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RPM of Group Networking/File transfer

bittorrent-3.4.2-6mdk BitTorrent is a tool for copying files from one machine to another linux/noarch
bittorrent-gui-3.4.2-6mdk GUI versions of the BitTorrent file transfer tools linux/noarch
drakbt-0.8.1-6mdk The Mandrakelinux Bittorrent link and status checker linux/noarch
fmirror-0.8.4-6mdk FTP mirroring package linux/i586
ftp-client-krb5-1.3.4-2mdk A ftp-client with kerberos support linux/i586
ftp-server-krb5-1.3.4-2mdk A ftp-server with kerberos support linux/i586
gftp-2.0.17-3mdk Multithreaded FTP client for X Window linux/i586
gtm-0.4.12-6mdk GNOME TransferManager allows the user to retrieve multiple files from the web linux/i586
isdn4k-utils-eurofile-3.2p3-16mdk ISDN eurofile transfer tool linux/i586
kbear-2.1.1-12mdk KDE Grapical FTP Client linux/i586
lftp-3.0.7-1mdk Commandline ftp client linux/i586
mirrordir-0.10.49-6mdk Easy to use ftp mirroring package linux/i586
ncftp-3.1.8-1mdk An improved FTP client linux/i586
rdist-6.1.5-20mdk Maintains identical copies of files on multiple machines linux/i586
rsync-2.6.3-0.pre1.1mdk A program for synchronizing files over a network. linux/i586
uucp-1.07-1mdk The uucp utility for copying files between systems. linux/i586

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