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RPM of Group Networking/Other

AutoScan-0.95-3mdk Utility for network exploration (Samba,Nessus client) linux/i586
GTorrentViewer-0.2b-1mdk A torrent file viewer linux/i586 project environment linux/noarch
RRDBrowse-1.6-3mdk RRDBrowse is a poller daemon, templater and webinterface for rrdtool. linux/noarch
Wellenreiter-1.9-2mdk A tool to discover and audit of 802.11b Wifi Networks linux/noarch
aide-0.10-2mdk Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment linux/i586
aircrack-2.21-1mdk Reliable 802.11 (wireless) sniffer and WEP key cracker linux/i586
airfart-0.2.1-3mdk Wireless network discovery tool linux/i586
airsnort-0.2.7e-3mdk A wireless LAN tool which cracks encryption keys linux/i586
ap-utils-1.5.1-0.pre1.1mdk Configure and monitor Wireless Access Points linux/i586
apradar-0.52-3mdk Wireless Ethernet Association Manager and Netstumbler linux/i586
arpscan-0.5-1mdk Very simple ARP scanner linux/i586
autosscep-0.9.28b-1mdk Simple automatic certificate enroller linux/i586
autossh-1.2f-2mdk Automatically restart SSH sessions and tunnels linux/i586
bidwatcher-1.3.17-2mdk Free tools to manage e-bay auctions linux/i586
bind8-utils-8.4.6-1mdk DNS utilities: host, dig, dnsquery, and nslookup linux/i586
blam-1.8.2-2mdk RSS aggregator written in C# using Mono, GTK# and RSS.NET linux/i586
blogtk-1.1-2mdk Standalone blog entry poster linux/noarch
bw-whois-3.4-3mdk Enhanced WHOIS client on steroids linux/noarch
camlgrenouille-1.13-1mdk Broadband connection test program linux/i586
cheops-ng-0.1.12-1mdk Multipurpose network exploration tool linux/i586
coda-debug-backup-6.0.8-3mdk Coda backup coordinator linux/i586
coda-debug-client-6.0.8-3mdk Coda client linux/i586
coda-debug-server-6.0.8-3mdk Coda server linux/i586
connect-1.93-1mdk Connect is a relaying command to make network connection via proxy linux/i586
corkscrew-2.0-3mdk Corkscrew is a tool for tunneling SSH through HTTP proxies linux/i586
countrycodes-1.0.5-3mdk Country code finder linux/i586
cowpatty-2.0-1mdk Brute-force dictionary attack against WPA-PSK linux/i586
cutter-1.02-3mdk Aborts TCP/IP connections linux/i586
dante-1.1.17-1mdk A free Socks v4/v5 client implementation linux/i586
dcetest-2.0-3mdk The @stake MSRPC dumper linux/i586
dhcpdump-1.7-1mdk Parse tcpdump DHCP packets linux/i586
dhcping-1.2-6mdk Dhcp daemon ping program linux/i586
dhsd-1.0-7mdk A daemon that updates your DNS record in DHS.ORG whenever your IP changes linux/i586
dlint-1.4.0-4mdk A DNS error checking utility linux/noarch
dns-analyzer-0.3.0-3mdk Analyze DNS traffic from tcpdump trace files linux/i586
dnsa-0.5-0.3mdk DNS Auditing tool linux/i586
dnstouch-0.4-10mdk Incrementally updates bind v8+ zone file serial numbers linux/i586
dnstracer-1.8-1mdk A tool to trace dns queries linux/i586
dnsutl-1.7-1mdk Utilities to make DNS easier to configure linux/i586
dnswalk-2.0.2-4mdk The dnswalk DNS database debugger linux/noarch
driftnet-0.1.6-4mdk Network pictures sniffer linux/i586
drill-0.9.1-1mdk Drill is a tool ala dig from BIND linux/i586
drivel-2.0.2-1mdk A live journal for Gnome linux/i586
ettercap-ng-0.7.0-6mdk Ettercap is a ncurses/Gtk2 based sniffer/interceptor utility linux/i586
fake-1.1.10-2mdk Switches in redundant servers using arp spoofing linux/i586
ffingerd-1.28-6mdk Secure finger daemon linux/i586
fsh-1.2-5mdk A tool for ssh remote execution of commands linux/i586
ghostportscan-0.9.3-7mdk Ghost Port Scan Tool linux/i586
gnomba-0.6.2-12mdk Gnome SMB Browser linux/i586
gnome-kerberos-0.3.2-2mdk Kerberos 5 tools for GNOME. linux/i586
gnosamba-0.3.3-9mdk GnoSamba is a GUI tool for the Configuration of Samba. linux/i586
gpsdrive-2.09-2mdk GPS based navigation tool linux/i586
greenwich-0.8.1-1mdk A graphical whois client linux/noarch
gslist-0.6.3-1mdk Gslist is a command-line game servers browser and heartbeats sender linux/i586
h323ac-1.0.4-1.20041029.2mdk H323 Auto Caller plugin for Nagios linux/i586
hpt-1.4.0-0.rc2.2mdk Highly Portable FTN Message Tosser linux/i586
httptunnel-3.3-8mdk Creates bidirectional virtual data connections tunneled through HTTP. linux/i586
hunt-1.5-5mdk Connection intruder linux/i586
ip-sentinel-0.12-1mdk A network ip guardian linux/i586
ipaudit-1.0-0.beta2.2mdk Network Package Audit and Capture linux/i586
iperf-1.7.0-2mdk Network performance measurement tool linux/i586
jpgraph-doc-1.18-1mdk Documenation for jpgraph linux/noarch
kdex11client-0.3.1b-2mdk OpenKiosk client application linux/i586
kifi-0.2.4-1mdk Wireless networking manager for KDE linux/i586
