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cups-1.1.23-11mdk RPM for i586

From Mandriva 10.2 for i586 / media / main

Name: cups Distribution: Mandrakelinux
Version: 1.1.23 Vendor: Mandrakesoft
Release: 11mdk Build date: Mon Apr 11 17:20:07 2005
Group: System/Servers Build host:
Size: 11411457 Source RPM: cups-1.1.23-11mdk.src.rpm
Packager: Till Kamppeter <>
Summary: Common Unix Printing System - Server package
The Common Unix Printing System provides a portable printing layer for
UNIX(TM) operating systems. It has been developed by Easy Software Products
to promote a standard printing solution for all UNIX vendors and users.
CUPS provides the System V and Berkeley command-line interfaces.
This is the main package needed for CUPS servers (machines where a
printer is connected to or which host a queue for a network
printer). It can also be used on CUPS clients so that they simply pick
up broadcasted printer information from other CUPS servers and do not
need to be assigned to a specific CUPS server by an
/etc/cups/client.conf file.






* Mon Apr 11 2005 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.23-11mdk
  - Fixed bug 15376: "!(" -> "! (" in /etc/init.d/cups.
* Tue Mar 22 2005 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.23-10mdk
  - Updated Pierre Jarillon's I18n patch, especially there are "Set as
    default" buttons in all languages now.
* Fri Mar 18 2005 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.23-9mdk
  - Revert change of lock file name to have /var/lock/subsys/cups again.
    Handling services with different service name and daemon name is a
    general problem (also with Samba and MySQL) which has to be addressed
    later. Renaming the service to "cupsd" would break other stuff
    (printerdrake, KDE Printing Manager, ...). The bugs 11715, 14727, and 
    14545 cannot be fixed all at once.
* Wed Mar 16 2005 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.23-8mdk
  - Fixed I18n of the CUPS web interface and online help (bug 10598, thanks
    to Pierre Jarillon, jarillon at abul dot org, for the big patch).
  - Let online help go into /usr/share/cups/doc and not into /usr/share/doc,
    so that it gets also installed in a minimum installation without
    documentation, otherwise the web interface would be broken in this case
    (Thanks to Raul Dias, raul at dias dot com dot br, for reporting this).
* Wed Mar 02 2005 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.23-7mdk
  - Recode all translations to UTF-8 so that the web interface of CUPS is
    shown correctly, especially with Mozilla.
* Tue Mar 01 2005 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.23-6mdk
  - Removed menu entry for CUPS web interface.
* Fri Feb 18 2005 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.23-5mdk
  - Use /var/lock/subsys/cupsd instead of /var/lock/subsys/cups
    in startup script, to fix bug 11715.
  - SECURITY FIX: Fixes CAN-2005-0064/MDKSA-2005:041/Bug 13751: See
* Fri Feb 11 2005 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.23-4mdk
  - SECURITY FIX: Fixes CAN-2005-0064/MDKSA-2005:018/Bug 13580: See
* Fri Feb 11 2005 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.23-3mdk
  - Updated CUPS startup script to also check HPLIP.
* Wed Feb 09 2005 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.1.23-2mdk
  - multiarch
* Tue Jan 04 2005 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.23-1mdk
  - Updated to CUPS 1.1.23 final (Tons of bug fixes: "Media tray empty" on
    USB backend, possible DoS in CUPS daemon, buffer overflow on "hpgltops"
    filter, ...).
  - Set "lppasswd" SUID root again, otherwise it does not work.
  - Removed support for Mandrakelinux 7.2.
  - Fixed icon stuff.
* Tue Nov 30 2004 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.22-2mdk
  - Added Red Hat's DBUS support (Patch 27).
* Tue Nov 09 2004 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.22-1mdk
  - Updated to CUPS 1.1.22 final.
  - Removed Patch 26, it is already applied upstream.
* Mon Oct 11 2004 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.21-1mdk
  - Updated to CUPS 1.1.21 final.
  - Removed Patch 24 and Patch 25, they are already applied upstream.
  - Improved debug mode, now the RPM built in debug mode has really
    unstripped executables.
