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screen-4.0.3-2mdv2007.1 RPM for x86_64

From Mandriva 2007.1 for x86_64 / media / main / release

Name: screen Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: 4.0.3 Vendor: Mandriva
Release: 2mdv2007.1 Build date: Wed Mar 14 17:38:15 2007
Group: Terminals Build host:
Size: 753829 Source RPM: screen-4.0.3-2mdv2007.1.src.rpm
Packager: Michael Scherer <>
Summary: A screen manager that supports multiple logins on one terminal
The screen utility allows you to have multiple logins on just one
terminal.  Screen is useful for users who telnet into a machine or
are connected via a dumb terminal, but want to use more than just
one login.

Install the screen package if you need a screen manager that can
support multiple logins on one terminal.






* Wed Mar 14 2007 Michael Scherer <> 4.0.3-2mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 143661
  - remove patch11, was unclear and caused problem ( #29468 )
* Thu Jan 25 2007 Per Øyvind Karlsen <> 4.0.3-1mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 113524
  - new release: 4.0.3
  - bump MAXSTR (string buffer size) to 4k (from 256 bytes), fixes
    status line issues with window list in status line and too many
    windows (and possibly other issues with long strings) (P11 from fedora)
  - ipv6 patch (RHBZ #198410)
* Tue Oct 31 2006 Michael Scherer <> 4.0.2-10mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 74233
  - Bump release
  - document the remaining patchs
  -remove patch 5, screen-3.9.11-max-window-size.diff, as it does nothing except setting a constant,
    that is used nowhere in the source ( and nowhere on the internet, according to google code search and )
  - remove Patch0, it is applied to a code snippet enclosed in a #if !defined(linux), so it doesn't
    apply to this package, unless we start to port mandriva to bsd.
  - bunzip patch
  - add fix for CVE-2006-4573
  - Import screen
* Tue Sep 19 2006 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 4.0.2-9mdv2007.0
  - Rebuild
* Fri Jul 21 2006 Michael Scherer <> 4.0.2-8mdv2007.0
  - use mkrel
  - clean buildRoot
* Mon May 08 2006 Stefan van der Eijk <> 4.0.2-7mdk
  - rebuild for sparc
* Wed Aug 24 2005 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 4.0.2-6mdk
  - varargs fixes
* Tue Apr 26 2005 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.0.2-5mdk
  - Patch 8: add 'C-a U' binding to /etc/skel/.screenrc
* Tue Nov 09 2004 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 4.0.2-4mdk
  - The screen profile.d script (and hence $SCREENDIR) was broken
* Thu Oct 14 2004 Olivier Thauvin <> 4.0.2-3mdk
  - don't use a bash fonction to start screen profile.d, exporting SCREENDIR instead
* Wed Apr 21 2004 Olivier Blin <> 4.0.2-2mdk
  - rebuild for new libncurses



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