
  - rpmtools is no longer a PreReq
  - Build process improvements
  - Reorganize urpmq docs; make urpmq more robust; make urpmq require less locks
* Fri Oct 28 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.7.18-1mdk
  - gurpmi now expands .urpmi files given on command-line, just like urpmi
  - urpmi.addmedia --raw marks the newly added media as ignored
* Sat Oct 22 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.7.17-1mdk
  - Complete urpmf overhaul
  - Fix verbosity of downloader routines
* Thu Oct 13 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.7.16-1mdk
  - New urpmi option --ignoresize
  - urpmq, urpmi.addmedia and urpmi.update now abort on unrecognized options
  - Add glibc to the priority upgrades
* Fri Sep 16 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.7.15-1mdk
  - Fix --gui bug with changing media
  - Message updates
* Fri Sep 09 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.7.14-1mdk
  - Optimize utf-8 operations
  - Don't decode utf-8 text when the locale charset is itself in utf-8
  - Message updates
* Wed Sep 07 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.7.13-1mdk
  - Really make Date::Manip optional
* Sat Sep 03 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.7.12-1mdk
  - Fix urpmi --gui when changing CD-ROMs
  - Fix a case of utf-8 double encoding
* Fri Sep 02 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.7.11-3mdk
  - suppress wide character warnings
* Thu Sep 01 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.7.11-2mdk
  - message updates
  - decode utf-8 on output
* Sun Aug 21 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.7.11-1mdk
  - MD5 for hdlists weren't checked with http media
  - Don't print twice unsatisfied packages
  - gurpmi: allow to cancel when gurpmi asks to insert a new media
* Wed Jul 20 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.7.10-2mdk
  - Message and manpage updates
* Sun Jul 03 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.7.10-1mdk
  - Fix rurpmi --help
  - Patch by Pascal Terjan for bug 16663 : display the packages names urpmi
    guessed when it issues the message 'all packages are already installed'
  - Allow to cancel insertion of new media in urpmi --gui
  - Message updates
* Fri Jul 01 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.7.9-1mdk
  - Add rurpmi, an experimental restricted version of urpmi (intended
    to be used by sudoers)
* Thu Jun 30 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.7.8-1mdk
  - Allow to select more than one choice in alternative packages to be installed
    by urpmi
  - Add LDAP media at the end
  - Doc and translations updated
* Wed Jun 15 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.7.7-1mdk
  - Fix documentation for urpmq --summary/-S and urpmf -i (Olivier Blin)
  - urpmq: extract headers only once
* Sun Jun 12 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.7.6-1mdk
  - Fix bug on urpmi-parallel-ssh on localhost with network media
* Sat Jun 11 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.7.5-1mdk
  - urpmi-parallel-ssh now supports 'localhost' in the node list and is a bit
    better documented
* Thu Jun 09 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.7.4-1mdk
  - Implement basic support for installing delta rpms
  - Fix bug #16104 in gurpmi: choice window wasn't working
  - Implement -RR in urpmq to search through virtual packages as well (bug 15895)
  - Manpage updates
* Thu May 19 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.7.3-2mdk
  - Previous release was broken
* Thu May 19 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.7.3-1mdk
  - Introduce urpmi-ldap (thanks to Michael Scherer)
  - Don't pass bogus -z option to curl
  - Add descriptions to the list of rpms to be installed in gurpmi
* Fri May 06 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.7.2-1mdk
  - Adaptations for rpm 4.4.1 (new-style key ids)
  - Add a "nopubkey" global option in urpmi.cfg and a --nopubkey switch to
* Sat Apr 30 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.7.1-1mdk
  - Fix a long-standing bug when copying symlinked hdlists over nfs
  - Minor rewrites in the proxy handling code
* Thu Apr 28 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.7.0-1mdk
  - urpmi.addmedia: new option --raw
  - remove time stamps from rewritten config files
  - new config option: "prohibit-remove" (Michael Scherer)
  - urpmi: don't remove basesystem or prohibit-remove packages when installing
    other ones
  - new config option: "static" media never get updated
  - gurpmi: correctly handle several rpms at once from konqueror
  - urpmi: new option --no-install (Michael Scherer)
  - urpmi: allow relative pathnames in --root (Michael Scherer)
  - urpmi: handle --proxy-user=ask, so urpmi will ask user for proxy credentials
  - improve man pages
  - po updates
* Wed Apr 13 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.24-3mdk
  - Change the default URL for the mirrors list file
* Fri Apr 08 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.24-2mdk
  - po updates
* Fri Apr 01 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.24-1mdk
  - More fixes related to ISO and removable media
* Fri Mar 25 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.23-5mdk
  - Fixes related to ISO media
* Thu Mar 24 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.23-4mdk
  - Disable --gui option when $DISPLAY isn't set
* Wed Mar 23 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.23-3mdk
  - Add a --summary option to urpmq (Michael Scherer)
* Fri Mar 11 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.23-2mdk
  - error checking was sometimes not enough forgiving
* Thu Mar 10 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.23-1mdk
  - new urpmi option, --retry
  - better system error messages
* Wed Mar 09 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.22-2mdk
  - Fix requires on perl-Locale-gettext
  - Warn when a chroot doesn't has a /dev
* Tue Mar 08 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.22-1mdk
  - Fix addition of media with passwords
  - More verifications on local list files
* Mon Mar 07 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.21-1mdk
  - Output log messages to stdout, not stderr.