  - Fix the CUPS daemon dieing on "killall -HUP cupsd" (Patch 26, Thanks to
    Tim Waugh from Red Hat, CUPS STR 865 and 928).
* Fri Oct 08 2004 Vincent Danen <> 1.1.21-0.rc1.7mdk
  - P25: security fix for CAN-2004-0558
* Mon Sep 20 2004 Frederic Lepied <> 1.1.21-0.rc1.6mdk
  - start cups at level 15 to avoid conflicts with RPC programs like
    ypbind (bug #9951)
* Mon Aug 30 2004 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.21-0.rc1.5mdk
  - Added switchable debug mode.
  - Moved "Provides: lpddaemon" from "cups" to "cups-common" package as we
    support daemon-less CUPS client mode with printerdrake now.
* Fri Aug 20 2004 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.21-0.rc1.4mdk
  - If there is no USB printer connected, let the "usb" backend put out
    /dev/usb/lpX as default device file names and not /dev/usblpX.
* Mon Aug 09 2004 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.21-0.rc1.3mdk
  - Set temporary directory and other parameters in /etc/xinetd.d/cups-lpd,
    sp that cups-lpd uses the correct temporary directory and
    permissions/ownerships (Anthill bug 879).
* Thu Aug 05 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 1.1.21-0.rc1.2mdk
  - use -fPIC too on ix86
* Wed Jun 09 2004 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.21-0.rc1.1mdk
  - Updated to CUPS 1.1.21rc1.
  - Perlified patch 6.
* Fri Jun 04 2004 <> 1.1.20-6mdk
  - Rebuild
* Tue Mar 02 2004 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.20-5mdk
  - Let startup script also automatically load the "usblp" module of
    kernel 2.6.x.
* Tue Feb 24 2004 Thierry Vignaud <> 1.1.20-4mdk
  - fix bogus ownership on /usr/share/man/LL
* Fri Feb 20 2004 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.20-3mdk
  - Let CUPS get compiled with "-fPIC" also on PPC systems, otherwise the
    CUPS-enabled there will not compile (thanks to Christiaan
* Sat Feb 14 2004 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.20-2mdk
  - Recognize also an "SN:" field in the USB printer ID string as the serial
    number (HP PhotoSmart 7760, bug 6534)
* Mon Dec 15 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.20-1mdk
  - Updated to finally released CUPS 1.1.20.
  - Adapted patch2 to restructured code of CUPS 1.1.20.
* Wed Sep 17 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.19-10mdk
  - Fixed bug 5615 by means of the following two changes:
    o Make the CUPS daemon not sending broadcast packages with the host name
      "localhost". In this case the IP address of the appropriate interface
      is used (patch 22).
    o Do not insert "ServerName" directives in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf any more
      during the startup of CUPS (with the /usr/sbin/correctcupsconfig
* Thu Aug 14 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.1.19-9mdk
  - Remove wrongly inherited deps on all subpackages
* Fri Aug 08 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.19-8mdk
  - Added a version number to the "Provides: libcups1" to avoid a conflict
    with libpng3.
* Mon Aug 04 2003 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.1.19-7mdk
  - mklibname, fix major in package name
* Sun Jul 27 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.19-6mdk
  - Install missing headers (Thanks to Oden Eriksson)
* Thu Jul 10 2003 Laurent MONTEL <> 1.1.19-5mdk
  - Rebuild
* Thu Jun 26 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.19-4mdk
  - Re-introduced SLP support.
* Thu Jun 05 2003 Laurent MONTEL <> 1.1.19-3mdk
  - Use --disable-slp
* Thu Jun 05 2003 Laurent MONTEL <> 1.1.19-2mdk
  - Don't link with libslp
* Tue May 27 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.19-1mdk
  - Updated to finally released CUPS 1.1.19 (SECURITY FIX: Denial of service 
    attack vulnerability, see and other bug 
    fixes and updates).
  - Moved to "-devel" package to avoide dependency of "libcups1"
    on other "-devel" packages.
  - Rebuild to get a "-debug" package.
