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timezone-debug-2008b-1mdv2007.0 RPM for x86_64

From Mandriva 2007.0 for x86_64 / media / debug_main / testing

Name: timezone-debug Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: 2008b Vendor: Mandriva
Release: 1mdv2007.0 Build date: Wed Mar 26 03:20:59 2008
Group: Development/Debug Build host:
Size: 79088 Source RPM: timezone-2008b-1mdv2007.0.src.rpm
Packager: Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <>
Summary: Debug information for package timezone
This package provides debug information for package timezone.
Debug information is useful when developing applications that use this
package or when debugging this package.






* Wed Mar 26 2008 Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski <> 6:2008b-1mdv2007.0
  + Revision: 190205
  - Updated to 2008b.
  - Updated to 2008a.
  - Redid tzdata-tzcode2006a.patch, update for 2008a code changes.
  - Rediffed tzdata-extra-tz-links.patch
  - make sure /etc/localtime has the right
    permissions after copy using install -m (#30045).
  - Updated to 2007k.
  - Redid tzdata-tzcode2006a.patch, update for 2007k code changes.
  - Rediffed tzdata-extra-tz-links.patch
  - Updated to 2007j.
  - Redid tzdata-tzcode2006a.patch, revert some code changes from 2007j
  - Updated tzdata to 2007i.
  - Rediffed tzdata-extra-tz-links patch.
  - Updated to 2007h.
  - Redid tzdata-tzcode2006a patch.
  - Fixed tzdata-extra-tz-links patch to apply against tzdata2007f.
  - Updated to 2007f.
  - Import timezone-2007c-1.1mdv2007.0.src.rpm into updates branch.
  - Created package structure for timezone.
* Wed Mar 14 2007 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 2007c-2mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 143844
  - fix triggers
* Wed Mar 07 2007 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 6:2007c-1mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 134361
  - use upstream tz{data,code} 2007c
* Wed Mar 07 2007 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 2007c-1mdv
  - use upstream tz{data,code} 2007c



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