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ayttm-0.4.7-0.20070519.1mdv2007.1 Instant messaging client linux/x86_64
celestia-1.4.1-7mdv2007.1 A real-time visual space simulation linux/x86_64
dkms-xpad-xbox360-0.1-0.20070320.1mdv2007.1 Xpad driver for Xbox 360 controllers linux/noarch
dosbox-0.70-2.1mdv2007.1 A DOS emulator linux/x86_64
dovecot-1.0.rc26-1.1mdv2007.1 Secure IMAP and POP3 server linux/x86_64
dovecot-devel-1.0.rc26-1.1mdv2007.1 Devel files for Dovecot IMAP and POP3 server linux/x86_64
dvdstyler-1.5-0.beta7.1.2mdv2007.1 DVD authoring GUI linux/x86_64
gdis-0.89-1mdv2007.1 A molecular and crystal model viewer linux/x86_64
gnomad2-2.8.12-1mdv2007.1 A Nomad Jukebox manager linux/x86_64
gnugk-2.2.3-6mdv2007.1 OpenH323 Gatekeeper - The GNU Gatekeeper linux/x86_64
gretl-1.6.5-1mdv2007.1 Econometric analysis tool linux/x86_64
hydrogen-0.9.3-3mdv2007.1 Hydrogen Drum Machine linux/x86_64
kblogger-0.6.5-1mdv2007.1 Blogging application linux/x86_64
kmediafactory-0.5.2-4.1mdv2007.1 DVD menu generator linux/x86_64
lib64gretl1.0-1.6.5-1mdv2007.1 Shared library for gretl linux/x86_64
lib64gretl1.0-devel-1.6.5-1mdv2007.1 Development headers for gretl library linux/x86_64
lib64kmediafactory0-0.5.2-4.1mdv2007.1 Libraries for kmediafactory linux/x86_64
lib64kmediafactory0-devel-0.5.2-4.1mdv2007.1 Development headers and libraries for kmediafactory linux/x86_64
lib64myth-devel-0.20.2-14357.1mdv2007.1 Development files for libmyth linux/x86_64
lib64myth0.20.2-0.20.2-14357.1mdv2007.1 Library providing mythtv support linux/x86_64
mindi-1.24-1mdv2007.1 Mindi creates emergency boot disks/CDs using your kernel, tools and modules linux/x86_64
mindi-busybox-1.2.2-2mdv2007.1 Busybox version suited for Mindi linux/x86_64
mondo-2.24-4mdv2007.1 A program which a Linux user can utilize to create a rescue/restore CD/tape linux/x86_64
mondo-doc-2.24-1mdv2007.1 Documentation for Mondo Rescue linux/noarch
mondo-doc-2.22-1mdv2007.1 Documentation for Mondo Rescue linux/noarch
mythtv-backend-0.20.2-14357.1mdv2007.1 Server component of mythtv (a PVR) linux/x86_64
mythtv-doc-0.20.2-14357.1mdv2007.1 MythTV documentation linux/x86_64
mythtv-frontend-0.20.2-14357.1mdv2007.1 Client component of mythtv (a PVR) linux/x86_64
mythtv-mythweb-0.20.2-14282.1mdv2007.1 The web interface to MythTV linux/x86_64
mythtv-plugin-archive-0.20.2-14282.1mdv2007.1 Creates DVDs from your recorded shows linux/x86_64
mythtv-plugin-browser-0.20.2-14282.1mdv2007.1 MythBrowser is a full web browser for MythTV linux/x86_64
mythtv-plugin-controls-0.20.2-14282.1mdv2007.1 MythTV keybindings editor linux/x86_64
mythtv-plugin-dvd-0.20.2-14282.1mdv2007.1 The DVD player frontend module for MythTV linux/x86_64
mythtv-plugin-flix-0.20.2-14282.1mdv2007.1 NetFlix for MythTV linux/x86_64
mythtv-plugin-gallery-0.20.2-14282.1mdv2007.1 A gallery/slideshow module for MythTV linux/x86_64
mythtv-plugin-game-0.20.2-14282.1mdv2007.1 A game frontend for MythTV linux/x86_64
mythtv-plugin-music-0.20.2-14282.1mdv2007.1 The music player add-on module for MythTV linux/x86_64
mythtv-plugin-news-0.20.2-14282.1mdv2007.1 An RSS News feed plugin for MythTV linux/x86_64
mythtv-plugin-phone-0.20.2-14282.1mdv2007.1 A phone and videophone capability on Mythtv using the standard SIP protocol linux/x86_64
mythtv-plugin-video-0.20.2-14282.1mdv2007.1 A generic video player frontend module for MythTV linux/x86_64
mythtv-plugin-weather-0.20.2-14282.1mdv2007.1 A MythTV module that displays a weather forecast linux/x86_64
mythtv-setup-0.20.2-14357.1mdv2007.1 Setup the mythtv backend linux/x86_64
mythtv-themes-base-0.20.2-14357.1mdv2007.1 Base themes for mythtv's frontend linux/x86_64
mythtv-themes-myththemes-0.20.2-14301.1mdv2007.1 Additional themes for mythtv's frontend linux/noarch
ontv-2.6.0-1mdv2007.1 TV listings for the GNOME panel linux/x86_64
perl-MythTV-0.20.2-14357.1mdv2007.1 Perl bindings for MythTV linux/x86_64
soya-0.13.2-1mdv2007.1 A practical high-level object-oriented 3D engine linux/x86_64
soya-tutorial-0.13.2-1mdv2007.1 Tutorial for the Soya 3D engine linux/x86_64
stopmotion-0.5.3-3mdv2007.1 An application for creating stopmotion animations linux/x86_64
tclex-1.2a1-2mdv2007.1 Lexer generator extension to TCL linux/x86_64
vice-1.20-2.1mdv2007.1 VICE, the Versatile Commodore Emulator linux/x86_64
yafc-1.1.1-1.2mdv2007.1 Yafc - yet another ftp client linux/x86_64

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