* Tue May 13 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.19-0.9mdk
  - Updated to released CUPS 1.1.19rc5.
* Sat May 10 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.19-0.8mdk
  - Updated to released CUPS 1.1.19rc4.
* Mon Apr 28 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.19-0.7mdk
  - Updated to released CUPS 1.1.19rc3.
* Sun Apr 20 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.19-0.6mdk
  - Updated to released CUPS 1.1.19rc2.
* Tue Mar 11 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.19-0.5mdk
  - Fixed japanese text printing with "cjktexttops": The margins were too
    narrow and too long lines were cut off and not wrapped. No no information 
    of the printed text gets lost any more.
* Mon Mar 10 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.19-0.4mdk
  - Add "cjktexttops" filter (derived from Red Hat's filter) for
    printing japanese plain text files with "mpage".
* Thu Mar 06 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.19-0.3mdk
  - Let CUPS daemon accept raw files (e. g. already filtered by Windows
  - Added "pdf" backend.
* Wed Feb 26 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.19-0.2mdk
  - Updated to the CVS of Feb. 26, 2003 (Bug fixes).
* Sat Feb 15 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.19-0.1mdk
  - Updated to the CVS of Feb. 15, 2003 (Several bug fixes).
* Fri Jan 31 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.18-5mdk
  - Removed most operations from "". They are taken care of
    by this spec file or by "printerdrake".
* Fri Jan 31 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.18-4mdk
  - Removed all data manipulations from "poll_ppd_base", they will be done
    by "printerdrake" now.
* Thu Jan 23 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.18-3mdk
  - Removed determination of the printer's serial number in 
    /proc/bus/usb/devices, it was broken.
  - Fixed error reporting when gethostbyname fails.
* Wed Jan 15 2003 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.18-2mdk
  - Rebuilt for new OpenSSL version.
* Thu Dec 19 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.18-1mdk
  - Updated to released CUPS 1.1.18 (Security fixes based on a report from 
    iDEFENSE, new cupstestppd utility for validating PPD files).
* Sat Nov 23 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.17-1mdk
  - Updated to released CUPS 1.1.17.
  - Removed "cat" subdirectories from man page directory.
* Fri Nov 22 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.17-0.2mdk
  - Updated to the CVS of Nov. 22, 2002 (CUPS daemon didn't pass command
    line options of "lpr" to the filters).
* Thu Nov 21 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.17-0.1mdk
  - Updated to the CVS of Nov. 21, 2002 (Fixes printer configuration via web 
    interface, has Mac OS character sets to print jobs from Mac OS X clients 
    correctly, fixed possible crash of CUPS daemon when it gets a job from
    CUPS' Windows client PostScript driver).
  - Moved "/usr/bin/cups-config" from the "cups-common" to the
    "libcups1-devel" package.
* Wed Oct 30 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.16-3mdk
  - Updated to the CVS of Oct. 30, 2002 (Web server fixes).
* Wed Oct 30 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.16-2mdk
  - Updated to the CVS of Oct. 28, 2002 (Fixes the problem of queues
    generated with "lpadmin" ignoring the PPD file and printing raw
    PostScript code until the CUPS daemon is restarted.
  - Replaced Patch 15 (libdir for 64-bit architecture) by code manipulation
    directly in the spec file.
* Thu Oct 17 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.16-1mdk
  - Updated to the CVS of Oct. 17, 2002 (Fixes web interface problem,
    landscape bug, and several others. ommited CUPS 1.1.16 final due
    to persisting web interface bug).
  - Let "service cups reload" only send a SIGHUP to the CUPS daemon instead
    of killing and restarting it.
* Tue Sep 10 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.16-0.4mdk
  - Downdated to the CVS of Aug. 16, 2002 (In the CVS from Aug. 31 it is not
    possible to add print queues with the web interface due to changes in
    the PAM infrastructure of CUPS).
* Sat Aug 31 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.16-0.3mdk
  - Fixed "/usr/sbin/correctcupsconfig" script so that it generates a
    correct "/etc/cups/cupsd.conf" when this file is missing.