kismet-3.1.050815-1mdk Kismet is an 802.11b network sniffer and network dissector linux/i586
knetfilter-3.4.0-1mdk KNetFilter - A GUI for configuring the 2.4 kernel IP Tables linux/i586
knetworkconf-0.6.1-1mdk A KDE Control Center Module to configure Network settings linux/i586
knock-0.5-1mdk A client to open connection trought firewall linux/i586
komba2-0.73-2mdk Networkbrowser for Sambanetworks linux/i586
lft-2.2-3mdk Alternative traceroute tool for network (reverse) engineers linux/i586
libnetwib5-5.30.0-1mdk A network library linux/i586
libvde0-1.5.9-1mdk VDE libraries linux/i586
linesrv-2.1.21-1mdk Line Control Server linux/i586
linesrv-web-2.1.21-1mdk Line Control Server - Web Status linux/i586
linpopup-2.0.3-1mdk Linux enhanced port of winpopup linux/i586
mail2sms-1.3.5-3mdk Mail2sms is a mail to sms converter linux/i586
mrtg-2.12.2-2mdk Multi Router Traffic Grapher linux/i586
mrtg-contribs-2.12.2-2mdk Multi Router Traffic Grapher contribs linux/i586
mserver-0.5.5-4mdk C-Mserver Masqdialer daemon linux/i586
mtr-0.69-2mdk Ping/Traceroute network diagnostic tool linux/i586
mtr-gtk-0.69-2mdk Ping/Traceroute network diagnostic tool - GTK Interface linux/i586
nagios-2.0b4-1mdk Host/service/network monitoring program linux/i586
nagios-check_bl-1.0-3mdk A Nagios plugin to check against RBL linux/i586
nagios-check_sip-1.0-1mdk A Nagios plugin to check SIP servers and devices linux/i586
nagios-plugins-1.4-6mdk Host/service/network monitoring program plugins for Nagios linux/i586
nagios-snmp-plugins-1.0-2mdk Plugins for Nagios to monitor remote disk and processes via SNMP linux/i586
nc6-0.5-1mdk Reads and writes data across network connections using TCP or UDP linux/i586
net-wireless-0.2-10mdk Wireless access for NetSaint linux/noarch
netpipe-3.6.2-1mdk Protocol independent performance tool linux/i586
netstat-nat-1.4.5-1mdk Displays NAT connections, managed by netfilter/iptables linux/i586
netwag-5.4.0-1mdk A graphic front-end to netwox linux/noarch
netwib-doc-5.30.0-1mdk Netwib html documentation linux/i586
netwox-5.30.0-1mdk A network toolbox linux/i586
ngrep-1.44-2mdk Network Traffic sniffer, with pattern matching like grep linux/i586
nmap2nagios-0.1.2-3mdk Generates template-based object configuration files for Nagios linux/noarch
nodeview-2.0-1mdk OpenKiosk central server containing the client information database linux/i586
noip-2.1.1-3mdk Linux client for the dynamic DNS service linux/i586
nrpe-2.0-2mdk Host/service/network monitoring agent for Nagios linux/i586
nrpe-plugin-2.0-2mdk Provides nrpe plugin for Nagios. linux/i586
nstx-1.1-0.beta6.1mdk Nameserver Transfer Protocol linux/i586
ntlogon-0.8b-1mdk Autogenerator for NT logon scripts linux/noarch
nufw-1.0.12-1mdk Authentication Firewall Suite for Linux linux/i586
nufw-nuauth-1.0.12-1mdk Nufw user database daemon linux/i586
nufw-nuauth-auth-dbm-1.0.12-1mdk Module for nuauth providing dbm file user database linux/i586
nufw-nuauth-auth-ldap-1.0.12-1mdk Module for nuauth providing ldap user database linux/i586
nufw-nuauth-auth-plaintext-1.0.12-1mdk Module for nuauth providing plaintext user database linux/i586
nufw-nuauth-auth-system-1.0.12-1mdk Module for nuauth providing system file user database linux/i586
nufw-nuauth-log-mysql-1.0.12-1mdk Module for nuauth to log in Mysql database linux/i586
nufw-nuauth-log-pgsql-1.0.12-1mdk Module for nuauth to log in Postgresql database linux/i586
nufw-nuauth-log-syslog-1.0.12-1mdk Module for nuauth to log using syslog linux/i586
nufw-nutcpc-1.0.12-1mdk Nufw client linux/i586
nufw-utils-1.0.12-1mdk Various utilities for Nufw administrators linux/i586
openafs-1.3.87-2mdk OpenAFS distributed filesystem linux/i586
openafs-client-1.3.87-2mdk OpenAFS filesystem client linux/i586
openafs-doc-1.3.87-2mdk OpenAFS doc linux/i586
openafs-server-1.3.87-2mdk OpenAFS filesystem server linux/i586
opengroupware-database-1.0-20040523.1mdk Database API linux/i586
opengroupware-docapi-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk Document API linux/i586
opengroupware-env-1.0-20040523.1mdk Execution Environment linux/noarch
opengroupware-epoz-0.6.1-20040523.1mdk epoz linux/noarch
opengroupware-logic-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk business logic linux/i586
opengroupware-pda-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk Palm(tm) support linux/i586
opengroupware-plr-1.0-20040523.1mdk ProjectLoginRedirector linux/i586
opengroupware-publisher-0.9.15-20040523.1mdk Publisher linux/i586
opengroupware-theme-default-da-1.0-20040523.1mdk The default theme (Danish) linux/noarch
