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drakbt-0.10-3mdk RPM for noarch

From Mandriva 2006.0 for x86_64 / media / delta_main

Name: drakbt Distribution: Mandriva Linux
Version: 0.10 Vendor: Mandriva
Release: 3mdk Build date: Wed Sep 7 15:39:24 2005
Group: Networking/File transfer Build host:
Size: 360804 Source RPM: drakbt-0.10-3mdk.src.rpm
Packager: Mandriva Linux Team <>
Summary: The Mandriva Linux Bittorrent link and status checker
drakbt reports status information for a given torrent file or URL.
It can connect automagically to Mandriva Linux websites to grab and
display available torrents.
You should provide login and password if you want to connect to club
member restricted torrents.
After all checks are done, you can trigger the download process from

Information displayed are :
- current number of complete copies (seeds)
- incomplete copies (leeches) currently active.
- Bittorrent port reachability
- Hash info ....






* Wed Sep 07 2005 Daouda LO <> 0.10-3mdk
  - adapt to club server changes
  - binary name change ( renamed bittorrent)
  - Update requires
* Tue Jul 26 2005 Daouda LO <> 0.10-2mdk
  - sync with changes in ugtk2 #17035 (oblin)
* Thu May 12 2005 Daouda LO <> 0.10-1mdk
  - fix mime type file association 
  - cleanup
* Sat May 07 2005 Daouda LO <> 0.9.1-1mdk
  - switch to mandriva
* Sat Apr 02 2005 Daouda LO <> 0.9.1-0.2mdk
  - don't use --url option with (#14500)
  - Browse and launch local files through drakbt
  - use --pause 0, to start download immediately
* Wed Feb 23 2005 Daouda LO <> 0.9.1-0.1mdk
  - 0.9.1 pre-release
  - Use brand new
  - pass the --url option to and strip http string out.
  - fix FileSelector crash bug (#13939)
* Fri Jan 21 2005 Daouda LO <> 0.8.1-7mdk
  - fix main loop
* Tue Oct 05 2004 Rafael Garcia-Suarez <> 0.8.1-6mdk
  - Rebuild
* Mon Oct 04 2004 Daouda LO <> 0.8.1-5mdk
  - added command line file and http/ftp link handling
  - don't try to get file attributes on combo entry changed (#)
  - added mime type file (Initial pref for drakbt)
* Tue Sep 14 2004 Daouda LO <> 0.8.1-4mdk
  - po updates
  - fix deep freeze in drakbt when parsing torrent files
* Fri Aug 27 2004 Daouda LO <> 0.8.1-3mdk
  - display help first
  - drakbt src rpm lost in cyberspace
* Wed Aug 25 2004 Daouda LO <> 0.8.1-2mdk
  - help window
  - strict requires on bittorrent-gui
  - new icons
  - retrieve correct seeds and leeches
  - gui fixes and more error checkings
* Wed Aug 18 2004 Daouda LO <> 0.8.1-1mdk
  - first mdk release


/usr/share/mime-info/Bittorrent checker.mime

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