* Fri Aug 16 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.16-0.2mdk
  - Updated to the CVS of Aug. 16, 2002 (Option conflicts fix in web
  - Fixed startup script so that the "gprintf"ication works again.
* Wed Aug 14 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.16-0.1mdk
  - Updated to the CVS of Aug. 14, 2002 (release candidate for CUPS 1.1.16).
  - Changed cups-lpd configuration so that the CUPS server filters the
    incoming LPD jobs, so the LPD client does not need a driver.
* Fri Aug 09 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.15-9mdk
  - Fix bug of some applications (as a2ps) do not print correctly in Landscape
* Sun Aug 04 2002 Stefan van der Eijk <> 1.1.15-8mdk
  - BuildRequires
* Fri Jul 26 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.1.15-7mdk
  - Automated rebuild with gcc3.2
* Mon Jul 22 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.15-6mdk
  - Let the starter process of cupsd only exit when cupsd is ready to listen
    for requests.
* Wed Jul 10 2002 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.1.15-5mdk
  - Menu dir is %_menudir
  - rpmlint fixes: strange-permission, configure-without-libdir-spec,
* Fri Jun 28 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.15-4mdk
  - If /usr/sbin/correctcupsconfig inserts the "Printcap" line in
    /etc/cups/cupsd.conf when one installs LPRng/LPD, it also removes
    the old CUPS-generated /etc/printcap. This old /etc/printcap causes
    ugly warnings in LPRng.
* Wed Jun 19 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.15-3mdk
  - Apply the patch for /etc/cups/cupsd.conf.
* Wed Jun 19 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.15-2mdk
  - Replaced automatic CUPS configuration by usage of the new CUPS
    placeholder "@LOCAL" for all local, non-PPP networks.
  - Instead of the autoconfig script "setcupsconfig" now a script only
    doing slight corrections in some case "correctcupsconfig" is called
    at every CUPS startup. Now no change is done on /etc/cups/cupsd.conf
    when there is no warning.
* Tue Jun 18 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.15-1mdk
  - Updated to version 1.1.15.
  - Removed "ptal" backend, this is now provided by HPOJ.
  - Added "pap" backend, to access printers via AppleTalk.
  - Added "photo_print", a script to print series of photos, several photos
    per sheet.
* Thu Apr 18 2002 Thierry Vignaud <> 1.1.14-4mdk
  - remove system wide directories ownership
* Tue Mar 26 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.14-3mdk
  - Auto-config program /usr/sbin/setcupsconfig supports having two or
    more network cards with the same IP address.
* Sat Feb 16 2002 Stefan van der Eijk <> 1.1.14-2mdk
  - BuildRequires
* Wed Feb 13 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.14-1mdk
  - Updated to version 1.1.14 (Release because of the IPP security bugfix).
* Wed Feb 13 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.13-5mdk
  - Security fix for the IPP backend was not complete. Applied new,
    complete patch.
  - Made a symbolic link to the test page in "printer-testpages", so only
    one test page has to be maintained and kept on the distro CDs.
* Sun Feb 10 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.13-4mdk
  - Security fix: Fixed potential buffer overflow bug when the IPP backend
    reads the names of attributes.
  - Added "lpddaemon" to the "Provides" of CUPS, to satisfy FHS/LSB tests.
  - Moved "Obsoletes: cups-devel" and "Provides: cups-devel" from "cups"
    to "libcups1-devel".
* Mon Feb 04 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.13-3mdk
  - Added backend filter for nprint (Novell client) from Mark Horn 
  - Updated HPOJ/ptal backend filter to the version of 18/01/2002.
  - Added check for "ptal:/..." URIs when the startup script checks
    the /etc/cups/printers.conf whether HPOJ needs to be started.
* Sat Feb 02 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.13-2mdk
  - Added backend filter for HPOJ from Mark Horn (,
* Fri Feb 01 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.13-1mdk
  - Updated to version 1.1.13.
* Sat Jan 19 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.12-3mdk
  - Let "setcupsconfig" use "Listen" directives instead of "Port" directives
    in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf to restrict CUPS listening only to local networks.
