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RPM of Group Graphical desktop/WindowMaker

bubblemon-1.46-1mdk WindowMaker dockapp CPU, memory, swap and load average monitor linux/i586
wmWeather-1.31-1mdk Weather docklet for WindowMaker linux/i586
wmapm-3.1-7mdk Battery/Power status monitor for WindowMaker on laptops linux/i586
wmbattery-2.20-1mdk Battery info docklet for WindowMaker linux/i586
wmcoincoin-2.5.0-0.g.1mdk WindowMaker dock application for linuxfr-addicted people linux/i586
wmcpuload-1.1.0pre4-1mdk WindowMaker dock application that displays CPU usage linux/i586
wmdf-0.1.6-1mdk An app to monitor disk IO and available space on partitions linux/i586
wmfire-1.2.2-4mdk A WindowMaker that displays CPU load as fire in a small icon linux/i586
wmglobe-1.3-5mdk A WindowMaker that displays a rotating Earth in an icon linux/i586
wmlaptop-1.4-1mdk Laptop info docklet for WindowMaker linux/i586
wmmemmon-1.0.1-2mdk Mem/Swap monitoring dockapp for WindowMaker linux/i586
wmnetload-1.3-1mdk Network monitoring dockapp for WindowMaker linux/i586
wmnut-0.61-1mdk A wmaker dock app that displays UPS statistics from NUT's upsd linux/i586
wmpop3lb-2.4.2-2mdk WMPop3LB is a POP3 mail box checker linux/i586
wmsmixer-0.5.1-2mdk Dockapp sound mixer linux/i586
wmsmpmon-2.3-2mdk System information for Dual CPUs (memory, swap, cpu, IO) in a small dock app linux/i586
wmwifi-0.5-1mdk Wireless network monitor for Window Maker linux/i586
wmxss-0.1-10mdk Frontend for xscreensaver in a linux/i586

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