  - Fix spurious tags appearing in urpmi.cfg
  - Documentation nits and translations
  - Menu fix for gurpmi (Frederic Crozat)
* Fri Feb 25 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.20-1mdk
  - Output takes now into account the locale's charset
  - Don't require drakxtools anymore
  - Fix log error in urpmi-parallel
  - Docs, language updates
* Mon Feb 21 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.19-1mdk
  - Document /etc/urpmi/mirror.config, and factorize code that parses it
* Thu Feb 17 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.18-1mdk
  - Work around bug 13685, bug in display of curl progress
  - Fix bug 13644, urpmi.addmedia --distrib was broken
  - Remove obsoleted and broken --distrib-XXX command-line option
* Wed Feb 16 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.17-1mdk
  - Remove curl 7.2.12 bug workaround, and require at least curl 7.13.0
  - Fix parsing of hdlists file when adding media with --distrib
* Mon Feb 14 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.16-2mdk
  - Don't call rpm during restart to avoid locking
* Mon Feb 14 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.16-1mdk
  - Patch by Michael Scherer to allow to use variables in media URLs
  - Fix retrieval of source packages (e.g. urpmq --sources) with alternative
    dependencies foo|bar (Pascal Terjan)
  - Fix --root option in urpme
  - Require latest perl-URPM
* Fri Feb 04 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.15-1mdk
  - Add ChangeLog in docs
  - Message updates
  - gurpmi now handles utf-8 messages
  - print help messages to stdout, not stderr
  - rpm-find-leaves cleanup (Michael Scherer)
  - man page updates
* Mon Jan 31 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.14-1mdk
  - urpmi.addmedia and urpmi now support ISO images as removable media
  - "urpmq -R" will now report far less requires, skipping virtual packages.
  - Improve bash-completion for media names, through new options to urpmq
    --list-media (by Guillaume Rousse)
* Tue Jan 25 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.13-1mdk
  - urpme now dies when not run as root
  - improve error reporting in urpmi-parallel
  - perl-base is no longer a priority upgrade by default
  - factor code in; gurpmi now supports the --no-verify-rpm option
  - "urpmi --gui" will now ask with a GUI popup to change media. Intended to be
    used with --auto (so other annoying dialogs are not shown).
* Wed Jan 19 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.12-1mdk
  - perl-base is now a priority upgrade by default
  - gurpmi has been split in two programs, so users can save rpms without being root
* Mon Jan 10 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.11-1mdk
  - Add an option to urpmi, --expect-install, that tells urpmi to return with an
    exit status of 15 if it installed nothing.
  - Fix 'urpmf --summary' (Michael Scherer)
  - Language updates
* Thu Jan 06 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.10-1mdk
  - Langage updates
  - urpmi now returns a non-zero exit status il all requested packages were
    already installed
  - fix a small bug in urpmq with virtual media (Olivier Blin)
  - fail if the main filesystems are mounted read-only
* Fri Dec 17 2004 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.9-1mdk
  - Fix urpmi --skip
  - Tell number of packages that will be removed by urpme
  - Remove gurpm module, conflict with older rpmdrakes
* Mon Dec 13 2004 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.8-1mdk
  - Adding a media should not fail when there is no pubkey file available
    (bug #12646)
  - Require packdrake
  - Can't drop rpmtools yet, urpmq uses rpm2header
* Fri Dec 10 2004 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.7-1mdk
  - Fix a problem in finding pubkeys for SRPM media.
  - Fix a problem in detecting download ends with curl [Bug 12634]
* Wed Dec 08 2004 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.6-2mdk
  - Improvements to gurpmi: scrollbar to avoid windows too large, interface
    refreshed more often, less questions when unnecessary, fix --help.
* Tue Dec 07 2004 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.6-1mdk
  - gurpmi has been reimplemented as a standalone gtk2 program.
  - As a consequence, urpmi --X doesn't work any longer.
* Fri Dec 03 2004 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.5-1mdk
  - Add --ignore and -­no-ignore options to urpmi.update
  - Reduce urpmi redundant verbosity
* Thu Dec 02 2004 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.4-4mdk
  - Minor fix in urpmi.addmedia (autonumerotation of media added with --distrib)
* Wed Dec 01 2004 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.4-3mdk
  - Internal API additions
  - urpmi wasn't taking into account the global downloader setting
* Tue Nov 30 2004 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.4-2mdk
  - Fix package count introduced in previous release
* Mon Nov 29 2004 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.4-1mdk
  - From now on, look for descriptions files in the media_info subdirectory.
    This will be used by the 10.2 update media.
  - Recall total number of packages when installing.
* Fri Nov 26 2004 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.3-1mdk
  - urpmq -i now works as non root
  - translations and man pages updated
  - more curl workarounds
* Thu Nov 25 2004 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.2-1mdk
  - when passing --proxy to urpmi.addmedia, this proxy setting is now saved for the
    new media
  - New option --search-media to urpmi and urpmq (Olivier Thauvin)
  - work around a display bug in curl for authenticated http sources
  - when asking for choices, default to the first one
* Fri Nov 19 2004 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6.1-1mdk
  - reconfig.urpmi on mirrors must now begin with a magic line
  - don't create symlinks in /var/lib/urpmi, this used to mess up updates
  - warn when MD5SUM file is empty/malformed
  - use proxy to download mirror list
  - Cleanup text mode progress output
* Fri Nov 12 2004 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6-2mdk
  - New error message: "The following packages can't be installed because they
    depend on packages that are older than the installed ones"
* Tue Nov 09 2004 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.6-1mdk
  - New option --norebuild to urpmi, urpmi.update and urpmi.addmedia.
  - New --strict-arch option to urpmi
  - Fix ownership of files in /var/lib/urpmi
  - Fix bash completion for media names with spaces (Guillaume Rousse)
  - Fix parallel_ssh in non-graphical mode
  - Small fixes for local media built from directories containing RPMs
  - Fix search for source rpm by name
  - Translation updates, man page updates, code cleanup



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