    This was suggested by David Walser (luigiwalser at yahoo dot com).
* Sat Jan 12 2002 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.12-2mdk
  - Used "route -n" instead of "route" in startup script, the simple
    "route" does often not show the loopback device correctly.
* Mon Dec 17 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.12-1mdk
  - Updated to version 1.1.12.
* Mon Dec 17 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.10-14mdk
  - Suppressed automatic replacement of "echo" by "gprintf" in the startup
    script, the automatic replacement is broken.
* Tue Dec 04 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.10-13mdk
  - Modified startup script to do not do any changes on /etc/hosts any more.
* Fri Oct 12 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.10-12mdk
  - Fixed auto-correction of /etc/hosts. Nicknames for localhost are conserved
* Wed Oct 10 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.10-11mdk
  - Corrected text on the test page.
* Wed Oct 10 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.10-10mdk
  - Inserted new Mandrake logo into the test page.
  - Rebuilt for libpng3.
* Wed Sep 19 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.10-9mdk
  - Separated out the serial port backend of CUPS into an extra package, it
    was the reason for the CUPS daemon needing several seconds to start.
* Wed Sep 19 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.10-8mdk
  - Fixed setcupsconfig so that CUPS also starts on systems without
* Sat Sep 15 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.10-7mdk
  - fixed link from lp.1 to cancel.1 to work in the update-alternatives
    structure so that "man cancel" shows the correct man page.
* Sat Sep 15 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.10-6mdk
  - Automatic CUPS configuration defines the directory for temporary
    files now, so environment variable settings cannot break things
    (Bug 4568)
* Fri Sep 14 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.10-5mdk
  - Made automatic CUPS configuration also working on non-english
  - CUPS requires net-tools.
* Fri Sep 14 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.10-4mdk
  - Check /etc/hosts on startup so assure that it has a correct
    "localhost" line.
  - Do not change hostname to "localhost" if there is no local network.
* Sat Sep 01 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.10-3mdk
  - Turn off the cups-lpd mini daemon when LPD/LPRng is running (in the
    startup script).
* Sat Sep 01 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.10-2mdk
  - Expanded auto-configuration script for more different network
    configurations, especially ADSL and cable modem through an ethernet
  - Added checks for system environment to the CUPS startup script,
    missing kernel modules and a missing loopback device are started
    automatically now.
* Tue Aug 21 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.10-1mdk
  - Updated to CUPS 1.1.10 (several bugfixes)
* Wed Aug 15 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.9-6mdk
  - Raised limit of values per attribute of an IPP request from 100 to 500
    (Broke Epson Stylus Photo 1290 with the GIMP-Print GhostScript driver)
* Sat Jul 28 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.9-5mdk
  - lphelp takes PPD files from standard input now
* Mon Jul 23 2001 Gwenole Beauchesne <> 1.1.9-4mdk
  - Don't BuildRequires: egcs when it's not needed (as for 1.1.6-12mdk)
* Sat Jul 21 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.9-3mdk
  - Updated to CUPS 1.1.9-1 (several bugfixes)
* Wed Jul 18 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.9-2mdk
  - Extended the update-alternatives stuff so that CUPS can also co-exist
    with LPRng
* Tue Jul 10 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.9-1mdk
  - Updated to CUPS 1.1.9 (several bugfixes)
* Fri Jun 08 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.8-1mdk
  - Updated to CUPS 1.1.8 (several bugfixes)
* Fri May 04 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.7-1mdk
  - SECURITY FIXES: Updated to CUPS 1.1.7
* Thu May 03 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.6-22mdk
  - Downdated pstops filter to the version of CUPS 1.1.6-3 due to problems 
    with multiple page documents
* Thu Apr 12 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.6-21mdk
  - Cleaned up output of "poll_ppd_base" to give a nicer and more user-
    friendly printer list in "printerdrake".
* Fri Apr 06 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.6-20mdk
  - Additional fixes in "poll_ppd_base": Manufacturer names are made
    all-uppercase and "-" in the beginning of a model name is removed.