opengroupware-theme-default-de-1.0-20040523.1mdk The default theme (German) linux/noarch
opengroupware-theme-default-en-1.0-20040523.1mdk The default theme (English) linux/noarch
opengroupware-theme-default-es-1.0-20040523.1mdk The default theme (Spanish) linux/noarch
opengroupware-theme-default-it-1.0-20040523.1mdk The default theme (Italian) linux/noarch
opengroupware-theme-default-pl-1.0-20040523.1mdk The default theme (Polish) linux/noarch
opengroupware-tools-account-1.0-20040523.1mdk Account Manipulation Tools linux/i586
opengroupware-tools-aptnotify-1.0-20040523.1mdk Appointment Notify Tool linux/i586
opengroupware-tools-bulkmessages-1.0-20040523.1mdk bulkmessage tools linux/i586
opengroupware-tools-installsieve-1.0-20040523.1mdk Sieve Filter Install Tool linux/i586
opengroupware-tools-project-1.0-20040523.1mdk project tools linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-admin-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk WebUI (Admin) linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-app-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk WebUI (App) linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-common-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk WebUI (Common) linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-contact-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk WebUI (Contact) linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-forms-5.0.0-20040523.2mdk WebUI (Forms) linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-job-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk WebUI (Job) linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-libs-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk WebUI (Libs) linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-mailer-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk WebUI (Mailer) linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-news-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk WebUI (News) linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-prefs-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk WebUI (Prefs) linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-project-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk WebUI (Project) linux/i586
opengroupware-webui-resource-da-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The Danish part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources. linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-resource-de-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The German part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources. linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-resource-en-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The English part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources. linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-resource-es-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The Spanish part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources. linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-resource-fr-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The French part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources. linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-resource-hu-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The Hungarian part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-resource-it-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The Italian part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources. linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-resource-ja-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The Japanese part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-resource-nl-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The Dutch part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-resource-no-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The Norwegian part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-resource-pl-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The Polish part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-resource-pt-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The Portuguese part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources. linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-resource-pt_BR-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The Brazil/Portuguese part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources. linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-resource-sv-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk The Swedish part of the OpenGroupware WebUI resources linux/noarch
