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RPM of Group Games/Strategy

XFrisk-1.2-2mdk XFrisk, a multi-user network version of the classic "Risk" linux/i586
asc- Advanced Strategic Command linux/i586
bos-1.1-3mdk A real time strategy game linux/noarch
boson-0.11-1mdk A Real-Time Strategy Game (RTS) for the KDE project linux/i586
civil-0.83-4mdk Civil is a game that simulates battles in the American Civil War linux/i586
civil-editor-0.83-4mdk Civil scenario editor linux/i586
civil-graphics-0.83-4mdk Civil graphics linux/i586
civil-scenarios-0.83-4mdk Civil sample scenarios linux/i586
civil-sounds-0.83-4mdk Civil sounds linux/i586
copter-commander-1.8-2mdk A 2d networked helicopter game linux/i586
crimson-fields-0.4.7-1mdk Crimson Fields - Tactical war game with hexagonal grid linux/i586
crimson-fields-utils-0.4.7-1mdk Utilities for Crimson Fields (a tactical war game) linux/i586
dark-oberon-1.0.2-0.rc1.1mdk Dark Oberon linux/i586
dopewars-1.5.10-2mdk Make a fortune dealing drugs on the streets of New York linux/i586
freeciv-civworld-1.14.0-4mdk Editor for FREE CIVilization clone linux/i586
freelords-0.3.4-1mdk A Linux clone of the old dos game W*arLords. linux/i586
globulation2-0.8.15-1mdk Globulation2 - a state of the art Real Time Strategy (RTS) game linux/i586
gnome-mud-0.10.6-1mdk GNOME-Mud is a mudclient for the GNOME platform. linux/i586
gtkatlantic-0.3.3-2mdk Monopoly-like game client linux/i586
gtkdive-0.7-3mdk Buehlmann ZH-L16 model diving simulation linux/i586
lgeneral-1.2-0.beta2.2mdk A Panzer General clone linux/i586
lincity-ng-1.0.1-1mdk Lincity - A City Simulation Game linux/i586
netpanzer-0.8-1mdk An online multiplayer tactical warfare game linux/i586
pathological-1.1.3-2mdk Logical game linux/i586
starvoyager-0.4.4-2mdk A space combat and exploration game. linux/i586
stratagus-2.1-3mdk A real time strategy game engine linux/i586
teg-0.11.1-1mdk Clone of a Risk clone linux/i586
uqm-0.4.0-3mdk The Ur-Quan Masters linux/i586
uqm-3domusic-0.4.0-2mdk Optional 3DO music package for Ur-Quan Masters game linux/noarch
uqm-content-0.4.0-1mdk Mandatory content package for Ur-Quan Masters game linux/noarch
uqm-voice-0.4.0-2mdk Optional speech package for Ur-Quan Masters game linux/noarch
warzone2100-data-0.2.2-1mdk 3D realtime strategy on a future Earth linux/noarch
warzone2100-opengl-0.2.2-5mdk OpenGL accelerated binary for Warzone 2100 linux/i586
warzone2100-software-0.2.2-5mdk Software accelerated binary for Warzone 2100 linux/i586
wesnoth-0.9.7-1mdk Battle for Wesnoth is a fantasy turn-based strategy game linux/i586
wesnoth-server-0.9.7-1mdk Server for "Battle fo Wesnoth" game linux/i586
widelands-b9-2mdk Settlers II clone linux/i586
xconq-7.5.0-0.20050117.1mdk General turn-based 2D strategy game system linux/i586
xconq-curses-7.5.0-0.20050117.1mdk The curses (console) user interface for the Xconq game system linux/i586
xconq-sdl-7.5.0-0.20050117.1mdk The SDL user interface for the Xconq game system linux/i586
xconq-tcltk-7.5.0-0.20050117.1mdk The Tcl/Tk user interface for the Xconq game system linux/i586
xgospel-1.12d-11mdk An X11 client for Internet Go Server linux/i586

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