* Fri Apr 06 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.6-19mdk
  - Removed the manufacturer's names from the model field in the output
    of "poll_ppd_base", they were sometimes written all-uppercase and 
    sometimes not and this messed up the printer listing in "printerdrake".
* Sat Mar 31 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.6-18mdk
  - Use new macros for server packages only when building for Linux Mandrake 
    8.x to not blow up a build for 7.x.
* Sat Mar 31 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.6-17mdk
  - Updated CUPS from CVS (Lots of bugfixes).
  - Cleaned up PostScript code of the test page.
* Thu Mar 29 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.6-16mdk
  - Used new macros for server packages ("-fno-omit-frame-pointer" and
    upgrade fixes).
  - Inserted missing "#include" directives in the code of "pstoraster". They
    are needed by gcc 2.96.
* Sat Mar 17 2001 David BAUDENS <> 1.1.6-15mdk
  - Don't BuildRequires: egcs on PPC
* Thu Mar 15 2001 Francis Galiegue <> 1.1.6-14mdk
  - Add -fPIC to CFLAGS for ia64
* Sun Mar 11 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.6-13mdk
  - In case of building a package for Mandrake 7.2, the "cups" package
    provides "cups-common" and "libcups1" now, the "cups-devel" package 
    provides "libcups1-devel".
* Thu Mar 08 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.6-12mdk
  - Fixed a bug in swapping out parts of big images (lead to images sometimes
    not printed or printed totally in black).
* Mon Mar 05 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.6-11mdk
  - Modified "lphelp" so that it is able to read out the numerical options
    of the new XML-Foomatic which will appear in the near future
* Thu Feb 22 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.6-10mdk
  - Fixed bug of cgi-bin directory going into /etc/cups instead of into
* Wed Feb 21 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.6-9mdk
  - SECURITY FIX: Source release 1.1.6-3 (Many security fixes done by SuSE).
* Fri Feb 16 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.6-8mdk
  - Removed "cups-common" package for Mandrake-7.2 builds to make package
    structure exactly as in Mandrake 7.2.
* Thu Feb 15 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.6-7mdk
  - Fixed bug in creation of temporary files, now test page printing, printer 
    configuration and printer creation with KUPS should work again.
* Wed Feb 14 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.6-6mdk
  - Fixed bug which prevented CUPS from connecting to Windows 2000 servers.
* Thu Feb 08 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.6-5mdk
  - SECURITY FIX: Source release 1.1.6-2 used (replacement of lppasswd by new,
    more secure version, many other security fixes, most contributed by SuSE).
* Wed Feb 07 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.6-4mdk
  - SECURITY FIX: SUID bit from "lppasswd" removed, program has several
    security problems.
  - Patch on /etc/cups/mime.types for better recognizing of files with
    PJL commands inside.
* Tue Feb 06 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.6-3mdk
  - SECURITY FIX: Changed automatic configuration script so that CUPS
    only accepts broadcasted printer information which comes from the local
    network. Broadcast signals out of the internet are ignored (security
    recommendation of Michael Sweet, author of CUPS).
* Sat Feb 03 2001 Giuseppe Ghibò <> 1.1.6-3mdk
  - backported for 7.2, with conditional macro for building (use 
    - more macros.
  - added xinetd entry cups-lpd.
* Thu Feb 01 2001 Vincent Danen <> 1.1.6-2.1mdk
  - security update for 7.2 (buffer overflows)
* Tue Jan 30 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.6-2mdk
  - Replaced the job title "(stdin)" by "STDIM" when one prints out of 
    standard input with "lp" or "lpr". This caused problems when printing
    to a printer on a Windows server via Samba.
* Fri Jan 26 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.6-1mdk
  - Updated to CUPS 1.1.6.
* Mon Jan 08 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.5-3mdk
  - Fixed buffer overflow problem of CUPS' WWW server (QA Bug 687).
* Thu Jan 04 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.5-2mdk
  - Bugfix release of CUPS 1.1.5.
  - Enhancements in the documentation for setting up encrypted connections.
  - Reactivate usage of implicit classes by default.
