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RPM of Group Sciences/Other

fityk-0.5.1-1mdk Non-linear curve fitting and data analysis linux/i586
geda-gnetlist-20040111-1mdk Netlister for the gEDA project. linux/i586
geda-gschem-20040111-1mdk Electronics schematics editor. linux/i586
geda-gsymcheck-20040111-1mdk Electronics schematics editor. linux/i586
geda-symbols-20040111-1mdk Electronic symbols for gEDA. linux/i586
geda-utils-20040111-1mdk Netlister for the gEDA project. linux/i586
grace-5.1.18-2mdk Numerical Data Processing and Visualization Tool (Grace) linux/i586
gramps-2.0.8-1mdk Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System linux/noarch
gretl-1.4.1-1mdk Econometric analysis linux/i586
gtkwave-2.0.0-0.pre5.3mdk GTKWave Electronic Waveform Viewer linux/i586
klogic-1.62-1mdk Klogic is a digital circuit simulation linux/i586
libgdgeda6-2.0.15-2mdk Graphical libraries for the gEDA project linux/i586
libgretl1.0-1.4.1-1mdk Econometric analysis linux/i586
libgretl1.0-devel-1.4.1-1mdk Econometric analysis linux/i586
mayavi-1.4-1mdk A powerful scientific data visualizer for Python linux/noarch
pd-0.38.1-1mdk Real-time patchable audio and multimedia processor linux/i586
pd-doc-0.38.1-1mdk Documentation files for Pure Data linux/i586
python-morph-0.8-1mdk Morphology Toolbox for Python linux/noarch
qtiplot-0.6.6-1mdk Data analysis and scientific plotting linux/i586
qucs-0.0.7-1mdk An integrated circuit simulator linux/i586
rlplot-0.99.14-1mdk Data Plotting and Graphing linux/i586
scicraft-0.15.0-1mdk A powerful open source data analysis software linux/noarch
scigraphica-2.1.0-1mdk Data analysis and technical graphics linux/i586
spice-3f5-8mdk Berkeley SPICE 3 Circuit Simulator linux/i586
xcircuit-tcl-3.3.29-2mdk Electronic circuit schematic drawing program linux/i586
xd3d-8.2.2-1mdk A simple scientific visualization tool linux/i586
xmds-1.3_5-1mdk eXtensible multi-dimensional Simulator linux/i586

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