opengroupware-webui-scheduler-5.0.0-20040523.1mdk WebUI (Scheduler) linux/i586
p0f-2.0.5-3mdk Passive OS fingerprinting tool linux/i586
pam_mount-0.9.25-1mdk Pluggable Authentication Module for dynamic mounting of remote volumes linux/i586
pam_mount-devel-0.9.25-1mdk Development files for pam_mount linux/i586
pcmanx-pure-gtk2-0.2.6-1mdk User-friendly telnet client designed for BBS browsing linux/i586
pdnsd-1.1.11.par-1mdk A caching dns proxy for small networks or dialin accounts linux/i586
php4-jpgraph-1.19-1mdk An OO graph drawing class library for PHP4 linux/noarch
php4-jpgraph-doc-1.19-1mdk Documenation for JpGraph linux/noarch
php5-jpgraph-2.0-0.beta.1mdk An OO graph drawing class library for PHP5 linux/noarch
php5-jpgraph-doc-2.0-0.beta.1mdk Documenation for JpGraph linux/noarch
phplot-5.0-0.rc2.1mdk Dynamic plots, charts, and graphs in PHP linux/noarch
pound-1.9-1mdk Pound - reverse-proxy and load-balancer linux/i586
pptp-php-gtk-0.20040102-4mdk PPTP-linux GUI configuration tool linux/noarch
pptpd-server-1.2.1-2mdk PoPToP Linux VPN server linux/i586
privoxy-3.0.3-6mdk Privoxy - privacy enhancing HTTP proxy linux/i586
proxychains-1.8.2-2mdk This program forces any tcp connection to follow through proxy. linux/i586
proxycheck-0.49a-2mdk A quick open proxy scanner linux/i586
proxycheck-proxylogger-0.49a-2mdk Receiving part of proxycheck linux/i586
qstat-2.8-1mdk Real-time Game Server Status for Quake servers linux/i586
rblcheck-1.5-6mdk A program for performing checks against RBL-style blacklists. linux/i586
rdiff-backup-0.13.6-1mdk Backup software linux/i586
redfang-2.5-2mdk The Bluetooth Hunter linux/i586
redir-2.2.1-4mdk Redirect TCP connections linux/i586
regutils-0.10-6mdk Manipulate the Win9x registry linux/i586
rfc-3.2-1mdk Simple scripts for downloading and reading RFCs linux/noarch
scapy-0.9.17-2mdk An interactive packet manipulation tool and network scanner linux/noarch
sendip-2.5-1mdk A command line tool to allow sending arbitrary IP packets linux/i586
serialoverip-1.0-1mdk Tool for transport of asynchronous serial devices over UDP/IP. linux/i586
sipp-1.0-1mdk SIPp is a performance testing tool for the SIP protocol. linux/i586
sipsak-0.8.12-1mdk SIP swiss army knife linux/i586
sleuth-1.4-0.2mdk Perl script for easy checking (DNS, common errors and etc.) linux/noarch
smbget-0.6-4mdk A simple wget-like tool for the SMB/CIFS protocol linux/i586
smi-tools-0.4.3-1mdk LibSMI tools linux/i586
smssend-3.4-2mdk Send free SMS to any GSM linux/i586
smtp-benchmark-1.0.3-2mdk SMTP Benchmark Suite linux/i586
straw-0.25.1-2mdk RSS feed agregator for Gnome linux/i586
swish-e-2.4.3-3mdk Simple Web Indexing System for Humans - Enhanced linux/i586
tcpflow-0.21-2mdk Network traffic recorder linux/i586
tcpreplay-2.3.5-2mdk A tool to replay captured network traffic linux/i586
tcptraceroute-1.5-0.beta4.2mdk Tcptraceroute is a traceroute implementation using TCP packets linux/i586
terminal-server-localdevices-1.0-3mdk This enables the local devices on an X terminal. linux/i586
tn5250-0.16.5-3mdk 5250 Telnet protocol and Terminal linux/i586
tor- Anonymizing overlay network for TCP (The onion router) linux/i586
trickle-1.07-1mdk A portable lightweight userspace bandwidth shaper linux/i586
tsocks-1.8-0.beta5.1mdk A transparent SOCKS proxying library linux/i586
ucd-snmp-utils-4.2.3-16mdk Network management utilities using SNMP, from the NET-SNMP project linux/i586
unshield-0.5-1mdk A program to extract InstallShield cabinet files linux/i586
uptodate-0.3-1mdk Uptodate helps you to keep your system uptodate linux/noarch
urlmon-4.0-4mdk An URL monitor linux/noarch
vconfig-1.8-1mdk Linux 802.1q VLAN configuration utility linux/i586
vde-1.5.9-1mdk Virtual Distributed Ethernet linux/i586
vm-pop3d-1.1.6-4mdk Virtualmail-pop3d, fork of gnu-pop3d linux/i586
vpnc-0.3.3-2mdk A free vpn client for the Cisco 3000 concentrators linux/i586
vpnd-1.1.0-6mdk The virtual private network daemon vpnd linux/i586
vtun-2.6-7mdk Virtual tunnel over TCP/IP networks. linux/i586
whatmask-1.2-2mdk Convert between different netmask types linux/i586
wifi-radar-1.9.4-1mdk Utility for managing WiFi profiles linux/noarch
wol-0.7.1-2mdk Wake On LAN client linux/i586
wwwoffle-2.8d-1mdk WWW Offline Explorer - Caching Web Proxy Server linux/i586
xprobe2-0.2-3mdk Active ICMP fingerprinting tool linux/i586
xtel-3.3.0-8mdk Emulateur Minitel X11 linux/i586

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