  - Fixed segfault of "lppasswd -a name".
* Wed Jan 03 2001 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.5-1mdk
  - Updated to CUPS 1.1.5 (encryption support enabled).
  - Added README files of the source tarball to the doc directory.
* Tue Dec 19 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.4-9mdk
  - Rearranged package to seperate libraries, client, server, and so on.
  - Fixed several bugs in CUPS-LPD mini-daemon.
  - Fixed authorization bug of lpmove.
* Mon Nov 27 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.4-8mdk
  - Fixed RPM problem of /etc/cups/cupsd.conf.rpmnew sometimes not created.
* Thu Nov 23 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.4-7mdk
  - Fixed bug of jobs sent to implicit classes not printing.
* Sat Nov 18 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.4-6mdk
  - Fixed bug in the autodetection of the printer devices.
* Wed Nov 15 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.4-5mdk
  - Security fix: Automatic configuration of broadcasting and printer access 
    restricted to the local network(s) (eth?), printers were accessible from
    all over the internet before, and broadcasting to all networks
    ( kept dial-on-demand connections permanently up.
* Tue Nov 14 2000 Chmouel Boudjnah <> 1.1.4-4mdk
  - Fix gcc2.96 compilation.
* Sat Oct 21 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.4-3mdk
  - Security fix: lpstat and web interface displayed the SMB password before
* Tue Oct 17 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.4-2mdk
  - Set default Filterlimit to 999999 in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf, the default
    value zero limited to one process instead of allowing unlimited processes.
  - Fixed a bug in scaling of HPGL files.
* Sat Oct 14 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.4-1mdk
  - New release with all previous bugfixes included and important fixes for
    the GIMP-Print drivers.
* Mon Oct 02 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.3-13mdk
  - Applied patch by Michael Sweet for the test file bug in the IPP backend.
* Sun Oct 01 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.3-12mdk
  - Fixed a bug of the IPP backend which prevented text with accented characters
    being transferred correctly to the printing server.
* Sun Oct 01 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.3-11mdk
  - Cleaned up manufacturer entry in the CUPS PPD files
  - Fixed a bug in handling lines with leading spaces in ~/.lpoptions
* Thu Sep 28 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.3-10mdk
  - Menu call for the web interface not fixed to Netscape any more.
* Thu Sep 28 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.3-9mdk
  - New bugfix patch of Michael Sweet for admin.cgi
* Wed Sep 27 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.3-8mdk
  - Fixed bug in admin.cgi by a patch of Michael Sweet, no downdate to 1.1.2
    any more
  - Fixed bug with duplex printing in HP LaserJet driver
* Tue Sep 26 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.3-7mdk
  - Fixed bug in IPP backend which prevented options from
    being transferred correctly to a remote printer
* Tue Sep 26 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.3-6mdk
  - Applied new PAM configuration
* Mon Sep 25 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.3-5mdk
  - Program "lphelp" expanded to show also numerical options of CUPS-O-MATIC
    PPD files.
* Sat Sep 23 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.3-4mdk
  - Mandrakized the test page
  - Login/password request for command line tools
* Fri Sep 22 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.3-3mdk
  - Revised support of accounts without password. Now XPP, KUPS and QTCUPS
    do not ask for the login/password again and again when one clicks
    "Cancel" in the login dialog.
* Wed Sep 20 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.3-2mdk
  - Fixed bug of adding a printer with the web interface being impossible
  - Make CUPS WWW interface and KUPS usable when root has no 
* Tue Sep 19 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.3-1mdk
  - Corrected "preun" script, so that update-alternatives links do not
    get lost on update of the package.
  - Updated to CUPS 1.1.3 which includes all the previous bug fix
    patches and some additional bugfixes.
* Sat Sep 16 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.2-22mdk
  - changed default configuration to generate an /etc/printcap
    file. So non-natively CUPS supporting programs (as KDE)
    find the printers.
