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dictd-dicts-nld-deu-0.1.0-11mdv2007.0 RPM for noarch

From Mandriva 2007.0 for x86_64 / media / contrib / testing

Name: dictd-dicts-nld-deu Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: 0.1.0 Vendor: Mandriva
Release: 11mdv2007.0 Build date: Thu Dec 28 23:15:05 2006
Group: Databases Build host:
Size: 587964 Source RPM: dictd-dicts-nld-deu-0.1.0-11mdv2007.0.src.rpm
Packager: Gustavo De Nardin <>
Summary: Nederland - German Freedict dictionary for dictd
Nederland - German Freedict dictionary for dictd






* Fri Dec 22 2006 Gustavo De Nardin <> 0.1.0-11mdv2007.1
  + Revision: 101177
  - make use of update-dictd.conf scheme, introduced by dictd-1.10.1-4
  - bump release of all dictd-dicts-* to 11, for proper upgrades
  - BuildRequires only dictd-utils, for dictzip, not full dictd
  - versioned provides of meta packages, for proper upgrades
  - Requires only dictd-server, not full dictd
  - Requires(post/postun) for proper order in install and removal
  - introduce a hack to avoid being unremovable if dictd-server is removed
    before, even though the Requires(postun)
  - Imported into SVN repo



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