* Thu Sep 14 2000 Guillaume Cottenceau <> 1.1.2-21mdk
  - corrected incoherent-subsys, till sucks
  - added reload
* Wed Sep 13 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.2-20mdk
  - Replaced startup script completely to fit to the Mandrake
  - Applied another development snapshot patch of Michael Sweet to fix
    bugs in pstoimage and pstoraster, and the information propafation
    between the CUPS daemons on different machines.
* Sat Sep 09 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.2-19mdk
  - Applied another development snapshot patch of Michael Sweet to fix
    several bugs.
* Fri Sep 08 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.2-18mdk
  - {_datadir}/locale was forgotten in files section, added
* Fri Sep 08 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.2-17mdk
  - Added /usr/sbin/update-alternatives to "Requires:" line
    to surround a bug of version number comparing in RPM
* Thu Sep 07 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.2-16mdk
  - Turned off feature of "Implicit classes", it is broken.
  - Introduced "Requires:" line to make sure that "update-
    alternatives" is available.
  - Added patch of Michael Sweet to support instances in lpq
    and lprm.
* Thu Sep 07 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.2-15mdk
  - Applied development snapshot patch of Michael Sweet to fix
    several bugs.
  - Added automatic daemon restart on update.
* Tue Sep 05 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.2-14mdk
  - Fixed segfaults in poll_ppd_base
  - Better description in (help text for startup 
    services config programs)
* Fri Sep 01 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.2-13mdk
  - Fixed bugs in the "files" list of specfile (definition of doc dir)
* Tue Aug 29 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.2-12mdk
  - Added patch adjusting the USB printer autodetection to the current state
* Fri Aug 25 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.2-11mdk
  - Menu entry for CUPS WWW Admin tool added
  - Removed compatibility link /etc/init.d/cups to /etc/rc.d/init.d/cups, init
    script simply in /etc/rc.d/init.d now.
* Fri Aug 25 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.2-10mdk
  - Fixed compiler options for the additional tools
* Thu Aug 24 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.2-9mdk
  - Made the cups package ready for co-existing with the old lpr printing
* Mon Aug 21 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.2-8mdk
  - Moved "/usr/lib/libcups*.so" links from devel package to main package
    because the function overloading in XPP and QTCUPS would not work without
    these links.
* Thu Aug 17 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.2-7mdk
  - Added program "lphelp" which lists the printer-specific options defined
    in the PPD file, so that one can make use of it in "lp", "lpr", and
    "lpoptions" commands at the command line.
  - Got a bugfix from Michael Sweet to fix an htmltops problem, applied it
  - Applied bugfix for HPGL recognition in /etc/cups/mime.types
* Thu Aug 17 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.2-6mdk
  - Added program "poll_ppd_base" to get a list of all PPD files installed with
    manufacturer and model names of the printers (useful for installation/
    configuration scripts)
* Mon Aug 14 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.2-5mdk
  - Added link --> so thet drivers based
    on the CUPS driver development kit of GIMP Print compile
  - Moved links "*.so" --> "*.so.2" to the development package (rpmlint
    recommends this)
* Wed Aug 09 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.2-4mdk
  - Replaced "chown" in "%post" by "%attr" in file list
  - Now GhostScript 5.50 is not more required by this package but by cups-drivers
  - Compatibility link /etc/rc.d/init.d/cups, if /etc/rc.d/init.d/ exists
* Tue Aug 08 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.2-3mdk
  - Let the PPDs delivered with CUPS be installed, too
* Tue Aug 08 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.2-2mdk
  - Moved init script to from /etc/rc.d/init.d/ to /etc/init.d
  - Now GhostScript 5.50 is required
  - Patched chkconfig entry in /etc/init.d/cups to 2345 60 60 (as lpd)
* Tue Aug 08 2000 Till Kamppeter <> 1.1.2-1mdk
  - Excluded static CUPS library to allow overloading of CUPS functions
  - Patched CUPS daemon config to use Web interface for administration
  - pstoraster not removed to have the flexibility to also use CUPS drivers
  - Updated to version 1.1.2 with bugfix patch for the Makefile
* Tue Jul 04 2000 François Pons <> 1.1-0.b5.1mdk
  - removed pstoraster from installation as drivers are in cups-drivers.
  - initial release.



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